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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 27-Jun-20 07:04:15

Good Morning Everyone,
A bit late its been raining here in Brackley this morning.
I had to do restart earlier on computer.
Plan to go out to Buckingham and Bicester vice versa and see if the Flea market is on in Buckingham.
A café i use in Buckingham is doing take aways so will get something there .
Take Care

Oopsadaisy3 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:07:14

Good morning Mick, hope you have a good day out. Cooler, grey and has been raining here in Oxfordshire. So an indoors day today, might get on and sew some masks, schools will be going back in September and the GCs will need some for the bus trips. Dog sitting tonight which will be fun, she loves coming to stay with us.
Apart from that an easy day, hopefully
Hope everyone else has a good day .

Pantglas2 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:09:15

Gosh Mick I was worried! I can set my watch by you in the morning- glad you’ve got it sorted and hope weather picks up for your trip out.

I have to take some library books back this morning and buy some sugar as a neighbour has given me some loganberries to jam - my jam cupboard is filling up nicely with apricot, strawberry, raspberry already done!

Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe x

grandMattie Sat 27-Jun-20 07:15:03

Good morning from grey humid E Kent. Strong winds predicted for the middle of the day - but I suspect we shall miss all the rain and storms forecast for the rest of Kent!
Me too, I was worried about you , Mick, glad all is ok!*Pantglas*, Library? Golly! I wish ours would re-open. It's been closed "for refurbishment" in early March, then was caught up in all this. Closed since - now about 20 weeks.
Chose and ordered new stair carpet yesterday. All very exciting. This is the most money we have spent on the house since we married 43 years ago.
Hope everyone keeps well, doesn't do too much (*Marydoll*) and enjoys the slightly cooler weather.
Stay well, stay safe.

ninathenana Sat 27-Jun-20 07:16:05

Good morning from breezy, overcast Kent.
Forecast is for rain all day, no sitting in the garden so I will have to find something else to do.
Have a good day everyone.

brook2704 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:16:08

Good morning all from a cloudy but warm Inverness. Pleased you got online mick I was just wondering where you were and hoping all ok 😀 I’ve got DD2 and the little ones coming round this morning so hope it stays dry. DGS1 is so much looking forward to a kick about in the little field just near our house, he loves his football and has missed playing it with his pals. I’m not sure grandad is looking forward to it that much though 😂
Yesterday we had a quick trip to the local garden centre and got caught in the most tremendous thunderstorm - had to paddle back to the car through the flooded car park !
Hope everyone enjoys a lovely Saturday and take care whatever you are doing 💐

Brunette10 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:21:56

Good Morning all. It's dull here in Fife and looking for some rain today. I was up early and like a few before waiting for Mick to open, think that's a first for me. Need to do some shopping today but tbh can't really be bothered but needs must. Waiting for hairdresser to contact re opening up again but she is taking a while. Hoping everyone has a pleasant day. Take care.

MawB Sat 27-Jun-20 07:21:58

Good morning all, glad you got on line after all Mick It can be so frustrating.
Well we’ve had some rain but it is still very sticky. I would not be heartbroken if it rained for the rest of the morning. Yesterday’s forecast thunder fortunately didn’t materialise but I stayed in with Hattie, making her a “hidey hole” with a travel rug and an armchair in the corner just in case! Quite stressful really.
Whatever you are doing I wish you all well and a pleasant day !

GrannyGravy13 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:26:13

Good morning Mick and all x

Grey, hot and raining here in S E Essex.

Nothing planned for today other than GrandpaGravy going to the local butchers.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋

Puzzler61 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:30:36

Good morning Mick and All from a warm, damp Worcs.
We are so darned reliant on these computers Mick and it’s frustrating when they stall on us.

Pants I’d like to come to tea with you - I’ll make the scones, you’ve already got the selection of yummy homemade Jams. 😋

Oops have fun dog sitting - you can allow all the things it’s not allowed at home just like (grandchildren).

brook No thunderstorms here, but rain in the night has cooled things down.

Nothing planned today - we would have been going to Cornwall for a week. Penzance area doesn’t have a great forecast for the next 7 days so I’m glad we’ll be going in September.

Enjoy the start of the weekend everyone, and if you’re out and about a bit more, stay safe. 🦋

Beechnut Sat 27-Jun-20 07:40:06

Good Morning everyone from a much cooler Severnside. It’s breezy with swiftly moving grey clouds and has rained during the night.

I’ll go and tax my car this morning and then make a start on my diy jobs. I bought all the things I needed yesterday without too much faff as I wanted things from the shop and yard.

Enjoy the weekend whatever you do. Happy Birthday to MrMarydoll 🎉🎂

Sar53 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:40:12

Good morning from a muggy Essex by the sea. Not raining yet but it is forecast.
We have some admin to sort out and DH's office to clear this weekend. No sitting by the beach with our flask of coffee today.
8 year old DGD had her one and only day at school since March yesterday. It was to meet her teacher for next term. She was so excited to be going. Her 11 year old sister has been going for two days a week and she has so longed to go as well. Let's hope all the children can finally return to school in September and get some normality back into their lives.
Have a pleasant Saturday and stay safe everyone xx

12Michael Sat 27-Jun-20 07:40:27

Thank you for waiting , maybe I should have posted first then did the restart which seem to take forever I was starting to panic ,as I normally give a warning of anything in advance .

Gingster Sat 27-Jun-20 07:42:19

Good morning all. Like you grandMattie , we never seem to get the storms or rain here in East Suffolk. I just looked at the forecast and there’s rain and storms all over the British Isles except in our little corner. 😤

Yesterday was so hot, even here by the sea. We had a lovely cooling swim about 6 o’clock when the tide was low, we can swim out a bit and then stand on the sand banks with the water just up to our shins. Little pooch loves it too. She’s so brave and swims through the waves.

DH didn’t sleep well last night so is up early (for him ) to do his paper round for us and neighbours. He’ll be grumpy all day. Hope he has a nap this afternoon.

Have a good , although wet, day all. I’ll be thinking of you while I long for some rain. Hope you don’t get floods though. ☔️

Ginny42 Sat 27-Jun-20 07:45:18

Good morning Mick from a grey but cooler Cheshire. I've been up since 4.30 when it was raining heavily, but the blackbirds were singing joyously from the rooftops.

My mind is in overdrive as I've been working so I'll just wish everyone a happy Saturday. I read the thread late last night and I know some people are struggling with one thing or another at the moment, so hope you're feeling better today.

Craziness seems to have broken out in various places, with large gatherings of people, so stay safe is you're out and about. flowers for all.

Mythbirtthedragon Sat 27-Jun-20 07:57:54

Good morning from east London, grey with a spattering of rain. I think I made the right choice opting to play tennis yesterday evening as the temperature by then was quite civilised compared to the heat of the day. Have got into the tennis on the tele although intrigued by what appeared to be sports bras some of the men are wearing which I’ve now found out are heart monitors. Managed to record my piece yesterday for the surprise video we are preparing for our choir leader. Now just got to do one for the video the choir leader is preparing as our ‘show ‘ piece; there is potential for a Whitehall farce there for parts to be sent to the wrong places.
Mick, this is too gentle a thread for panic, although very frustrating when these modern tools don’t behave.
Hope everyone has a good day.

Pittcity Sat 27-Jun-20 08:04:03

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. It feels much cooler than the last few days and rain is imminent. Strong winds are also in the forecast.
I'm afraid it's my fault as I've ordered some new garden furniture.
Indoors today. Helping DS packing and decluttering his bedroom as he is flying the nest on Monday.

Urmstongran Sat 27-Jun-20 08:05:32

Sun’s up! 🌞
Good morning everyone from Malaga 😎

No plans for today. I enjoyed reading ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ yesterday on the beach - I’m a third of the way in.

Himself will be having a couple of beers at 5pm with his friend who hails from Glasgow. I daresay the awful stabbings there yesterday afternoon will be one topic of conversation. Tragic incident and beyond awful for all those poor families affected.

Hope Saturday is kind to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

kittylester Sat 27-Jun-20 08:14:48

Good morning from a wet but still sticky North Leicestershire.

As the forecast is for rain all day we plan to clear the lounge as the new carpet is being fitted on Monday! It was ordered a week before lockdown and we have lived with the paint spattered old one since we had the room decorated. We told the decorators that they didnt need to cover it as it was going!!!

Gelisajams Sat 27-Jun-20 08:17:35

Good morning from a showery Morecambe Bay. DH is out running and we will do an exercise video when he gets back. Think it’s time “The girl with the Pilates mat” graced our tv again. I really like Pilates and see it as my easy exercise option, whereas DH endures Pilates. He prefers our weights workout, which I know is good for me, but it’s certainly not my favourite.
Other than that, not much planned for today, it’s forecast showers for much of the next few days so maybe I’ll see what fabric I have in my stash and make myself a lightweight summer dress or a shirt for DH. Maybe do the 2 at the same time. Take care and stay safe. 🌼

harrigran Sat 27-Jun-20 08:21:16

Good morning from an overcast NE.
The storms missed us yesterday, the sky went dark briefly.
Video call with DS and family, 45 minutes from us, and they had it really badly. A house and Tesco were struck by lightning.
We are always nervous when there are storm warnings because DS had every piece of electrical equipment burnt out a couple of years ago.
My hairdresser will be resuming work soon and has offered me an appointment for 7th July.
DH has gone for a newspaper, he has found a small shop that is never busy and it avoids the supermarket queue.
Take care.

Bellasnana Sat 27-Jun-20 08:28:11

Good morning all. Very glad to see Mick has opened up as I, too, was worried when I looked in earlier and he hadn’t appeared.

It’s hot and sunny in Malta today. I made a list of things I intended to do today, but here I am procrastinating as usual.

This will sound daft, but I feel so fed up that there is no Wimbledon this year. I’m not much of a sporty person, but I love watching the tennis.

I have a friend’s ten year old daughter coming later for a sleepover as her parents are off to a party. I have been babysitting R since she was tiny so I love having her.

Went shopping with DD3 yesterday but found it stifling wearing the mask so we were as quick as possible. She did find a nice swimsuit, thank goodness.

Have a good day everyone.☀️

Nannytopsy Sat 27-Jun-20 08:31:16

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Enjoy your market Mick - it’s been such a long time!
Glad you are finally getting your carpet Kitty - at least you haven’t had visitors to see the painty one grin.
Puzzler my DH came from Penzance and we spent many happy weeks with his parents. It certainly knows how to rain there so be glad you have been put off this week! 🤞for September!
It is just starting to rain here in Suffolk which should give the garden a soaking. Then we can do some planting.
Hope the day is kind to everyone.

Marydoll Sat 27-Jun-20 08:35:20

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy Glasgow. Enjoy your trip today Mick. Keep safe!

I was going to say I have been up since the crack of dawn, but I've actually been up most of the night.
I'm finding it hard to explain what DH's behaviour was like during the night. confused I have to stress that nothing like this has happened before.
He usually sleeps like a log and on occasions I have to prod him to make sure he is still alive. grin

To put it in context, DH is a BIG man and I'm all of 5ft and shrinking.
Firstly he had a fight with the sheets, after his foot got entangled and I mean a real fight! He appeared to be having some sort of bad dream.
Then he rolled over and pushed me out of the bed! 🤬
The thing that tipped me over the edge was when I came back from the loo and found him sleeping on my side of the bed. (I'm very territorial!) Nothing would budge him. As I unsuccessfully tried to push him back to his own side, he (still asleep) started pushing me back.
Throughout all of these incidents and more, he never woke up once and couldn't remember a thing this morning😡😡😡!

He is full of the joys this morning, as it's his seventieth birthday today. I on the other hand, am the proverbial, grumpy old woman. Trying not to spoil his birthday, I have a fixed smile on my face. grin. I'm finding it very difficult, I can tell you! wink

My children, partners and wee granddaughter are coming today in dribs and drabs to wish him Happy Birthday in the garden. I suggested they all come at once and distance , but as they are sticklers for the rules and there are nine of them, instead of Nicola's allowed number of eight, they won't budge.
I know they are trying to hard to keep me safe, as I'm now even more vulnerable after my treatment on Monday.

I'm finding it all very hard. My best friend across the road had her birthday celebration in her garden yesterday with her children and wee granddaughter.
I was so happy for her that she managed it, but it did remind me of what I was missing. 😪This shielding carry on is just rubbish!!!

I have made iced ginger bread, chocolate brownies and eclairs, so something to please all tastes. The weather is looking rather dodgy just now, so it may take place in our messy garage, which is full off DD's furniture, as well as the junk! grin
At least I don't have to make sure the house is spotless for visitors, there won't be! wink

I hope everyone has the best day possible and all of you who are low manage to get through the day.

PS. It's now pouring with rain, I hope they are wearing their wellies, they will need them!.🌦🌧☔

dragonfly46 Sat 27-Jun-20 08:37:24

Good morning, how is it wet with you kitty we have had no rain at all, either yesterday or today. I deliberately didn’t water my plants yesterday so hoping for some rain today!

Was planning to walk with a friend today but we shall see.
Sainsbury and Boots delivery this morning!