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Two Years Ago Today....

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Calendargirl Tue 19-May-20 06:40:05

It was ‘that’ wedding.

Whatever your views on Royal Weddings, I think that most would agree it was a spectacular day.
The glorious weather, the beautiful setting, the outfits, the ceremony, the music, the carriage ride....

So as H&M’s Cotton Anniversary dawns, just over 100 short weeks since that day, I wonder what they are thinking?

Did they visualise they would be the proud parents of a baby boy?

Did they think they would be living in L.A., not London?
Probably not.

Did they envisage they would have no royal role to speak of, and little (I assume), contact with the Royal family?
Who knows.

Are they as happy as they seemed to be that day?

Before anyone says, not another H&M thread, I thought it would be a change from all the CV ones, serious though it is.

Beechnut Tue 19-May-20 06:46:19

Calendargirl only yesterday I was skimming through my photos and came across and popped them up to see better of me and DD on that day. We had a tea party and wore our fascinators. It was a beautiful sunny day 🌞

BlueBelle Tue 19-May-20 06:51:46

Not another H and M thread 😂😂😂

Calendargirl Tue 19-May-20 06:53:07

Sorry BlueBelle


Furret Tue 19-May-20 07:15:04

Wishing them a very happy anniversary

ninathenana Tue 19-May-20 07:15:37

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

NanKate Tue 19-May-20 07:16:46

I suspect M is loving her life and H is missing all his friends and family. I bet he would love to sit down to a juicy steak and chips with beer or wine, alas a memory of the past.

Thank you CalandarGirl for posting a thread that doesn’t relate to virus. 👍

kittylester Tue 19-May-20 07:33:01

What kate said.

BlueBelle Tue 19-May-20 07:53:15

Sorry calandergirl I couldn’t resist itS like wanting to knock a policeman’s hat off 😂

Grannynannywanny Tue 19-May-20 08:06:24

Happy anniversary Meghan and Harry

PS Harry, your beloved country is in a financial mess. Any chance you could return the £2.4 million tax payers money that was used to renovate your 10 bedroom holiday home?

Sorry to ask but we’re kind of thinking the money might come in handy now rather than waiting for you to pay it back in instalments over 11 years

LullyDully Tue 19-May-20 08:10:05

Apparently they are going to renew their vows for a wedding "they have chosen". ( according to the internet of course)grin

NannyJan53 Tue 19-May-20 08:17:35

We were in Bristol that weekend visiting DP's daughter, the weather was glorious and we spent the day down by the river. So only saw the wedding on the news later.

sodapop Tue 19-May-20 08:22:41

If that is true LullyDully then it seems like another hurtful comment for Queen and country.

Marydoll Tue 19-May-20 08:29:52

I thought H&M meant the shop! I didn't read it properly! 🤭

Lilypops Tue 19-May-20 08:31:42

I just wonder what Harry does all day in L A ,does he have any structure to his day , does he feel bored, does he miss his family ,

Grannynannywanny Tue 19-May-20 09:08:54

I’m sure he’s just like any other modern partner/dad.

He’ll be doing his share of washing and ironing. Hanging the washing on the line around the swimming pool.

Mopping the floors in the 11 bedroom mansion etc.

Then when all the chores are done he can sit back and worry about where his next million is coming from and how he’s going to pay the rent.

Then it’ll be a video call to Granny to ask if her Tesco delivery arrived

DanniRae Tue 19-May-20 09:19:26

I stuck up for them when they came in for so much flack - I felt sorry for them and I loved the wedding. BUT now I am tired of them and all the moaning about how badly they have been treated. I honestly think that Harry must be missing all his family and friends back home. Now I just want them to get on with their life - I am no longer interested.
And I definitely won't be reading their book!!

trisher Tue 19-May-20 09:25:54

Grannynannywanny I believe they are paying back the money spent on Frogmore in monthly installments.
As for the wedding - Now and Then- "Am I bovered?"

gillybob Tue 19-May-20 09:30:07

And apparently daddy is desperate for fruit pickers on his estate . About time you stepped up I think .

Missiseff Tue 19-May-20 09:56:03

Oh I think they knew they'd be living in LA, it was part of her game plan

luluaugust Tue 19-May-20 10:01:38

I can't see what great advantage they have gained from it all, once lockdown is over the American press will be after them. They could have done a great amount of good from their position here but they cut and ran. I don't think Harry can have experienced the freedom he apparently wants, he has been locked down in two houses and that's it.

TATT Tue 19-May-20 10:06:11

2 years? A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then for all of us.

Lizbethann55 Tue 19-May-20 10:14:12

missiseff I am sure SHE knew they would be back in LA. He must be wondering what on earth happened. I feel so sorry for him. He has lost absolutely everything and everyone he knew and loved. The phrase coercive control comes to mind. I know they have more money and luxuries than any of us in here could ever dream of, but it is true that it cannot buy happiness. And all these books and films about how cruelly they have been treated by the royal family and the British public! What a stab in the back to everyone who ever cared about them, particularly Harry!

Daisymae Tue 19-May-20 10:15:00

It started off so well. Can't help but think that living in LA might seem a tad vacuous when compared with their lives here. They were foolish to let a few tabloid headlines influence them so much when as far as I could see the vast majority of the population wished them nothing but success

Teddy123 Tue 19-May-20 10:22:29

I truly started yawning whilst reading this! I could never understand H's popularity. As for M, great fashion sense. However, a beautiful dress with fabulous accessories means that the person 'looks' nice. Totally unimportant as she's proven.