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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 20-Aug-20 06:16:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking like a clear bright start here in Brackley and dry as well.
My usual day of on the buses to Buckingham and Bicester , I am hoping this routine may alter once the schools go back and most bus routes operate there normal schedules .
A bit of a tidy up before I go as well.
Take Care ,

Pantglas2 Thu 20-Aug-20 06:25:40

Morning Mick from another cool day in Spain- things do seem to be getting back to some sort of normal for you, don’t they?

A day of odds and ends today, a bit of kitchening, some cleaning, a little financial finagling and maybe FaceTime my daughter. Hope you all have an easy day like me😃

Beechnut Thu 20-Aug-20 06:31:01

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It looks like it’s going to be a nicer day. It’s dry and I can see a bit of sunshine peeping through.

As it was so miserable yesterday and I’ve been at home for a week I’m going out today as I have a few errands to run.

Have a good day all 🌼

Jaxjacky Thu 20-Aug-20 06:46:59

Good morning all. I managed to knock my bedside cup of water everywhere at 5:30...library book, clothes I planned to wear, soaked, certainly went a long way!
Still, sun showing its face, washing today, library (renewed wet book online) and should get out for a walk, it rained non stop yesterday.
Have a lovely day all.

NannyJan53 Thu 20-Aug-20 06:53:38

Good morning from a much brighter Black Country. It rained continually yesterday, so didn't go out at all.

My second eldest DGD is 12 today. She is such a lovely kind girl. We are having a small family gathering in their garden on Saturday. Hopefully it won't rain! I am driving over this morning with her present.

Eldest DGD receives her GCSE results today. She worked so hard for them, and then of course couldn't take the exams. I am sure she has done well, as she did so in her mocks.

It is amazing how far a small amount of liquid can spread Jaxjack luckily it was only water and not milk!

Wishing you all a lovely day

Sar53 Thu 20-Aug-20 07:18:51

Good morning everyone from Leamington Spa. Today is forecast to be sunny and warm. Yesterday it poured all the way up here. DH drove me to the Toddington Services on the M1 and DD1 drove down to meet us.
It was so lovely to see all 3 DGD'S after 6 months. They have all grown so much , the 4 year old has lost her first tooth, the 8 year old won star of the day at her week of Stagecoach acting and dancing and the 11 year old, who is dance mad, has won a place to train, once a month with a prestigious ballet company. This on top of her usual dance classes.
I am such a proud, happy nanny.
Today we are making chocolate brownies and then off out to try and find school shoes for the 11 year old.
It's all go when I come up here.
Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe xx

Urmstongran Thu 20-Aug-20 07:19:13

Sun’s up here but it’s a cooler start to the days now 🌞

Good morning everyone from Malaga where it stays dark until later in the mornings - sunrise a good 40 minutes behind what it was mid June and it was dark last night (and cooler) by 9:15pm and we had the lamp on. We are sliding into autumn - I can feel the difference.

Himself is off to the SuperSol this morning for the 3 of us. Our neighbour is selling her apartment and a surveyor is coming out next week.

No plans today. I am catching up reading articles I’ve saved to ‘Pocket’ over the last few months. No point saving them if I don’t read them later!

Hope Thursday is good to us all and that gillybob has managed to secure that big order. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Scentia Thu 20-Aug-20 07:23:26

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. The sun is popping his head over the rooftops☀️
Full day at the factory after 2 full days of online training on the computer so I suspect there will be lots to do.
I have not read the thread for a few days so do hope evidence coping with life as best they can.
I will be MIA over the weekend too as I am in situ at a care home all weekend.
Take care everyone and stay safe.

GrannyK2020 Thu 20-Aug-20 07:31:18

Beautiful sunshine in my part of West Yorkshire (at the minute) Stay safe everyone have a great day whatever you're doing.

MellowYellow Thu 20-Aug-20 07:37:39

Oh Sar53 the dance mad 11 year old must be in heaven, what a privilege to be chosen. Sunny here in south Cornwall. Oh and good morning! Got distracted by the dance news. 😊 3 year old coming at 9.30, then swap him for 4 year old sister at midday. Can't manage both cos of my painful hips, not that they're difficult kids. Just discovered I need golden syrup for the dinosaurs (carried over from yesterday) so a quick trip to the shop is required. Better get out of the bath first! 😀 Have as good a day as possible everyone.

Oopsadaisy4 Thu 20-Aug-20 07:43:32

Good morning from a sunny Oxfordshire, no rain forecast today or tomorrow, thank goodness, the lawn is very squelchy and needs a cut.
Grand daughters GCSE results today, she did so well in the Mocks so fingers crossed. 6 th form is already sorted though.
DH and DD are going on a road trip today, let’s hope the sun stays out for them, I’m dog sitting, not sure how that happened.
Have a good day everybody.

brook2704 Thu 20-Aug-20 07:43:49

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it is warm with blue sky and a lovely forecast for the rest of the day. Yesterday it rained here too, we’d walked along the river to Granchester in the morning for lunch at a lovely tea room but got quite wet on the walk back - at least it was warm rain though.
The two little DGS are both up already having breakfast downstairs and getting ready for their busy days ahead! The eldest is at a sports camp again today and the youngest at nursery, will help with the pick ups later 😀
What a wonderful achievement Sar53 for your DGD place at the ballet company! Well done 👏
Fingers crossed for good results nannyjan
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Nortsat Thu 20-Aug-20 07:47:35

Good morning Mick and the GM team from sunny east London.
I wasn’t too well yesterday and felt a bit down, but it’s a new day and I am determined to be positive.
Sar you sound like you are having a wonderful time with your DGDs ...

I am going to put our supper in the oven shortly, so that it can cook before the day gets too hot. I am spending a socially distanced afternoon with a friend, in her garden (we’re both still shielding).

Have a good day, all. 💐 to Dragonfly, Bluesapphire, Purplepixie and everyone who needs them. 😎

ninathenana Thu 20-Aug-20 07:47:53

Good morning every one.
I haven't posted on this thread for a while, for various reasons.
Thought I'd pop in just incase anyone missed me grin
Best Wishes to those with troubles or ills.

Lins1066 Thu 20-Aug-20 07:52:20

Good Morning Mick and all. It is dry, sunny and windy on our part of the S Welsh coast. Very warm and humid yesterday afternoon. A Tesco delivery later and some laundry to do this morning. Good luck to all pupils receiving their GCSE results today. Have a good day everyone.

Pantglas2 Thu 20-Aug-20 07:52:37

Welcome back Ninathenana - hope things are well with you and it’s just sheer bizziness that’s kept you away!

EBear Thu 20-Aug-20 07:53:15

Good mornng all, its dry and bright here in Norfolk.

I am an infrequent poster but it is lovely to read everyone's news everyday. Hopefully a walk at the beach later before meeting long lost cousin for a socially distanced catch up, It lovely how many people have been in touch during these difficult times and its made me realise how much I have missed them.

I hope everyone has as good a day as they can. smile

Pittcity Thu 20-Aug-20 07:54:08

Good morning from sunny Colchester. The garden is soggy so it can't have stopped raining very long ago.
DS is driving me to visit my parents who we haven't seen in person since lockdown. Hopefully we can sit on the beach.

CherryCezzy Thu 20-Aug-20 07:54:55

Good morning Mick and everyone from sunny breezy Gower.

I've got what I think will be be a real job on my hands later. Since February I've been trying to help a young lady, who has gone and is still going through adversity. I did make progress and now she has a support worker. The trouble is, that is quite arms length support and she needs so much more. She's not really my responsibility but has clung to me for help. She is in one heck of a tangle, is looking to me but I'm feeling pretty powerless as I don't think I can do anything to help resolve matters. The trouble is I don't want to let her down but fear there's no choice. It's tricky, so many services are not fully up and running, it's like chasing a flock of geese.

Anyway, that's my day ahead.

Hope everyone has a good Thursday. Stay safe, stay sane and be kind to yourselves everyone ❤️

cornergran Thu 20-Aug-20 08:01:55

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright and very breezy corner of Somerset. Wonderful to have a dry, bright day ahead. Some domestic goddess stuff then out for some air. Good to see you back nina. Take care everyone, be gentle with yourselves.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 20-Aug-20 08:02:08

Good morning Mick and all

Bright Blue sky here in S E Essex.

Dental Hygienist appointment has been cancelled (by them) so nothing planned other than bed changing today.

Our trip to our County Town was successful yesterday the five year old got his school shoes, we then mooched round M & S and I couldn’t walk past The White Company without going in (items were purchased). The majority of people were wearing face coverings.

Congratulations to your GD Sar53 sounds like you are going to have stars in your family.

Thinking of those with troubles.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Kalu Thu 20-Aug-20 08:09:23

Good morning all from another wonky weather forecast in Glasgow. We have a sunny breezy day ahead now as the predicted heavy rain has changed it’s mind and will arrive tomorrow.

I had a broken sleep last night as a scam text came in at 2.45am.😡 I jumped out of bed in a panic thinking only DD1 would get in touch at that time in the morning and she must have a problem. After a few expletives I then noticed the cat had been sick on the floor and another couple of expletives came out as I cleaned and disinfected the mess before crawling back to bed. DH of course slept through it all!
La di da 😁

I attempted to have my kick start espresso in the garden as it was sunny but a strong chilly wind soon had me going back indoors to contemplate my plan of action for today. No ironing required as I put on my domestic goddess hat yesterday and at least made a noticeable start on the pile which was spilling out of the ironing basket. 🙆‍♀️

Have a good day all and I hope, a better one if you are feeling down with worries.

NanKate Thu 20-Aug-20 08:14:18

Morning Mick and All.

Sunny here in South Bucks.

Meeting up for coffee with 2 GN members this morning. One I haven’t met before. Looking forward to it.

NannyJ have a lovely time with your DGD on Saturday.

Hope you feel better today Nortstat 💐

Nice to have you back here Nina. See you here tomorrow.

ninathenana Thu 20-Aug-20 08:15:59

Thank you Pantglas
Yes, just life, no real problems

Grandmabatty Thu 20-Aug-20 08:16:13

Good morning All. I've been awake for a few hours but just lay in bed listening to audible. I really enjoy audio books which help when I can't sle. Up now though and it is a beautiful morning. Blue, blue skies which lift my spirits. I will make the most of it as a storm is forecast with high winds. Thunder, lightning and floods last week and high winds this week. We live in interesting times sure enough. I'm having a day without company which I'm really looking forward to. So I will make bread this morning, then a toddle to the local post office then just potter, dream and maybe knit a bit. I hope everyone has a good day.