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what time do you have your meals?

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Franbern Tue 12-Jan-21 18:14:11

Okay, another thread to see if there is any interest. Anything which takes us away from The News at present!!!!

So, for those of you who are home, retired, when do you have your meals. Obviously, we are no longer governed by going to and getting home from work, and unlikely to have children around us.

Once I retired, I found that without the alarm clock my body-clock woke me around 8.00 am each morning. I get up and have my breakfast immediately, getting showered and dressed much later (between 9.00 and 10.00 am).

I then have a very early, light lunch, soon after midday.

Do have a hot drink (winter), cold one in summer, during the afternoon, but then have my main meal soon after 5 pm. I know this is very early, but I am a long-time ostomist and find that eating early helps me have less interruptions for loo visits during the night.

The only thing I have later is a Green Tea.

My children & g.children find my meal times quite difficult, as it does mean (when we are permitted) that it is difficult to arrange going to a restaurant. When we do, they always try to book the earliest possible sitting - usually around 6 pm. They are all very good about this, but I know find it mildly irritating, that I just will not eat later.

I was surprised today when I phoned someone at midday and they said they would phone me back as they were just having the lunch. Thought it was only me that ate that so early.

Just be interesting to know what other retired people do about mealtimes.

Pantglas2 Tue 12-Jan-21 18:25:27

I used to be quite regimented with meals whilst working especially with DH thinking his throat had been cut if food didn’t arrive every 5 hours with copious snacks in between!

Now that I’m retired I tend to eat only when I’m hungry (he still eats the same!) which sometimes means brunch around 11am instead of breakfast and lunch .

There’s a two hour window for our evening meal between 5-7 which, with a bedtime of around 10-11pm, means it’s had time to move through the system, as it were, and doesn’t sit heavy!

Peasblossom Tue 12-Jan-21 18:28:41

Im almost exactly like you franbern except my evening meal is squally around six.

And like you my children are very good about having an early meal out.

I find I simply can’t digest anything after seven o clock. It sits like a lead balloon and I can’t sleep.

Peasblossom Tue 12-Jan-21 18:29:11

Usually not squally. Autocorrect.

Kim19 Tue 12-Jan-21 18:30:20

Tend to breakfast around 1100 and dinner around 1700 with milky coffees 1300 & 1500. Sometimes hot chocolate at around 2000 but not often

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 12-Jan-21 18:33:23

Our meals are all over the place, the only meal that we get to on time is 5.30 for dinner at the table.

Pittcity Tue 12-Jan-21 18:39:01

8am, 1pm and 6pm here.

kittylester Tue 12-Jan-21 18:39:02

Breakfast, currently, around 9 am - normally 8 - lunch for the 1 o clock news and dinner around 6.30 - 7pm.

A drink mid morning and around 4pm when do the crossword - we photocopy it and do our own until we get stuck.

jusnoneed Tue 12-Jan-21 18:39:30

I'm usually up around 6am straight in shower and then have a coffee. I don't often eat anything, occasionally a banana if there's one that wants using up. Coffee around 10, may have a biscuit with that on the days I'm at home (still work a couple days) and then a sandwich or crackers/crispbreads around 12-12.30. Usually have a hot chocolate drink mid afternoon.
Main meal around 5pm.
Usually pick at something mid evening, packet of crisps maybe.
I don't mind eating later if it's a restaurant meal but not at home, I want to get it cooked and cleared away to leave my evening free.

Witzend Tue 12-Jan-21 18:40:56

I never fancy anything except about 3 coffees first thing, so any breakfast may well be more of a brunch, around 11 or later if I’m busy or just don’t get around to it.

So no lunch as such. Dh always gets his own breakfast and lunch at around the same times every day - creature of habit.

I usually have ‘something’ small, piece of toast or teacake around 4-5. Dh often ditto.

Dinner - proper dinner almost invariably cooked from scratch, is usually around 7.30. Same as when dh used to come home at 7 ish.

Franbern Tue 12-Jan-21 18:43:10

kittylester, I also 'time' tv to fit in with my meals. I live by myself.
So breakfast is to Good Morning (BBC1), but my two other meals are accompanied by recorded programmes. Lunch time is always a Star Trek episode (anything other than the Original Series), and tea-time is Neighbours and Doctors (when it is on).

NotSpaghetti Tue 12-Jan-21 18:44:07

I never eat in the evening before 7. Might be as late as 9pm some days...

BlueBelle Tue 12-Jan-21 18:45:42

7am toast and coffee
1 pm dinner
6 pm light snacky meal
10/11 pm bed

Whitewavemark2 Tue 12-Jan-21 18:46:44

Tea about 6.30am.
Breakfast 8.30am ish
Coffee 11am
Lunch 1pm
Tea about 3-4
Dinner 6pm ish. It used to be later but age and digestion has changed it. In fact I think we are really better eating our main meal mid-day really.

Mapleleaf Tue 12-Jan-21 18:51:06

Meal times are not rigidly fixed, a lot depends upon what we are doing, but generally speaking, breakfast for me tends to be around 9 am, lunch around 1.30 pm and dinner any time between 5.30 and 7 pm. DH has an earlier breakfast because of work. A hot drink around 11 am and another around 3pm, and a hot drink again around 8.30 pm (but the time of this one varies).

Glorybee Tue 12-Jan-21 18:53:36

Up at 4.30 - 5am
Breakfast at 7 - lunch at 12 noon - dinner at 5.15.
Bed at 9.30pm

Grannyboots1 Tue 12-Jan-21 18:55:07

Breakfast around 9, main meal 2 ish and a light snack at 6.
Coffee around 11 and a tea at 4. It suits dh and myself not to have a large meal in the evening. We definitely sleep better. These timings have happened since COVID.

jocork Tue 12-Jan-21 18:55:42

I only retired in October but before that I 'worked from home' from March until July as schools were closed and I only went in for 4 days during that time. At first I tried to keep to the usual routine, having breakfast as the usual time and coffee and a mid-morning snack at the usual school break time. But after a while I found myself getting absorbed in daytime TV or gransnet or some other distraction and I'd realise late morning I still hadn't had breakfast! Going back to school in September got me back into routine but since retiring I'm all over the place again. The good thing is I seem to be eating less and am losing weight. If I eat breakfast at almost lunchtime then lunch mid afternoon I don't need dinner so just have a small snack. I'm now trying to plan in that way rather than let it just happen by accident. I've still got a fair bit of weight I could do with losing. Hopefully my doctor will be impressed if I ever get my diabetic review which is now very overdue!

crazyH Tue 12-Jan-21 19:02:49

Since I live on my own, I eat, as and when I’m hungry. Totally non-regimented life. Wish I could be as organised as the rest of you. I also sleep as and when I feel sleepy. I had a little sofa nap this afternoon, while watching Tipping Point. So it will be about 10pm by the time I go upstairs, then my nightly ritual and finally bed.
Glorybee.....4.30a.m is when I’m in my deepest sleep 😂

Maggiemaybe Tue 12-Jan-21 19:03:12

Around 9, 1, 6.30, but they can all move up to an hour forward or back depending on what we’re doing.

I’m going back to intermittent fasting now to tackle the half a stone I’ve put on recently, so that’ll mean that on two days a week I’ll just be having the evening meal..

BBbevan Tue 12-Jan-21 19:04:43

We don’t have breakfast as we do 16: 8 diet. Therefore we are hungry by 12 noon and have lunch then. Dinner in the evening is 5- 5:30., but we may have crackers and cheese about 8.

sodapop Tue 12-Jan-21 19:10:36

Breakfast 9.30 am after dog walking
Light lunch 1.30 pm
Dinner 7pm.
I tend to work around these times so I have a rest between chores and animal care.

Teacheranne Tue 12-Jan-21 19:31:19

I eat my meals whenever I want ie when I feel hungry! Previously I ate out a lot and that could be any time from 7.30 to 9.00 depending on the restaurant so I even in lockdown I often eat late - just about to have dinner now! But I get up late and usually only have two meals a day, but times hugely vary.

Blossoming Tue 12-Jan-21 19:34:30

Lunch around midday, dinner 7ish.

watermeadow Tue 12-Jan-21 19:54:27

My meal times are a dark secret but I’ll confess here anonymously.
Like Glorybe I get up very early so everything else is very early too. No breakfast most days, lunch 11ish and dinner 4 to 5. I knew you’d be shocked, that’s why nobody knows.
If I’m eating with others I conform to normal times. I do pick a bit between meals, usually fruit or rice cakes. If there’s cheese in the house I can’t leave it alone.