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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 16-Nov-20 06:10:05

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark looks like its rained again ,and cold out as well .
Today , later this morning pick up my prescriptions from thr chemist .
And after lunch , I will stand in the main street ,and wait for a funeral cortege to pass to pay my respects to someone who has known from being a kid.
After that snooze ,and watch TV .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Mon 16-Nov-20 06:17:25

Good morning Mick and company!

Torbay is calm and still, in contrast to yesterday when, in the space of a few hours, we had heavy rain, strong winds, brief spells of sunshine and some thunder and lightning for good measure! They do say that, if you don’t like the weather here, just wait a while as it will change before too long.

The Turkish GP was well worth watching, not least because of the weather and track conditions but I won’t go into detail in case any of you wish to watch it.

A tumultuous w/e in no. 10 culminating in the PM being in quarantine ahead of what would have been a busy week, apparently. A photo shows him less than a metre from the Covid contact with neither wearing masks!

Have a good weekend and I hope those in pain or with worries find relief. Thinking of you, Mick as you pay your respects to your friend.

Pantglas2 Mon 16-Nov-20 06:24:45

Morning Mick and all who follow from a dry north Wales where rain is promised- how kind! Hope it stays dry for you while you remember your friend Mick.

Will make a curry later to be eaten in a few days time and that’s the sum total of my excitement today but will pop in later to read about everyone else’s GrandMattie still missing? And Gillybob?

TTFN 👋 as Jimmy Young used to say!

Beechnut Mon 16-Nov-20 06:26:04

A sad afternoon for you Mick
Good Morning all from Severnside where it’s still dark. I can see a few stars.

I’ve tried my Brussels Sprout sauce. It’s tangy.
I have been given some corner roof tiles so my fresh air in the garden yesterday consisted of cleaning off the moss and standing them all along a wall to wash when it rains.

I’d like to go out today and visit a garden centre, not sure yet as to which one.

There’s lots of worries here so I hope you all have the best day you can and stay safe 🌻

Dwmxwg Mon 16-Nov-20 06:32:03

Good morning from a still dark north Surrey.
Busy day ahead. Painting walls, meeting up with DS’s partner and the grandchildren for an outdoor play and pram push. Visit to the optician to collect new glasses and then back for more painting.
My house has “stuff” everywhere which I find very unsettling so can’t wait to get the bedroom back in order.
Hoping all have a good Monday and week to come

MissChateline Mon 16-Nov-20 06:46:49

Good morning. Forecast not so bad today so off for a hike with a friend up onto the beautiful Yorkshire moors. I Recently bought some new hiking boots and it’s lovely to have such warm dry feet again.
Still waiting for a response regarding my disaster of a new kitchen floor which should never have been recommended by the company for a room with a 5 inch difference from one end to the other. It is an old Yorkshire terrace and to be expected!
Also still awaiting an arrival date back in the UK for my partner who is currently still stuck on a Spanish island. We haven’t seen each other really since March apart from a couple of weeks in August when I managed to get a flight out and back before everything was cancelled again. It would be lovely to be able to spend Xmas together. Feeling rather bereft.

Scentia Mon 16-Nov-20 06:51:13

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and feels cold.
Work day today then tonight I will sort through all the presents I have been buying recently to make sure I have bought enough of them for my growing family!! I can bet you that I haven’t and I will need to get more next month, this year I have tried to buy quality and what they will want instead of what I want to get😂 hence DD and DSiL have some radiator drying racks!!!
I do love setting YP and wrapping them up, I will do that on a Saturday night as I do like to have a glass of wine or two when I am wrapping and listen to Christmas Music.
I do hope that everyone is as well as they can be, and find a minute for themselves today❤️

Sark Mon 16-Nov-20 06:53:56

Good Morning from Oxfordshire where it is still dark.
Our new fridge freezer arrived on Saturday morning..DH found it very exciting as it has a digital temperature display etc...he is easily pleased!!
We bought a wooden toy kitchen from Lidl for the grandchildren.
Very happy with it....could have done with Scentia here to put it together though!
Have a happy Monday and flowers for any sad GNs

dragonfly46 Mon 16-Nov-20 06:54:17

Good morning from a windy Leicestershire.

Up bright and early for an early radiotherapy appointment.
Apart from that nothing planned.

Hoping all those feeling down yesterday feel better today.

Sparkling Mon 16-Nov-20 06:55:15

Good Morning from the Midlands,
Dark and decidedly damp at present, hopefully we will have bright spells so I can tidy the garden for winter as its do mild.
Sad for you Mick, watching your old friend go by this afternoon. It is very moving as in normal times we could attend the funeral to pay respects
This enforced solitude proves very testing at times, especially those alone, so your day sounds good Miss Chateline.

Jaxjacky Mon 16-Nov-20 07:09:56

Good morning all from a dark S Hants, I think it’s dry, but cooler, boy we had some hefty showers yesterday. A number of phone calls to be made today, carpets and kitchen furniture and hopefully the last one to get dinner delivered, I’m hoping the kitchen can be used tomorrow. I must get out and walk, I was so disciplined during the last lockdown, now decidedly idle. DD did our washing yesterday, so that’s upstairs drying.MissChateline fingers crossed your partner gets a window of opportunity to return. Thoughts with you Mick. Have a calming day all.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 16-Nov-20 07:14:54

Good morning Mick and all

It will be sad for you Mick, many years of memories.

Not sure what is on the agenda today, must try and get motivated.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Susan56 Mon 16-Nov-20 07:30:32

Good morning from Shropshire.

I have had a sleepless night due to my mums attempt at causing trouble yesterday.This is something she has always done.I managed not to react which is a skill I have honed over the last 60 years but was still upset.Luckily the family know how she is but it still upsets me every time.

Ashcombe,I said the same to my husband, Boris and the Covid contact were standing very close to each other.Do as I say not as I do springs to mind.

A sad day for you Mick, will be thinking of you.

MissChateline, hope your partner can get home to you💐

Dragonfly, another treatment down,hope it goes well.

Have been thinking of Cherry,Mary,Grammaretto and our missing good morningers and hoping today is a better day for you all,

Marydoll Mon 16-Nov-20 07:35:30

Good morning all from a dark and breezy Glasgow. DH is playing golf, is he mad?.
I'm annoyed with DHs golf partner, who has invited a friend from another part of the country to play with them, without consulting DH, who booked it.
It just adds another risk factor. DH of course, won't say anything.

I've lots of footering about the house to do today, including admin, the thought of which gives me so much pleasure, not!!!
Today is injection day today. I forgot to take it last Monday, until DH asked me. I get so easily distracted these days. I can't leave it out to remind me, as it must stay in the fridge until the last minute.
You can expect to hear of my bizarre dreams tomorrow. I wonder who will be the lucky Gransnetter starring in it this time!😁
In last night's dream, I was running a cross country marathon. I couldn't even do that prior to my health failing. 🤣

Scentia, I know what you mean about presents. Its my wee granddaughter's birthday on Wednesday and in the past I have picked up presents when I saw any bargains anything suitable. However, as I've been incarcerated, it hasn't been possible. I needn't have worried. In my stash I have found enough for this birthday and probably the next one too!!!
When my children were small, as money was tight, I often bought items too large, for them to grow into. Unfortunately, I haven't changed. DGD is tiny for her age, she will probably be almost at high school before they fit. blush

Mick, a sad day for you, watching the funeral of one of your peers. 💐
I hope your treatment hasn't been too debilitating so far, Dragonfly and you are nearing the end of your treatment. I'm missing Grandmattie and hope she feels up to posting again soon.

Take care everyone and sending healing vibes to all who are suffering.

brook2704 Mon 16-Nov-20 07:35:48

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a dry dull start to the day but not too cold.
A sad day today mick as you pay your respects to your friend
I’ll be busy today as we’re doing the school pick up this afternoon and then bringing DGC back to our house for a sleepover whilst DD2 has some work done in their house. Home made lasagne on the menu as specially requested so that should fill them up 😀
Enjoy your day hiking misschateline and here’s hoping you’ll be able to get together with your partner again soon
Hope all goes well dragonfly
Sorry to hear you’ve had a sleepless night susan and you’ve been upset, 💐 for you
Hope everyone facing worries and struggles has a better day today and take care whatever the day brings

dragonfly46 Mon 16-Nov-20 07:41:13

I have an app on my phone Marydoll to remind me to take medication. It annoys DH as the alert is a rattle.

baubles Mon 16-Nov-20 07:42:37

Good morning team Mick from S Lanarkshire. Still dark outside but it looks wet and windy from what I can see.

A quiet day ahead, I may start wrapping a couple of presents. I’ve been saving boxes from all the deliveries so that I can avoid those awkward shapes which are difficult to wrap beautifully.

Thinking of you Mick as you remember your friend.

Look after yourselves.

kittylester Mon 16-Nov-20 07:44:36

Morning all! My bit of Leicestershire is very wet - though I think the rain has stopped.

I might iron today!

Sad day Mick.

Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

Marydoll Mon 16-Nov-20 07:48:31

Thanks dragonfly, I will give it ago.
I think its partly psychological. I'm not at all afraid of needles and it's a prefilled one, but you have to hold a button down, until its completely empty and I find myself wanting to let go.
Due to my painful hands, its difficult. No, I'm just making excuses, I hate doing it!!!! blush

kittylester Mon 16-Nov-20 07:48:44

Susan, are we related? My mother saw stirring it as an Olympic sport and she was always a gold medal winner.

Marydoll Mon 16-Nov-20 07:52:36

Susan and Kitty, we are actually triplets!

Nanabanana1 Mon 16-Nov-20 07:57:36

Good morning everyone, more painting today, hope everyone has a good day.

Grammaretto Mon 16-Nov-20 07:59:18

Good morning from the Scottish Borders where it is so gloomy it was impossible to guess the hour when I wheeled the bucket out just now.

Sorry you had a sleepless night Susan56 because of family stress.
I hope you can be with your DP soon MissChateline your situation sounds too lonely but the long hike will help.

Marydoll I hope injection day means an improvement for you [hugs]

Dragonfly you are "gettin' there" as they say in these parts.

We are hoping that a bath lift/chair will arrive today courtesy of the NHS . If so DH will be able to enjoy a bath again.

The roof and ceiling work is finished - just plastering and redecorating now and paying the bill. We didn't qualify for an insurance claim.

Hope the day goes well for everyone. Always thinking of Gillybob

Lins1066 Mon 16-Nov-20 08:02:25

Good morning Mick and all from a dry S Welsh coast. The weather was dreadful yesterday, high winds and squally showers. Mr Lins had the dressing removed at the clinic in Bristol yesterday. When he got home, the puppy was so excited to see him and unfortunately bashed him on the cheek. The very thing he was told to avoid was knocking his face, not the puppy's fault of course. He went to have it checked at a hospital in Cardiff, all seems ok but will have to go to an eye clinic this morning. Fingers crossed that there is nothing untoward.
I'm sorry that your mother has upset you Susan, be gentle with yourself today.
Stay safe everyone.

grandMattie Mon 16-Nov-20 08:03:11

A late good morning from me from a presently bright, clear EKent.
Thank you for all your good wishes. I have had a black dog sitting on my shoulder, black clouds filling my head and snivelling at the drop of a hat. Not a good look!
I feel terribly ashamed as I am in rude good physical health, have enough money, etc. Truly blessed yet unable to be grateful for all that.
Tried to do things that make me happy- brownies and shortbread but have no one to give them to. I am minded to leave them on the gate post for the passing school children; we live four houses away from a grammar school.
I have booked myself into three different zoom classes, two cookery and one sewing, but nothing seems to help much.
Sorry about the long whinge- which was why I preferred to disappear.
Have the best day possible, stay safe. X