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Soop's welcoming kitchen for kindly caring folk...

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soop Wed 23-Sep-20 13:52:27

Oops! Sorry to have kept you waiting on the new doorstep. Come on in and let's celebrate our new kitchen. grin

Grandmabatty Wed 23-Sep-20 13:54:57

I'll bring lemon drizzle cake

Charleygirl5 Wed 23-Sep-20 13:55:18

OMG we have moved again- I am having mega problems keeping up with it all. It is as comfortable and welcoming as ever.

Pittcity Wed 23-Sep-20 13:56:50

Like what you've done with the place, Soop
It's lovely to be able to sit with more than 5 others and take off my mask.
Is the kettle on?

Grandmafrench Wed 23-Sep-20 14:04:29

So, the new Autumn Kitchen. Lovely and welcoming as always. As you say Pitt- friends without masks - how nice.

So thrilled to have picked up Ann's news. A few people seem to be having good surprises and good things happen to them. Why not? We seem to have forgotten that we deserve so much more than this last difficult and often miserable year.

Have the very best of afternoons, Lovely Kitchen peeps. Continue to take care. I'm putting my feet up, on a chair, instead of above the water like this morning. Very warm and sunny here, so I shall sit and enjoy it and dream of better times.

Very big Coffee Walnut cake on the side for you all. I made it in my wonderful new baking tin from the lovely lakeside kitchen people. I dare not leave it here or anywhere near - due to the d.i.e.t (which is going well!)

See you soon.

soop Wed 23-Sep-20 14:04:34

Grandmabatty Bring it on...the lemon drizzle cake that is. In fact, whatever cake is available - whether it be home-baked, or, like mine, bought...let's all go mad and have a virtual scoff-in.

ann What a wonderful start to our new kitchen. Good news that the little tyke eventually made the wise decision to return home. Relief and smiles all round.

We have several new comfortable chairs complete with tartan cushions and throws. We have newcomers. So, out with the bubbly and let's get blethering.

I took this photo through the window this morning. It shows the Caledonian ferry returning from Islay to Kintyre.

kittylester Wed 23-Sep-20 14:07:04

Glad I found you!! My new kitchen resolution is to visit often and keep up.

soop Wed 23-Sep-20 14:09:38

Afternoon, Grandmafrench, our posts coincided. Great minds and all that. hmm

I'm having an indoor afternoon. Catching up with a few neglected chores. MacSporran has decided to strim the borders of the garden. Even though I say so recent skirmishes handiwork has paid dividends. The rockery, in particular, looks almost attractive.

soop Wed 23-Sep-20 14:10:13

kitty Yes please. We enjoy your company. x

GrannyGravy13 Wed 23-Sep-20 14:13:07

Some flowers for the new kitchen

Grandmabatty Wed 23-Sep-20 14:47:56

Some gorgeous photos to put us in the right frame of mind. Grandmafrench, did you go kayaking? If so, where are the fish? I'm out shortly to get the first haircut in eight months.

soop Wed 23-Sep-20 17:19:40

Thank you, GrannyGravy The flowers are in the centre of the buffet, surrounded by cake and, dare I say, booze! Something suitable for all tastes. I shall drink pink Champagne. A girl has to maintain standards.

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could spend an afternoon (maskless) in our virtual kitchen? I know that it would be fun and there would be much laughter. I can but dream.

MacSporran is back indoors. He did a good job with the strimmer. I cleaned every room thoroughly with the exception of the computer room. There was a time when I enjoyed housework. I even had part time jobs as cleaning lady for other folk. I guess that with increasing age comes the common sense to keep the home clean and tidy but not make it a mission to strive for perfection. hmm

We have "a slot", tomorrow afternoon, in which we may spend half an hour with our friend in the care home. We haven't been allowed into the home since March. It will be a treat (but with rules attached), so no hugs etc.

MacSporran also has an appointment with the skin specialist at the hospital. More scalp-zapping!

A glorious day in bonnie Kintyre. There is promise of an interesting sunset. If so, I shall photograph it for you.

I shall return tomorrow. Remember, no need to wash the dishes after the party. Just sit back and enjoy your visit. smile moon

Puzzler61 Wed 23-Sep-20 19:02:51

That’s my favourite morning photo soop and i can only dream it could be the view out of my window. Thank you for sharing.
Glad you’ve had the oven on in the new kitchen as it’s a tad chilly today outside.
Good Luck MacS.

Bellanonna Wed 23-Sep-20 19:15:17

That’s a beautiful picture soop. Thank you for sharing these wonderful views with us.

Susan56 Wed 23-Sep-20 19:34:32

A beautiful picture soop.What a perfect view you have.

Glad the litttle cat has been found.

I will take a seat in the corner of the kitchen along with a large slice of cake.Have just spent two hours on the phone to my mum explaining the rules to her re Covid.She is mixing with too many people,going in too many cars and when I pointed this out she implied I am trying to ruin her fun🤷‍♀️🤯I tried calling both my brothers to help try and get through to her but neither picked up their phones as they will know I need to speak to them about mum😩

I will retire to my corner and come back I a better frame of mind tomorrow.


Grandmafrench Wed 23-Sep-20 20:09:21

Susan, sadly although you will not get your 2 hours back, you can be sure you have done your absolute best.

And no, of course you aren't trying to ruin her fun......surely you've not tried to introduce her to Boris, have you? wink

Enjoy that cake, think nice Zen thoughts - and clutch your G&T. It will work wonders!

Grandmabatty. No mackerel because no fishing. We had a surprise very long and very lovely telephone call which stopped us going out until late, so when we did we just took out the Kayak, talked (a lot) and took in the scenery for a couple of hours. Mackerel will be photographed when caught, promise.

Hope your day was a good one and hope you were so pleased to have visited your hairdresser at long last.

soop you've been working hard in the house - hope you feel virtuous enough now to enjoy that G&T. Have a happy and long overdue visit to your friend tomorrow. Good luck with the scalp 'strimming' MacS. Keep safe all, until tomorrow.

Susan56 Wed 23-Sep-20 20:15:10

Thank you Grandmafrench.You are right,I have done my best and can do no more.I needed someone to point that out to me.x

kittylester Wed 23-Sep-20 20:54:24

Oh, Susan. I have 2 brothers so I feel your pain. Anything that needing doing with regard to mum seemed to be much better done by me.

Good luck to MacS with his scalp zapping.

We had quite a stern message from DS1 this morning suggesting we stop our 'excursions' - make it sound as though we are galkicanting all the time. Our last excursion was to a NT property where we met dh's brother and had a picnic!! Life doesn't get much more exciting that that.

cornergran Wed 23-Sep-20 21:15:15

Oh kitty. That resonates. You might like something I read yesterday - After a certain age you can do pretty much whatever takes your fancy. No one tells you off except for your doctor and your children. Indeed! smile].

Good to find the new Kitchen, see you all at the weekend. TOYA.

Synonymous Wed 23-Sep-20 21:22:17

soop a lovely new kitchen with such comfy chairs! I will leave the brownies on the

Maw you simply have to get poor Hattie one of those jumpers, she looks so embarrassed. Such good news and a huge relief for you! cupcake

Ann so pleased that you have a date for your op at long last! wine

Poor coz was in tears over the ban on home visits as she really didn't cope well with the lockdown. She won't be able to use the bus either so we are going to have to be more inventive and use the car and then just happen to meet in the community gardens next to her home - while being careful and safe of course. I think that mentally she needs to see me regularly but with the colder weather coming that is going to be challenging. Little sis is in the same boat but she went home today after a busy time helping me get lots done. I have told her that if she isn't coping then she needs to come and stay rather than live on her own as it can surely be achieved safely since we are all on our own.
We have cleared the big bedroom which is going to be DD's sitting room today with me steam rollering the intended recipient of my lovely big spare bed into agreeing to take it today. DD says I am a scary woman but Himself just says, with a big smile, that I am irresistible. In fact I am just a good organiser but it is always a worry when trying to decide if you have been insulted or not! confusedhmm
Anyway it has all gone and the room is now completely empty and ready for a good clean when my home help comes back tomorow. Just hoping that DD doesn't get trapped by a lockdown so I have suggested she gets the removals firm booked and we will all pray that everything works out! She doesn't have to be there and can leave the estate agents to hand the keys over on the day. Himself is feeling very unsettled by all the changes going on and is finding it all a bit much, I think it is a man thing.

cornergran Wed 23-Sep-20 23:41:01

Just found the old kitchen again, I’m delighted for you ann, wonderful news for sure.

Susan56 Thu 24-Sep-20 08:32:02

Hope MacS’s appointment goes well soop🤕

soop Thu 24-Sep-20 13:36:43

Good afternoon lovely peoples. Sun is shining. Chilly breeze but a very pleasant day in which to drive to Campbeltown.

I did take a photo of last night's sunset for you. The sun is moving away from the islands directly opposite our window. Last night, it set behind the small island of Gigha.

Away to smarten up in readiness for the visit to see our pal in the care home. He was used to twice weekly visits before Covid came on the scene and ruined things for all of us. We haven't been allowed into the home since March.

Grandmafrench Thu 24-Sep-20 13:42:46

G'day Kitcheners.

Trust the Home visit went well soop and I bet he was thrilled to see you. So sad to think that people must be isolated like that.

Did you hand paint that sunset yourself? It's beyond beautiful.
Hope all is well with everyone here/not here.

Grandmabatty Thu 24-Sep-20 14:29:29

What a stunning sunset. You live in a very beautiful part of Scotland. For some reason I'm very sleepy today. I've had a wee nap already. I'm feeling rather lethargic. Diabetes and under active thyroid combination sometimes gets the better of me. 😊 Have a lovely afternoon everyone.