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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 22-Sep-20 06:13:19

Good Morning Everyone,
A twilight start but it is dry here in Brackley this morning , my usual day out to Buckingham and Bicester .
Browse ,and but plus have a coffee and a pork slices with stuffing bap as its seasonal .
Come back home and watch TV .
Take Care ,

fatgran57 Tue 22-Sep-20 06:21:41

Good morning from Tasmania where it is very wet this afternoon.

Just went out for a coffee and grabbed some milk so we don't have to go out tomorrow.

No covid19 in Tasmania at the moment as our borders are still closed, but that will change once people are moving interstate and vice versa.

Best wishes to all and hope Gillybob will be back with us soon.

Beechnut Tue 22-Sep-20 06:26:55

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry and very dark.
Your bap sounds a comforting eat Mick.

My usual homeworking day and have a mooch round the fridge and cupboard for to see what delights I can rustle up for today’s meals.

Take care, stay safe and enjoy your day all 🌸

grandMattie Tue 22-Sep-20 06:30:41

Good morning from a pale apricot sunrise in E Kent. It’s going to be dry again.
The Equinox today, tides should be high and storms start coming. We’re forecast a maximum of 32% chance of rain for the next few days, so we’ll have cloud but not rain.
The Swing bridge between us and Thanet is closed essential repairs and servicing for the next 11 weeks, so all the two golf clubs’ traffic will go past the house, as well as the usual tractors and the school traffic. Can be interesting as our road is often gridlocked by bad parking due to faded double yellow lines and thoughtless drivers.
We went to the supermarket yesterday. There are signs of people stocking up for another lockdown. The pasta and rice shelves were low as were the tinned goods. I bought 12kg of 🍅 tomatoes to make and freeze sauce for the winter. It’s so nice to have fresh sauce then. The local farm shop didn’t have any boxes. Interesting, but it seems that their tomato crop wasn’t so good this year/or the Dutch didn’t sell many in the UK!
DS1 is being summoned back to India by the beginning of October. Although he raring to go, he feels very ambivalent about the journey and having to go through Mumbai, if he can get a flight, that is.
Happy day for everyone today, I trust - even those who are missing through sadness, stress or sickness. Stay safe.

MawB2 Tue 22-Sep-20 06:41:08

Good morning from N Bucks where Hattie has come upstairs and is curled up beside me (good thing it’s a king-size!) I imagine she is trying to remind me that the inner dog would like feeding.
Alas it’s nil by mouth for her day at the vets so the soulful eyes will get her nowhere
A couple of good friends are going to do their best to keep me from fretting - and it may be our last chance before we disappear into our Covid bunkers for goodness knows how long.
I know there are many with health or family worries so to all of you I wish you as pleasant a day as it can be.
Regroup tomorrow!

MellowYellow Tue 22-Sep-20 07:04:06

Good morning from an overcast darkish south Cornwall. Your pork bap sounds de-lish Mick. Just down the road from me is a local takeaway that sells pulled pork baps with apple sauce and stuffing. Always popular!

Sat in the park yesterday, knitting, leaning against a tree. A friend joined me and brought coffee and we talked about how blessed we were to be sitting there in the sun. Well, sprawled really, like a couple of teenagers. grin I should have been on my way to the Wirral to see my daughter but cancelled it, so it was nice to have a chat and coffee. Today I'm faffing with a tape measure to see if I could fit a dishwasher in my little kitchen, not widthways but with the door opening downwards. If I breathe in it should fit.

Haircut this afternoon. Daughter in law is my hairdresser, how good is that!!!! Have the best day possible everyone.

Kalu Tue 22-Sep-20 07:21:31

Good morning all from Glasgow where we are set to have a light cloud, breezy day so my plan to power wash today will be a non starter.

Lots of luck for a positive outcome for Hattie’s vet visit today Maw🤞

Another attempt at sorting out summer/winter clothes as tomorrow promises to be sunny, a perfect day to hang out a washing of woollens and heavier trousers. I still follow the rule of Be Prepared from my days as a PL in the Guides. 😁. I remember being thrilled to bits when I first wore my lanyard.

Possibly more of an indoors day today but certainly no more ironing as yesterday’s chunk of the mountain just about finished me off!

Wishing everyone a pleasant day especially kind thoughts to our friends, I hope there is a chink of light to make your day a bit brighter.

Pittcity Tue 22-Sep-20 07:22:48

Good morning from Colchester where the early sun is shining.
A day charity shop volunteering which entails a lot of chatter behind a perspex screen for two of us. This is punctuated by coffee and a few customers. Tuesday is not a stock sorting day because Covid has strictly limited that.

mancgirl Tue 22-Sep-20 07:22:51

Good morning from Manchester where I think we are forecast maybe for the last day of summer. Had a wonderful afternoon yesterday with dil and 2 little grandsons at a local country park. Fed the swans and ducks, played on the park and had a walk through the woods, where older gs rode his balance bike. A perfect late summer day. These are the days you look back on in winter. Doing a return this morning as a result of not being able to try on. Prefer to go first thing before too many people around. Have a good day everyone flowersfor those with extra cares and worries.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 22-Sep-20 07:25:18

Good morning Mick and all

Another dry and warm day here in S E Essex. We have our 8 month old GS today (Gc8) and pick up his sibling from school (GC5) . DD picks up baby after work but GC5 stays for a sleepover and we take him to school tomorrow.

I will probably not get anything done as he is crawling (so fast) and pulling himself up, for emergency I have the cage of shame (playpen)

Thinking of gillybob and our missing friends 🌺

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Beauregard Tue 22-Sep-20 07:26:25

Good morning from another lovely day in Derbyshire. The last of the warm days before the temperatures start to plummet.

Tuesday is our weekly walk day. Mr B usually starts planning it at the weekend (as it is the highlight of his week) but last week, after a long drive to Derwent Water, the planned walk turned out to be something nearer to very steep hill climbing than a gentle walk. I decided it wasn't for me and went back to the visitor's centre and let him tackle it alone. Even he was blowing and puffing afterwards! So well see what he has in store for today.

Hope everyone has a good day.

Grandmabatty Tue 22-Sep-20 07:34:31

Good morning All. It's a dull one in Polmont so far but dry at the moment. Your bap does sound good Mick MawB I'm sending all my best wishes for Hattie. Our pets are so important to us. Grandmattie you will miss your boy. I haven't seen signs of panic buying here yet, but it's bound to kick off. Mellow what a lovely way to spend time, under a big tree. I love my dishwasher! It makes keeping the kitchen tidy so simple. Fingers crossed one will fit in. I hope you enjoy your day at home Beechnut. I often have those and mostly enjoy them. Fatgran how lovely to hear from someone who lives there. I've always wanted to visit. Probably won't now with the way the world is. Today is day 2 of toddler sitting. He is the funniest wee chap and makes me laugh a lot, however he is very stubborn or thrawn in scots! A visit to the park and the swings is on the cards I think but that's all. Have a good day all.

Sark Tue 22-Sep-20 07:36:25

Good Morning everyone.
Lovely morning here in Oxfordshire.
Work today as usual.
Had a very funny conversation with GC yesterday.
GS aged 6 and GD aged 3
GS said "Grandma what is best..a bee or a wasp?"
I said "a bee." GD said "yes a bee"
GS to little sister "you don't know anything about bees"
She replied " no but I know about wasps and they have a sharp bum!! " 😃
Hope everyone has a good day and can keep smiling flowers

Marydoll Tue 22-Sep-20 07:36:37

Good morning all from a cloudy and grey Glasgow. Plenty to keep me busy today.
I had a particularly bad night, since yesterday was injection day☹️, however I do think the effects have lessened. 👍

Yesterday's outing with my friend was a great success. She had got me a visor to wear over my mask, so that I could sit in the back of her car.
She is a bit of a wheeler and dealer entrepreneur and can spot a bargain, seeing the potential, the rest of can't.

We went to look at sofas which had been in a show home, on a new development, brand new and unused.
They were stunning, Art Deco, (my favourite era) velvet sofas, with a modern twist. She asked me what I thought of them and when I didn't speak, my friend thought I didn't like them! 😁 I was too busy lusting after them. 💚💚💚💚💚
She convinced the seller to give her the accompanying designer, feather cushions for free! That's what I mean by being a wheeler and dealer!!
When I admired a single cushion, saying it would be perfect in my conservatory, the seller threw that in for free too!!!

For all in the sick bay and feeling low, take care. I'm worried about Gilly, as I haven't had a response from her, but don't want to keep hassling her.

Have the best day you can, everyone.

brook2704 Tue 22-Sep-20 07:38:29

Good morning everyone from a dry and cloudy Inverness. I don’t think there’s much sun forecast for today but at least it’s not raining. Yesterday afternoon I decided to go for a walk in the local woods, it was lovely as I’d not done that for a while..
Your afternoon yesterday with the family sounds really lovely manc and I hope Hattie is ok today maw
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

kittylester Tue 22-Sep-20 07:38:41

Morning all from a bright North Leicestershire- I expect I wont be saying that tomorrow.

DH will be out driving for most of the day and I am on present duties. Ordering flowers, dispatching and online shopping. I intend making a curry today - postponed from Saturday.

We met dh's brother and wife yesterday - very frustrating day really. But we've done it now!!

Sending everyone good wishes- especially our gilly.

NannyJan53 Tue 22-Sep-20 07:40:03

Good Morning from another day with a cloudless sky in the Black Country. Have to make the most of it as apparently it is getting colder tomorrow.

Had a lovely canal walk with my U3A group yesterday, then lunch in a canal side pub after. Luckily there were plenty of tables in the garden and we only sat 2 to a table.

No real plans today, just see how it pans out. Hopefully go for a walk on the Clent Hills.

Good luck for Hattie today Maw flowers

Thinking of gilly who is very much missed.

NfkDumpling Tue 22-Sep-20 07:44:11

Morning All

An apricot sunrise here this morning too grandMattie and a hot day in prospect so we'll be heading for our coast for a last paddle in the North Sea.

Big comfy (((Hugs))) for everyone in need one (including Hattie) - and a slap round the face with a wet fish for all those who're not paying attention to the Covid rules.

Nortsat Tue 22-Sep-20 07:47:31

Good morning Mick ( it’s 7.30 in the morning and I want one of your pork and stuffing baps!) and the GM team from a currently bright east London.

I have an issue to sort out with HMRC this week and general admin to do. My partner has Zoom sessions with his students and Zoom exercise. I will have a walk and I have a work report to finish.

Our garden looks like it needs a couple of good tidy-up sessions. But I had a lovely couple of hours, sitting in the sunshine yesterday listening to a play on the radio.

Thinking of my cousin, who is having a brain scan today ... she’s only 49. Anyone with good thoughts to spare, please direct them her way ...

I will direct my good thoughts to Bluesapphire, Dragonfly, gilly and all the GN’s facing challenges today. 💐
Have a good day, all. 😎

NfkDumpling Tue 22-Sep-20 07:52:00

I hope your side effects continue to lessen Marydoll - are the injections working? I wish I knew somewhere to find ex-show house furniture, we are in desperate need of a new comfy chair and can't find (agree) on anything.

I do hope Gilly is ok. If you pop in for a quick Lurk Gilly do just say hello like Annie does, so we know. (Good Morning Annie)

Sar53 Tue 22-Sep-20 07:53:43

Good morning from a sunny Essex by the sea. As has already been said this is probably the last of the good days. Yesterday the fog lasted till lunchtime then we had a lovely warm afternoon.
We are going to walk the length of the pier this morning, over a mile long, partake of refreshments, and then get the little train back. Just the day for it.
I had a lovely telephone chat with DGD's 2 & 3 yesterday. PE, football, maths, new friends, it was lovely to hear their voices.
Enjoy today folks as who knows what tomorrow may bring. Take care and stay safe xx

Nannytopsy Tue 22-Sep-20 07:54:55

Good morning Mick and all his followers. My second go at posting ...
Another sunny day in Suffolk before Autumn strikes. I ordered a greenhouse yesterday - my first one 😃.
Off to collect the shopping this morning then some of the WI are meeting for a pub lunch - tables of 6!
Then back to do a bit more in the garden. I need DH to hold the sleepers with me, so we can get them in the right place but today is dressings on his legs, so he may not feel like it. They are more sore than usual after the nurse has been at them. In the good old days we would have done this in no time.
Best wishes to Hattie and all the pets. Charlie is going for his vaccinations this week- we think he has lost weight since last year but he is an old man now.
Glad your side effects may be lessening Marydoll 🤞.
I hope everyone has the best day possible.

Pantglas2 Tue 22-Sep-20 07:55:54

Morning all from brightening north Wales where I’ve done my yoga and am enjoying the chamberpot ☕️ reading your bizziness!

Wish I could send a pot of lemon curd to all unwell - just looking at it makes me 😊 and it really does taste as if it’s doing you good! They were proper market bought Grandmafrench - I’ve never needed to scrump them in the past as most of my friends in Spain give ‘em away!

Hope little Hattie has a good day and all two-leggers as well x

Jaxjacky Tue 22-Sep-20 07:59:01

Good morning Mick and all. As elsewhere, the last clement day today for a while, I must shift myself and cut the grass. I must also attempt to get children and two GC here at the weekend, even if it’s just for a brief garden visit before things change again.
Haircut yesterday, gone a bit shorter and a new fringe, I know it’ll be a pain as it grows out, just fancied it! As well as the grass, I’ll go for a walk, need to find headphones for music.

Have a calming day all, especially those with worries. X

Marydoll Tue 22-Sep-20 08:02:57

NFK, my friend found the furniture on Facebook Marketplace
She joined Facebook for that sole purpose. I'm really naive about things like that.😁

The seller had lots of beautiful things for sale. I spotted a vase I liked and asked how much it was.
The seller replied: It's not for sale, my dead husband bought it for me 😳