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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 02-Mar-21 06:12:49

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight here in Brackley , but looks dry outside ,and no doubt cold this morning.
Did a shop yesterday , and was OK both ways walking , have got two 5kg dumbells tempted to see if a few minutes swinging them about will help .
I also got some dispersible aspirin at 300mg, which is stronger than the prescribed one of 75mg.
Today , may take a walk to pick anew prescription, but will watch cycling live on TV this afternoon .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Tue 02-Mar-21 06:18:13

Good morning, Mick, and all who will soon follow from a dry and calm Torbay with the promise of some sunshine.

I had hoped to go for a walk yesterday but something more important intervened in the form of DGD (aged 8) needing to Zoom over her RE lesson. The subject was Judaism compared with Christianity with special reference to Passover and Lent. There was a power point presentation sent by her teacher but we found BBC Bitesize information to be more useful, sourced by DD2. Through DGD's knowledge of the “Joseph” musical, I helped her to understand the origins of the Passover and its continuing significance for Jewish people today. An hour and 20 minutes later, we agreed that our brains were hurting!

Yesterday, I emailed our local council to compliment the guys who empty the bin in the park opposite my home. I’m well aware of the regularity and diligence with which they approach their work each day as they deal with the rubbish and dog poo bins.In the morning, I had watched the chap on duty walk around the park, collecting up the remains of takeaway boxes, the sad but regular result of a weekend of fine weather. Their conscientiousness means a lot to the many users of this facility and those of us who are fortunate to be able to see this lovely area from our homes.

I hope everyone can find something to gladden their heart today and my thoughts with those bearing heavy burdens, including those expectant ewes in Wiltshire! Thank you for the update, sheepandcattle yesterday. 🐑🐏🐑

Pantglas2 Tue 02-Mar-21 06:24:13

Morning Mick from a cool and quiet north Wales- you take care swinging those dumbbells 💪!

Birthday greetings are in order I believe to Susan56 🍾 although she’s celebrated early👍 And Jaxjacky belated toast to you 🥂 AND a pension! I’m another waspi, due end of the year and can’t wait to join the club!

Trotted out early yesterday to Lidl and Tesco and brought some Welsh cakes for st David’s Day 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿and the ungrateful wretch that is DH spent the day scoffing and mumbling “shop bought rubbish”!

To make matters worse, for the first time ever, my daffs haven’t turned up....barely a bud! Call myself Welsh? Ha!

Will catch up with all your doings later lovelies x

Beechnut Tue 02-Mar-21 06:24:59

Good Morning everyone from a dark and dry Severnside.
I’ve several things to get on with today and not looking forward to it at the moment. I shall probably feel better once I get myself some breakfast and get organised.

Take care all 🌸

grandMattie Tue 02-Mar-21 06:37:08

Good morning all from a grey, misty E Kent. The cloud din't lift all day yesterday and my mood matched the weather. I was so cold [probably not dressed properly] that we had a fire in the evening! First time all day that I felt warm.
Just spent an hour trying to find a suitable Mothering Sunday hamper to send to DD and family - found one which was entirely of choclate items - the family is chocoholic! I hope they enjoy it.
Supermarket this morning, then nothing.
I was trying to think yesterday where we have been in the last 12 months - the answer was "Nowhere" apart from a 4-day visit to Bristol before DD and family went off to NZ. Lockdown occurred after that... The furthest we've been is Canterbury - so how has the car done 5,000 miles since its last service?
Hope today brings more lambs to our maternity unit, more respite to those in pain, joy to those in anguish and anxiety, and a generally pleasant day for everyone else. Stay safe! flowers

Scentia Tue 02-Mar-21 06:41:47

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it a little dark and looks cold 🥶
We successfully installed DFiL in his new home by 2pm yesterday, by tea time they sent me a video of him chatting with two men at the dinner table! The old home packed up 2 suitcases and 5 boxes of clothes, 70% of which did not belong to him😩. So I have an office full of (probably dead people’s) clothes to try and dispose of when I get in to work today!!
Take care everyone and stay safe.

Dwmxwg Tue 02-Mar-21 06:46:20

Good morning from a dry north Surrey.
Collected yet another prescription for dad yesterday for his ongoing itch and mum’s antibiotics have now finished so hopefully her tummy will begin to settle down.
Today I have nothing planned but if the weather is warm enough I may suggest we have a walk and picnic lunch with the dog.
Wishing all a good day

Marydoll Tue 02-Mar-21 06:48:11

Good morning all from a chilly Glasgow. I hardly slept, afraid I would sleep in, as have to be up early to take my car in to the dealership on the other end of the next town. I'm quite apprehensive driving in the rush hour, as I haven't driven more than a few miles all week. Some of the school children are back here, so its quite busy.

Mick, I'm curious, as to why you need a 300mg dose of aspirin, when you have been prescribed 75mg, as I have. 300mg is what you are advised to take by the 999 staff, when you have a heart attack.
Are you anxious about having another attack? I know I was, but the anxiety does lesson after time. I found the cardiac rehabilitation team very supportive and I know you will too.
I'm sure you are aware that aspirin is a blood thinner and it's best to stick to the prescribed dose.
Yesterday, after injecting myself, I had a bleed at the site, so a word of caution here, about taking too much aspirin.

I had two pleasant surprises yesterday. Late afternoon, the doorbell rang and it was Dollie and DIL. She had popped down to her mum's for something after picking Dollie up at school. Dollie was for inviting herself in, which of course isn't possible. Her mum seemed very anxious about her coming close to us. ☹
It was quite chilly, so she stretched herself out in the porch and without being asked, proceeded to give me a phonics lesson! My Zoom lessons have paid off!!! # proud gran. I have missed a year of her life, where has my baby gone?

The second was from the orthopaedic dept of one of the Glasgow hospitals to say they were going through the referrals made in lockdown and did I still wish to be seen about my hip replacement. Of course I do! The doctor was very supportive and said if I was really struggling to ask my RA consultant to contact them to bump me up the list.

Anyway I'm off now on my adventure. I'm quite excited. I shall be back later. Love to all our struggling friends. Auntieflo and Mr&Mrs Georgesgran, always in my thoughts and prayers. 💐

Bellasnana Tue 02-Mar-21 07:10:46

Good morning all. It is another bright morning here in Malta with a few clouds and a high of 17°C.

Mick, perhaps you ought to check with your doctor before doing strenuous exercise and also ask about the high dose of aspirin. It can do more harm than good so please be careful.

I sent flowers to DD2 for her birthday yesterday but when I saw the photo she sent I was so disappointed. They looked nothing like the bouquet I had ordered, more like a cheap bunch of petrol station blooms that had seen better days. I don’t often complain but I felt cheated since they were not cheap and definitely not value for money. I had a groveling apology and they are going to send a replacement, however it’s not the same really after the event.

I’m puppy sitting again today. I do love him but he’s an absolute bundle of energy so I look forward to him taking a nap.😄

Best of luck with your driving Marydoll, I know what you mean about being a bit nervous. My car sits idle most of the time and I don’t enjoy driving, especially at night.

Wishing you all as good a day as possible.☀️

Kim19 Tue 02-Mar-21 07:21:02

Morning all! I'm hoping for a day of reasonable temperature and even a bit of sunshine as I have workmen in. I will spend my time in the garden and shed doing catch up. Hope your drive was OK, MD. I'm finding the roads very much quieter at the moment even in rush hour. Hope everyone manages to find something to sing about in their day. I plan to!

GrannyGravy13 Tue 02-Mar-21 07:25:21

Morning Mick and all

It’s looking like another grey day here in S E Essex and it’s chilly.

Granny duties today, GrandpaGravy will
be homeschooling the 6 yr old I shall be running around after the 14 month terror!!

Thinking of our poorly, anxious and missing friends 💐

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

mancgirl Tue 02-Mar-21 07:26:13

Good morning from Manchester where it promises to be another sunny day. Dil 2 phoned yesterday and asked if I wanted to meet her and gs3, who is 8 months old, at Dunham Massey Park. Of course I did! Beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and some proper warmth in the sun. She had made a picnic too, it almost felt like normal times. Last 2 days of home schooling for Gs1 tomorrow and Thursday. Will miss him, not so much the home schooling. I definitely did not learn about prisms, vertices and cuboids etc in reception! He does make me laugh. Nan, put a sticker on the clock for break time and lunch time🙂 Hope everyone has the best day possible. Hugs to those who need one, flowersfor those with extra cares and worries.

NanKate Tue 02-Mar-21 07:33:40

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy and cold in south Bucks.

Saw my consultant yesterday he confirms I had a 3 week bout of diverticulitis and nothing more sinister. He wants me to fully recover and then have a colonoscopy in April. Such a relief.

Sorry about your lack of sleep Mary. Seeing your dear Dollie must have lifted your spirits so much. I wonder if she will be a next generation teacher. I too feel anxious about driving. If I have driven 20 miles since last March that’s about it.

I have my WI Zoom meeting this afternoon.

Sending hugs to those who need it. 💐

Pittcity Tue 02-Mar-21 07:35:23

Good morning from misty Colchester. Sun is in the forecast for later.
Ironing yesterday's washing is all I have on today's agenda.
We have started making tentative plans for the second half of the year but are in the process of cancelling our May holiday as it was a joining of 3 households.

I agree with the others Mick that upping the strength of aspirin does more harm than good.

Sar53 Tue 02-Mar-21 07:38:53

Good morning from another grey, foggy miserable day in Essex by the sea. The heating hasn't come on either, I think the controller may need new batteries.
I have a dental appointment this morning then another day of doing very little.
Spag bol to make for dinner this afternoon.
Take care all you lovely people, spring is out there somewhere xx

cornergran Tue 02-Mar-21 07:43:34

Morning Mick, morning All from a chilly, cloudy corner of Somerset. There’s a promise of sun later but an indoor day for me catching up on all sorts before a phone call from a consultant I’ve not spoke to before.

Thank you all for your good wishes yesterday. We managed both the garden centre and the beach where we were greeted by a cold, strong wind which blew the cobwebs away as well as the sand in our faces.

Hope you’ve managed the drive safely marydoll and will congratulate yourself on the achievement. What a shame about the flowers bellasnana, it’s such a disappointment. On the positive side your daughter will have two bouquets, I’m sure the second will be perfect. Good news your father in law made it to his new home scentia, hope he’s got at least some of his own clothes.

Look after yourselves everyone, hope Tuesday is kind to us all.

Gingster Tue 02-Mar-21 07:46:12

Good morning all from another murky morning in Essex? Yesterday didn’t really brighten up and boy was it nippy.

I had my Zoom Bridge class and it all went over my head. Having not played for over a year I found it very hard. I like to play a decent game but all the new conventions we’re learning made my brain hurt. Like you Ashcombe one hour and a half was more than enough.

Suddenly my number key and emoji key has stopped working on my I pad. How strange.!

I cleared the airing cupboard out yesterday. How many towels and sheets can just two people use. I sorted some half decent ones out and took them to DD . She never has enough with twin teenagers , and little GD .

How annoying Bellasnanna that the flowers weren’t up to scratch. I’ve had that experience and it’s really upsetting.

Scentia I’m glad your FIL is now settled into his new home. Hope all goes well for him.

Good luck with your journey Marydoll. I too dislike driving these days. Just local is enough for me.

Wishing you all a gentle day .

Nannytopsy Tue 02-Mar-21 07:47:25

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
It is grey and very still in Suffolk this morning. I have a great big pile of ironing and there is plenty to do outside, so I have no excuse to sit around today.
We are zooming with aperitifs tonight, with our oldest friends which should bring some cheer.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

kittylester Tue 02-Mar-21 07:51:11

Good morning all from a very chilly but dry North Leicestershire.

An admin morning for me - I need to organise a present for DSiL2 and I would like to send the dgc a treat before they go back to school.

This afternoon we have a man coming to look at the fence between us and the empty house next door. The fence is 'theirs' but keeling over onto our side. We've decided that we should be proactive and get 'our' side as we would like it before they move in.

Video call with the Wondrous Wolfie and his big brother and sister later and then a burger from the Burgerologist van that visits the village once a fortnight while we watch DH's team - they seem to be on tv about 3 times a week currently - and often losing. I could watch something else in another room but I think he needs to have someone to swear at!! grin

Loving thoughts to Georgesgran and everyone else with sadness, pain and worry.

Jaxjacky Tue 02-Mar-21 07:53:26

Good morning all from an overcast S Hants, supposed to burn off later. I had a lovely day yesterday with four or five doorstep visits. oopsadaisy1 we are quite near Netley, a way from Mudeford, but not local enough to justify a trip out at the moment. I have a few things to sort this week, I bought some under bed storage boxes so our collection of sun creams and rarely used pharmacy bits can come out of their cardboard box and be ditched or put away. I’ve got forms to fill to buy the GC’s some premium bonds , trip to the vape shop and the local butcher. I’ll spread the excitement over a couple of day. grandMattie my new car, bought in September, has yet to reach 450 miles, it needs a good run.
Georgesgran Auntieflo in my thoughts. panache travelsofar too.

Alygran Tue 02-Mar-21 07:58:17

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Grey and cold here.
I’m going out shortly for today’s walk. Managed my 10000 steps yesterday. 30 days to go 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️I have a zoom coffee morning with my charity later.
Mick put those weights down. You should speak to your health team about an exercise programme and your meds.
Marydoll lovely to hear about your visitor.
Thinking of Georgesgran and her DH and all those who are unwell and anxious.
Hope today is kind to everyone. Stay safe.

baubles Tue 02-Mar-21 08:01:25

Good morning Mick, morning all from cloudy South Lanarkshire.

Nothing happening in baubles towers today, I walk therefore I am.

Sending good wishes to everyone, especially those with sadness or illness to cope with.

Gagagran Tue 02-Mar-21 08:02:04

Morning all from the south coast where the sun is just breaking through the early mist. 2.2c at 6am so felt a bit cool but will warm up quickly now.

DH is having a bike ride this morning with his chum before his covid test and isolation from tomorrow, ready for his surgery on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is not cancelled again.

Nothing on my agenda for today but something will turn up. It often does.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

ginny Tue 02-Mar-21 08:02:44

Good Morning. A still, dull morning here in N. Bucks

Did nothing yesterday as felt quite unwell. Spoke to Doctor who has changed a few things to see if it helps.
Hope to be able to get outside today with DH for a short walk. Otherwise will see how I feel .
Hope you all find a 😁today.

Elizabeth1 Tue 02-Mar-21 08:09:30

Good morning everyone from a dull overcast start to the day on the east coast of Fife.

Yesterday’s weather was absolutely stunning where for the first time in a year I was able to sit outside I was hoping I could meet up this afternoon with my neighbour but it’ll be a no go I’ll not be sitting outside today it’s now too cold for me I’m only just starting to warm up in my cosy bed.

We’ve had an exciting past few days where my DH and I celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary how’s that for an achievement? I even wore a frock for the occasion.

This household had a variety of meals to celebrate, our evening dinner consisted of a particular tastey chicken korma carry out with a garlic Nan my DH and DS both had fish and chips my neighbour did well out of these by getting half of both meals to save waste hey ho what a treat for him. To finish off my dear friend arrived at the door with a few scones a small bottle of clotted cream and raspberry jam from a local farmers shop how thoughtful was she. We also got a hand delivery of the most delicious home baked coffee cake 🍰

How fortunate we are having lots of friends and family who sent good wishes to us on this special day. smile thinking of those who are alone today lots of hugs and best wishes flowers