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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 06-Feb-21 06:11:04

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , and looks foggy and cold out there in Brackley this morning.
Still trying to get used to being home , went out twice yesterday , got some Fish & Chips and a supermarket shop as well , both causing delays with queing , but no palpitations returned a good sign.
Getting my medication in order , also spoke to my surgery as regards to the coronavirus jab option , also talked about an exemption card as to face mask, and it was a yes , having checked .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sat 06-Feb-21 06:20:50

Good morning,*Mick*, and everyone from a grey E Kent. What horrible weather is forecast for us! Poor DS2, who works in a huge paper recycling factory, is going to have two or three difficult nights.
Feeling much better today after a “nothing” day yesterday- mostly sat and read. I feel so guilty if I don’t do anything constructive. Wretched Protestant work ethic!
Shall keep busy today, mostly sewing as I have done all the contacting and telephoning yesterday.
I sorted out a “Lent calendar” full of positive things to do for my Sunday School group and sent it to the leader.
My two young DGDs have been low; they worry terribly about things, so I have ordered an afternoon tea to be delivered today. I have only told the elder girl as she loves secrets and is good at keeping them! I hope that they enjoy it.
I hope the poorly, sad, worried, in pain and just plain cheesed off have a gentle day. X

cornergran Sat 06-Feb-21 06:40:40

Morning Mick, morning All. Dark, cold and looks dry in our corner of Somerset. You’re both sounding better mick and grandmattie, don’t overdo it though. We all need down time, even machines get that.

Enjoyed a walk yesterday, hope for the same today. Need to find some exercise sheets and large rubber band things that go with them. Goodness knows where they are, certainly not where I was sure I had put them. We should be researching a new tv, we really should, a wonder about how long it would take us to understand it seems to be a deterrent!

Special thoughts for those with heavy hearts. Take care everyone.

Gagagran Sat 06-Feb-21 06:53:07

Morning Mick, Mattie and all who follow. It feels chilly here on the south coast, 3.2c on my weather station and the promise of some snow tonight into Sunday morning. Glad you are settling back into your home Mick. Nothing like your own bed after a spell in hospital is there?

I had a "nothing on the agenda" day yesterday as well but enjoyed seeing lots of photos of DGD's 16th birthday celebrations with her sister and parents. They made sushi, which is something have never ever tasted. There's something off-putting to me about cold rice and raw fish!

DH enjoyed his bike ride with his chum but they were both tired when they got back. I suggested that DH, as the route planner, had maybe gone a bit too far but of course he said not. I think he forgets his physical limitations these days!

Sausage, mash and onion gravy is on the menu today. Just the job on a cold winter day.

Sorry to hear about your worried DGDs Mattie. The afternoon tea will be a lovely treat. I might make some scones later, thinking of that.

Hope today is a good day for us all. Keep warm and keep safe. Spring really is coming soon. sunshine

Gagagran Sat 06-Feb-21 06:54:37

Morning corner! Had me scratching my head about rubber sheets for a moment there!

Gagagran Sat 06-Feb-21 06:55:34

Until I read your post properly!

Scentia Sat 06-Feb-21 06:58:44

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and wet.
Today I am going to collect DGS to do a bit of childcare for the day. He can help me finish making my new Guinea Pig run. I have done the hutch and DH is showing an interest, I knew he would as he loves animals. He did say “don’t start bringing them inside will you!” After a week or so he will be fetching them in for a play, soft as grease he is😂
I am ordering copy of The Dutch House as so many seemed to rave about it yesterday.
Annie I do hope everything is getting clearer in your mind and you are feeling a little more calmer today.
Thinking about the young mum and hoping the CS went ok and they are all ok.
Take care my GM friends and stay safe😆❤️

Beechnut Sat 06-Feb-21 07:07:12

Good Morning everyone from a frosty Severnside. The sky has the sunrise glow with the silhouette of the dark trees. One of my loves, trees against the sky in different lights, especially bare trees.

It’s sad your girls have worries at their young age Mattie.

My girl is coming today so it’s very possible that the house will fill with laughter. If she stays to eat I’m going to cook Urms soap dish. LadyO would you post your salmon risotto recipe please. It sounds like something I would enjoy.

Take care all and don’t take on too much too soon Mick. 🌺

LauraNorder Sat 06-Feb-21 07:17:27

Good morning Mick and all from dark Anglesey. Wow I haven’t been up this early for a long time. Have been summoned for my jab at 9 am woohoo.
Another one of us on the road to hopefully suppressing the virus and allowing us to open up slowly.
Glad you enjoyed fish and chips Mick. Glad you’re able to be out and about.
I am not so brave but as I’m going to be in Holyhead I might even call in to the newsagent for a paper so that I can post on the cartoon thread.
Small pleasures.
Off for a shower and to find loose clothing to wear as instructed.
Good wishes to all to come

maydonoz Sat 06-Feb-21 07:32:51

Good morning all from a dry, just light coming in Welwyn, Herts.
Good to see Mick is back at the helm, hope you're feeling better. Thanks to GM and MD for filling in meanwhile.
Today should be an easy day for me, no DGC to care for, just a wash and the usual tidying. Dinner I'll think about later, have still got some leek and potato soup from yesterday for starters.
Monday is our big day, both DH and myself have got our vaccine appointments at the same time, so it will be a relief to have it done. Hopefully it will help us all to get out of this lockdown and back to some sort of a normal life.
I wish you all a good day.

NotAGran55 Sat 06-Feb-21 07:40:19

Good morning from misty West Berkshire .
Good to hear that you are getting back to your normal routines Mick as it can be quite disorientating being in hospital. Hope you will get your vacation soon .
I will make some soup and scones this morning for lunch and then give myself a manicure and pedicure whilst listening to the football on the radio this afternoon.

Thinking of those with challenges in their lives .

LadyO Sat 06-Feb-21 07:47:58

Morning from South Bucks, early for me on a Saturday but I’ve just read Beechnut’s recipe request so here it is...
As I’d mentioned yesterday, I saw this on Gransnet years ago and have made it regularly ever since, (quantity adjusted for just 2 of us.)
Off for a National Trust walk this morning, weather looks damp and murky so far, but we need the fresh air and change of scenery... much as I love my village I’ve seen more than enough of it lately!
Oh, and welcome back Mick. It was this thread that originally drew me to Gransnet years ago - although I don’t post very often, I always read it.
Have a good, safe day everyone.

Pittcity Sat 06-Feb-21 07:48:21

Good morning from a grey but still dry and mild Colchester. We have an amber weather warning for snow tonight.
DD2 moved house successfully yesterday and sent us photos of DGS in his first garden and sound asleep late last night.
DS is home for the weekend as he is now getting regular Covid tests. I am hoping he will help me sort the stuff in his room.
I have a pile of ironing to tackle including his uniform. Steak and chips for tea.

fatgran57 Sat 06-Feb-21 07:51:05

Good morning from Tasmania where we have had torrential rain.

Meant to be fine tomorrow so may venture out to local market for a look.

We are very lucky here - no cases of Covid at the moment and life goes on as normal, we can go anywhere we like, meals, shopping etc, visit anyone we want to.

I am very sorry for the situation you people are suffering and for so long too.

Kindest regards to all.

Dwmxwg Sat 06-Feb-21 07:52:57

Good morning all from a cold north Surrey, light ground frost today, we may get snow tonight, seem to be on the edge of the warning zone.
I am hoping I have turned the corner with this damn cold as have slept much better. Yesterday’s video call with nurse was bizarre as I had to examine my own glands and then she looked at my throat with my phone camera and torch, I think this is going to be the new normal. Thinks a virus (not THE virus) and keep doing what I am already doing.
Auntieflo I am so sorry to hear your news yesterday wasn’t good, keep hope in your heart that the treatments offered will help. Sounds like you have a good support network around you and of course you have your GN friends too.
Georgesgran I do hope your DH had a comfortable night in hospital and they are starting the treatment quickly.
GrandMattie what a lovely treat to send to your DGDs. I have ordered some books to arrive today for DGSs who were so good for me when I was feeling poorly and still had to look after them this week.
We are going to try out Urms SOAP dish tonight, hoping it is another house where it is another menu to add to our “go to” list
Wishing all a gentle Saturday

ginny Sat 06-Feb-21 07:53:21

Good Morning everyone. Very foggy here in N. Bucks.

I’m excited today. DD2 rang last night to say that her car was booked in for MOT . She lives 8 miles away in a different county but the garage in our tow is her nearest. Haven’t seen her ‘in the flesh since October. She suddenly realised that as she would be in town legitimately we could meet for a ( distanced walk)walk whilst she waited for her car. Just hope I can see her through the fog !

DH has said he will make dinner this evening. That doesn’t happen often so another good thing today.

Otherwise another of sewing and crochet will keep me busy.

Thinking of all with worries or pain.

Hope you can all find a 😁 today.

Ashcombe Sat 06-Feb-21 08:05:12

Good morning to Mick and other early birds from a very frosty Torbay! 🥶

It’s good that you are feeling well enough to be out, Mick, and I hope your medication continues to keep you that way. A year ago, I was diagnosed with stable angina and it took a few months for the correct dosage of the various meds to be sorted out.

I’m glad your restful day has paid off, grandMattie, and it’s helpful when people share their experiences, post vac. Locally, we learn that surplus vaccines are available in Exeter this weekend if you don’t mind travelling there, with some Pfizer ones in Plymouth having to be destroyed, which is so disappointing. It’s a pity there isn’t a list of folk willing to turn up at short notice. I’m hoping to be called soon to our local centre in Torquay.

It must be so hard for our young folk, with limited contact with friends and no opportunities to participate in the things we all took for granted as teenagers. e.g. clothes shopping, cinema, parties, bowling, etc. Being at home so much is hard enough for our generation but it’s less frustrating than for our young people.

A toddle to local shops when it’s less icy is all I have planned for today. Wishing you all a good w/e and hoping our friends in the S.E. don’t have too much snow. ☃️❄️⛄️

GrannyGravy13 Sat 06-Feb-21 08:06:56

Good morning Mick and all

Nothing planned for today, I might go to our local butcher and tiny Sainsbury’s both at the other end of my road. We had a takeaway from the Indian restaurant last night it was scrumptious and makes a change from my cooking.

Our 5 yr old GS is 6 next week and he is so upset and anxious, no party, no cousins or friends. His party last year was cancelled as Covid was just emerging my heart breaks for him and all the tinies.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

brook2704 Sat 06-Feb-21 08:10:44

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve had more snow again and it’s freezing cold and icy
The afternoon tea treat sounds lovely GM I’m sure they’ll love it!
Today even though it’s so cold we’re going to wrap up warm and find a walk somewhere. I know it’s the same every day but I feel so much better after a walk so need to keep going.
Enjoy your day today beechnut I hope you get lots of laughter, and scentia enjoy making your guinea pig run with your little helper 😀
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Jaxjacky Sat 06-Feb-21 08:11:54

Good morning all from a frosty, foggy S Hants. I felt so sorry for DD yesterday, Friday is her day off working in a school, both grandchildren decided to have a squabbling day. I suppose for all of us some days are just too much, in normal times we would have whisked them off here overnight to give her a break. Anyway, might get up to the allotment today to cover over the half not dug over yet, will be a quick trip as it’s cold which doesn’t suit my Raynauds. I’m going to make cauliflower cheese to have with steak tonight and homemade chips.
Special thoughts with those bearing sad news yesterday. Have a gentle day all.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 06-Feb-21 08:15:24

Good morning Mick, so pleased that you have ventured out, take care though if going out without a mask, it’s such an important item to wear at the moment.

We have freezing fog in Oxfordshire, DH is having a bad reaction to the Covid Jab, just stripped his saturated bed and I assume that he’s found another bedroom to sleep in, don’t want to hunt for him in case I wake him up.
So, bed totally stripped, mattress topper turned around, duvet airing out in Conservatory and the Electric blanket is on in case he has soaked the other bed and needs to get back into his, so much for an easy Saturday. Hopefully it’s just a 24 hour thing.

Hope everyone has a peaceful day and please take care.

Marydoll Sat 06-Feb-21 08:15:55

Good morning all, from a Glasgow, at least its not raining. Another day doing nothing, planned, apart from troubleshooting my printer. I am determined to solve the problem.

DD and SIL, will be up with my prescriptions, t will be good to see a different face. I think I'm getting on DH's nerves! 😁

I'm a bit surprised you were allowed out and about Mick. After my heart attack last month and despite negative Covid tests in hospital, I had to self isolate, in case I had picked up Covid in hospital. Is there no-one in your complex, who could help with shopping? Take it easy Mick and don't push yourself too much.

Although I too have an exemption from wearing a mask, I had to wear it for most of my stay in hospital. I was too scared not too. A friend's husband caught Covid in the same hospital I was in and died yesterday. Its so cruel. 😢 I keep thinking how fortunate I was to get off scot free.

I have no news of my friend's granddaughter yet. I spoke to two other mutal friends yesterday and they hadn't heard anything. As soon as I have heard anything, I will let you all know.

You have probably sussed I'm a bit low today. Despite my increased heart meds, I'm only feeling a tiny bit better and we are running out of options.
I had a day of self indulgent wallowing yesterday, so no more!! It wasn't helped by three younger friends in good health getting the vaccine, when the shielders have been totally abandoned by the Scottish Govt. 🤬
There are posters on GN with much greater crosses to bear than I have, so time to give myself a shake.💐

Stay safe everyone and for those who are receiving their vaccine today, good luck! The more who get it the better.
I shall come back tomorrow in a better frame of mind!

Beauregard Sat 06-Feb-21 08:20:38

Good morning all from Derbyshire where it's currently dry.

A walk might be on the cards this morning. This afternoon it's racing followed by rugby on tv., so dinner will need to be something that doesn't involve a great deal of preparation. Unfortunately the healthy eating plan has now resumed which rules out most fast food and takeaways.

"My" horse is running today at Musselborough - a long way to go from his base in Wiltshire, but the trainer has chosen this course to try and get better ground conditions for the horse to run on, as many other courses are heavy going at the moment, which he doesn't like. Further rain due this morning may scupper that plan though. Marydoll Will your DH be following the racing this afternoon? Unfortunately this particular race isn't on Itv though.

Lovely idea to have the afternoon tea delivered grandMattie. They'll love that. Great to hear all the good news about people getting their jabs. Hope Marydoll is feeling better and her friends granddaughter has safely had her baby.

flowers to AuntieFlo and all with worries and illness to contend with.

Have a good Saturday all.

brook2704 Sat 06-Feb-21 08:29:08

Oh marydoll sorry you’re feeling down , but it’s awful you’ve not had any communication about your vaccine yet. I really hope this is sorted soon for you.

Sheepandcattle Sat 06-Feb-21 08:32:15

Morning all from a cold and frosty Wiltshire. I had real trouble opening up the yard this morning as the padlocks were frozen solid. In the end I had to pop back to the house to get a flask of hot water to pour over them - it looks beautiful though. We were able to collect a calf from our neighbours dairy farm yesterday’s put on Nancy who had had the stillborn calf. I think it’s going to take a couple of days for them to ‘fall in love’ but she will let him feed if we put her in the crush (a box to hold a cow still) while he suckles. The calf has been named Dumpy Bag as that’s what he sat in in the back of the land rover on the journey home! We’ve got bad weather from tomorrow so today I’m going to split the triplet baring ewes off and bring them into the barn just to give them a bit of extra cosseting. I normally keep them out on grass as long as possible pre-lambing as grazing keeps them active but I’ve just got a gut feeling that they’d do better in the barn over the cold spell.
Wishing you all a good day.