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How often do your adult children call?

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Missfoodlove Fri 05-Mar-21 07:49:46

Number 1 a daughter can call me at least twice a day.
Number 2 a son weekly or if he’s on a long car journey.
Number 3 a son when something goes wrong.

When number 3 was away at school we had competition to see who could keep him on the phone the longest!

We have a family WhatsApp group that includes partners.

Number 3 is temporarily living with us after 7 years abroad.
He is amazed at how often his siblings speak to us!

kittylester Fri 05-Mar-21 08:07:12

We have all sorts of WhatsApp groups - joint, single, girls, boys - and hear from the 3 girls often,with photos and gossipy stuff, but the boys are much more fact driven.

I also play a game with DS1 so I message him a bit on there.

harrigran Fri 05-Mar-21 08:19:17

WhatsApp and messenger mostly but Skype sometimes. I would think there was something seriously wrong with an AC who felt the need to ring up every day. I raised DC to be independent.
I hear from DIL probably more than own DC, she does everything associated with GC and keeps me in the loop.

Jaxjacky Fri 05-Mar-21 08:21:21

Both son and daughter roughly every couple of weeks, but messenger if there’s something specific. They’re both local, although that means little at the moment.

Sara1954 Fri 05-Mar-21 08:22:45

Well we work with all three of them, so daily.
That doesn’t mean to say we know anymore about our middle son, than if he lived 200 miles away!

Humbertbear Fri 05-Mar-21 08:24:39

Our son calls us on Tuesdays when he is driving home from work. On his gap year he travelled round the world, admittedly when there were no iPhones or emails, and phoned us four times, On only one occasion did he correctly calculate the time difference. Admittedly, he got it right on my birthday.

Grandmabatty Fri 05-Mar-21 08:26:34

I hear from dd most days but it's usually about dgs and a video of him doing something cute. Because I'm on my own, I think she likes to know I'm not lying dead being eaten by feral pigs or some such. My ds posts on the family WhatsApp regularly, three or four days a week. But he lives alone so misses the company. If it wasn't a lock down, I probably wouldn't hear as much from them

tanith Fri 05-Mar-21 08:26:58

A family WhatsApp group where everyone joins in, phone calls from eldest daughter once a week, middle daughter messages me all the time to arrange walks and will phone often too, youngest my son rings maybe every 2 or 3 months he’s never been a good communicator and lives abroad.

Grammaretto Fri 05-Mar-21 08:29:54

Yesterday: I phoned DD. I will see her this weekend and I was making plans.
DS2 phoned to tell me about the earthquakes they are having in NZ
DS1 put a video on WhatsApp
DS3 commented.
I am more than happy with the quality of contact.

You have reminded me I must phone DMiL when it is a good time for her.......

Witzend Fri 05-Mar-21 08:32:49

One dd, almost every day.
The other, maybe once in 10 days but it’s more usual for me to ring and she’ll call back.
One has always been much more communicative - very different personalities. We get on fine with both though.

Artsandcraftsnanny Fri 05-Mar-21 08:39:26

DD1 probably every two weeks or so, she's very independent.
Son usually when he needs advice about cooking or decorating, mostly he video calls the whole family so we can see/talk to his little boy.
DD2 lived with us until a few months ago, and we have always been much closer. We talk most days, often video calls, and WhatsApp messages in between.

We also have a family WhatsApp where we all chat.

baubles Fri 05-Mar-21 08:46:46

DD calls two or three times a week, sometimes more if there’s a particular reason to. It was much the same even when we had a regular child care day for her.

DS, under normal circumstances would rarely call as we saw him once a week on our childminding day, nowadays we speak sporadically, there’s no pattern.

We have a group messaging chat, DS tends to post about serious topics only but will post photos or videos of the children when reminded. DD and I also use it for sharing snippets of family news as well as anything funny which has made us laugh.

B9exchange Fri 05-Mar-21 08:50:35

DS1 only if it is a very dire emergency. Doesn't trust any form of electronic communication, and won't talk on the phone, but will one in three times respond to a Signal message. DS2 sends lovely messages maybe once every few months, will call back if you leave a message. Lives locally, but we hear more from DiL than him, when she wants to give a present to one of the others, as they are too frightened to see anyone at the moment.

DD we have been seeing twice a week for homeschooling DGs, before then I would collect DGS from school, cook them a meal and take DGD to ballet afterwards. DD is very excited as picking up a new puppy at the weekend, so we get sent lots of photos.

DS3 is the only one that will ring for a chat, perhaps once a fortnight. We have family WhatsApp and Signal groups (DS1 won't use WhatsApp) that spring into life if any one has news.

Lillie Fri 05-Mar-21 08:54:52

DD WhatsApps every day. She is creative and spontaneous in her messages and calls.
DS calls to impart or ask for information, maybe twice a week. He very much works on a need to know or not basis and doesn't do triviality.
I think they are both being true to their inherent personalities.

Mollygo Fri 05-Mar-21 09:01:21

One DD calls every day in the way home from work.
The other phones, messages or calls on FaceTime 2-3 times a week.
Today I had an early morning FT call from one GD. That was a real treat.

Grannyboots1 Fri 05-Mar-21 09:10:16

My DS calls when they want childcare, averaging twice a week. DD called most days wanting something, now she has a man we are not needed 😀😀

Redhead56 Fri 05-Mar-21 10:22:22

DD Whatsapp sometimes three times a day if she's not busy with DGD who is a toddler. They are on their own all day until SIL finishes work they live 60+ miles away. I text DIL most days to ask how twins are and Whatsapp usually when DS is home with them. I think Whatsapp has been a saviour this last year.

Erica23 Fri 05-Mar-21 10:25:07

Ds1 lives across the road phones or texts once every two weeks or so. I’ve learnt to wait for his call, if I ring him in between, it’s obvious he doesn’t want to chat 🙄 Ds2 local as well, every week, usually chat for a good half hour, then in between as well if they need childcare. Dil also rings for a chat.

CassieJ Fri 05-Mar-21 10:28:05

Number 2 son usually skype once a week [ he is in Canada ], but we also whatapp through the week
Number 3 son whatsapp a few times a week and calls at least once a week.
Number 4 son still lives at home, though I think I would get more information from him if we whatsapped smile

timetogo2016 Fri 05-Mar-21 10:36:47

We don`t do Skype but both son`s and Dil`s contact me pretty much every week/10 days by phone and they all txt on a regular basis and vice versa.

Daffydilly Fri 05-Mar-21 10:40:31

DS1 video calls once or twice a week with my 4 year old grandson, also WhatsApp messaging in between.

His partner messages me must days, sending pics and little videos of the grandchildren.

DS2 calls once our twice a week.

DSD calls or messages about the same.

I have cancer and I'm having chemo so they've all stepped contact up a bit, which I'm enjoying. I do miss seeing them though.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 05-Mar-21 10:42:03

DD is on FaceTime at least 5+ times a day, 2 DS’s FaceTime a couple of times a week, 1 DS (abroad) FaceTime most Sundays.

We have a family WhatsApp group including partners, wives and my sister and BiL which is very active every day!

Grandma70s Fri 05-Mar-21 10:42:31

Both my sons are 200 miles away. One phones every day. There is nothing wrong with him, but he knows I am on my own and like to have someone to talk over the day with. Younger one much less frequently, perhaps every two or three weeks, but he has always been like that since he was at university. They are late 40s now.

Plenty of texting from both. Video calls are rare, because I don’t like them much. They make me feel, self conscious. I know what my family looks like!

4allweknow Fri 05-Mar-21 10:45:18

All on WhatsApp. Not so much phone calls,, more messages and videos from both DSs about once a week. Occasional WhatsApp get together for fun, games. Happy with level of contact, they have their lives to get on with

GrammaH Fri 05-Mar-21 10:45:45

DD lives 3 hours away & rings once a week but occasionally texts or comments on the family " reasons to be cheerful" whatsapp group. DS lives about 2 miles away with his wife & 2 boys. He works abroad & can be away for up to 3 months at a time & tends to text or phone quite regularly then. If he's at home, he usually only calls if he wants something!