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Good Morning Thursday in Mick's absence.

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Marydoll Thu 28-Jan-21 07:26:17

As is the norm when Mick doesn't or is unable appear, one of the regulars starts the thread.
Good morning all.

kittylester Thu 28-Jan-21 07:30:10

Snapping MD! I'll report mine!!

Beechnut Thu 28-Jan-21 07:30:57

Good Morning Marydoll and thanks for opening up.
Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s wet cloudy and getting light.
Thank you for your kind words yesterday. Every time I saw my name my eyes leaked. Crafting does help me Marydoll

I didn’t get around to cutting my skirt out yesterday however it’s on the table ready to do. First of all it’s bed changing and bathroom cleaning.

I hope you all have a good day 🌺

kittylester Thu 28-Jan-21 07:31:53


GrannyGravy13 Thu 28-Jan-21 07:34:02

Good morning Mick hope you are ok?

Chest infection is not budging unfortunately, will ring GP later today or tomorrow.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Marydoll Thu 28-Jan-21 07:34:47

Great minds Kitty! We should have conferred! Kate usually does it. She must have slept in!

kittylester Thu 28-Jan-21 07:35:18

North Leicestershire is wet again, as is our hall!!

I really must iron today. We have a Sainsbury's delivery this afternoon.

Oh, the excitement!!

Scentia Thu 28-Jan-21 07:35:28

Copy and pasted from Kitty’s post😂

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and wet.
Off to work shortly and then at some point I must do an online shop.
No other plans, not really in the mood until I know Michael is ok to be honest.❤️

baubles Thu 28-Jan-21 07:37:51

Good morning all, wondering where Mick has got to.

We’ve yet more snow in S Lanarkshire, so that would have scuppered any plans if I’d had any.

I bought a family history chart to fill in but have already made a mess of it so I’ll order another and try again.

Hope it’s a good day for everyone.

Gingster Thu 28-Jan-21 07:39:06

I feel all discombobulated! Come on Mick. Please be ok! 🙏

Ashcombe Thu 28-Jan-21 07:39:29

Thank you, Marydoll.

Fingers crossed 🤞 that Mick's internet is flaky and that he himself is well.

A calm and mild morning here in Torbay for my Asda Click and Collect at 9.00 am.

I really appreciated the kind comments about my migraine yesterday and am pleased to say that I felt increasingly better as the day progressed. This enabled me to join my regular Wednesday Club (amdram social group) on Zoom. Some of the participants are in their 80's but embrace the new technology, a lifeline for us all at the moment.

My DD2 is impressed by this as some of her colleagues, who are half their age, are reluctant to use the facility as part of their job! We Baby Boomers are not easily defeated!

Take care and hope to hear news of Mick soon.

Sar53 Thu 28-Jan-21 07:40:14

Good morning from a dry, mild Essex by the sea.
Best wishes to Mick whatever the problem is.
Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary and also the day that DD2 is having her operation. I have all my fingers crossed that the outcome is good 🤞🤞.
Sorry to hear that you are still unwell GG13, 💐 for you.
Supermarket shopping this morning and I may buy a nice bottle of Chablis to have with dinner this evening 🥂.
Have the best Thursday you can and stay safe everyone xx

Alygran Thu 28-Jan-21 07:43:37

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Its tipping it down here. Up early again but with a purpose today as I have a check up at the dentist at 9.
I’m going to go shopping straight afterwards to save me going out again tomorrow.
After that it will be home for a coffee and the usual reading and knitting. Speaking to DGS on face time as usual when he is finished remote school.
I hope Mick is ok and it’s just computer problems stopping him posting
Hope everyone has a good day. Stay safe.

Nannytopsy Thu 28-Jan-21 07:43:52

Good morning and thank you Marydoll & Kitty for opening up. I do hope all is well with Mick.
It’s grey and wet in Suffolk too.
An early start again - we got up yesterday for stepGD to do her university interview here but DS had the day wrong - it’s today!
Off to the shower then.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

brook2704 Thu 28-Jan-21 07:44:24

Good morning everyone from Inverness, the snow started to melt off the garden yesterday but we’ve got more snow in the forecast for later today
Thank you marydoll for opening up and hope all is well with mick
A bit of grocery shopping this morning and then settling down with a book this afternoon. I’m so pleased that yesterday DH got a call from the GP to go for his vaccine on Saturday - hes 71.. I’ll have a wait a bit longer yet but at least he’ll sorted
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Alygran Thu 28-Jan-21 07:45:32

Happy anniversary Sar . Hope all goes well with your DD’s operation.

Elizabeth1 Thu 28-Jan-21 07:48:52

Good morning marydoll perhaps mick is having a lie in. this morning. Today it’s rather dark wet cold and windy on the east coast of Fife. I’m so pleased I’m still in my cosy bed recovering from yesterday’s events when I had a wee slurp of so called juice when in fact it was laced with delicious french wine winehic hic the zoom I was invited to had lots of laughter from about 9 gns who’ve known each other for a few years now. I can’t wait until we meet up again there will be loads of hugs I’ve no doubt. Poor*katek*was unable to appear due to an injury she sustained get well soon Katek flowers you were missed yesterday as was Tam o Shanter at least from some

In the afternoon I was in receipt of a motormede it’s a singing all dancing exercise machine which will be beneficial to all three of us. I think I’ll be spinning in the Algarve this morning wink have a good day everyone be good to yourselves and anyone else who might need your comfort.

grandMattie Thu 28-Jan-21 07:50:21

Bum, I posted on the other one... I shall post later if I have time!
Thanks Mary for starting this...

brook2704 Thu 28-Jan-21 07:51:08

A very Happy Anniversary Sar 🍾💐🥂 and hope all goes well today for your DD
Hope you’re soon feeling better GG , take care

Sheepandcattle Thu 28-Jan-21 07:51:41

Good morning all and especially to Mick - I do hope you’re just having a computer glitch this morning.
Busy day yesterday and had to go back down the calving shed in the evening as a cow needed a bit of help calving - all ended well. The 3 ewes with twin lamb disease were much improved yesterday - I decided to keep them in for an extra day to be on the safe side but they’ll be turned out today to join the rest of the flock. I enjoyed a family quiz last night in between trips to the calving shed - as always, I held on to my place at the bottom of the league! It ended up with a tie-breaker between 2 of my nephews....”what weighs the most, a pencil, a toothbrush or a pair of cotton ankle socks?!” Answer: cotton ankle socks!
Today we have our Red Tractor Inspection, an annual inspection to ensure that we meet all the animal welfare standards to allow the Red Tractor Logo to be attached to our produce. In normal times, the inspector spends half a day or so on the farm, checking all paperwork and recordings and then a farm tour but because of COVID restrictions, it has to be done virtually this year. I’ve already scanned and sent him the numerous amounts of documentation that they need to see and check so today is a FaceTime tour of the farm, to minimise the risk of COVID, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works out. It’s an extremely thorough inspection, and rightly so as I’m proud of Britain’s reputation for some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. Fingers crossed that it all goes ok!
Wishing you all the best day possible, especially those unwell or anxious about family and loved ones.

Gagagran Thu 28-Jan-21 07:52:04

Morning all from a damp but mild south coast. 12.0c at 6.30am. Hope Mick is just late to the thread - not like him but he he will know we will be concerned.

Medical bulletin from DD yesterday was that DSiL has improved a lot but she still feels unwell. DGS seems to be sleeping himself better but still not himself. I think (and hope) that they will improve as the days go on.

DH is venturing out on a bike ride this morning with his friend. I prefer him not to go alone given his medical conditions. I know how much he enjoys getting out on his bike so I encourage him to go and it has certainly helped his recovery from the initial surgery. He has two more surgeries lined up once things get back to some sort of normality in the NHS.

Another blank day looms on the agenda sheet apart from the green bin collection (recycling). Hey ho.

Keep safe everyone. Not long now until spring has sprung! sunshine

Beechnut Thu 28-Jan-21 07:52:23

Happy anniversary Mr&Mrs Sar 🥂

NanKate Thu 28-Jan-21 07:53:46

Morning Marydoll and Kitty. Thanks for manning (hope I can still use this word) the fort until we discover where Mick is. Yes I did sleep in today Mary.

Quite mild here today in South Bucks. I hear heaven rain and snow is in prospect for our friends further North. This is the last thing that is needed.

We saw a large flock of fieldfares in the hedgerows yesterday. It lifted our spirits. 🕊

Nothing much planned today except my 20 minute walk.

NanKate Thu 28-Jan-21 07:54:37

Heavy not heaven !

Marydoll Thu 28-Jan-21 08:09:48

Good morning all again! I'm not so good first thing, so its taken me a bit to get going.
In the past Mick has had Internet problems, which took days to sort. Unfortunately, the member who was in contact with him, is no longer able to post. That's all I'm saying.
Fingers crossed, he is ok.

Don't worry, if I'm not about first thing tomorrow. I have an early morning hospital appointment, the first since lockdown. The risk of not checking me is deemed a greater risk than going to hospital.
No-one has been monitoring the effects of my biologic injections, so I have been summoned!
Perhaps we could agree on who will start the thread if Mick is not about.
DH is so excited about a run on the motorway and a chance to boost his battery!

GG, please, that's worrying. Please contact your GP as soon as possible and let us know how you get on. 💐

Ashcombe, I misread your comment as Mick is flaky and thought you were very brave!!! 😂
Talking of Zoom, I have spent two days installing a webcam on my PC, to enable me to share my files with Dollie during our homeschooling. I find the tablet is too small.
I just couldn't get the microphone to work. ☹
Despite all the advice, from the professional IT experts in the family and the Microsoft fora/forums advice, it still wouldn't work.
As you know, I like a challenge and was determined not to give up. Much to the astonishment of the experts, I cracked it! It certainly gave my flagging confidence a boost, I thought I was turning into a silly old fool.
So I will be seeing Dollie in wide screen today. (I hope).

I'm asking again for all your prayers and positive thoughts for my friend's granddaughter and her unborn baby. She has taken a turn for the worse, the family are all in bits.

Take care all. 🤗 ( You are safe, they are only virtual hugs).