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12Michael Mon 24-Aug-20 06:14:32

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry start but a dull grey sky at the moment .
Nice easy day today some housework and watch TV cycling wise with the European Champs , and slowly by the end of the week the start of the later planned Tour De France , to predict a winner for that race is a big gamble .
With Covid -19 playing its part in the event which could effect the race as well, and the final outcome .
Take Care ,

grandMattie Mon 24-Aug-20 06:24:20

Good morning from a grey E Kent. Shall we have rain? 🤔 hmm.
DS2 is still in hospital, off the fluids drip but still on strong antibiotics for kidney. He’s feeling great but they found problems with his pancreas so needs more scans. With luck, they’ll be done today and he’ll be discharged tomorrow, sent home with necessary diagnoses, medication etc. 🤞
We are SO grateful for all your good wishes for my son. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
DD had excellent news yesterday; she is to be Dean of Women clergy in her diocese. Good for her. She forgot to tell us when she was here! 😮
Nothing on today as usual. Still nice to have DS1 around. Makes a change from two old farts rattling around being bored...
Marydoll, I trust you had a quiet day to keep your heart at rest - but suspect you didn’t... I’m sorry I cannot remember all those who need good wishes, but mine go with you.
Stay safe.

Scentia Mon 24-Aug-20 06:47:29

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire. Looks like it may be a nice day today. I have been working in one of the children’s homes for theee days but I am back in the game today and raring to go!! I will be at the factory today to get some jobs out the door before the end of the month. Even though it is just the two of us that run the business DH still sets us targets each month! It keeps us motivated. We are on target for the first time this year due to CV19 so things must be getting better. Hope Gilly has had some good news on the business front whilst I have been off.
Take care everyone and stay safe ❤️

Beechnut Mon 24-Aug-20 06:56:28

Good Morning from another dull and grey place. We have had a few spots of rain by the look of it.

I have a few shopping errands to do and hope to get them done today. I’ll just have to grin and bear the walking about as my backs aches from yesterday’s gardening. I’ve still the ivy tree to do, I think I’ll ask my daughter to help me with that.

Good wishes to you all 🌸

Gingster Mon 24-Aug-20 06:57:28

Good morning from the Suffolk coast where we have a beautiful sunrise. I was up so early as I have insect bites all over both ankles and they kept me awake most of the night.🦗🕷. 😤. Such a minor irritation compared to some, but still annoying.

Well, I ventured to the cinema yesterday afternoon and there were 8 of us in there. My neighbour and I kept our masks on (not comfortable) but we were the only ones who did. The experience was fine , we were well spaced out and the film ‘Summerland’ was lovely.

We might go to a garden centre today to replace plants that were decimated in the strong winds. Probably winter flowering pansies and cyclamen.

grandMattie hopefully your son will get some results and is back home ASAP. Glad he’s feeling better! Well done to your DD. Fancy forgetting to tell you! 😂. Obviously a humble soul.

Not much on today. We have visitors arriving Thursday til Friday, so will start with bed sorting and a bit of baking. We seem to have had a never ending flow of visitors this summer. Lovely but lots of work. It was my 70th in July so in lieu of a biggish gathering, we’ve had lots of smaller ones. Trouble is, they all come to me so I have the workload. Hush my mouth 🤫😢. I’d moan if they didn’t come! No pleasing some people. 😆

Wishing you all a pleasant day. 🌺

cornergran Mon 24-Aug-20 06:59:13

Morning Mick, morning All. Another grey, drizzly start to our day. Spending some time with our not-so-little-Littlest today, a rare treat, so there will be both activity and inner sunshine. Hope your son will soon be discharged grandMattie with a manageable diagnosis to put minds at rest. Take care everyone. Be gentle with yourselves.

Gelisajams Mon 24-Aug-20 07:03:53

Good morning from a sunny Morecambe Bay. We are off to Keswick gardening today. Maybe a quick walk by the lake if we finish early enough and we are not too tired. Take care and stay safe everyone 🌼

brook2704 Mon 24-Aug-20 07:04:59

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s slightly cooler with some greyish cloud around. Yesterday we had another lovely day and took the DGS to a local country park where they whizzed around on their bikes and played in the playground. Today I’m taking the 5 year old to a NT property as DD1 and SiL are both working and youngest DGS at nursery - think I’ll be exhausted later! Just a few more days here as I’m heading home on Friday.
Fingers crossed grandmattie that your DS is home tomorrow and congratulations to your DD too!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Pittcity Mon 24-Aug-20 07:17:21

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester.
Woken early by a bouncy 4 year old. Hope it stays dry so we can get out today.

Grammaretto Mon 24-Aug-20 07:19:33

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. We had a cold night here.
I am glad to hear your son is improving GrandMattie and hope he'll be home soon.
Gingster you're not alone! I remembered, with relief, that we have dishwasher after our DC visited.
It's not been used for 6 months.
I hope it's a good week for all of us!

Sar53 Mon 24-Aug-20 07:20:08

Good morning from Leamington, my last morning here. My daughter will drive me to the Toddington Services on the M1 and DH will meet us and take me home.
I've had a lovely, but as usual very hectic, few days with the family. Not sure when I will see them again.
We went to a local park yesterday until the heavens opened and we had to dash back to the car.
DD1 made a lovely curry for dinner and SIL made the naan bread to go with it. All very tasty.
Have the best day you can and stay safe everyone xx

MellowYellow Mon 24-Aug-20 07:21:12

Hello everyone from an overcast south Cornwall. Thinking of your son grandMattie and well done new Dean of Women clergy, didn't even know there was such a role.

4 year old has asked to come again today. She virtually lives here!! What will she want to cook? Her first attempt at meringues were lovely so probably those again. Or we may make black playdough...

Trying to decide whether I can face 7 hour train journey to visit my daughter on the Wirral next month. My hips may not like sitting for that long but I fancy a week in New Brighton. At least I can cancel the hotel last thing if I need to....

Have the best day you can all of you. cupcake

Pantglas2 Mon 24-Aug-20 07:21:42

A later ‘Morning all’ from a bright sunny Spain where I’m still lolling abed having stayed up to watch the ⚽️ so another late night!

full Monty for brunch later then a siesta and read a little before meeting friends for a quiz this evening- all this bizziness is lovely but quite wearing!

Glad to see GrandMattie has good news and let there be some for everyone today! Kind thoughts as well to absent friends x

Grandmabatty Mon 24-Aug-20 07:36:35

Good morning All from a very wet Polmont and it looks like it's on for a while. That is disappointing as I look after my grandson today and I had been going to visit a park I hadn't known about as I haven't lived in this area before. If it dries up, we'll go this afternoon. I'm making him pancakes for breakfast so I had better get a move on. Congratulations to your dd grandmattie and I hope your son gets home soon. Have a good day all.

Nannytopsy Mon 24-Aug-20 07:46:27

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
Grey but dry so far in Suffolk, after a downpour yesterday evening. DS and family are camping this week but the forecast doesn’t look good. I hope they got the tent up before it rained. SiL and her dogs go home today and we retrieve our cat from the cattery. SiL refuses to sleep in her room last night because there was a very large spider in there when she went to bed. DH removed it but no.
I wonder if she will ever come and stay again?

kittylester Mon 24-Aug-20 07:56:43

Morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

Had a lazy day yesterday but today we are off to the big blue and yellow warehouse. Hopefully it will be fairly quiet. We are trying to get organised in case we are locked down again. We were caught out before with a half decorated lounge and don't want that to happen again.

Sending love and best wishes to everyone.

Susan56 Mon 24-Aug-20 08:03:25

Good morning from Shropshire where the sun is trying it’s best to shine.

The great garage sort out starts today.Hoping to make at least one trip to the tip.

So pleased your son is starting to feel better grandMattie and hope he continues to improve and gets more answers today.Congratulations to your DD too👏🏼

MellowYellow,our four year old GD loves staying at our house too.We’ve made the most of it this summer as she starts school next week.

I hope you are feeling better Mary💐and that Mr Grammaretto had a good night.Gilly,hope you are feeling better 🤕💐

Sending good wishes to all our absent goodmorningers💐have a good day all.

Jaxjacky Mon 24-Aug-20 08:10:05

Good Morning all from another grey county, storms forecast later. I lifted my disappointing potatoes on Saturday, need to get them inside soon to dry out, nip down village to pick up prescription and await gas man at 1.
I normally have a rough plan of evening meals for the week by a Monday, so a rummage in the freezer is imminent, could go to chip shop tonight and cheat!
Have a good day all.

Lins1066 Mon 24-Aug-20 08:17:13

Good Morning Mick and all, it is dry and cloudy here on the S Welsh coast. Some bed changing to be done whilst it is dry. Mr Lins mowed the lawns yesterday and tidied up in the garden ready for garden refuse collection this morning.
Hope everyone will have a pleasant day, be good to yourselves.

Marydoll Mon 24-Aug-20 08:19:10

Good morning Mick and all from a cool and grey Glasgow.

DH's golf has been cancelled. DH's golf partner had booked lunch for she and her husband, without telling her husband. The golfers are not best pleased, as their game was booked last week.☹️
So, DH has offered to take me down the coast to our favourite garden centre. A result for me, as I'm pretty fed up being stuck in and it won't be too strenuous. It may however, be expensive, as our miniature plum tree was killed by the frost last winter and I have plans.😉😉

I did have a mainly restful day yesterday. I had two lovely surprises, which cheered me up no end.
A. Parcel arrived from Amazon and DH asked, What have you been buying now? 😡 I was perplexed. If it had been a clothes retailer, Yes, but Amazon? 😕
It turned out to be an Italian cheese making kit sent by my new son in law to keep me out of trouble. As our Rome trip in a few weeks has been cancelled, he knew I would be disappointed at not being able to potter about the Rome food market, sampling all the cheeses. That man is a keeper!!!

Much to my surprise, DS2 arrived with his fiancèe, who was carrying a huge bunch of what I would call happy flowers. They were yellow and orange, so beautiful.
Now DS2 is the least demonstrative of my children, so he got double points for that!!!
Unusually for them, they were here for four hours. I happened to mention the photos of my DGD's first day at school had disappeared somewhere into the ether. I'm pretty good at troubleshooting and enjoy it, but I was flummoxed.😕.

My son is a highly skilled IT person, (@ boasting mum), but even he couldn't find them.☹️
However, he did find issues with my PC blush and resolved them for FREE! 😉🤭 As he is a specialist, his rates are extremely high and we have saved a fortune over the years. 😂
I got the usual, What have you done, mum?
He was stunned, when I had all the system and email (yes, I have more than one email address, don't worry GNHQ 😉) passwords at my fingertips. I'm still haven't lost all my marbles yet!!!😂

Desperate to keep me safe, we were dancing round my wee craft room, trying to avoid each other. My son kept wiping down the keyboard and mouse, so as not to compromise me. I think my children worry more about my safety than I do. However, I would really have loved a hug.☹️

He and my future DIL had been on the Harry Potter Express 🚂💚 and we're worried about passing on any infection to me, so had stayed away and hadn't visited us.
That trip has been on my bucket list for years. It seems that there have been lots of cancellations due to Covid, so who knows, I may get yet.

Time for me to get moving. I'm glad to hear your son is feeling better, but you won't stop worrying, until you see him safely home.

Have a good day, everyone.

Greyduster Mon 24-Aug-20 08:22:25

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The sun is in and out this morning in South Yorkshire but it looks like we may have a dry day, so laundry, and inside window cleaning before the window cleaner comes to do the outsides tomorrow! We toss a coin for who does the conservatory! We had a walk down the valley yesterday and a drink outside the pub before coming home. The year is rolling along and the harvest is almost in. Our recent Cornish holiday already feels like years ago. Have a good safe day folks.

Marydoll Mon 24-Aug-20 08:24:01

That last remark was meant for Grandmattie. Also congratulations to your daughter. 💐 Some happy flowers!

Jayt Mon 24-Aug-20 08:27:27

Good morning. Sunshine on the Moray Firth this morning but gummy windows heralding the arrival of Autumn. I will paint the new garden gates DH made last week so getting on the old painting clothes. They are very smart and will look lovely when they are put into place. Stay safe and have a good day.

harrigran Mon 24-Aug-20 08:32:18

Good morning from a damp, misty NE.
We had torrential rain for most of yesterday and it was dreary.
Today is DS and DIL's wedding anniversary so I shall send them a greeting, I doubt if they will be celebrating with a meal out as they are in a very remote area.
The heating came on again this morning and the weather man said there could be ground frost in some areas this week 😱
Well done to grandMattie's DD.

gillybob Mon 24-Aug-20 08:36:44

Good morning from the North East coast . Weather as per usual . Torrential rain for much of yesterday and well into the night too. Summer was officially cancelled in these parts (like most other events I suppose) .

An early start here at “this place” today as I have to leave at 10.30 to take my dad for a blood test . I will come straight back but it will mean I will be out for a couple of hours .

The egg on my head has gone down quite a bit but it’s still pretty sore . Stupid person that I am shouldn’t go around nutting walls !

Congratulations on your DD’ appointment/promotion grandMattie you must be so proud . smile I hope your DS is feeling better and will be home again very soon.

Your new son in law sounds very kind and thoughtful Marydoll as you say definitely “a keeper”. Enjoy making your cheese smile

Thinking of our missing friends and those feeling out of sorts too. Wishing them lots of sunshine

Well I’d better get back to the grind . No rest for the wicked. Did I mention I hate Monday’s ? grin

Love Gillybob x