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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 26-Jan-21 06:10:20

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but its starting to become daylight around 7 , anyway its cold outside with remains of snow still on the ground here in Brackley .
Today ,some housework ,and do a bit of TV and reading.
TV choice is getting into reruns daily , wish they would revamp some of the older 30 minute comedy's on TV at night .
Take Care ,

Beechnut Tue 26-Jan-21 06:35:54

Good Morning all from Severnside where it’s another frosty start. I know what you mean about reruns Mick but sometimes I’m glad of them when I’ve wanted to watch something and then nodded off 🤣 The evenings are also drawing out.

A homeworking day for me so I’m going to get up a little bit earlier. Watch tv later.

Stay safe and warm all and Happy Birthday to MrH 🎉🎂


grandMattie Tue 26-Jan-21 06:44:50

Good morning from a dry E Kent. We never had any snow to melt, but it was very chilly and icy on our walk yesterday.

Funny thing happened yesterday. I complained all afternoon of a terrible draught in the hall. When he went to close the curtains in the early evening, DH found the front door just pushed to. No wonder it was draughty. I was accused of leaving it open, the doghouse is my default place. I then realised that the last person to use it went to the letter box, and it wasn’t me! Ha!

Busy day, I also cleaned all the windows inside, hate the job, but it looks lovely now especially the patio windows.

Supermarket shop and Spanish homework today.

Hope everyone is in a bright frame of mind, with their 😊 smiles fixed on, their upper lip well starched. Stay safe ☀️

Scentia Tue 26-Jan-21 06:50:32

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and icy under foot, the road out of our estate is still like an ice rink, but we have to do deliveries today so must take the car. Talking of deliveries, I was expecting shopping on Sunday afternoon but they called to say they couldn’t make it so would deliver Monday, I said after 5pm but on my video it shows them there at 1pm and they never came back after 5. I will ring them today and see where my food is. I hope they give me new fresh food as it will be out of date by the time I get it😂
I know exactly what you mean about the TV Mick , terrible.
Take care everyone and stay safe, don’t go slipping over on this ice. Smile as much as you can😍

Ashcombe Tue 26-Jan-21 07:12:56

Good morning all from a milder Torbay where we expect a run of rainy days.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a Zoom call with a few of the ladies from our amdram theatre company. Usually we would regularly be around our theatre, sorting out props, wardrobe, etc or rehearsing. A big gap in several lives, not least our loyal audience members, who will be missing their monthly visits.

I did chuckle about the draught, grandMattie! Bad luck about your delivery, Scentia and I hope all will be sorted out to your satisfaction. Yes, TV can become repetitive, Mick and Beechnut, but I always enjoy Monday evenings as it’s a Quizfest on BBC2!

I hope all your worries are little ones and something makes you smile today. 😃🥰😆

NanKate Tue 26-Jan-21 07:18:27

Good morning Mick and All.

Cold and a mix of ice and snow here in South Bucks.

I am having a trip out this morning to visit my lovely Podiatrist. This is the highlight of my week. I long for more variety in my life, just like many other folk. Still haven’t been called for my jab and DH has had his ☹️

My first Parsley box should arrive today. I’ve been told the portions are small, which shouldn’t be a problem for us as we shall add our own veg.

Gagagran Tue 26-Jan-21 07:22:27

Morning all from a still chilly south coast.-1.3c first thing but hopefully set to get a bit less cold.

Slight improvement on the medical bulletin from DD yesterday so just hope that continues today. Doesn't help my anxiety being unable to visit or see them.

DH ventured out on his bike yesterday and went to pick up my repeat prescription, which means I don't have to go out in the car. Just hope the new battery in the car keeps performing, on the few occasions we are going out in the car, under the present restrictions.

I plan to do sweet and sour chicken and mushrooms for lunch. Nothing else planned but something may turn up including some deliveries from online shopping.

Keep safe and keep warm everyone. Spring will arrive soon, I feel sure! sunshine

Sparklefizz Tue 26-Jan-21 07:26:01

Morning Mick and all GNs from an icy South Glos. Still dark here and still white patches of snow in places and the remains of a little snowman that nextdoor's children built, but rain is forecast which will clear it all.

Mick I know what you mean about TV programmes but Dave is a free channel (channel 19) and they have a lot of repeats of old favourites. Last night I managed to catch an episode of Would I Lie to You which I hadn't seen before, and Lee Mack was on top form. He is brilliant and so quick-witted.

Take care everyone, and special thoughts to all who are heavy-hearted. x

Beauregard Tue 26-Jan-21 07:26:04

Good morning all from icy Derbyshire with rain later. Its not expected to get much warmer today so the yard tap will remain frozen. I took water up yesterday but will let someone else do it today before I do myself a mischief.

I've been out a short walk and called at the shop, but that will be it for the day, just some more room sorting planned.

Hope all is well today for everyone.

Nannytopsy Tue 26-Jan-21 07:26:56

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
Just getting light here in Suffolk, where it is overcast and frosty after a glorious day yesterday.
We like our Quizzy Mondays too Ashcombe . We would be desperate without iPlayer and the other apps for the rest of the week.
I am making a door curtain today to keep those draughts out. Our big solid front door has a letter box in the middle!
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 26-Jan-21 07:35:23

Good morning Mick and all

Cold and frosty here in S E Essex

I got to speak to a Nurse Practitioner yesterday, DH picked up prescription. I gave antibiotics along with steroids (steroids only to take if absolutely necessary as they make the immune system vulnerable)

GC here today but GrandpaGravy is doing the majority of it.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Sar53 Tue 26-Jan-21 07:38:12

Good morning everyone from a very frosty Essex by the sea where there is a beautiful red sky.
We have a new blind to put up in our spare room/office today. I do hope it goes up easily 🤞🤞.
DD2's visit for pre op checks went well yesterday, now the worry starts for Thursday.
Have the best day you can, find your 😀 and stay safe everyone xx

Pittcity Tue 26-Jan-21 07:41:14

Good morning from a red skied Colchester. Below freezing again but dry.
Today's highlight a short walk to Lidl. Otherwise more sorting and packing for our move. DH is loathe to part with anything so he's going to need a removal van to himself. Luckily it can all go in the garage where it will probably not emerge until we move again!

Marydoll Tue 26-Jan-21 07:44:37

Good morning all, from a chilly Glasgow, where it is 1°C. I wish it would warm up just a little to allow me to get out for a walk.

I have nothing planned for today, apart from a Zoom lesson with Dollie and a little bit of sewing. Its seems to be taking me ages for to get back on my feet, if I ever do. Things I used to do easily, take such an effort. I am morphing into a huge couch potato!

Hoping for a speedy recovery for those family members who are unwell and all on here who are struggling.

Take care all.

Dwmxwg Tue 26-Jan-21 07:49:39

Good morning from north Surrey, some snow still on the ground and thick frost on the cars. Hoping will have cleared by the time I leave for my late shift.
Yesterday we drove to the park to walk the dog and may well do the same again today to avoid icy pavements.
We too enjoy the Monday quiz night on TV, I particularly like the Only Connect wall.
January is nearly at an end and the daylight hours are increasing. Looking for all the positives I can find. Enjoy your day all GMs

Gingster Tue 26-Jan-21 07:50:21

A beautiful sunrise this morning here in Essex. Frost on the cars and decidedly chilly.

My DD is due to have a hernia repair at the weekend. She has asked her dad if he would pick her up after the op. I don’t think he should. Coming out of hospital and then sitting in an enclosed car with him . Not a good idea. She doesn’t have a husband and has 3 children . Oh dear what to!

Nothing pressing today, just the usual dog walk and a bit of housework. Day 3 of the Roast chicken. Probably chicken and mushroom pasta bake.

Wishing you all a gentle , cosy day. 🧣🧤

Grandmabatty Tue 26-Jan-21 07:52:48

Good morning all from Polmont which has reached a balmy 2 degrees! Yesterday it didn't get above freezing til late on. It doesn't look like I'll have to scrape the car as well,so a good start to the day. Lots of toddler fun yesterday then a Burns supper when I dropped him home. Today more of the same, hopefully. Have a good day everyone.

kittylester Tue 26-Jan-21 07:52:53

Morning all from a decidedly chilly North Leicestershire. We still have quite a bit of compacted snow on the pavements.

I am going to chat to my role manager today as there is a bit of reorganisation going on with local services. And I might iron. Pasta with sausage meat and porcini sauce this evening.

DD3 told us yesterday that her next door neighbour has had visits over the weekend from her parents, her sister, her boyfriend, a playmate of one of her children and her ex husband. She's a nurse and, as a key worker, her children go to school. We all told DD to report her to someone but she won't. It's really irritating when we are all playing by the rules.

Have to best day possible everyone and stay safe.

dragonfly46 Tue 26-Jan-21 07:54:59

Good morning from a chilly Leicestershire. We still have snow!

A day of Zoom today, counselling this afternoon and NWR talk on Women’s Aid this evening.

Have a good day everyone.

Viridian Tue 26-Jan-21 07:55:14

Good morning from a rainy south Cornwall. Wonderful photo Sar!

Went for my exercise walk yesterday with a friend and we sat on a harbour front bench to rest my hips. A police van parked near us and didn't tell us off for loitering, surprisingly, maybe because of my crutches. Still, it wasn't very relaxing! It was lovely to see her though, as we're both living on our own.

Today... ooh, shall I watch Frasier or American Pickers, or practise Norwegian or just eat chocolate? The world is my oyster!

Wherever you're watching or eating, have the best day you can.

Viridian Tue 26-Jan-21 07:56:33

PS Still no snow here, but slabs of frozen hail on my swing seat yesterday, so it's a start!

Sheepandcattle Tue 26-Jan-21 07:57:12

Good morning all from a cold, icy Wiltshire. Yesterday’s plans of foot bathing and moving sheep was put on hold as we ended up sorting and taking our older, summer born weaned calves to market yesterday, so today will be sheep and then a desk full of office work that I have to catch up on. Although the paperwork side of farming is my least favourite part, I shall be glad to spend a few hours in the warm this afternoon rather than out on the quad bike! My pet hate about the winter months is the time it takes me to get dressed in the many layers that I wear in order to stay warm and dry- roll on the summer! I also need to start on some serious soup-making ready to fill the freezer with quick and nutritious meals for during lambing in a months time. During lambing I will be working from 4am till late at night and will be sleeping in a caravan next to the lambing shed so I need to be able to grab meals on the hoof. The help that I normally have over lambing is looking unlikely due to Covid so it’s going to be tough. However, I still get a huge thrill seeing new life on the farm. I always compare the lambing season to a bad soap opera ..... lots of emotional highs and lows, drama, excitement and the unexpected! The lambing shed becomes its own micro-world and anything going on in the bigger world beyond ceases to take on any significance. Last year it was particularly so .... when I entered my ‘lambing world’ the world outside was normal and when I came back out, we were under lockdown! I’m hoping this year it’ll be the other way round!
I hope you all have a pleasant and peaceful day and that you all stay upright on this icy ground!

Lins1066 Tue 26-Jan-21 08:09:33

Good morning Mick and all from a showery S Welsh coast. Didn't post yesterday, nothing much to say.
Sainsbury's delivery this morning and ironing to do later.
We went for a walk yesterday in the sunshine at lunchtime, there were still some icy puddles though and the air was cold and clear. There was snow on the hills behind us inland and over the sea on the Exmoor hills, both the sea and the sky were blue. Very quiet thankfully, only local dog walkers like us about.
Thinking of all those with sadness and ill health. Stay safe everyone.

Supernain Tue 26-Jan-21 08:15:34

Good morning Mick and all. Rarely post on here as never remember to log on until the afternoon. However this morning I remembered!

I have been reading every day and love hearing everyone’s news. Today for me will be the washing and ironing and a general tidy round. It’s cold here in Norfolk but bright so far so I may be able to get another hour in the garden as yesterday when it was beautiful. Rain forecast for later.

Hope all those struggling have an easier day

brook2704 Tue 26-Jan-21 08:23:44

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry and the snow is gradually beginning to melt - yey! I just want to be able to get out into the garden to see what’s growing, the ground is still well and truly frozen though so I can’t do much yet.
The lambing sounds really hard work sheepandcattle but amazing too, I hope it all goes well for you this year.
I enjoyed seeing the DGC for a short walk yesterday, today I’ve nothing planned but need to pop out for a bit of shopping.
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐