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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 15-Oct-20 06:24:39

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark and dry outside this morning in Brackley .
Today , usual bus trips out ,and then return to watch the Giro stage .
Tried to sort out frost free freezer yesterday, hoping I have resolved the water problem.
Take Care ,

Beechnut Thu 15-Oct-20 06:32:32

Time will tell Mick
Good Morning everyone from Severnside
. It’s a dry dark start with a sliver of moon and many stars in the clear sky.
Letter writing today as I didn’t get round to it yesterday.
I went to B&Q and as there seemed to be more staff than customers I felt comfortable to have a wander around looking at various things.

I hope you all have a good day and welcome to the new good morningers 🌼

Ashcombe Thu 15-Oct-20 06:33:07

Good morning to Mick and any other early risers!

We have a dry morning again and enjoyed several hours of sunshine yesterday but it was breezy. Quarantine is nearly over for me so I hope I can experience a few days of normality, such as it is, before any new restrictions come into force, necessary though they may be. At present Torbay is in the medium tier despite recording 100 new cases last week.

Stay safe and well, everyone.

Beechnut Thu 15-Oct-20 06:33:17

kitty I thought your teapot story was lovely.

Scentia Thu 15-Oct-20 06:36:36

Good Morning Mick and all to come from here in East Staffordshire. It feels cold this morning, I will take the dog out in a bit and will be getting my winter coat out for the first time, that will be upsetting, as I bet it no longer fits!!!
Work at the factory today, I will get that heater going there as soon as I get in, it can get very very cold in there, we are not even in winter yet😂
DH and I are going to see DD this evening as DH is doing some sort of torch run around where she lives and he said he would like to visit her before, that is unusual as he is not one for visiting, I wonder if he is ill😂
DD has her scan next week and her DH is away as I will have DGS, DH also said he may go with her, he is definitely ill, he never even came with me!!!!
I feel so much better this morning and my coldsores are getting so much better I can smile without bleeding now! So smile I will, it is my medicine and I would hate to have to wear a mask outside as I love to smile at strangers and say hello, they can’t help themselves but smile back and that makes me feel nice.
Take care everyone and stay safe.

grandMattie Thu 15-Oct-20 06:50:17

Good morning from a still dark E Kent.
Late this morning as I had to finish my homework for my Spanish class later today. Curiously we had to do an exercise on computers and electronics - the vocab thereof. Although not terribly satisfactory, Zoomng the class is OK and our teacher is working very hard to make it worthwhile.
Been very busy trying to sort DS1 with his CV19 testing and with stuff he will need to take with him; the lists of things people want him to take back, presents he wants to give...
Be of good cheer everyone. Stay safe.

Sheepandcattle Thu 15-Oct-20 06:50:17

Good morning! Dark outside still and not ventured outside yet but hoping for a lovely, dry, mild day like yesterday. We moved the cattle yesterday down to the water meadow where there is still a good pick of grass for them to tuck into before the frost knocks it back. It’s one of their favourite fields (and mine!) so they took off down the road at a gallop when they realised where they were heading to - happy cows! Today’s jobs include painting the rams chests with blue raddle ready for week 3 of tupping. I’ve yet to find a way of rubbing oily blue paint onto the rams without applying the same amount to myself, so I’ll be sporting the ‘Smurf-look’ later today! Somebody asked yesterday what breed of sheep I have - mostly Mules but also Llyn, Zwartbles, and some Galways which are new to me this year. All 160 have names and I can recognise probably 3/4 of them without having to check their name tag. Every adult animal has a name on the farm which is unusual but it works for me as it’s much easier to remember details about them all if associated with a name rather than just a number. I find that sheep have very individual personalities and have way too many favourites! Wishing you all a happy Thursday

grandMattie Thu 15-Oct-20 06:51:33

Oh forgot! Its our 43rd wedding anniversary today, got married on my 29 1/2 birthday! Going out to dinner... with DS, probably wouldn't have if we'd been on our own.

Pantglas2 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:01:16

Morning all from a cool but dry north Wales where I’m enjoying the chamberpot in the sitting room listening to DHs dulcet tones.....snoring💤

Happy anniversary GrandMattie 🍾 and lovely end of quarantine for Ashcombe - I remember that! The feeling of phew 😅!

Nothing much on today ( apart from clothes, of course🤪)
which means I’ll pop along later and read all your bizziness - hope everyone has a good day whatever they’re doing x

Beauregard Thu 15-Oct-20 07:12:36

Good morning from Derbyshire. A dry sunny day in store.

I'm earlier posting as it's my supermarket shop day and I like to go early to avoid the crowds.

Yesterday I got a call from my daughter, who is a teacher. One of the children in her class has tested positive for covid so she has been sent home to isolate. Hopefully she won't develop symptoms but it is very concerning and means we won't be able to see her or our grandsons for a while.

It really brings it home how you can be so careful and follow all the rules yourselves, but just how close it can be to you and affect you in many other ways.

Not much else planned today - I'll probably do some more gardening later.

Have a good day everyone.

Sark Thu 15-Oct-20 07:18:32

Good Morning everyone from Oxfordshire
Dry and cloudy I think.
I always catch up a day late so hi to imaginethis and bassgrammy and a belated Happy Anniversary to Harrigran
Sheepandcattle lovely to hear about life on the farm.
I come from a farming family and enjoyed your post.
I always loved it when the cows were moved to a new field tails up!
Enough reminiscing as I had better get moving and off to work.
Have to make chocolate dipped shortbread later to take to work tomorrow.
Bit of a signature bake and so always worry they won't be up to scratch but will see!
Thinking of missing GNs and all with worriesflowers

Sark Thu 15-Oct-20 07:19:35

Happy Anniversary GrandMattiewineflowers

NanKate Thu 15-Oct-20 07:20:54

Morning Mick and All

Light blue clouds in South Bucks now.

Happy Anniversary grandM 🥂💐. I wonder how many couples in this generation will be able to celebrate Silver, Ruby, Gold Anniversaries.

I too am learning Spanish grandM but online and I am surprised that I have stuck with it and am enjoying it so much.

Nothing much planned so I have no excuse but to clear up the mounting mess on my desk.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:30:03

Good morning Mick and all

No idea what the weather us like as I haven’t opened the curtains. I have been awake since 4.30am, I have got myself into
a worried mess. The reason is one of my DIL’s is taking me to Lakeside today, pre Covid I would have been so excited at a mooch round the shops and a nice lunch, now I am really nervous!!!

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Happy Anniversary grandMattie 🍾🎉

Lins1066 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:35:19

Good morning Mick and all. A lovely sunrise here on the S Welsh coast, clear blue sky and pink streaks to the east. Domestic tasks today, laundry and we're defrosting our chest freezer. Hope you sort out your freezer problems Mick.
Happy Anniversary grandMattie. Welcome to the new posters.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

dragonfly46 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:37:08

Good morning from a dry Leicestershire.

Yesterday took on a strange twist. I got a call from the hospital asking me to go and see my oncologist in the afternoon. When I got there he apologised for not giving me radiotherapy back in March and wants to start it now. I had the scan etc and am starting on 2nd November. My consultant is ringing today and I will have more news than her!

Cases are shooting up here so no more coffee and meals out for a while although we are in tier 1.

Happy Anniversary Mattie

brook2704 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:37:08

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a cold start to the day but dry and a very warm welcome to all our new posters. Lovely stories sheepandcattle I’ve no knowledge at all of life on a farm but it all sounds very interesting!
Happy Anniversary grandmattie have a lovely day 💐🎉🥂
DD2 has just messaged to say she’ll be on her way soon dropping the DGC off again this morning so I’ll be busy again today - will try to catch up with all the lovely news later!
Take care everyone whatever the day brings 💐

Sar53 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:49:01

Good morning everyone from a dry and cloudy Essex by the sea.
We had a lovely meal out yesterday for DH's birthday and a very brief visit to his younger daughter and grandchildren.
Supermarket shop this morning and DH out for a few hours this afternoon, putting the world to rights with his mates.
Happy Anniversary Grandmattie, have a lovely day.
A big hello to all new good morningers. Have a pleasant Thursday and stay safe everyone xx

NannyJan53 Thu 15-Oct-20 08:02:53

Good morning from a bright Black Country, with a clear blue sky.

Off down to Somerset today, where our caravan is stored now until the Spring, so we can winterise it, drain down the system etc. Will be back on Sunday evening, as we will probably pop to Bristol on the way back to see Partners daughter for a short while. Weather looks dry for a few days down there, but doubt will will be basking on the beach in the sun smile

Welcome sheepandcattle it's lovely to hear about your life on the farm. You should have an Instagram account. I follow the Yorkshire Shepherdess on there.

Happy anniversary Grandmattie I hope you have a lovely day.

Wishing you all a pleasant and safe day

Pittcity Thu 15-Oct-20 08:04:05

Good morning from Colchester where the sun is shining from behind the clouds.
Need to tidy up this morning as we are having the house valued this afternoon with a view to downsizing.

Happy Anniversary GrandMattiethanks

Gingster Thu 15-Oct-20 08:04:56

Good morning all from a chilly but clear Essex.

If we are put into tier 2 , we should go to our cottage by the sea in Suffolk, before we are not allowed. We are quite isolated up there so no problem of taking germs with us. (If we have any). We would stay for a few weeks and see how things pan out. 🤔.

I love your news of farm life sheepandcattle. It’s so lovely to hear about everyone’s different lives. 🐑🐂.

Happy anniversary granmattie. Enjoy your day an evening meal.

I have my bowls and art clubs today, so will enjoy them while we can. DH is going out for breakfast with a couple of old pals. It will be nice later on to talk about our day . When it’s just us indoors , there’s not much to chat about 🤣.

DS1 and family popped round last evening. DDinlaw gave DH a trim up. Very smart. The Gd’s are a lively pair 11 and 14. Either bickering or screaming with laughter. DS1 is quite loud too , so we always give a ‘phew’ 😤, when they’ve gone. Great to see them though (in small doses) 🤣😂.

Keep warm in your factory scentia And keep smiling. 😊.

Let’s keep our chins up everyone. 🌻🍂🍁

NfkDumpling Thu 15-Oct-20 08:07:04

Morning All

It was dry with high cloud when the sky got light this morning, nearly sunny, but then very dark clouds billowed up and now its raining again. I had hoped for a dry day so we could go out somewhere for a walk, but I fear my bit of Norfolk is forecast to stay grey today.

kittylester Thu 15-Oct-20 08:11:16

Morning all from my bit of North Leicestershire which sounds very similar to dragonfly's. I'm so pleased things are moving for you.

Hair cut for me this morning and then a zoomed funeral so I will look presentable. It's just occurred to me that I'm not sure what to wear!

DS2 (of teapot fame!) was sent home from work yesterday yesterday as someone he has contact with has tested positive. He's off for a test today.

Congratulations, gm. thanks

Welcome to all newcomers and lots of love to gilly.

Greyduster Thu 15-Oct-20 08:11:31

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. The South Yorkshire sun is up in a clearing sky but it’s cold. DH is making soup this morning, so I will leave him to it and clear up the bombsite afterwards. Joking. He’s actually tidier than me, but very slow so he could still be making soup this afternoon! I have ironing to do and will do some more work on my rug. Sheepandcattle another lovely post. We are surrounded by farms locally but they are mostly arable - some run a few sheep - but the farming year is fascinating all the same.
Happy Anniversary to you GrandMattie and MrG! Have the best day you can folks!

Greyduster Thu 15-Oct-20 08:14:51

A belated Happy Anniversary to Harrigran - don’t know how I missed that one yesterday but I hope you had a lovely day!🍾🥂💐