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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 17-Dec-20 06:34:44

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but looking cold outside here in Brackley .
Anyway, today will get the bus to Bicester , and have my usual coffee and snack ,and then shop , with a small pre build for next week .
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 17-Dec-20 06:41:40

Good morning from a dark but promising E Kent. We are forecast lovely sunshine today!
The CV19 news is not promising from here;Swale north of us has the highest rate of infection in the country and it’s seeping south. Dover has a very high rate too... 😢
I finally received my new specs yesterday. I a rejuvenated. I hadn’t realised how bad the previous ones were, only two years or less old! No headache at all yesterday! I am delighted. So good...
Today, I’m queuing at the PO posting the last of the knickers and trousers to Iris. Also getting some shopping for friend in residential home, ready for dropping off tomorrow, together with her Christmas presents.
Have a lovely day, enjoy the sun if you have any, be kind to yourselves. Stay safe. X

grandMattie Thu 17-Dec-20 06:42:59

Forgot. 6 pairs of knickers and one sophisticated par of denim and tiger stripe trousers.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Dec-20 06:44:04

Good morning Mick and all

Still dark here in S E Essex

Have been awake since 5am so I shall be exhausted by this afternoon, no chance for a nap as I have hairdressers appointment at 4pm, full works!!!!

Hope everyone is feeling ok today?

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🏻🎄

Beechnut Thu 17-Dec-20 06:46:52

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. Sunshine is forecast for this morning.

I’ll put the stamps on my cards and take them to the postbox and then go and see if I can find something to go in my green waste bin for tomorrow.

A night of weird dreams finishing with mum yelling and going berserk at me because I was eating a piece of potato that I was slicing to go on top of a lasagne. (I don’t put potatoes on lasagne in real life🤣)

Are you pleased with your new kitchen Jax?

Wondering about another day tier wise so take care and stay safe all 🎄

Beechnut Thu 17-Dec-20 06:49:12

They look very smart Matttie.

Dwmxwg Thu 17-Dec-20 06:49:28

Good morning. Cold, dark morning here in north Surrey
Waiting for the boys to wake up. They were so lovely last night, went to bed usual time but crept back out for a cuddle with me. I do feel so lucky to have that magical time with them. Last day at school today and an early finish so hope to get the last of the presents this morning before pick up. DD has sent me a list of advent challenges set by their Beavers/Cubs group so will try and get some of them done over next couple of days.
Thoughts to all those with illness and troubles today 💐 Stay safe

Sar53 Thu 17-Dec-20 06:51:10

Good morning from Essex by the sea, it's still dark outside so not sure what the weather will be like today.
We stayed up to watch Masterchef on I Player last night as we had been watching football on Amazon Prime. 1st half my team, second half DH's team. Who do you want to win ??? (Masterchef that is).
No plans today, I may ice the Christmas cake and I have a few more presents to wrap.
Enjoy Thursday and stay safe everyone xx

GrannyGravy13 Thu 17-Dec-20 06:59:19

Hi Sar53 would like to see Alex win as his restaurant is in Essex but I think Santos (sp?) will probably win.

Lins1066 Thu 17-Dec-20 07:04:29

Good morning Mick and all. A sleepless night here in Chez Lins. With a heavy heart we had already decided not to see our son, his partner and the lovely four year old for Christmas, but the latest change in the rules in Wales have made everything seem very stark indeed. We took wreaths to family graves yesterday afternoon, it was way out in the countryside and the air was cold and clean.
So far our puppy has left the Christmas tree alone, amazingly. On the tree is a precious triangular nativity decoration that belonged to my grandparents, it dates from the pre First World War period and has the price in pencil on the back - 1/9.
Hope all went as well as it could for Beauregard and her family yesterday. Best wishes for Doodle and her husband.
Thinking of all those with troubles and pain 💐
Stay safe everyone.

Ashcombe Thu 17-Dec-20 07:13:56

Good morning all from a quiet Torbay!

Your sewing skills continue to impress, grandMattie, not least with the great results achieved without the benefit of an up to date prescription in your spectacles! So glad the new ones are working well.

Dreams are mysterious, aren’t they, Beechnut, especially when as vivid as yours was!

A lovely tree, Lins, and how wonderful to have such a treasured decoration for it! Yes, it’s hard making these decisions about Christmas and it is of little comfort to know that other Gransnetters are in a similar position.

Yesterday, I called into a bank en route to “Move It or Lose It” and was about to use (what I thought was) the cash machine, when I spotted a bank card in the slot, left by the previous user. Luckily, the owner was still on the premises and was most grateful to me. The member of staff hovering nearby was far less polite when I asked if the machine issued cash as the sign above it said: “Cash and Cheque Deposits”. She directed me outside for the location of their cash machine and couldn’t have cared less when I remarked that I preferred cash machines that were inside banks. This particular branch has a huge empty floor space so installation of a machine wouldn’t be difficult. Generally, I obtain cash back at Lidl but I haven’t visited lately.

Wishing everyone as good a day as possible. Take care!

Jaxjacky Thu 17-Dec-20 07:21:24

Good morning all, it’s dark in S Hants, but we are promised sun, at least this morning.
grandMattie your eyes deserve new glasses after your magnificent sewing exploits! Beechnut I have lots of delivery green bin rubbish....yes thank you, extremely pleased with the kitchen, I’ve never been so house proud!
I really must throw a colour on my hair, the grey is making a bid for dominance, but I’m impatient, sitting about in the not a lot for 25 minutes while it takes. Have a day of unexpected kindness people.

grandMattie Thu 17-Dec-20 07:23:34

Ash, I have had headaches from my eyes since year dot. I’m used to them and just carry on as far as I can, But this latest batch has been worse... thank you for your compliments on my sewing. Was brought up with no readymade clothes, so, as they say “needs must”...

Bellasnana Thu 17-Dec-20 07:23:44

Good morning from Malta where it is a chilly 12°C at present but will rise to 18° later.

grandMattie those trousers are lovely, Iris will be very happy with them I’m sure. Also glad your new glasses are such a success, it’s awful when you can’t see properly.

Yes, my nephew teaches in Dover and he and five members of staff have Covid. He has been really ill with it and he’s a super fit athlete. They have closed the school.

Thank you all so much for your kind words of support yesterday. You made me cry but you also helped me more than you know.

I’m trying to be less of a wimp today. I’m going to try to find cheaper car insurance as mine seems on the high side. Will also do some housework which I’ve let slide a bit this week.

Later the vet will call to give poor Buzz his injection. It stings for a while afterwards and makes him whimper.😢

Wishing you all a good day and let’s hope our worries and troubles will pass before too long.☀️

NanKate Thu 17-Dec-20 07:27:33

Morning Mick and All.

Dark and Misty in South Bucks with sunshine promised.

Managed to drink my litre of water and have my scans yesterday that’s a relief.

Love the tiger trews grandMattie.

Off to hand some gifts out to our lovely ladies in the Bank etc and then go for a toasted panini and coffee at our favourite cafe.

NanKate Thu 17-Dec-20 07:29:22

Morning Bellasnana. Hope your Buzz gets some relief today.

harrigran Thu 17-Dec-20 07:36:00

Good morning from the NE where it is dry.
A day of gentle housework for me and maybe clean the inside windows.
No tree or decorations because neither of us are able to get in the attic. I may hang the cards from the bannisters which makes dusting living room easier.
My sister sent a message to say she received 45 cards for her 80th birthday, good grief, I don't even know that many people.
Take care.

Grandmabatty Thu 17-Dec-20 07:38:26

Good morning All from Polmont where it's still pitch black out. I think it's dry but I'm not sure. Grandmattie I'm always in awe of people with sewing skills. I've never been useful with a needle. I can embroider but that's my lot. Beechnut weird dreams seem to have afflicted many of us this year. I rarely remember mine but just occasionally will wake laughing at some absurdity. Dwm spending time with grandchildren is wonderful, isn't it? I'll pick up my dgs later this morning, hence the early posting. Lins your tree is beautiful and made extra special by that lovely heirloom. Jax what a very smart kitchen! Enjoy getting it dirty 😊. Bellasnanna I'm guilty of letting my car insurance just roll over year on year. My children are horrified that I don't haggle everything. I should make more attempt. I hope your wee dog doesn't suffer too much from his injection and it helps.
Babysitting today so brick building, swings visiting, book reading and singing along to the Lion King, his current favourite. Have a good day all.

ginny Thu 17-Dec-20 07:44:50

Good Morning from a dry , still N. Bucks.

Managed to get most of the wrapping done yesterday but not thy

ginny Thu 17-Dec-20 07:48:02

Ooopps ! but not the brandy butter , so that’s back on the list for today.

Am taking my Next door neighbour for her COVID jab later this morning.
Will probably spend a while at the post office , queuing to post a parcel.

Hope you all find a 😁

Stilllearning Thu 17-Dec-20 07:55:16

Good morning from a still dark S Lanarkshire, seems quiet outside and we'e promised a dry day so hopefully a walk and outside coffee with a friend. BBC Breakfast on in the background, Carol has a lovely sparkly dress on! Gorgeous trousers grandMattie, I'm sure your lovely gifts are a real morale booster to Iris.
I'm still agonising about what to do at Christmas, the arrangement is to go to my bubble daughter (who is extremely careful, that's why I bubble with her), but the constant dire warnings are unsettling me. Equally dire warnings from family about how I'll feel if I don't go.
Anyhow, good wishes to everyone for the day.

Marydoll Thu 17-Dec-20 07:55:27

Good morning all from a yet again Glasgow.

You are one very talented lady, GM, I would love to be able to sew like that.
Jaxjaxy, you must be delighted with your new kitchen, its lovely.
Lins, I misread your post, nothing unusual there and thought the tree was triangular, then I realised that it was the decoration! 🤣 I was turning my tablet round at all angles, trying to work out what you meant. I am an idiot.😁
Its so uplifting to see all the Christmas tree pictures, with the lights shining as a beacon of hope in these dark times.
Were you all aware that most online shops are totally sold out of Christmas lights? Are people making a bigger effort this year ?

An easy day for me. I got a bit of a fright last night. My angina was very bad, no reason for it, but I thought I was having to go to A&E. Its left me exhausted today.

Take care everyone and safe.

Gingster Thu 17-Dec-20 08:08:15

Good morning all and it’s only just getting light, here InEssex.

I’m dog walking this morning with my old neighbour and friend. We will go over the fields if it’s not too muddy and have a good natter. We won’t meet up again until after Christmas. Maybe have a quick coffee in her garden - I’ll put in my warmest coat. 🧤🧣.

Your kitchen is beautiful Jax - worth all the upheaval.

Great trousers and knicks Granmattie . Iris will love them I’m sure. So glad your glasses are a success. I’ve had new bifocals for a few months and hate them. I persevered for a while but am now back to my various cheapies, which the optician said NOT to wear. 😤🤓

I would like Alex to win Masterchef too. How lovely for an Essex boy to win. 👍.

Did anyone watch the final of Portrait Artist of the Year? I loved the commissioned piece but DH hated it. Very unusual!

Enjoy your day everyone and let’s all ‘put on a happy smile’ . It really does help. 😊

Georgesgran Thu 17-Dec-20 08:11:45

Good morning from Durham. Still dark, but dry so far. DH’s car’s in for service & MOT today, so on alert to follow him along to the garage. He has a big twin cab, left over from his dog days, but says it’s not worth if changing it, as his health is failing.
Last night people were interviewed about having the Covid vaccine. One said she would deal with it with honey, garlic and lemon. Another said she was in the hands of God and a chap had seen on social media that the vaccine contains a controlling (micro) chip! It’s enough to make you weep? Hopefully, enough will accept the vaccine to produce enough immunity?
Please stay safe everyone. X

dragonfly46 Thu 17-Dec-20 08:13:51

Good morning, still dark in Leicestershire.

Woke up at one to find the heating still on. Our wireless thermostat didn’t seem to be working. These new tangled gadgets are okay if they work!

My DD and SiL have sent off Covid tests to see if they are safe to come up next week.

Lucky Iris you are so clever GrandMattie. I used to make all my own clothes and even hand-sewed a quilt but have trouble threading a needle now.

Marydoll please take care and rest. Hope you feel a little better today Bellasnana. Maybe you need a long FT with DGD!