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Covid precautions poster - should we have one on gn?

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kittylester Sun 07-Feb-21 10:49:57

It seems that, normally, everywhere I go on the internet there is some sort of message, usually offering advice on stopping the spread - should there be one on gn?

timetogo2016 Sun 07-Feb-21 10:52:17

I don`t see why not tbh kittylester.
A very good point too.

suziewoozie Sun 07-Feb-21 10:52:43

Why ? If we don’t know by now, we never will and if we don’t care by now, it won’t change our behaviour. I just screen out any of these messages now - I think they can be counter productive in fact

Kim19 Sun 07-Feb-21 11:00:39

Like SW, I cannot imagine that anyone does not have access to Covid information nowadays. We a regularly bombarded with it. I think our lifestyles have been personally impacted by it. Can't think that there's any more information out there which will persuade individuals from the action path they have chosen.

Alegrias1 Sun 07-Feb-21 11:02:58

I've just turned off the radio because I have had enough of people telling me to "Look them in the eyes". If Gransnetters don't know the rules by now then a banner on GN isn't going to help.

Marydoll Sun 07-Feb-21 11:03:57

I can see Kitty's point. There are still vulnerable people on here, who still haven't got the message.

Jaxjacky Sun 07-Feb-21 11:18:25

It wouldn’t hurt, another thread today referred to ‘over 50’s rushing for vaccinations’ when there are specific stages of being offered the vaccine. Others, some on GN seem to think that being vaccinated means you can throw caution to the wind and start hugging family. So no, I don’t think everyone understands the current information including how to help stop the spread and reiteration may help.

suziewoozie Sun 07-Feb-21 11:27:37

Jax your first example is nothing to do with the OPs suggestion and was dealt with ( hopefully) on the thread by a worried poster raising the issue and being reassured. Neither would a simple banner type whatever deal with the more complex issue of what the vaccine means in terms of changing behaviour. That needs to be communicated widely and well but the whole thrust of much media reporting atm is that bring vaccinated is a game changer. That’s because of the agenda of the right wing media. Being vaccinated simply means carrying in as before but with a greatly lessened fear of the consequences of catching Covid.

Jaxjacky Sun 07-Feb-21 11:41:01

Agree mostly suzie I just don’t think the hands, face, space including after vaccination is promoted enough, or maybe people choose not to hear..sigh.

Lillie Sun 07-Feb-21 11:58:57

I agree Jaxjacky, the after vaccination message is not always getting across. We see several people on TV getting up from their chair saying, "I feel I've got my life back now," " I can hug my family now."
GN being a site for the older generation could have some kind of poster to make things clear.

muse Sun 07-Feb-21 12:13:45

suzie - I'm pretty sure too that everyone knows how to take care but I totally agree with Jaxjacky's two comments. It isn't just a general "take care" comment to everyone that's needed.

Being vaccinated simply means carrying on as before but with a greatly lessened fear of the consequences of catching Covid. However, those people could still catch it and pass it onto others who've not been vaccinated. They need reminding so yes to a banner stating this.

suziewoozie Sun 07-Feb-21 12:53:42

I agree about the things some people seem to believe after being vaccinated. I think some of the media have to take responsibility in linking their push back to normality with the vaccine rollout. Why doesn’t someone on here come up with the wording for after vaccine advice and ask HQ to put it up on the site? I’m completely sceptical about the banner idea and think a thread discussing it would be better if you believe something is needed.

Witzend Sun 07-Feb-21 13:46:37

TBH I see and hear quite enough COVID advice - endless ads on Classic FM, and newspaper ads.

IMO the sort of people who are going to be careful will be careful anyway, and those who won’t - like the 3 mask-less late teens/early 20s in my local shop not an hour ago - will continue to stick 2 fingers up at any rules they don’t feel like following.

NellG Sun 07-Feb-21 13:55:45

Are you suggesting some kind of banner on the site and not a 'sticky' post ( ie one that always appears on top of the list)? Because a banner would take up advertising space and selling the space is how GN makes money. So, if you are suggesting a banner/side bar post I suspect it would need to be paid for. If not you could email GN and ask them to create a sticky post.

Personally I think if we don't know by now we never will reminders do no harm.

BlueBelle Sun 07-Feb-21 14:43:58

Oh please no no no it’s in your face everywhere if we don’t know by now will we ever
I don’t want reminding any more to wash my hands wear my mask and stay 20 ft away surely we re all familiar with it
If it’s more complex information like vaccines etc etc there are threads springing up all the time and in fairness information is changing all the time too

Baggs Sun 07-Feb-21 14:53:13

If there exist vulnerable people on Gransnet who still haven't got the message I doubt a GN banner is going to make any difference. It is most unlikely that such people, if they exist, haven't got the message because they haven't been exposed to the message enough. More likely they don't want to know or do know and don't care.

Perhaps they think living is about more than avoiding death at all costs.

Marydoll Sun 07-Feb-21 14:55:36

That's a fair enough point Baggs.

However, if the are out and about, possibly maskless, they should give some consideration to those they could potentially infect.

Baggs Sun 07-Feb-21 14:57:48

However, if the are out and about, possibly maskless, they should give some consideration to those they could potentially infect.

Yes, they should, but if they haven't done this so far I doubt they're going to start now.

Baggs Sun 07-Feb-21 14:58:52

Actually, I go about outside maskless. Nearly everyone does around here. The law is that one has to wear a mask in shops and some other enclosed spaces.

Baggs Sun 07-Feb-21 14:59:25

Like on public transport.

Sara1954 Sun 07-Feb-21 15:01:25

I’m with Suzie, if we don’t know it all by now, we never will.

Marydoll Sun 07-Feb-21 15:06:20

Baggs, I am talking about places where mask are compulsory, nothing else.

Lillie Sun 07-Feb-21 15:16:41

This serves to show the damage lockdowns cause, though there really is no alternative. What I mean is that in normal life we would sit in a cafe socialising, chatting with friends and putting the world to rights. Every little thing would get discussed and analysed, and myths would get squashed. We learn from observing and talking with others and accepting advice. Because older people in particular have been deprived of this interaction many may have become more fearful, more gullible, more confused and less able to sift through the overload of information.

LauraNorder Sun 07-Feb-21 16:52:44

There are folk on Gransnet who seem knowledgeable and intelligent but before Christmas many talked of having Christmas dinner with one son or daughter and then another meal with the other next day. Fortunately the five day opening was cancelled and the not very sensible decisions were undone. Many of the posters are such lovely uncritical sorts that most of us didn’t say anything to avoid hurt feelings.
Recently one of our most lovely and popular posters went to hospital, returned home and immediately went walkabout without any period of quarantine. That poster then obtained a ‘mask wearing’ exemption and continues to wander in and out of takeaway food outlets and supermarkets.
Nobody has been mean enough to point this out but it is so important that well meaning and kind people are made aware that they are a danger to themselves and others.
So yes, a would like to see a brief reminder of not only the rules but the sensible choices on Gransnet

LauraNorder Sun 07-Feb-21 16:54:29

Sorry not just a day appointment but an eight day stay in hospital.