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What have you done today and what do you plan to do next?

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FlyingHandbag Sun 24-May-20 13:34:11

Hi all,
I have been lazy today and the past few days as I've just had no motivation. I am still in my pyjamas, so I am going to go for a shower and put some clothes on as I feel I need to sort myself out. I had a delivery of clothes (and the pyjamas I am wearing) yesterday but I don't want to wear them, I want to wait until after lockdown to show them off. Normally I would put my makeup on but I haven't for a few days as I ran out of foundation (which I am having delivered sometime this week) so I won't bother. I am also thinking about sorting out my feet and nails. I might also do a face mask. Hope you're all well.
Take care,
FlyingHandbag x

GagaJo Sun 24-May-20 13:36:57

Urgh. I had a lie in this morning and then remembered with only 25 minutes to go that I had an online tutorial with a student so zoomed out of bed, washed hair and made myself not look quite so crazed-old-woman.

Had a 10 minute break after the tutorial with GS and then back to the computer to plan some lessons. Deadly dull but have to get ahead because exams start tomorrow and I will have s**t loads of marking by the afternoon so need to be prepared.

FlyingHandbag Sun 24-May-20 13:39:08

GagaJo That sounds like a very stressful start to an equally stressful day. Try not to get too stressed, just do your best. Good luckflowers

MerylStreep Sun 24-May-20 13:44:37

Put a wash on. Rubbed down some more paintwork, a bit of filling, undercoating. Now having a sit down waiting for filler to harden off. OH making headway building next door neighbours garden bar.

tanith Sun 24-May-20 13:45:19

Nothing much had a shower after my first walk, tidied up made the bed, looked through some old photos and sent a pic of one to 3 of my nieces from when the were really young I was sure they hadn’t seen before, they were shocked at how young they all were. Then watered some pots and had lunch. My daughter is going to pop by for a garden chat later and that’s my exciting day. No other plans.

FlyingHandbag Sun 24-May-20 13:52:03

I am trying to keep busy but not overwhelm myself as if I sit and dwell on lockdown, I end up very down but if I overwhelm myself with work I end up frazzled. I organised my wardrobe a few days ago and I think I might do some light housework after my shower.

Smileless2012 Sun 24-May-20 13:55:24

Face timed our son in Australia and chatted for an hour. We'll take our dogs out for a walk in the country side later and will have a lovely roast chicken dinner this evening.

TrendyNannie6 Sun 24-May-20 13:56:29

Yes give yourself a manicure and pedicure have a relaxing day I haven’t used a face mask in years, but after I finish my housework which I only started a few mins ago, I’m going to put my feet up with a good book enjoy!

crazyH Sun 24-May-20 13:58:46

Got up at 9 am, after a restless sleep (worrying about little grandson's health). had coffee, did a load of washing. hoovered bedroom, cleaned ensuite and now back to bedroom to rummage around and have a lie-down. I am soooo lazy 😫

Oopsadaisy3 Sun 24-May-20 15:04:35

Made beds, showered got breakfast, told DH to move out of the way so I could sort out his PC as swearing at it wasnt going to help.
Helped him replace guttering, mostly consisting of fetching and carrying. Planted out runner beans and peas.
Planted some flower seedlings.
Did a stack of ironing, eating a late lunch now, then I’ll take the dog out for a walk and then come back get dinner.
Then I’m free!

ginny Sun 24-May-20 15:19:38

Prepared veg for tonight’s dinner.
Transplanted some sunflowers I have grown from seeds. Planted up a cordyline in a large pot for the front garden and had a general tidy up.
Cup of tea and a banana for lunch .
Finished (at last) clearing and sorting my craft room.
Got a new book ready to read to DGS on facebook later.
Made some scones and next we are going to treat ourselves to a cream tea.

DanniRae Sun 24-May-20 15:22:48

Got up at usual 7ish and as I drank my tea I got my diary up to date. Caught up with recorded programmes as usual. I actually washed the bathroom floor - I had been meaning to do it for ages but the trouble is it never looks dirty (it was!)
As soon as I was showered and dressed I did a little pruning of suckers on the roses - I had been meaning to do this for ages too! My daughter popped down with our dinner - she loves cooking and had made us a lasagne. We had a 2m chat. My son and his wife bought our shopping in - they shop for us every Sunday as we are forbidden to go shopping. Another 2m chat. Now Mr R is watching an old football game and I am on here. Felt a bit fed up earlier but a bit more cheerful now smile

FlyingHandbag Sun 24-May-20 16:04:26

Just been for my shower (I have been on the phone to relatives and a relative came for a 2m chat. Now I'm going to have a very late lunch.

FlyingHandbag Sun 24-May-20 16:16:42

crazyH I hope your grandson is OK. Did you rest for a while today?flowers

seacliff Sun 24-May-20 17:17:27

I have had quite a lazy day, as usual these days. I washed and dried one lot of bedding, got it in just before the light shower. Then I was researching buying some good quality hair thinning scissors, having watched a video by Nicky Clarke. Most of the ones I want are out of stock!

The 2 year old peacock who lives around our hamlet is being a right pain, I think he has AHD . He jumps up and down very heavily on our flat roof, for no reason, and then goes on the tiles. He is a heavy bird and we are worried he'll damage the roof. So today, every time he went up there, we ran out and squirted the hose until he flew off indignantly squawking, he'd be up there again within the half hour.

Finally I have been struggling to play the ukulele and do strumming patterns properly. Lots of practice today, my wrist and head ache. But there is a smidgen of progress, which is pleasing.

vampirequeen Sun 24-May-20 19:41:11

Up at 6am. Breakfast. Went out of short (3 mile) walk. Did a bit of washing when we came back. Lounged around all day. Been lazy but there was nothing needed doing.

MadCatWoman1 Sun 24-May-20 19:43:46

I was up late (9.15), changed the bed and put the bedding and some other things in the washer. Fed the cat, fed the birds in the garden. Had a shower, washed my hair. Got dressed, put some make-up on, blow-dried my hair (I do all that every day).

Hung washing out, put more washing in (towels and tea towels). Had cereal and coffee. Did a couple of crosswords, read the paper, put more washing on the line. Had a 'phone call from my son.

Had crisps and an apple for lunch went to Newstead Abbey (home of Lord Byron) park. Walked around the gorgeous lake and grounds (did about 5 miles), had an ice cream and a drink.

Called into the shop on the way home, bought beers, salad stuff and ketchup. Brought all the dry washing in, had a BBQ for tea, followed by strawberries and ice cream. Fed the cat. Just going to have a shower and get my pyjamas on, then I'm going to watch a film on Netflix before bed at 11.

LadyGracie Sun 24-May-20 20:25:27

We went for a walk to the castle, saw some cygnets and baby moorhens in the moat, goslings growing up fast. This is my favourite time of year, all the new life around, I much prefer animals to people I think

harrigran Sun 24-May-20 20:33:13

Lazy breakfast in PJs and then wandered into study to sit on computer. DD sent a message to ask if I would Skype her, caught out.
I am having trouble with arthritis in my hands and washing and dressing is painful.
My sister emailed to say her DH had been taken into hospital with a cough and suspected pneumonia, she of course could not go with him.
This is going to be a problem because they live abroad and have no family.
He has had tests for Covid19 but the results will not be back until tomorrow.
We have spent the rest of the day watching Netflix.

BBbevan Sun 24-May-20 21:19:33

Today ,after breakfast,, I emptied a large bin of rotted leaves. Put them in the compost. Then filled the bin with the stones leftover from building a wall. DH was shovelling earth onto the bank behind the wall. Then we tidied up the area around the compost bins.
Tomorrow whilst DH finishes moving the earth, I am going to do the washing, then paint one of the garden sheds.
Love this lockdown. We have got so much done.

Coconut Mon 25-May-20 09:14:02

Just hung loads of bedding outside on the line and am now getting ready to meet a friend for a 2 hour walk thro the countryside ..... avoiding the cows that chased us last week 🐮🏃🏻‍♀️🐮🏃🏻‍♀️

Froglady Mon 25-May-20 09:19:36

Managed to plant some giant sunflower seeds yesterday, and today, being that it's sunny, want to plant up some trailing fuchsia and some more seeds that I've got, both veg and flowers .

travelsafar Mon 25-May-20 09:21:56

I have just completed the 30mins of exercise with Leslie Samsone, now planned to get in the shower. Change bedding, dust and hoover upstairs, clean bathroom then dust and hoover downstairs. I also plan to cut the lawns after that. I might get the sewing machine out and finish off altering a pair of summer trousers, then iron a couple of my t shirts that always need pressing. About 3pm i will sit down with a cuppa and rest for a couple of hours with a film and my knitting. Can't sit in the sun like i use too sadly even with the sunshade up. After dinner which will just be a salad with lettuce from the garden i will water plants in greenhouse and probably get the hose pipe out for my runner beans and beetroots. time flies for me in this lockdown period, heaven knows how i will get out and about when we are allowed to once more!!!!

Beanie654321 Mon 25-May-20 09:54:11

Well today it is ignore the house and enjoy the weather and the garden, washing may go out if I can motivate carrying the clothes downstairs. Then a stroll across the meadows and along the river and canal. I'm retired so for me life is at such a slower rate and I'm not changing a thing. I get up early every day, done so for years so no change. I ask Alexa about weather as I look out the window then decide which day to take out of the planner to do. I plan days work and then opt for one depending on weather. When I start and when I finish the work depends on how fast I want to work. I've always worked and had to keep the schedule to meet targets so having retired I dont clock watch and do every thing to target, but I finish tasks.

henetha Mon 25-May-20 09:54:38

I watered the flower pots and filled the bird feeders earlier.
I'm trying to find the energy to pack a picnic and head for the moors.
My brother in Canada has a birthday today so I shall ring/email him, but not yet, they are 5 hours behind us.