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phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 20:52:51

Evening all,

Is it ironic that I broke a nail trying to open a pack of energy boards!confused

lemongrove Fri 16-Oct-20 20:55:49

What, pray, are energy boards?

Pantglas2 Fri 16-Oct-20 20:59:53

I remember Manweb and Swalec here in Wales.....

phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 21:01:01

Oh b**ger! Honestly, lemongrove I'm damn sure I typed "emery" boards, this tablet has a mind of its own, I swear!

Although if anyone has any energy boards going spare......?

Susiewong65 Fri 16-Oct-20 21:01:14

Are they like energy bars but just a bit more ‘boardy!’

HAZBEEN Fri 16-Oct-20 21:01:35

You've been in the Argy Bargy haven't you phoenix?

lemongrove Fri 16-Oct-20 21:03:07

Haha, yes ....extra pep and zip is always welcome ( I have just used some ginger for staying power!) what a buzz.🤪

lemongrove Fri 16-Oct-20 21:05:05

Yes she has HAZBEEN* and she broke a nail fighting off the attentions of an amorous Sheik.

HAZBEEN Fri 16-Oct-20 21:07:34

I have been lurking in the Argy lemongrove! What are you ladies doing giving llamas (and yourself) a ginger enema!!

LauraNorder Fri 16-Oct-20 21:09:34

Is an energy board like a skateboard but rough around the edges and towed by llamas?

LauraNorder Fri 16-Oct-20 21:11:42

HAZBEEN the ginger is very useful for buttock clenching exercise.

phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 21:13:46

Now, ladies (and I may be using the term somewhat loosely) be gentle, I'm recently out of you know where, perhaps I should have a probation officer to supervise me during my rehabilitation?

LauraNorder Fri 16-Oct-20 21:14:58

Or is it an ‘everyone bored’ as we all seem to be stalking each other on a Friday night.

LauraNorder Fri 16-Oct-20 21:17:33

Too late to think about probation now, drunk as skunk and asking for energy boards!

LauraNorder Fri 16-Oct-20 21:18:37

Oops I meant a skunk, certainly not intentionally alluding to a drug.

lemongrove Fri 16-Oct-20 21:22:42

I know you were there Hazbeen as I spotted you in a corner of the bar giving Achilles the kiss of life.I greatly admired your seven veils outfit ( although a few veils seemed to be missing)🤔

Callistemon Fri 16-Oct-20 21:25:07

Now look, you lot, breaking a nail is a serious business.

Such a dilemma!
Do you file all the others to match or suffer the embarrassment of one shorter nail?

HAZBEEN Fri 16-Oct-20 21:28:09

I could only find 4 veils big enough to cover my ample proportions lemongroveand you should thank me for saving your barman after he choked on llama fur.

phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 21:32:36

"Matron, they've escaped again!"

Quick, bring the trolley...........

Callistemon Fri 16-Oct-20 21:36:36

You are all beyond the pale.

I've had enough
I'm galloping away on my unicorn.

Spangler Fri 16-Oct-20 21:44:32


What, pray, are energy boards?

You don't know what energy boards are? Well let me enlighten you.

lemongrove Fri 16-Oct-20 21:47:15

Ah, thank you Spangler...... don’t forget to return that board your DGC’s primary school on Monday though!😁

phoenix Fri 16-Oct-20 21:49:02

Callistemon my unicorn is bigger and faster than yours!

lemongrove Fri 16-Oct-20 21:57:43

Show off!

LadyHonoriaDedlock Fri 16-Oct-20 21:57:44

It's like the irony of complaining about a grammatical error and inevitably making one yourself.