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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 09-Jan-21 06:12:14

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its dark , but looks dry and cold here in Brackley this morning , yesterday did see a slight snow covering which went a few hours later .
I only hope with the days opening up , that temperatures will lift ,and make it more enjoyable.
Today , hopefully later will get a Chinese Take Away.
Take Care ,

Pantglas2 Sat 09-Jan-21 06:20:50

Good morning Mick and all who follow from from a dry, dark and nippy north Wales where the chamberpot is about to be refilled.....☕️

Nothing planned for today - not even cooking as we’re eating out of the freezers which are full of surprises 😋 things I forgot I made weeks ago!

That little snail is delightful Viridian - I can imagine smiling at him each time I walked into the room, no matter my mood🙂

Hope everyone has a good weekend and stays safe x

Bellasnana Sat 09-Jan-21 06:22:27

Good morning from an unseasonably warm Malta. The temp is predicted to reach 24°C today.

Nothing much planned for today apart from a bit of cleaning and laundry.

Stay safe everyone.☀️

Beechnut Sat 09-Jan-21 06:56:47

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is dry and dark.

Sitting up in bed wearing my best nightie at the start of another samey day. I asked my daughter yesterday what she was doing over the weekend and she replied, ‘Dinner with 12 people, shopping in a crowded place, a party and clubbing’. 🤩

I’m glad to hear there have been good results for tests etc and some lovely photos posted.
Welcome to new good morningers it’s warm and safe in here.

Have the best day you can all 🌸

Gagagran Sat 09-Jan-21 07:00:15

Morning all. Still flipping freezing here on the south coast. 1c on my weather station at 6am so slightly less cold than yesterday. I hate being cold. Makes my joints ache.

Managed a quick trip to the library to pick up my Ready Reads yesterday so now have a pile of 12 books to keep me going. I managed to park outside, nipped in, mask in place, gave my name, they put my books in my bag and off I went. Did drive the long way round home to charge up the battery after Thursdays problem when it wouldn't start.

Hunkered down again now. The light is definitely lengthening but we need some sun and warmth.

Keep safe and warm everyone.sunshine

lemongrove Sat 09-Jan-21 07:00:57

Morning to all, still dark here too, up early for a shopping delivery, going to be a good clear morning weatherwise so a fairly early walk for us.

grandMattie Sat 09-Jan-21 07:04:01

Good morning from a frosty E Kent.
Does anyone have nights filled with really weird dreams? Mine are p.
Good news of Iris. She had her first hydrotherapy session. The aim was to get her to walk the length of the pool by the end of the session. Apparently, she went in and the first thing she did was walk there and back! Loved it. She took her first unaided steps at home as well. They encourage that as weight bearing helps with bone growth.
Been a bit wobbly recently. DH spent yesterday asking me why I was quiet. I said I felt no need to speak unless I had something to say, and certainly not be noisy, tapping my feet, clasping my hands like he does...
Rugby widow again today. Nothing else. We ate fish last night, having at last finished the turkey. We have had nothing else since Christmas, and I sent DS away with half the NYD one!
I hope today is restful, gentle and safe for everyone. Keep smiling! X

aggie Sat 09-Jan-21 07:09:16

Good Morning all , dark dry and frosty again here in Co Armagh , the heating is due to kick in now , so i hope its ok today
I should get up but i think I'll just turn over

Nannytopsy Sat 09-Jan-21 07:19:57

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Enjoy your Chinese - we have decided on an Indian tonight, which can be delivered. We put an extra cover on the bed last night and slept very soundly, apart from cramp.
It’s misty here in Suffolk but I can see a sliver of moon through it. Frosty again, I think.
All the prep is done, so today we shall paint the bathroom. There are a lot of tiles but not much wall and no skirting boards so it shouldn’t take long.
Look after yourselves and keep warm! Spring will soon be here.

12Michael Sat 09-Jan-21 07:25:37

Just like to add its Freezing Fog here in Brackley ,
Stay Safe ,

Dwmxwg Sat 09-Jan-21 07:39:53

Good morning from north Surrey, peeped out, no frost but we have a weather warning of ice conditions so will take extra care this morning on our dog walk
It is so lovely to be back in my own bed and I slept well
We had a small drama yesterday. DD rang at 1pm, sounding very dejected, had been woken and asked to move her car by tree cutters, in her half awake state she managed to lock herself out. Rang from neighbours to check we were home then drove to us. DH arranged locksmith who came amazingly quickly and took 2 seconds to solve the problem. With NHS discount cost £60, and he was a very nice man, which always helps. So I was back on the school run as I was there and she was still in PJs, good old mum to the rescue again. I had been beginning to feel a bit taken for granted but she was so grateful, sometimes it takes a bit of drama to make us realise what we have
Marydoll good to hear you were well cared for despite the pressures and I enjoyed reading your stories
Viridian the snail is amazing, so clever
Thoughts to Travelsafar, cannot begin to imagine how she is feeling. Not that we GMs need a reminder, but it is a very strong one to stay safe everyone
Keep warm and enjoy your day to all be it a quiet or busy one

Ashcombe Sat 09-Jan-21 07:46:35

Good morning from a still very chilly Torbay!

grandMattie: What encouraging news about Iris! It’s wonderful that she has exceeded the expectations of the medics involved in her care! I hope you are feeling better today - you’ve been so supportive to your family and folk on here and it sounds like things have caught up with you. I hope you feel better today.

A drama indeed, Dwmxwg! Good thing you were able to help! Perhaps DD will think about you having a spare key.

No plans for today apart from a walk to the paper shop and continuing to clear away all evidence of Christmas. ☹️

Have as good a day as circumstances allow. Keep warm and well, everyone!

cornergran Sat 09-Jan-21 07:47:03

Morning Mick, morning All from what seems a very dark corner of Somerset. Suspect once I can see there will be low cloud, it’s cold for sure. Definitely good news about Iris, grandMaftie, hope your resilience is back today. No idea what we’ll do, see how the day unfolds. If it’s dry a walk is needed. Heard yesterday one of ours has to self isolate, trying not to worry too much. Take care everyone, hope there’s something to make us all smile today.

NanKate Sat 09-Jan-21 07:47:49

Morning Mick and All.

Bitterly cold here in South Bucks but our cheeky little Robin was singing his heart out in our garden when I opened the back door, this really lightened my mood.

Nice to see you here this morning Lemongrove. Your pre-Xmas party was quite a blast. 😁

Some news folks. I’ve been in touch the Gillybob and I’m hopeful that she will return to us.

NanKate Sat 09-Jan-21 07:48:56

Wonderful to hear the news of Iris grandMattie. 👍

farview Sat 09-Jan-21 07:56:56

Morning All..cold and icy in Bolton.
NanKate Brilliant news!!
Just as I was going to bed last night had a sort of mini breakdown..crying, a 1000 thoughts in my head..bit scary..
Anyway off across my trusty moors later with my friends dog...
Keep safe all of you..hugs to everyone 💐

Scentia Sat 09-Jan-21 07:59:30

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is very cold 🥶
Been up since 4.20 with DGS but it the TV on and slept on the sofa, I have just woken up😂. Excellent care given there, but he is still sat watching TV!!!
I think we will get dressed and go to the park, I will redeem myself somehow.
Thoughts to everyone who is struggling snd hopes to be seeing Gilly back on here.
Travelsafar ❤️
Take care everyone and stay safe today.

Dwmxwg Sat 09-Jan-21 08:01:04

Ashcombe we have a spare key but she had left a key in the lock on the inside, so could not get a key in to open. She has now changed the habit of having a key to lock from inside which she started because of having toddlers around. The boys are old enough now to know not to open the door to strangers (or open the door and wander off, which is what the previous tenant’s toddler had done)!
GrandMattie lovely to hear how Iris is progressing so well

kittylester Sat 09-Jan-21 08:08:52

Good morning from a cloudy and cold North Leicestershire.

Yesterday, Persie lost a tooth and, of course had to ting Pa to tell him all about it. We had a 'chat' with Wondrous Wolfie who said 'Wuv oo mapa' I was a heap afterwards.!!

The lovely florist in the village will pop round with some flowers so I can have my weekly flower arranging therapy. Our takeaway will be Turkish!!

Sending love to travels and hope that we hear from gilly.

Please stay in folks!!

LauraNorder Sat 09-Jan-21 08:10:34

Good morning Mick and all from cold but dry Anglesey.
Great news about Iris grandMattie, sorry you felt a bit wobbly yourself. Perhaps it’s time you made yourself something a bit sparkly.
A takeaway sounds just the ticket Mick, safe and warm at home with tasty food. You too Nannytopsy, enjoy your Indian meal.
Poor old Pant eating out of freezers. Have you run out plates? 😂
Lovely bit of sunshine and warmth coming from Malta thank you Bellasnana. I’m sitting in my nice warm bed imagining that lovely sunshine.
Good to see you up and about Lemon after a late night in the Argy. These virtual hangovers are much easier to cope with.
Beechnut sitting up in your best nightie, the things we dress up for these days. I’m in my nice warm pyjamas but I have brushed my hair.
It’s my birthday today so I’m hoping the clattering downstairs means breakfast in bed is on it’s way, ever hopeful.
Wishing you all the best day possible, rest for Marydoll, who proved that always being kind is the best way when her thank you thread went viral on gn.
Will come back later to catch up.
Be safe

Oldbutstilluseful Sat 09-Jan-21 08:13:26

Morning from N Hants. It’s very cold! Lovely news of Iris, grandMattie. Be kind to yourself now, you’ve had months of worry and extra work, no wonder you feel wobbly 💐.
Thank you for the little bit of hope about Gillybob, NanKate.
I hope she realises that she doesn’t need to say anything about the missing months, just get stuck in with the here and now.

I’ve decided I really mustn’t stray too far from this, and other, kind and gentle threads. I’m just not cut out for some of the other ones that seem to appear regularly.

Thinking of Travelsafar. I really hope she has family and friends around to help her through these dark days.

Take care all.

brook2704 Sat 09-Jan-21 08:15:10

Good morning everyone from Inverness, it was freezing cold all day yesterday, well below zero but thank goodness it’s due to warm up a bit today. The forecast says a high 5 degrees by mid afternoon but nothing like yours of 24 bellasnana ... we never see that hear. Why oh why do I live here ?? 😂
Another samey day here Beechnut a local walk for some exercise and a book or a film later ... some cooking in between but DH does more of that than me these days.
Great news about Iris grandmattie and hope you feel a bit less wobbly soon
What a shame for your DD Dwmxwg I know what you mean about sometimes feeling taken for granted and then something happens and it changes ... I’m pleased it all got sorted ok
Thanks for the update NanKate hope gilly is back with us soon.
Enjoy your walk farview and I hope it helps and you feel better soon.
Some sad news on gransnet yesterday so sending positive thoughts to anyone struggling or worried just now. Take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Elizabeth1 Sat 09-Jan-21 08:15:12

Good morning everyone from a cold dry by the sound of things and nippy east coast of Fife. I can see the daylight peeping in already from the sides of the curtains what’s this a sign of, spring to come do you think? We’ve got a grocery delivery scheduled for today great excitement. A t least my dh after a rant from me has managed to clean the fridge before it came and not before time I wish I could do certain domestic tasks myself but I’m not yet up to that working with just one arm. I had a lovely FaceTime from a friend yesterday it was really nice to actually see her and talk to her I even caught a look at her dh as he passed by the screen it’s good to know the outside world is still going on strange though it might be. Have a good day everyone be kind to yourself and others who may need a hug or two but can’t get one send a virtual hug on smile

harrigran Sat 09-Jan-21 08:17:58

Good morning from a snowy NE where it is -3.
Wasted day yesterday, pain and sickness yet again, this is the third Friday in a row I have been poorly.
DH has gone to buy bred , milk and a paper. It will be a major job just to get the car off the drive.
Stay warm and safe.

ginny Sat 09-Jan-21 08:20:37

Good Morning everyone.
Foggy, damp and cold in N. Bucks.

Lovely snail viridian .
Well done to Iris

Enjoyed a long FaceTime chat with DD1 and DGS yesterday. It’s nice to see their faces.

Big outing planned today. A supplies run to the local co-op !

Otherwise having finished another baby cardigan yesterday, I shall carry on with my felt flower project and start on a new crochet blanket.

Keep safe and warm everyone and hope you all find a 😄