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Backpack, clutch or handbag?

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Lucca Sat 19-Sep-20 08:15:10

I’ve never got it right in the handbag department and now I have arthritis apparently in neck and shoulder area I think I’ll have to go backpack. Do you have a wardrobe full of handbags?

Whitewavemark2 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:22:19

Not really, if I’m not using a bag I tend to charity it.

I have a winter and summer best bag, and cross shoulder small purse type winter and summer.

I do have rucksacks etc. Oh and sort of holiday and beach type bag. Oh and a couple of bags for use when it’s a black tie long gown type of do. Oh and a couple of posh wedding type clutch bags.

That’s it☺️ I think.

Kate54 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:23:40

Yes! And for some reason, I’ve suddenly stopped using any of them. I spotted a nifty little orange backpack when the shops opened after lockdown and have used nothing else since. I might not use it for a formal occasion but when did one of those last go into the diary?!

Lucca Sat 19-Sep-20 08:23:58

So.....8 plus rucksacks !!

BlueBelle Sat 19-Sep-20 08:25:58

No I don’t but I know where you can get Flying ones from 😂

GrannyGravy13 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:29:28

I am far to embarrassed to own up to the number of bags I have, but I have got rucksacks, totes, clutches, cross body, small ones, evening ones and beach bags.

I rotate my bags according to weather and what or where I am going/doing.

Oopsadaisy4 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:29:34

bluebell please, not the F (or FH) word.🤭

DiscoGran Sat 19-Sep-20 08:30:19

I have a few, mainly shoulder, a couple of fancy clutches for special occasions. My most used is a Kipling one, extremely light, carries all I need on a daily basis. Most importantly it has a soft strap that can be quickly made longer to use as a cross body bag. They make backpacks too.

MawB2 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:30:25

I bought a backpack style bad for last years holiday in Germany which was fine as it held my iPad and a bottle of water along with everything else for the travelling part, but I ended up carrying it by the handles more often than not.
For security and easy access to tic jets/travel cards and wallet plus comfort I woukd always go for a crossbody.
I have a couple of Radleys , a Cambridge satchel (lovely leather but can be heavy so hard on the neck and whichever shoulder) a Cath Kidston for summer and currently a tan leather I bought from JL years ago with two compartments plus a front pocket which fasten. It’s about the size of an iPad so will take my iPad mini if I need it for the train.
sad -only not likely to be going anywhere by train again for a while sad
I do also have several “smart” handbags for the occasional posh event -or sad event like funerals.
I am very much a Bag Lady !

Lucca Sat 19-Sep-20 08:39:09

I have this very old fashioned one of my mother’s but oddly enough it is much admired if I use it when”out”

Badgranma Sat 19-Sep-20 08:41:49

I am not a bag lady! I find I just fill them with rubbish I never use. It’s an adventure when I am actually looking for something and I have to hunt through. I do use one for work, but the rest of the time just use a purse with a wrist strap. It holds my phone, a bank card and a few coins and that does it for me.

YorkLady Sat 19-Sep-20 08:46:32

I love handbags and have lots. Radley and Kipling I have collected for years, all mainly cross body bags, so I have both hands free!
This January my OH presented me with a Mulberry, sadly it’s only been out twice as we are staying home these days. sad

sodapop Sat 19-Sep-20 08:48:41

I love my Kipling bags as well Discogran I have several. Many years ago there was a Bally factory in the town where I lived, I had friends working there and I was able to buy their bags and shoes at a fraction of the usual price.

BlueSky Sat 19-Sep-20 08:52:47

Crossbody every time. I used to like shoulder bags but ended up with aching side, backpack too awkward to access, while the crossbody lightweight but capable, like the Kipling, are just ideal.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:53:31

That photo is so 50s. I love the 50s!!

rafichagran Sat 19-Sep-20 08:54:49

I use a Kipling back pack, I have 2 which I tend to rotate. I also have cross body bags for change and anything I need quickly.

BlueBelle Sat 19-Sep-20 09:00:27

Back pack girl myself unless I go out (rare event) then it’s a black one I bought at the charity shop and had for years
Serves its purpose it’s still bright and clean and the right size

crazyH Sat 19-Sep-20 09:01:21

Most of the time it's just a small purse with slots for Bank card, Driving Licence etc. The purse goes into the pocket of my jeans. In the other pocket I keep a Kleenex for my nose.

JenniferEccles Sat 19-Sep-20 09:01:53

There was a thread a day or so ago asking if we could tell who the poster was from the title.

I got it totally wrong with yours
Lucca !

I like shoulder bags so my hands are free. Although I love the idea of matching colours to outfits I find changing bags often too much of a faff!

I tend to stick to black in the winter and a couple of light coloured ones in the summer.

I am fussy about the size though. Big enough for purse, phone glasses etc yet not too big to swamp me !

crazyH Sat 19-Sep-20 09:02:07

The purse is a phone purse....won't go anywhere without my phone

Ellianne Sat 19-Sep-20 09:04:13

That photo looks like the Queen's black Launer handbag Lucca. So timeless and elegant.
I am another Radley fan for everyday. The colours are so pretty and seasonal. I have dogs too, so a variety of Radleys fits both the casual and smart bill. They do backpacks

TwiceAsNice Sat 19-Sep-20 09:04:41

I have a Cath Kidston smallish boxy tote with front pockets which I use for work and two cross body bags I use when going out.

A couple of big beach type shape bags I take on holiday and can double for the beach .

2 nice clutches one which is vintage and a couple of ordinary bags in different colours that I used when more depressed up going out (not happening at the moment!) So not loads really but all used

TwiceAsNice Sat 19-Sep-20 09:05:20

Dressed not depressed damn auto change sorry

BBbevan Sat 19-Sep-20 09:07:23

Mostly just pocket.

Maggiemaybe Sat 19-Sep-20 09:07:53

I’ve lots, of all descriptions. I spent some time during lockdown sorting them out and they’re all lined up neatly on a long shelf, with a small drawer full of just “going out” bags.

I haven’t used more than four of them since March, as I’m too lazy to keep swapping the essentials over. My go-to is a cross-body black leather bag that’s just roomy enough with a few zipped compartments. It came from a charity shop last year.

I do have a couple of backpacks, and I’d recommend getting a light, soft one. In normal times the squishy suede-effect one DD2 bought me gets a lot of use, if I’m walking a fair way to the shops. It’s kind on the back and shoulders. The other is much stiffer and not nearly as comfy to wear, so has only had a couple of outings.