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Proof the world has gone mad

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Littleannie Tue 02-Jun-20 10:49:18

Now I know the world has gone mad. I have just seen a picture of a queue a mile long, which started forming at 5 a.m. Was it for a vaccine guaranteed to cure this dreadful virus? No, it was for IKEA!! I'm speechless.

Luckygirl Tue 02-Jun-20 10:51:46

Extraordinary - perhaps IKEA are selling toilet rolls grin

trisher Tue 02-Jun-20 10:56:07

I saw that. Our local one was right round the car park. I just couldn't understand what on earth was so vital you were prepared to stand out in the hot sun, waiting???

Calendargirl Tue 02-Jun-20 10:56:30

What time do they open?

MerylStreep Tue 02-Jun-20 10:56:44

At least the floor is already marked out directing people which way to go 😊

Franbern Tue 02-Jun-20 11:13:26

There was an item I wanted from Ikea a few weeks ago. No problem, ordered and paid for it on-line, delivered to me a couple of weeks later. No way, would I want to spend time in one of their stores in this weather, even without everything else going on.

Were all those people wanting to purchase - or just having a day out?

Davida1968 Tue 02-Jun-20 11:20:58

Look on the bright side - at least the Ikea queues are keeping some people away from the "open spaces" - where the rest of us might like to take a (socially distanced) walk.

Blinko Tue 02-Jun-20 11:44:23

People were queueing for five hours when our local tip opened. Some even took flasks and sandwiches. It seems some people will actually turn up for the opening of an envelope...

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Jun-20 11:55:27

Perhaps they had run out of the little free pencils 😂✏️

Lucca Tue 02-Jun-20 12:30:17

What could you possibly want that’s worth risking at best sunburn at worst Covid? A set of coloured plastic mugs ? A bedside table ? Takeaway meatballs ?

Calendargirl Tue 02-Jun-20 12:51:08

I queued for 2.5 hours at the pharmacy to collect our monthly prescriptions at the start of lockdown, but thankfully that issue has now resolved.

ninathenana Tue 02-Jun-20 13:07:21

I've never been in Ikea, though I have seen a catalogue.
I'd love to know what they were buying

Maggiemaybe Tue 02-Jun-20 13:12:18

I do like a trip to IKEA, and coming home with a lot of essential bits and pieces I never knew I needed, but not that much. It's DH's idea of hell on earth, so he's absolutely gobsmacked that anyone would ever queue to get in.

merlotgran Tue 02-Jun-20 13:28:06

A woman, interviewed on Breakfast telly this morning, said she was keen to go to IKEA because she needed new furniture.

I wondered if she was just sick of staring at her old but perfectly serviceable furniture during lockdown or were they sitting on hastily knocked up chairs made from old pallets because the dog had eaten the sofa?


Sassieannie Tue 02-Jun-20 13:32:31

Every time I go to Ikea, I only come out with a pack of tea light candles. Can't see what the attraction of their stuff is!

Hetty58 Tue 02-Jun-20 13:36:27

I just can't understand the desire to go there. I'd only bother if I was desperate to view, perhaps buy a large item (and I'd put that off until next year). Anything small I can order online. What is pleasant about a trip to Ikea, let alone standing in a queue? Anyone?

fevertree Tue 02-Jun-20 14:07:45

Mad indeed. Why is the dimwit woman who "needs" new furniture even on telly. (Merlotgran's post).

I'm embarrassed for the "journalist" who was "interviewing" her.

Riverwalk Tue 02-Jun-20 14:10:44

I'm hoping it's a sign of a pent-up desire to spend and the economy might recover a little quicker than expected.

One can live in hope.

Lots more activity out and about these past few days - with more cafes, restaurants, bars etc doing takeaways. I spied staff in a local pub garden shifting furniture.

Callistemon Tue 02-Jun-20 14:12:35

We have two Billy bookcases, bought many years ago. blush

I used to go with a friend, she used to buy many of their soft toys for her kindergarten class.

Last time I went I got lost as you're supposed to go round one way but I didn't. They were ahead of their time there.

Maggiemaybe Tue 02-Jun-20 14:43:00

We furnished our flat from there in Germany back in 1974, many years before the first UK store. It was a revelation, all clean lines and modern, and I loved it. But it’s the stationery and kitchen bits and bobs that usually end up in my basket these days. I’m still not joining that queue though, or any other for that matter!

Mapleleaf Tue 02-Jun-20 14:48:58

I can't imagine what it is all these people are so desperate to buy! Personally, I'd rather have my teeth pulled than go to IKEA 😁.

DiscoGran Tue 02-Jun-20 14:53:37

There will be long queues for the tills too, so they will have queued to get in AND out.

sodapop Tue 02-Jun-20 14:54:26

I'm with your husband Maggiemaybe one of the circles of hell and not even any food smile

merlotgran Tue 02-Jun-20 15:22:53

I'm about to order one of their magnetic Roman blinds for the bedroom. Really easy to put up and no cord to faff about with.

Luckygirl Tue 02-Jun-20 15:46:00

Hi merlotgran - could you tell me about the magnetic blinds please? Does this mean you do not have to screw anything into the wall? I am thinking about when (if) I move - these sound as though they might be easy to fit. Are they?