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This amused me.

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Grandma70s Sun 31-Jan-21 09:54:50

My brother made a mistake when ordering milk delivery via an online form. He meant to order two pints, but somehow managed to order forty-two, all of which were on his doorstep the next morning. They managed to give them away to neighbours and the local food bank.

That evening they wanted to make custard, but found they had got rid of their milk so thoroughly that they didn’t have enough left.

midgey Sun 31-Jan-21 09:56:38

That is really funny, what a nightmare to open the door first thing!

Sarnia Sun 31-Jan-21 09:58:36

Thanks for this. A bit of a chuckle amidst the gloom.

Witzend Sun 31-Jan-21 10:02:19

πŸ˜‚ - but a shame about the custard!

henetha Sun 31-Jan-21 11:20:55

That's hilarious! Especially that they didn't keep enough back for custard!
I managed to order 12 bars of plain chocolate recently, instead of just 1 as I intended. But chocolate keeps much better than milk so I am enjoying munching away my 12 bars...

crazyH Sun 31-Jan-21 11:23:29


Georgesgran Sun 31-Jan-21 12:27:50

We used to get fruit and vegetables delivered many years ago, when we both worked. DD was a banana fanatic, but we were always left a hand of 6 fruits and not the 6lbs as ordered. We gave up in the end.

BBbevan Sun 31-Jan-21 12:31:52

Oh that’s classic. Thank you 😘😘😘

rubysong Sun 31-Jan-21 12:48:18

DS1 inadvertently over ordered tins of beans when he was younger and had them in every cupboard for a while. Thankfully they were something which kept safely.

Bathsheba Sun 31-Jan-21 12:57:10

So funny grin. A facebook sewing contact wanted to order 100 pre cut squares of stabiliser, but managed to order 10,000 instead gringringrin. She was frantically trying to sell them in bundles of 100, because she would never get through 10,000 in her lifetime grin

Ohmother Sun 31-Jan-21 22:37:47

I did the same with eggs last summer! I had to go to the shops the same day and buy myself another dozen! πŸ˜‚

muse Sun 31-Jan-21 22:56:12

On-line order during first lockdown : Ordered 1kg of quite a few things: bananas, carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes ...

One of everything arrived. Didn't make that mistake again.

Aldom Sun 31-Jan-21 23:02:10

Thanks for laugh Grandma70's

Lexisgranny Sun 31-Jan-21 23:07:07

We have not been in supermarkets since the first lockdown and the last three weeks we did not receive the bananas we ordered with our delivery. Is there a nationwide shortage, or have we been unlucky? (Also missing in action, so to speak are Activia Prune Yoghurts, the layered ones).

Spice101 Mon 01-Feb-21 06:10:26

Our son recently did an online order with a supermarket and ordered 5 limes. What arrived was 5 bags of 5 limes. He said he didn't need that many limes for their cocktails.

NotSpaghetti Mon 01-Feb-21 08:31:57

Lexisgranny, bananas are currently under pressure as there are many less coming in from Ghana. They are having to pay nearly Β£100 per tonne in duty since the new year and Brexit. They are trying to negotiate an exception but nothing yet. The production from Ghana sells a huge proportion of their crop here and some growers apparently may go bust if a deal isn't sorted soon.

Rowsie Mon 01-Feb-21 09:28:48

Hilarious, although one wonders why the milkman thought you wanted 42 pints!

Lindaylou55 Mon 01-Feb-21 09:29:08

Instead of ordering 10 loose mushrooms to go with our steak, I ordered 10 boxes of mushrooms, I gave a lot away and froze some.

jaylucy Mon 01-Feb-21 09:30:18

We had the opposite problem. My son has a banana each day so when going to the supermarket, always used to pick a bunch with 5 in it.
Order online and he went to the bit where you order a number rather than weight. Each week after that, it was a complete surprise as to how many would be delivered - from 1 - 8! We came to the conclusion that they were going by weight some weeks!

polnan Mon 01-Feb-21 09:43:09

oh this is so encouraging for me to see!
I inadvertently ordered incorrectly, and thought it was just me, going nuts! or should I say bananas.

as for the bananas "shortage" I read that all imports (well most) now get subject to this tax, (can`t think what it is called! duh!)
and I wanted to understand who does the tax, apparently, so I understand it is our Government that puts this tax on importing goods to protect our suppliers here

so I do NOT understand why bananas come under this import tax as surely we can`t grow any here!!

I hate conundrums like this...

silverlining48 Mon 01-Feb-21 09:43:41

When (at the start of lockdown no. 1 ) we placed our first supermarket delivery I thought we needed a treat so ordered a pack of hobnob biscuits. Then decided that might not be enough so increased order to two packs. Twenty two packs of hobnobs were delivered. Luckily they keep. grin but not for long!

Aepgirl Mon 01-Feb-21 09:46:32

My WI makes up bags of essential items for the local hospital to give to people who have gone into hospital unexpectedly. One of the items is a comb, and one of our members asked her husband to order 100 combs online. He did this, but didn’t check that each pack of combs contained 10 combs.

IvvieN Mon 01-Feb-21 09:46:46

My friend asked me to order 2 bags of flossing toothpicks for her from Amazon, each with 30 picks. Neither of us realised that each bag contained 5x 30.... she now has 300 toothpicks

marionk Mon 01-Feb-21 09:53:27

It reminds me of Victor Meldrew and the gnomes πŸ˜‚

PECS Mon 01-Feb-21 09:54:17

Which reminds me... wewere a pint short this morning! confused Though I got the cheese, an 'extra' to my usual order of 2 pts.