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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 14-Mar-21 06:09:45

Good Morning Everyone,
Its daylight here in Brackley but its a dry start , I am also getting used to sleeping with the ESG monitor as to positioning etc in bed for comfort .
on 3 more days to wear it .
This being the anniversary of lockdown , having been reflecting over what has occurred over the last 12 months .
Take Care,

Pantglas2 Sun 14-Mar-21 06:13:46

Happy Mothering Sunday 💐 everyone from a dry and dark north Wales where I’m about to trot for a newspaper then enjoy my chamberpot ☕️

Will pop back later and read about your bizziness once you’re up ......

grandMattie Sun 14-Mar-21 06:21:11

Happy 🌺Mothering 🌷Sunday 💐you all . It is clear and bright here in E Kent. Sun ☀️ all day?
Got a lovely card from DD, full of unexpected sentiments, which was really lovely. Our relationship, certainly on my side, is walking on eggshells.
Nothing today, I doubt I’ll hear from my DSs. What will be nice is that not only is DD officiating in church today, but she and the girls will be taking the children’s corner in the service.
I told DH that it being MSunday, I would roast the chicken with rice rather than potatoes which I don’t care for. I could eat rice at every meal.
I hope that every has contact with their loved ones today, that it brightens ☀️Their day nd gives them the courage to plug on.

Ashcombe Sun 14-Mar-21 06:24:14

Happy Mothering Sunday to all mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, aunties, childminders and all who have care of children, from a dry but breezy Torbay!

Amongst other thoughtful presents (Boots token, fizz, etc), I received this beautiful blanket, made by my son's partner. Clever lady - I wouldn’t know where to start! And in all my favourite colours, too.

I’m playing the piano for church as usual then looking forward to a family Zoom this afternoon before my daily one with DH.

Have a lovely day, everyone and remember how special you are! 💕💐🍾🥰🛍

Bellasnana Sun 14-Mar-21 06:41:24

Good morning and Happy Mothering Sunday to all,(We don’t celebrate in Malta until the second Sunday in May)

That’s a lovely blanket Ashcombe, some people are so talented and creative.

Thanks for all your support yesterday, I apologise for being such a wimp. I think I’ve got a grip now.

I went for the Covid swab ( ouch! Nobody told me how painful it is. I felt as if she was digging into my brain)
Result came back negative so all clear for tomorrow’s ‘oscopies’.

Speaking of all clear, that’s how I shall be spending the afternoon, drinking the vile liquid prep. cornergran you will be doing likewise tomorrow, it’s the worst part isn’t it.😩

Wishing you all the best day possible.☀️

Beechnut Sun 14-Mar-21 06:53:14

Good Morning and a Happy Mothering Sunday to you all from Severnside. It’s dry and light.

I have just been downstairs to make my first cuppa and was busy thinking about something so when I started to come up the stairs I realised I’d made my breakfast as well. Oh well it doesn’t hurt to treat myself given the day.

Off to my bubbles for lunch. My daughter has asked me to come between 11-12, not sure why, under normal circumstances I would think we might be eating out. Perhaps she doesn’t want me to go early and be jumping up and down on their bed 🤣

Have a lovely day everyone whatever you do 💐

Beechnut Sun 14-Mar-21 06:54:15

I forgot to mention how lovely you blanket is Ashcombe.

Scentia Sun 14-Mar-21 06:55:55

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it could be doing anything outside, I haven’t ventured out yet or opened the curtains.
Happy Mother’s Day to one and all. Today I am pottering, my favourite activity😁
Take care all of you.

Alygran Sun 14-Mar-21 07:13:28

Good morning and happy Mothering Sunday from North Yorkshire.
Not sure what is planned for today other than DD2 cooking roast beef for dinner later. It’s lovely to have someone else here. She came armed with flowers and wine on Friday.
Will be speaking to DD1 at some point.
Have a good day everyone. Stay safe.

BlueSapphire Sun 14-Mar-21 07:24:39

Good morning and happy Mothering Sunday from DD's in East Northants. I am still tucked up in bed, but have peeped through the window and it is nice and bright, but still windy.
It was a good day for us rugby fans yesterday - a win for Northampton Saints and England; it must have been because I was wearing my lucky socks and Saints top. winewine was taken in celebration! Then DD cooked a lovely curry last night.
Not sure what is planned for today, I'll just wait and see.
What a lovely blanket, Ash; you will enjoy using it I am sure.
flowersflowers to all.

Urmstongran Sun 14-Mar-21 07:29:03

Good morning everyone from a damp but mild south Manchester. We are forecast heavy rain from mid afternoon.

We have chilli for lunch (with rice granMattie!) made by Himself’s own fair hand so no cooking for me today. Stepfather will join us as per and as it’s Sunday = wine day and there’s a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to be enjoyed with dinner.

I have flowers for Mother’s Day to share. My girls will be phoning me later.

Hope Sunny is good to us all. Glad you’re getting on top of your anxieties Bellasnana. Are you having a well deserved day off from your steps today Alygran? Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

brook2704 Sun 14-Mar-21 07:29:26

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s another cold but dry start to the day.
Happy Mother’s Day to all, I received lovely cards and presents from both DDs, DS doesn’t usually send anything but I’m looking forward to speaking to him later on our regular Sunday video call 😀
Beautiful blanket Ash how thoughtful
Nothing planned for today, I think I’ll just have a lazy day pottering at home and maybe a bit of gardening.
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today, however small and if you’re meeting up with family - enjoy! Take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Susan56 Sun 14-Mar-21 07:31:03

Happy Mothering Sunday💐

We are off to see my mum later for the first time since Christmas Day.We have a haul of her favourite things from M and S food hall.

Lovely blanket Ashcombe.

I have had deliveries of flowers and cakes and theatre tickets for September 🤞🏻 so am feeling very blessed and lucky today.

Glad you are feeling better Bellasnanna and good luck to you and corner with the prep😩

Thinking of all our absent friends and all with worries and sadness💐

Grandmabatty Sun 14-Mar-21 07:36:50

Good morning all and Happy Mother's Day. It's breezy and 4° in Polmont. I'm up early for a Tesco delivery. Whatever possessed me to order one for this time? The side effects of the vaccine have subsided thank goodness. Ashcombe that blanket is beautiful. What a lovely gift.
Bellasnanna my good wishes go to you for tomorrow.
I've nothing much planned for today. I'll nip over to mum's in a while with a card and gift. Dd and family will call in later. I'm not a great fan of Mother's Day to be honest but it will be an easy meal for me. Steak pie, mash and turnip then lime cheesecake, all courtesy of Tesco! I rarely have ready made anything so this is a treat for me. Grandmattie I much prefer potatoes to rice! But enjoy your roast. I hope you all have a good day.

grandmajet Sun 14-Mar-21 07:37:27

What a lovely sky outside to start Mother’s Day here in Nottinghamshire. I’ve just opened my cards from three of my children - the other will pop hers into our drive this morning as she is quite local. I wish she could come in for a drink and a hug, but it won’t be long. Yesterday her elder sister dropped off a lovely bouquet of native flowers made by someone from her village, it is surprising what she can produce at this time of year.
I was especially touched by a little bouquet from my daughter in law saying how welcome I’d made her into our family! She is a lovely young woman so it wasn’t hard!
What a lovely blanket Ashcombe, and special as it was made just for you.
What a shame, Bellasnana, that your Mother’s Day treat is a drink of vile liquid, and best of luck with your procedures tomorrow.
Have a lovely day everyone, it’s a good day to spot a random flamingo!

Gingster Sun 14-Mar-21 07:41:57

Good morning all from a brighter Essex.

Ashcombe your blanket is lovely. It means so much when someone has made it especially for you.

Bellasnanna I’m glad you’re feeling more positive. Just get through today and tomorrow and you can relax. 🌺.

Granmattie Mother/Daughter relationships can be tricky. She has sent you a lovely card, so you know how much she cares. ♥️

My DS1 and family will pop round , so I’m glad the sun is shining to be able to sit in the garden for a short while.

DS2 will FaceTime later with his little gang .

DD will either FaceTime or pop round for a doorstep chat. I’m cross with her at the moment, so we shall wait and see. 🤔

Well I hope you all have a lovely Mothering Sunday in one way or another. 💐

Lins1066 Sun 14-Mar-21 07:51:59

Good morning Mick and all from a dry S Welsh coast. A Happy Mothering Sunday to everyone flowers Susan wishing you a safe journey to see your mother and thank you and Cherry for thinking of me over recent weeks. It is also my birthday today, we are having Sunday lunch delivered from a small local hotel/pub, looking forward to that.
Thinking of all with pain and worry and those for whom Mothering Sunday is a very poignant day. flowers

Sheepandcattle Sun 14-Mar-21 07:53:21

Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who has children or young people in their lives. 💐 I’ve been out to wish all my ewes a happy Mother’s Day and have attached a picture of one young mum and her rather tiny lamb! I have been spoilt with cards and mugs from my lovely sons and DiLs but how I envy all of you grans who will see your children today! Patience.... it won’t be for much longer but what I’d give to hug them 😩. I had a very frustrating night last night as I was in bed at 10 but didn’t get to sleep until after 1am. My brain was just too busy and wouldn’t switch off - so annoying as I had to be up at 4am to do the lambing shed check. I’m going to be tired today zzzzzzz! We’ve got a meeting this morning with a friend who is helping us with a planning application for change of use for a yard of ours. We seem to have different views of the best way forward with it so it could be tricky but hopefully we’ll end up with a clearer vision. In the afternoon I’m supposed to have someone coming to buy 5 of the orphan lambs but I find that quite often people don’t turn up so we’ll see. At least the horrible wind that we’ve been having for the past few days seems to have run it’s course - strong winds are my very worst weather.
Best wishes to Bellasnanna for tomorrow and to anyone else with events due in the forthcoming week that they are dreading.

Sheepandcattle Sun 14-Mar-21 07:55:19

Ps Ashcombe I love the blanket - lucky you! I’d love to be able to crochet but have never been able to get the hang of it.

Sar53 Sun 14-Mar-21 07:55:39

Good morning and a happy Mother's Day from Essex by the sea where the sun is shining.
I had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered yesterday from DD2 and I've just opened a box of goodies sent from DD1 plus cards from them both. I'm sure we will chat later.
Love the blanket Ashcombe, how clever some people are.
Good luck to those having 'oscopies ' tomorrow, the prep is always worse than the actual procedure.
Football and rugby later and roast pork for dinner.
Enjoy today and find a 😀 xx

CherryCezzy Sun 14-Mar-21 07:56:57

Good morning Mck and all goodmorningers and a Happy Mother's Day to all grandmothers, mothers, aunt's, great aunt's, godmothers and child carers 💐.
Fickle weather in the Gower this morning, hazy, white cloud, grey cloud and blue sky. The birds in the garden don't seem to mind, they are singing gleefully away 😃

Glad you have found a way to sleep with your heart monitor equipment on Mick, not too many nights either. It can be so awkward to find the best position to sleep in, I found that with telemetry equipment. Important to do it though 🙂

We're actually going to venture out to a supermarket today. I think my WP is going to have to hold my hand whilst we're in there 😂. Beef casserole for dinner later and the footie to look forward 😲🤞to.

Hope everyone has a good day and finds a bit of cheer, a chuckle or a smile along the way 😀. ❤️ to you all.

Urmstongran Sun 14-Mar-21 07:57:24

Nice to see you posting again Lins - many happy returns of the day to you! x

Marydoll Sun 14-Mar-21 08:08:36

Happy Mothering Sunday everyone, from a wet ( again) Glasgow.

Yesterday I had a surprise visit from Dollie, DD1 and DIL with flowers and chocolates. She was in top form, full of mischief and nonsense. However, as three local schools have new Coronovirus cases in the infant classes and a now child in Dollie's class, a fourth school, has a sibling who has tasted positive, my son kept her at the bottom of the drive. It's very worrying, when we were hoping for an easing of restrictions.

Last night I received the most beautiful, pink themed bouquet from DD and SIL, despite them having already given me other gifts earlier in the day.
I'm hoping to hear from DS2 later. He was born on Mothering Sunday, but often forgets Mothering Sunday. He has a special place in my heart, having twice suffered anaphylaxis and we never expected him to grow up to be a six foot, red bearded, strapping Highlander!
Not not prone to displays of emotion, I do know he loves his old mum. I think he had planned to visit me, (fiancée's influence) not realising that he still can't, because it means crossing county lines. 😪
Ashcombe, to put such effort into making the blanket, shows how loved you are by your son's partner.

The fairy doors are finished, so hopefully DH can put them up for me. Because they are for Dollie's enjoyment, I can be assured, he will not procrastinate! 😉
Another day of pottering, reading the Sunday papers and chilling. I wasn't too well yesterday, so hopefully some rest today is the answer, as tomorrow is the BIG one and a half hour dental appointment. I can't postpone it at this late date, even if I do feel unwell.

Tonight, we are having takeaway, I am refusing to cook! DH says I can choose, (very benevolent of him), so it will be Chinese.

Mick, as someone with a serious heart condition, I'm curious to know what an ESG machine is. I thought I had had a shot of all the machines. Have you thought of getting a smart watch? I am able to track my steps and heart rate and it encourages me to rest when I'm over exerting myself.
It will be worth all the discomfort of wearing a monitor to get a better picture of what is happening with your heart, especially as actually getting hospital appointments is still problematic for many of us.

Thinking of all who who have sorrows today, especially mums who are estranged, today must be a very sad one for you😪.
I'm awaiting breakfast in bed, complete with the Sunday papers, brought by DH. Changed days for someone who used to have all the housework done by 9am! 😉
Wishing everyone a pleasant Sunday. I'm off to read everyone's posts.

EllanVannin Sun 14-Mar-21 08:11:29

Good Morning All x.
A bright enough start to the day and thankfully the winds have abated, though last night as I went to bed I could hear it was whipping up again with rain lashing at the front door area.
The cats were already snuggled up on top of the bed as I eased myself in.

What a fabulous blanket Ashcombe, a clever and thoughtful everlasting gift.

Mick I wondered how you'd get on with your contraption as regards the sleeping part of it being there. It's not for long now until they can see what the next move will be.

I wish both Bellasnanna and cornergran well too.

I expect D to call in later which has never failed on Mother's Day. Also, thinking back I've had deliveries of flowers on a Sunday from stepD and D in Oz.
I'd bought a couple of bunches of Daffs when I was at M&S on Thursday, they were more or less closed buds then and now they're nearly all opened and are two different kinds, so beautiful ( £1 a bunch ! )

Beef cooked yesterday and I actually made an orange drizzle cake, to which there's a large chunk of it gone grin
Spring cabbage and roast pots. then another piece of cake, that'll do me.

My word I had a sleepy day yesterday. Nodded off in the afternoon and still felt dozy until I went to bed and that was it until 7am. I didn't like that feeling at all, but I'm okay and ready for the crumpets. Fancy being so tired doing nothing ?

I mustn't leave it too late getting washed and dressed in case I'm caught short still in my dressing gown when D calls, so I'll get my breakfast and wish you all a happy day on this, our day.
Thinking of those estranged x and also those with a weight on their minds with worry or illness x flowers for all.

Stay safe and well everyone xx

baubles Sun 14-Mar-21 08:13:24

Good morning Mick, morning all from damp South Lanarkshire.

We, the Royal we that is, painted the kitchen yesterday so today I’ll be finding and cleaning up all the little splashes and smears. Roast pork for us today. Rugby on the box, I’ll keep half an eye on it while I’m crocheting and that will pass another day.

Beautiful photos of lambs, blankets and flowers this morning, very cheering.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Mothering Sunday.