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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 24-Jan-21 06:12:33

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , and its dry at the moment but very cold outside here in brackley this morning.
Today, expecting to see more snow later as forecast .
Another fry up breakfast ,and will try one of my German ready made meals and have it with German potato dumplings , which according to the pack, states put in boiling water for 30 minutes ,and do not boil , see what the result is .
Yet to get back into the Parsley Box meals , but will do in the week .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 24-Jan-21 06:28:16

Good morning from a dry, icy E Kent.
Mick, German knodlen are so good. Enjoy your fry up!
Quelle surprise, I’m doing nothing today - virtual church, roast chicken...
Yesterday, I charged DH to make dinner. He didn’t go all useless on me, and actually made bangers and mash! This is probably the third time since we met, some 46 years ago. Even ready meals terrify him.
Hope those with wobbles feel more stable today. It is good to offload, it makes us stronger and better to deal with life’s vicissitudes.
Trust today is filled with 🌺🌺and ☀️. Stay safe. 🦋

Gagagran Sun 24-Jan-21 06:52:26

Good Morning Mick, Mattie and all who follow. It's -2.2c here on the south coast this morning and the forecast shows light snow/sleet. Luckily we are not planning to venture out.

Still on tenterhooks about our covid three - DD, DSiL and DGS but so far, so good.

It is chicken ballotine for lunch with new potatoes and vegetables. Decided I needed to cook a proper meal after the "short commons" of the Parsley Boxes. DH has always liked his meals and my Mum's highest praise for him was that he was worth cooking for!

Nothing on the agenda today. We'll see what turns up. Had lots of texts to and from DGC yesterday and that gave me a lot of pleasure. They have turned into four bright, intelligent, caring young adults and are a great blessing to us both.

Keep warm today folks - it's cold! Most of all though, keep safe. We will get through this. Spring is nigh! sunshine

Beechnut Sun 24-Jan-21 06:53:20

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is snowing steadily. My neighbour is busy brushing his car off. I’ve looked out of the back bedroom window and the snow looks so pretty on the trees.

My daughter has a working weekend. She has got stuck in muddy places a couple of times recently so I will be thinking of her today as she is out and about.

As for myself it’ll probably be a day indoors pottering and reading. I do have some good news, my brother and sister in law sent a photo of themselves showing their brand new house keys.

Take very good care of yourselves, there’s a lot of wobbles and worries. Stay safe as you can 💐

Ashcombe Sun 24-Jan-21 07:14:30

Good morning, early birds, from a chilly Torbay where we’ve had the lightest dusting of snow, being washed away rapidly by rain.

I’ve started the day feeling victorious as I've just battled with a jammed freezer drawer and won! You have to show these white goods who's in charge! The packs of sliced bread that I froze recently had expanded. Who knew?!

Another early church service for which I’m the accompanist. It will definitely be a case of “Where two or three are gathered in my name....” Matthew 18:20.

Thinking of those with loved ones who are unwell, especially Gagagran, and others with heavy hearts. 💕

NanKate Sun 24-Jan-21 07:16:21

Morning Mick and All.

We may get snow here in South Bucks today. I see DH has got the salt ready to sprinkle on the front and back path.

Roast pork has been unearthed from the bottom of the freezer for today. DH cooked the supper last night of steak, chips, mushrooms and peas - delish 👍

Viridian sent you a pm.

As I want to avoid falling over in the icy conditions I will stay home and do my YouTube exercise. It’s called ‘Walk a Mile in 15 minutes’. I mute the sound and play my own music Uptown Funk and then Smart Dressed Man just about fit in with the beat. It’s a good way to exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Sar53 Sun 24-Jan-21 07:29:41

Good morning from a very cold and frosty Essex by the sea. Snow is forecast for later.
We are having a casserole with dumplings for dinner, nice and warming on a cold day.
Two games of football are on later, one of them involving DH's team, then another episode of The Serpent.
Carys was beaming when told of all your lovely comments about her bird. Her mum, DD1, said they will definitely be framing it.
Have the best Sunday you can, take care out there and stay safe everyone xx

Grammaretto Sun 24-Jan-21 07:30:54

Good morning from the Scottish Borders where it is freezing but we are expecting a sunny day again. Blue and white. Sky and snow. It's quite alpine.
I joined my sister's 75th birthday disco on zoom last night. It was fun. 3 screens even had disco lights and seemed to be dancing constantly. My nephew runs discos in normal times and a niece plays in a band so it was very professional.
Haggis again for tea. wink
Thinking of those with troubles and hope you get some relief.

grandMattie Sun 24-Jan-21 07:32:48

The sky just now. Does that predict horrible weather?

Jaxjacky Sun 24-Jan-21 07:39:27

Good morning Mick and all from S Hants, we were woken at 6:35 by a massive clap of thunder/lightning then light snow. We’ve had this before, thunder snow, in 2004, that time we had a massive dump of snow, it was extremely loud, social media is buzzing. Think it’s sleety rainy snow, sadly, might well be a stay indoors day.
Heard yesterday a neighbour had a stroke a couple of days ago, she’s home now as it’s not as bad as first thought, affected her speech and as her husband is pretty deaf, it will be difficult. She’s not yet 60, hopefully a full recovery will be achieved, I’ll pop a note in later, but not much we can do, especially now.
I’ll get a wash on soon, gammon shanks for dinner, curtesy of Tesco. Have a gentle day all.

dragonfly46 Sun 24-Jan-21 07:41:33

Good morning from frosty Leicestershire.

That’s a stunning sky GrandMattie.

Nothing planned, roast pork for dinner.

Dwmxwg Sun 24-Jan-21 07:48:46

Good morning from north Surrey where we have a thick frost. Glad there is no snow as DH off for his vaccination soon.
I won the scrabble yesterday, some concern as DH came up with some dodgy spelling which is very unlike him, possibly another side effect of his medication for his Bipolar. We enjoyed our steak dinner (which he cooked).
Dog walking planned and will get to my jigsaw which has been neglected with my business over the past few days.
Roast chicken this afternoon and more TV catch up.
Wishing all a good day today

Dwmxwg Sun 24-Jan-21 07:49:46

Wow, what a beautiful sky GrandMattie

Beauregard Sun 24-Jan-21 07:50:04

Good morning all from a cold and dry Derbyshire. We're on the borderline for snow today with some forecasts saying we will get some, others not, so we shall see.

Grandmattie my DH was a stranger to the kitchen until he retired in April, now we do most of the cooking together. His input has transformed the way we eat as he wants to try new recipes, whereas I used to stick to the old tried and tested ones. We eat more healthily too. Win win! I've discovered I quite like peppers (I wouldn't even consider eating them not so long ago), which is good as we eat several each week now! They're on my list to grow in the greenhouse this year - move aside you tomatoes and cucumbers, there's a new kid in town! I'm planning a day off from cooking today though as we're going to try a drive through takeaway at a local pub - giant Yorkshire puddings filled with meat, roasties and veg. Yum!

So much worry and sad news on here yesterday. Thinking of all facing difficult times flowers Stay safe.

brook2704 Sun 24-Jan-21 07:51:23

Good morning everyone from Inverness, no more overnight snow here but still very cold and icy with crunchy snow underfoot.
Yesterday was dry and sunny so we enjoyed a short walk by the canal and then dropped a bit of shopping off at DD2 house. I saw the DGC on the doorstep for only about a minute but it really cheered me up and I went home happy! Today DH wants to watch the football later so we’ll eat early and then I’ll settle down with my kindle.
Enjoy your meals today mick and I hope the snow doesn’t get too bad where you are.
That’s a lovely picture of the sky grandmattie beautiful colours
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

GrannyGravy13 Sun 24-Jan-21 07:55:42

Good morning Mick and all

Light dusting of snow here in S E Essex, and it’s very cold ❄️❄️❄️

No plans, I need to get my reading mojo back and stay away from my iPad 🤣

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Marydoll Sun 24-Jan-21 07:59:02

Good morning all from a very cold Glasgow, it's -6C.
Grandmattie, we too have a beautiful sky, but ours is more blues and greys with a touch of orange.

Nothing much planned today. I would love a walk, just for ten minutes, but it is too cold because of my heart and lung problems. I have been out once in three weeks and am a little fed up to say the least.

Lots of alterations to do. I bought a couple of tunic dresses which came yesterday, but they are slightly large. I think I may have lost a little weight, which is not a bad thing! Of course, as usual, the arms are too long! I must have really short arms.

Thinking of all those who are struggling, especially those with family suffering from Covid. We never stop worrying about our children. 💐

Elizabeth1 Sun 24-Jan-21 08:00:53

Good morning all from a very cold but dry east coast of Fife. The snow has all but melted leaving patches of ice and unless we get a touch of sunshine today it’ll be a stay at home morning watching any recorded sat night tv programmes.

Yesterday was a terrible fatigue day for me I’m so pleased to say I had a better sleep last night and I’m feeling so much
more energetic this morning.

Why, when I select a small video clip to post does my post and preview message fade and I’m unable to use them .

I feel for all you gn who may be waiting for any test results it’s a very trying time. Here’s to a good day everyone, indulge yourself in some kind of self reward for staying safe. Lots of virtual hugs to everyone. flowers

Gingster Sun 24-Jan-21 08:07:45

Good morning all and we have a similar sky here in Essex granmattie. So beautiful! I’m not sure if it’s snow or a hard frost on all the cars.

My I pad keeps losing its charge. Ive ordered a charger on line so I hope that’s the problem but I have a suspicion it The I pad itself. Any suggestions? It’s my constant companion and if I order a new one, how on earth do I transfer all the ‘stuff’ I have from the old to the new? 😢😕

I loved your quote Ashcombe

Granmattie my DH is just the same. The idea of cooking a meal -hopeless! He will prepare veg and always washes up but cooking? no way Jose! My 2 sons do most of the cooking in their households and excellent cooks they are too. I envy people who say ‘Dh will be cooking today’. A few years ago he cooked breakfast for GD1 and me. We were upstairs awaiting the call but then the smoke alarm went off. GD1 said ‘I think breakfast is ready ‘ 🤣😂

Wishing you all a safe day 🌦☃️

kittylester Sun 24-Jan-21 08:09:17

Morning all from my bit of Leicestershire which is also frosty with snow in the forecast.

We had snow yesterday with flakes as big as 50p pieces but it didnt settle.

The plan today is to go for a walk before the snow and to make and eat a creamy chicken casserole and then read the papers.

At some stage we have to go a live chat with Amazon. We bought a new sound system which has an integrated Alexa but she is soooooo loud we nearly jump out of our chairs every time she says anything.

Sending love to everyone with worries today!

brook2704 Sun 24-Jan-21 08:09:27

marydoll such a shame you can’t get out even for a little walk. I really hope the weather starts getting a bit milder soon so that you can get outside

GrannySomerset Sun 24-Jan-21 08:09:57

Light covering of snow surprised us but not quite as bitterly cold. Not much on offer today but at least we are warm and comfortable and can find something to do indoors. Could be worse.

grandMattie Sun 24-Jan-21 08:17:34

My DH was dreadfully spoiled by his adoring mum... he washes up. He retired/was made redundant 25 years ago, but the kitchen still panics him. If I ask him to make a salad, he goes all anyhow and tells me it won’t be as nice as mine! And?

On the other hand, he is brilliant at all sorts of other things (emphatically not DIY), so on balance I’ll keep him. 😂

ginny Sun 24-Jan-21 08:19:01

Good Morning all. So cold here in N . Bucks but no snow yet. Hope it stays that way although I’m sure the children would love some

We joined in some of DGS virtual party yesterday which was nice.

Family zoom this evening. Lovely to see all the family but somehow I always feel sad afterwards.

Hope you all find a 😁 today.

baubles Sun 24-Jan-21 08:23:36

Good morning Mick, morning all from freezing cold S Lanarkshire.

I’m struggling to find anything to write about this morning so I’ll just wish you all a peaceful Sunday.