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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 04-Jan-21 06:10:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark here in Brackley this morning, a usual day for me under the current circumstances.
Maybe a walk , but will stay safe in my flat and avoid any contact with others .
Take Care,

Dorsetcupcake61 Mon 04-Jan-21 06:18:45

Good morning, still dark in Dorset! It was nice to see it got dark a tiny bit later last night though.
Very chilly here but no snow. I'm going to spend the day finishing off post Christmas tidy up. I also have the excitement of a grocery delivery! Have a good day every one.

Gagagran Mon 04-Jan-21 06:21:17

Good Morning Mick and all who follow. It's 2 degrees here on the south coast and not forecast to warm up any time soon.

Bit of a medical emergency last night with DH's catheter causing problems. Eventually a 111 Dr rang us after difficulties getting through to seek help and she prescribed antibiotics. DD kindly went for them at the late night pharmacy 10 miles away and I have to ring the district nurse when they open at 8am. So an anxious and broken night for us both.

Keep warm and safe everyone.

harrigran Mon 04-Jan-21 06:22:52

Good morning Mick and all to follow.
Dark and damp in the NE, doesn't look frosty.
Back to normal routines, Christmas is definitely over.
GD2 will go back to school tomorrow but her elder sister will not return until 18th. The school has set up facilities for virus testing of staff and pupils.
Need to get the washer on today, a mountain of towels awaits.
Take care everyone.

grandMattie Mon 04-Jan-21 06:38:25

Good morning from a chilly soaking wet E Kent. We are promised 100% rain all day. Not likely to go out for my walk.
Made yet another pair of trousers for Iris, she starts school again tomorrow and needs a second pair. I was only asked on Friday so little hope of getting them on time! I’m sewn out.
Did nothing yesterday, dismembered the remaining turkey, had salad last night with some. Have to be inventive. DH can’t eat curry, so it will have to be Middle Eastern, Mexican or just plain boring!
Cleaning then Spanish homework today.
I hope today brings relief and calm to those who are sad, in pain, or troubled. Stay safe.

Scentia Mon 04-Jan-21 06:42:19

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and feels cold 🥶
Back to work today and back to walking there. Since losing Sasha I have been going in with DH in the car and I am ‘seizing up’!!
DD is 26 today she will be alone as her DH is offshore at the moment. I have a little job for her though as I purchased something on eBay they will need collecting 40 miles away as soon as the seller lets me know the address, DD will be happy to collect it as it is for her😂
Take care everyone and stay safe and warm today❤️

Ashcombe Mon 04-Jan-21 06:55:10

Good morning, everyone, from a chilly but dry Torbay.

I hope the antibiotics soon work for your DH, Gagagran as a catheter isn’t pleasant under normal circumstances. Thank goodness for helpful family members!

Speaking of which, grandMattie and her sewing skills are in demand yet again, making her day sound busy.

I mustn’t linger as I have a hospital appointment for a routine echogram this morning, following (what emerged as) a minor heart event 12 months ago.

Good luck to those returning to work and school today!

kittylester Mon 04-Jan-21 07:07:01

Good morning from a very, very cold North Leicestershire.

A morning of admin for me and then some tv catching up.

Have the best day possible!

Nannytopsy Mon 04-Jan-21 07:07:40

Good Morning Mick and all his followers. This is Not My normal start to the morning! We are on the school runs today and again tomorrow morning. All I can say about the weather is that it’s dark still. I’ll pop in later!

Bellasnana Mon 04-Jan-21 07:17:50

Good morning everyone. It’s wet outside as we had a big thunderstorm during the night. I slept through it and only read about it this morning on Facebook.

Did you get your filing done yesterday Mick? I’m afraid my pile of papers is still in the exact same spot as it was. I really must stop being so idle.

Sorry to hear about your DH, GG. Hope the antibiotics help him to feel better.

Feeling rudderless today so nothing planned. I need to catch the gas man to buy a new cylinder for the gas heater. There is no natural gas in Malta so we have to use bottled gas.

Wishing you all the best day possible.☀️

Beechnut Mon 04-Jan-21 07:22:28

Good Morning all from Severnside. I noticed a change in the light late afternoon yesterday.

I had lovely FaceTime chat with my brother and sister in law early evening.

I gathered up most of the decorations and will finish the rest and put them away today. This year they will be going in the garage and not the loft.

A short walk to the mail box and a bit of pottering and that’ll be my day done.

Stay safe and warm everyone 🌸

Marydoll Mon 04-Jan-21 07:23:16

Good morning all from a warmer Glasgow, its 1°C, much better than yesterday's -5°!

Nothing exciting on the agenda, apart from an online food delivery and a some sewing alterations. Oh and take my car out to keep the battery charged!

Gaga, I'm sorry to hear about your husband, I hope the antibiotics kick in sooner than later. Good luck Aschcombe with your appointment.

Have a pleasant day all.

NanKate Mon 04-Jan-21 07:24:38

Morning Mick and All.

Dark, cloudy and cold here in South Bucks.

My oldest friend who lives in Droitwich Worcestershire phoned me at the weekend to say she 75 and her DH 77 have been given appointments for the Phizer vaccine for this coming Saturday. Let’s hope they start rolling out the vaccines as quickly in other areas.

I’ve noticed it is getting lighter in the evenings. Roll on the Spring we definitely need something to look forward to.

I too will be doing some homework for my online Spanish. I have just completed a year with DuoLingo and they seem to have ramped up the level 😳

Dwmxwg Mon 04-Jan-21 07:28:32

Good morning Mick and all from a wet north Surrey. We were forecast sleet overnight, was too cold to peep out to check in my wakeful episodes.
DH has just brought me cup of tea. We have decided with numbers increasing that now DGSs going back to school I will do as I did in the spring and stay at DD’s house to look after them when she works. We will also go back to separate bedrooms and bathrooms and me doing the shopping, which he enjoys and I don’t, but all to minimise his risk. He is 16 years older than me has heart and vascular conditions. His sister died on Saturday, she had COVID, but had recently been hospital for other problems which were more likely the cause of death. He has lost 3 sisters, all over Christmas time in 3 years, he is stoic but I know it is affecting him more than he shows.
I have a visit to mum and dad today. Thankfully both sisters okay, one tested negative and the other over their colds so we can share the care.
I still have a bit more decoration putting away to do, spent hours on it yesterday and will then embark on a major clean through the house again.
Yesterday evening a opened a jigsaw puzzle which I have been saving for January, 4000 pieces and will cover nearly all the dining table. Will keep me entertained for the month I suspect.
Keep well all, another day closer to warmer days

Sar53 Mon 04-Jan-21 07:36:14

Good morning from a very wet Essex by the sea. I think the rain is set in for the day.
Charlotte, my youngest granddaughter, is 3 today. I will Facetime later and wish her a happy birthday. She is having a small, family tea party at lunchtime. I'm sure there will be pictures later.
Bathroom cleaning this morning and some ironing, that's about as exciting as it gets here today.
Gagagran I hope your DH feels better soon.
Have the best Monday you can and stay safe everyone xx

Viridian Mon 04-Jan-21 07:43:59

Morning all. Still in bed so no idea what the weather here in south Cornwall is doing. It's still dark outside and I guess it's cold. Good beachcombing yesterday, lots of random bits of broken crockery plus one Victorian clay pipe fragment. Have no idea why it washes up on to this tiny beach next to the main car park. I will post a pic of the finished creation one day but don't hold your breath! Youngest son popping in this morning, then I'll take a walk on the Pier for some air. 4,000 piece jigsaw Dwm? Wow!! I didn't know they existed! (So sorry about your sisters-in-law. thanks)

Have the best day you can, everyone.

brook2704 Mon 04-Jan-21 07:53:46

Good morning everyone from Inverness with another cold day forecast. We had snow again yesterday morning which is staying put and is quite crunchy underfoot.
Sorry to hear about your DH sister dwmxwg such sad times. It sounds like you’re doing everything possible to keep him safe and well though even though it must be difficult.
Hope your DH is feeling better soon Gaga
Today I’m going to start taking down the decorations and the post Christmas clean up. Lots to do here so I should be busy all day ...
Happy birthday to your DD scentia
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

cornergran Mon 04-Jan-21 07:55:35

Morning Mick, morning All from a dark, dry, draughty corner of Somerset. Mr C has a much needed eye test at lunch time. As our shops are open at the moment I plan to go along and find the birthday cards needed for the next 3 months. Other than that a grocery order to complete and a phone chat with good friends.

That was sad news for you and your husband dwm, I also had no idea jigsaws came in 4000 pieces, 1000 takes long enough here. Good luck with the sewing grandMattie, you understandably sound as if more notice would have been welcome. Hope your husband is more comfortable today gaga and your rudder returns bellasnana.

Oh well, time to stir. Take care everyone, hope there’s a smile in all our days.

brook2704 Mon 04-Jan-21 07:56:09

Happy Birthday to Charlotte Sar53! 🎂🎈🎉

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 04-Jan-21 08:04:50

Hello. I’m still in bed but I noticed when I looked out of the window on my way to the loo, that my car was frozen. It is Monday so I have my Waitrose Click and Collect grocery order. OH used to come with me but the tablets he is on for his twitching leg syndrome render him very woozy until about noon. I have some WI admin to do but as we haven’t met since last February, I am not feeling enthusiastic. A friend of mine has made a second Christmas cake as a celebratory cake for when ‘things are back to normal’. I may do the same as I have mixed fruit etc., left over from the actual Christmas cake.

Pittcity Mon 04-Jan-21 08:13:11

Good morning from a damp cold Colchester where it's just getting light.
Admin to sort now that companies are back at work (sort of). Expecting the first of my New Year sale buys to be delivered, new slippers inspired by a fellow GN's Christmas gift.
Much love to all xx

Gingster Mon 04-Jan-21 08:13:55

Good morning all from Essex. I’m on my phone today as my I pad doesn’t want to charge. I’m sure it had plenty of battery when I went to bed, but I’ve had it on charge now for over an hour and nothings happening. The battery icon is on but it isn’t charging! 😥. Goodness knows what I’ll do without it!

None of my Essex GC will be going to school but the two in Herts will be. We’re all in tier 4! I suspect they will all be closed after this week. Madness to open them at all. Gd1 will not be returning to Uni but as she’s on a nursing course, she will have to go at some stage for practical tutorials.

Anyone watching The Serpent? Very tense! And I’m enjoying Bridgerton. I will watch My Sisters Keeper today. I’ve read the book by Jodie Picoult and enjoyed it.

Going to sort out a pile of cards , pictures and drawings my GC have sent me over the years. Put them in different folders. So when they come round we can look at them together.

That’s my day apart from a walk with little pooch.

Wishing you all a gentle day. 👍

Lins1066 Mon 04-Jan-21 08:23:26

Good morning Mick and all from a clear S Welsh coast, forecast is for a dry, cold day. The moon is still visible.
The heating didn't come on earlier, after investigation Mr Lins said the pressure was down in the system, so all is well now, phew.
A walk later and an online shopping order to complete. The younger members of the family are back ' in work' today, working from their homes.
I'm sorry about your sister in law Dwm flowers. Hope your husband is more comfortable very soon gaga.
Happy birthday to your granddaughter Sar. Good luck with your appointment Ash. Hope Cherry has had a good night.
Have a good day everyone and stay safe. A gentle hug to all those in need of one.

ginny Mon 04-Jan-21 08:24:56

Good Morning . Damp and chilly here in N. Bucks but no frost.
Enjoyed my walk yesterday DGS knew he had to keep his distance but chatted all the time. It was lovely to see him properly instead of through a window.

Will be putting away the Christmas decorations today. We have to have a good sort out so that they can go under the stairs rather than in the loft. Lifting the boxes down from there is becoming difficult.

Nothing in particular planned otherwise .

Thoughts with those who are , or have family who are poorly.
Hope you can all find a 😄.

Grammaretto Mon 04-Jan-21 08:31:19

Happy birthday to Scentia's DD and to Sar's DGD.

We have a few January birthdays too. My DS was born in a snowstorm (should have been in hospital but we couldn't get there) and he has now emigrated to NZ so will enjoy his bd on the beach!

Today is yet another "holiday" here so nothing will be open apart from some food shops.

Your poor DH Dwmx flowers
I hope the antiBs do the trick Gaga and that your appointment goes well Ashcombe

Life goes on regardless though I feel for all the poor families trying to juggle struggle home schooling, work, pandemic and the weather!