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There is NO logic to this!

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phoenix Sat 04-Apr-20 14:24:31

Hello all, hope you are staying safe and well.

Can anyone explain why I am spending quite a bit of time cooking stuff today, so that I don't have to do it tomorrow? confused

After all, it's not as if I have anything pressing to do tomorrow, or anything at all for that matter, except 10 minutes of making a fool of myself dancing in the street at 11am.blush

NotAGran55 Sat 04-Apr-20 14:28:45

Because you feel like doing it today and tomorrow you might not ?

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 04-Apr-20 14:35:59

Is it because you like to get things done, Phoenix instead of them lurking at the back (or even the forefront) of your mind?
I know that procrastination is a great fault of mine and when we've got through this (if I'm spared) I will try not to put things off today because I may not be able (or allowed) to do them tomorrow.

EllanVannin Sat 04-Apr-20 15:00:34

Never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today---or something like that.

sodapop Sat 04-Apr-20 15:05:50

Wrong way round EllanVannin never do today what you can put off until tomorrow grin

AGAA4 Sat 04-Apr-20 15:06:06

Habits are hard to break. If you are used to getting things done because there will be more jobs to do tomorrow then difficult to break that mindset.
None of us are used to not going anywhere, not seeing our families and having lots of time on our hands.

phoenix Sat 04-Apr-20 15:14:09

Yes, I suppose you are all right, expect NotaGran55, I was in the mood to do it today, but didn't have to.

Tomorrow I would have had to it, and may well have resented it!

So, swede cooked, mashed, and ready to be popped in the oven (was a tad concerned that it might be a remake of "The Swede That Wouldn't Die" but Mr P have it a jolly good seeing to!) Cauliflower cheese made, beef roasted.

I don't usually cook the beef the day before, but have found with supermarket stuff, cooking it to rare the day before, then slicing and heating in a dish of decent gravy made from the juices, it does improve it a bit.

phoenix Sat 04-Apr-20 15:19:59

Should have been "especially" not " expect"!

NotAGran55 Sat 04-Apr-20 17:33:27

It is how I’m approaching every thing at the moment Phoenix .
There will be days when I know that I won’t feel like doing anything , let alone the the things that have to be done . I am therefore harnessing any energy and enthusiasm that I do have and getting on with doing stuff when I can . A bit
like a personal stockpiling or a rainy day fund .

SirChenjin Sat 04-Apr-20 17:41:19

I’ve started to do this too - no idea why, boredom probably. I’ve also made more soup these last couple of weeks than I have in my entire life.

Marydoll Sat 04-Apr-20 17:46:31

I have been baking even more than usual, except no-one is allowed to visit.
I hate waste, so I will be the side of a house by the time I'm released. I may not be able to get through the front door, or the back door or even the double conservatory doors! 😱

Marmight Sat 04-Apr-20 18:00:50

I think you just do what you want to do when the fancy takes you! I rarely bake but this week have made a carrot & courgette cake, a tea loaf and some muesli cookies. Why? No idea. I just felt like it 🤪. Trouble is, I’ll be the one eating them.

SirChenjin Sat 04-Apr-20 18:20:25

Yes to the baking - so much baking. My DSs have also started on it so we’re now the proud owners of two banana and pecan loaves which will probably be gone by this time tomorrow.

notanan2 Sat 04-Apr-20 18:24:00

Youre being your "future friend" 😁
Youre being kind to your tomorrow self etc 😊

Sar53 Sat 04-Apr-20 18:45:53

I never bake, but so far have made fruit scones, could do better !!! Tea loaf - delicious and yesterday chocolate brownies, absolutely wonderful with vanilla ice cream.
DH loves the new domestic goddess he's married to.
Watch this space smilesmile

phoenix Sat 04-Apr-20 19:44:04

A lot of sense posted, thank you!

Haven't succumbed to baking, even though I make a pretty good scone (although I say it myself!) mainly because Mr P isn't one to eat cakes etc.

But yes, guilty as charged with regard to soup! blush I think that is the one thing that gives me that "domestic goddess" feeling, especially when it's the sort of "random vegetable" type!

(Although I did include some chicken, as Mr P seems to buy some every time he gets anywhere near a shop!)

Callistemon Sat 04-Apr-20 19:46:27

What's happening at 11 am tomorrow?
Aee we all supposed to be dancing in the street?

I had better practise.

Callistemon Sat 04-Apr-20 19:47:53

I've been baking too, all those over ripe bananas, banana biscuits, banana loaves, Scotch pancakes.

Callistemon Sat 04-Apr-20 19:51:26

I'm beginning to wonder if this is following a pattern?

First the anticipation
Then the hilarity as everyone shared fun with videos and jokes.
Then the baking, the squirrel syndrome.
The frustration setting in, trying to get a grocery slot.
Finally the resignation this is going to be long haul.

annep1 Sat 04-Apr-20 20:08:53

We've had lots of banana cakes too. And carrot soup. Not used to online shopping. Ordered 3 bags of carrots.

rosenoir Sat 04-Apr-20 20:28:06

I live alone and have not baked for about 5 years but when I went shopping this week bought a large bag of flour ,almonds and eggs to bake a cake.Why?

Marydoll Sat 04-Apr-20 20:47:52

rosenoir how on earth did you manage to buy flour and eggs. None to be had in our town.
I will swap you for some loo rolls or a bottle of Prosecco. wink

GrannyLaine Sat 04-Apr-20 20:52:26

Oh rosenoir, you and about eleventy million others! Not a single bag of flour of ANY description to be found in our Sainsburys at 9.15 today. It would be lovely to think that everyone is taking solace in preparing food from scratch once more.

GrannyLaine Sat 04-Apr-20 20:59:16

phoenix I wonder if it's about feeling in control, when so much of what's happening just now is completely outside our control? I find myself being much more careful about planning meals, eating really well and trying hard not to waste food. Or wine.....winewine

Laughterlines Sat 04-Apr-20 21:07:09

Phoenix easy, because you might be busy tomorrow. As if..