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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 01-Mar-21 06:11:01

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its a bit twilight this morning here in Brackley but its dry outside.
Plan to do a small shop later, about mid morning .
Yesterday , watch my cycling on Eurosport which gave GB riders for there respective teams podium places .
Hopefully, if the sport continues to plan for the year , GB riders will take podium spots .
Take Care,

Beechnut Mon 01-Mar-21 06:41:00

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s dry and fairly light.
I had a lovely FaceTime chat with my brother and sister in law yesterday. My sister in law took me on a tour of their new house. It’s wonderful how things have moved on in our communication. Years ago we sent letters and an occasional phone call.

I might write some letters today and post. Apart from that nothing planned.

Pinch punch and have a good day all 🌺

grandMattie Mon 01-Mar-21 06:47:16

Good morning from a misty E Kent.
Hope the sun ☀️ shows itself today. It’s so nice to sit out. In Mauritius, they say to sit “warming the little sun”, which I think is charming. Another favourite expression from my childhood is when people come out in the sun they are “like 🦎 lizards” energising themselves (being cold blooded) 😊
Not a lot on. Monday = cleaning. DH id taking a friend to her surgery; she’s got leg problems and can’t drive herself, certainly not walk the 1/4 mile. The little medieval town’s streets are very narrow, so many one way streets... takes forever to get round the corner. But it’s worth it as it’s so pretty.
I’ve finished 32 of the 64 blocks required for DGS’ quilt, need to put them together and finish them off..l
Hope today is kind to everyone. I don’t mention anyone in particular because I forget who needs special treatment. Mi admire those who make specific comments.
So, have a gentle day, all those in sorrow, pain or anxiety, my thoughts are with you wonderful peeps. 🌷❤️☀️🌹

grandMattie Mon 01-Mar-21 06:49:24

Beech - communication has improved immeasurably. When I left Mauritius as a young woman, when we were finally able to make phone calls, one had to book international calls, and they cost about £2/minute. That was a small fortune as you can imagine!

Bellasnana Mon 01-Mar-21 07:04:41

Good morning from Malta where it is a bit cloudy but no rain forecast.

White Rabbits - first of the month and my DD2’s birthday. Hard to believe she’s 37! I remember every detail of the day she was born as if it were yesterday. Sad I can’t be with her as she lives in Florida but hope we will FaceTime later.

grandMattie, I remember when I first came to Malta and the cost of phoning abroad was prohibitive. We would make a quick call at Christmas which mostly consisted of ‘can’t talk long, this is costing a fortune!’. We are lucky now that keeping in touch is so easy.

I’m up , showered, dressed and ready for the arrival of the puppy. He’s a handful but very sweet natured. Keeps me on my toes with my own big dog as well.

Have a good day all, thoughts as always with those who are having a tough time.☀️

Dwmxwg Mon 01-Mar-21 07:10:45

Good morning from north Surrey, cold and dry no frost this morning. Clear skies last night and was so light with the almost full moon.
My hands are sore from 3 days of continuous hand washing, they will be glad of some treatment from my “special” ointment and a bit of a rest.
Visit to mum and dad this morning. We have set up a WhatsApp group between the 3 sisters to feedback from our visits. Sounds like they are still not back on track but mum’s UTI has improved, unfortunately the antibiotics always upset her tummy so it’s a double whammy illness.
I have some ironing and will do an online Pilates session otherwise a gentle day for me. I have requested a lamb roast for dinner and DH says he has cherries in the freezer so will make a crumble with them
Happy St David’s Day to all our welsh GNs and Georgesgran you are in my thoughts this morning.
Scentia your guinea pigs look adorable.
Wishing all a good day this 1st March, pinch punch

kittylester Mon 01-Mar-21 07:17:16

Good morning all from a very foggy North Leicestershire.

Busy day ahead for the Lesters- I have a Zoom course this morning, we have a Waitrose Click and collect and, the highlight of our day, a trip to the dump!! We will need a bit sit down after all that excitement.

Sending love and gentle hugs to all.

Ashcombe Mon 01-Mar-21 07:20:22

Good morning, Mick, grandMattie, Beechnut and company, from a dry but overcast Torbay.

Although it was sunny yesterday, I took my exercise indoors with a window open, using a video from my “Move It Or Lose It” teacher to avoid the extra people around at the weekend. I look forward to the class restarting as I am beginning to lose it, in more ways than one!!

The news about the levels of protection offered, even from one vaccination, improve regularly which is heartening for us all but I think I shall have an inbuilt wariness of other people for a long time.

Apparently, large groups of youngsters were gathering on beaches in Torquay over the weekend, just as if it were a normal fine day. We don’t have enough police to monitor these instances of disregarding of the rules so I guess we must just do our bit and hope for the best.

Have a good week and kind thoughts to those who have burdens to bear, especially Georgesgran. 💐💕

GrannyGravy13 Mon 01-Mar-21 07:21:11

Morning Mick and all

It’s rather grey here in my little corner of Essex. Pottering today and ironing.

Thinking of all our poorly morning gang sending (((hugs)))

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

brook2704 Mon 01-Mar-21 07:27:12

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry and bright and not too cold. DH has just brought me a very welcome cup of tea
Hopefully your mum and dad will continue to improve and get back on track soon dwm, it’s lovely that the family group supports them so well.
We’re planning a longish walk today, we’ve been doing the south Loch Ness trail so will do another section of that and hopefully get some good views and some very fresh air.
1st March has come around soon, just 2 months to get through now until things start reopening here in Scotland at the end of April....
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today, however small and take care whatever the day brings 💐

Scentia Mon 01-Mar-21 07:29:26

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is a little cool out there.
Moving day for DFiL today, he was supposed to come on Saturday to the new home to choose his room and he said he felt ill and didn’t want to come! If he refuses to go today I will pick him up and put him in the car😂
Georgesgran thinking of you😍
Take care everyone and stay safe.

BlueSapphire Mon 01-Mar-21 07:33:42

Hello and good morning from a grey and misty Northampton. A lovely day yesterday apart from our narrow loss at rugby. I should have remembered my lucky socks! Leading 19-3 at half-time, but lost our mojo in the second half, final score 22-23 to Bath. Some silly mistakes by Saints.

Nothing planned for today, just the usual. If it brightens up this afternoon will try to get out in the garden for an hour or so. Otherwise reading, knitting etc.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Pittcity Mon 01-Mar-21 07:37:44

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Temperature back in single figures but no rain forecast.
A walk to Lidl is all that is planned today.
Much love x

cornergran Mon 01-Mar-21 07:44:16

Morning Mick, morning All from a dry. Cloudy corner of Somerset. Sunshine forecast for later.

No sign of the snow of 52 years ago on our wedding day. After an exchange of medals we plan brunch after my fasting blood test. Good planning? Err, no! A walk later before collecting more compost from the garden centre.

A happy birthday to your daughter bellasnana, enjoy your FaceTime call. Oh dear scentia, best laid plans and all that. Good luck today.

Take care everyone. Thinking of all with worries or sadness. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

Sar53 Mon 01-Mar-21 07:44:57

Good morning from a grey and misty Essex by the sea. It started like this yesterday but by the afternoon the sun was shining but it was cold.
We have to collect some tiles this morning and whilst DH is queuing for them I shall pop into the nearby large supermarket for a few bits.
My team drew yesterday and DH's team won so we were both reasonably happy.
No other plans today.
Take care everyone and still stay safe xx

Marydoll Mon 01-Mar-21 07:49:05

Good morning all from a foggy Glasgow. Mick, pleased to hear that you haven't posted any side effects from having your vaccination. I hope you are feeling better after your episode on Saturday.

Today for the first time in months, I have an empty, DH is playing golf. The Ebay queen informed me in advance to pre-empt a refusal by DH, because he quite often declines, without telling me, worrying about me being unwell and on my own. I can't wait for him to go!
I shall put on my Spotify playlist and have it playing through the house, as loud as I want! 🙉 without disturbing the neighbours that is 😁

Yesterday, I managed to tidy up my herb garden, that is until I had an ocular migraine. I haven't had one for years. ☹, I have absolutely no idea at all what brought it on.
It looks as is some of the herbs need replacing, they usually come back year after year, but some have died. I don't know why this has happened this year. They are just outside the kitchen door, which is so handy for picking.
Of course the garden centres are closed and I haven't had much luck with online plant buying in the last year.
Another job for today is planting pepper seeds in the heated propagator, but we have no compost! Life is so difficult!!! 😁

We had an unexpected video call from Dollie yesterday. All she wanted to talk about was her desire to go to the seaside with us. Remembering the happy times down the coast, before our son cut us all off. she listed her demands: a ride on the teacups, a ride on her bike along the prom , sans stabilisers, a 99 ice cream, a cake from the old fashioned bakers, (options need to be seen first) and finally a bag of chips!
The day would be concluded by a sleepover, a party, (with crisps and chocolate) watching Frozen2 and staying up late!
She obviously has been thinking of this and remembering happy times. It made me quite tearful that she had been thinking of us.

Don't worry if I don't appear tomorrow. My car is going in for a service and MOT early tomorrow. It has only done 365 miles since the last MOT!
I'm so excited, as I can legitimately cross county boundaries, without being fined. There is a Home Bargains next door to the dealership, I can't wait.
DH has said that if the shop is empty and since it's three weeks since I was vaccinated, I may be allowed to shop!
I think I may need two trollies. I have a year's shopping to make up for. Then again, if I survived a year without shopping there, do I really need anything? wink

Sending love and support to all on here who are struggling, especially Georgesgran and her husband, who have been constantly in my thoughts.

baubles Mon 01-Mar-21 07:52:42

Good morning Mick, morning all from a beautifully sunny South Lanarkshire.

Your guinea babies are very sweet Scentia.

s&c , I’m in awe of your stamina, I don’t know how you manage on so little sleep but the lambs are wonderful to see. I’m scanning the fields on my walks, desperate to spot the first one.

Congratulations DanniRae, welcome to your lovely DGD.

Happy birthday to Bellasnana’s DD and happy anniversary to the 🤤cornergrans

More walking and pottering today but the great weather is helping my mood.

Hope it’s a peaceful day for everyone especially those in pain or sorrow.

Marydoll Mon 01-Mar-21 07:55:53

Happy anniversary to the Corners! 🥂🎉
I hadn't realised this was 1st March, my late dad's birthday. He would be 115 if he was still alive. He and my mother married late in life.

Happy St David's Day to our Welsh grans. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Jaxjacky Mon 01-Mar-21 08:03:00

Good morning all from a dry, partly sunny S Hants. Happy St David’s Day and a Happy Birthday to me!
As we’ve all lost a year, I’ve decided age wise this birthday doesn’t count, it counts only for any cards and gifts I may receive. I’m eagerly awaiting my state pension, not in my account yet though (age is an exception for that). DH is working today, we’ll have Indian delivery for dinner. Have a gentle day all.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 01-Mar-21 08:07:15

Morning everyone from a dull and grey Oxfordshire, surprising really after the amazing moonlit night and morning I expected a hard frost.
Our water is being switched off for most of the day, so when DH and DD get up I will have to fill up some buckets and saucepans.
So, a normal cleaning day except that I won’t be able to do any washing.
Goodness the racket that the jackdaws are making in our chimney this morning is incredible, I guess that means that they have broken through the mesh we put on last year and are building another nest.
Have a good day everyone, stay warm......

ginny Mon 01-Mar-21 08:08:25

Good Morning. Another misty start here in N. Bucks.
Congratulations Dannierae enjoy your new GC.
The garden is looking happier after our effort yesterday and we ate lunch outside for the second day running.
DH is out already to take his Mum for her second jab. She wasn’t happy about having to be out so early .
Some housework today and a walk later. Hope you all find a 😁today.

Alygran Mon 01-Mar-21 08:08:55

Good morning from North Yorkshire where there is another misty start. I think it will brighten up later.
Happy St David’s Day to all grans with Welsh connections. I was at University in Cardiff in the 70s and have many happy memories including busy international rugby Saturdays in the city centre.
Today I start my 10000 steps a day challenge for cancer research. I usually manage that number 4 days a week but 31 in a row ????all in a good cause.
Have a good day everyone. Hope those struggling find some peace today. Stay safe.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 01-Mar-21 08:09:12

Oops jaxjacky crossed posts, have a lovely birthday , are you near the coast? We used to love going down to Mudeford quay or even a potter at Netley during the winter months.
Have a good day💐

ginny Mon 01-Mar-21 08:09:42

Happy Birthday Jaxjacky

Sheepandcattle Mon 01-Mar-21 08:11:11

Good morning Mick and All, just popped home for some breakfast- slept from 8-10pm and then 2.45-4am this morning so feeling zzzzzzz! I’ll see if I can get some rest this afternoon if the woollies allow it. The good news is that I’m over a third of the way through and the weather has been perfect for turning ewes and their new lambs out into the fields. THe lambs are born in a large pen with other ewes and, one born,they then they get transferred to a single pen to bond. All being well, on day 2 they move to the nursery pen with other ewes and lambs to get used to finding each other and sticking together before being turned out into the filed on day 3. These 3 days give me a chance to spot any problems before they have to face outdoor life. The ‘orphan pen’ is filling up, mostly with the third lamb off a set of triplets as ewes do much better raising 2 lambs than 3. I try to adopt spare triplets onto single ewes but so far, the single carrying ewes are slow to get started whilst the triplet carrying ewes are lambing like crazy! Such is life! I’m so tired I’m having trouble stringing sentences together so will post again when more with-it. I’ll take some more photos too today if I get a chance to charm you with my beautiful mother’s and babies! I haven’t read the previous posts as got to get back but wishing you all a kindly day, especially Georgesgran who is in my thoughts.