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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 18-Mar-21 06:12:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but looks dull outside and cold here in Brackley .
Yesterdays trip on the buses to Banbury to return my ECG monitor worked well .
And what was noticeable was the blackthorn blossom , which is not a good sign if saying is right .
I enjoyed the journey as I had a reason behind it , as Banbury like most places apart from food outlets very quiet .
Await the result of the monitor , mind next week have another trip in as to Glaucoma test .
Take Care,

grandMattie Thu 18-Mar-21 06:18:43

Good morning from yet another grey day in E Kent. According to the forecast, we shall jump from 6 deg to the heady heights of 7 deg today! Yippee.
I love blackthorn blossom, it really heralds the spring, the froth of white...
Spanish class today. Only another two for the academic year. I hope that we meet in person next year, I miss my companeras chatter, etc.
May today bring relief to those in pain sorrow or anxiety and sudden, unexpected little nuggets of joy to everyone. 🦩❤️🦩

Ashcombe Thu 18-Mar-21 06:20:12

Good morning, everyone, from a calm but overcast Torbay. I’m glad your trip out went smoothly, Mick, and hope you can relax today.

Thank you to all for your kind comments yesterday about my sprained toe. You folk are so very supportive over things like this. I’m pleased to say it responded well to me staying indoors yesterday for a change, but I kept moving to prevent it stiffening up.

Yesterday we were joined on Wednesday Club Zoom by a popular member of our theatre company who recently moved to The Netherlands with his Dutch husband. They had become increasingly disillusioned with aspects of life here, not least the status of the Dutch guy post Brexit. It was a much mourned departure to lose their talents from our company but we enjoyed hearing about their new life in Middelburg, a beautiful looking town in Zeeland.

I’m hoping to go for an early toddle around Lidl this morning. Wishing everyone a day in which you find some relief from any pain or worries. Take care! 🥰

Pantglas2 Thu 18-Mar-21 06:20:52

Morning Mick and all from a dark but dry north Wales where I’m up with sparrowfart for a trip to Lidl- it’s Greek 🇬🇷week and I’m stocking up on the feta and Mythos for DH to remind us of our time there!

Love seeing pics of little Pinchy - there’s something about a newborn lamb that makes the heart sing isn’t there?

Hope Susan56 is feeling better and all the oscopies went well....and Miss Marydoll simply slows if!🤨

Will pop back later and see what mischief you’re all getting into!

Beechnut Thu 18-Mar-21 06:25:30

Almost bikini weather Mattie 🤣
Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It looks bright and dry. I feel brighter too after my spell in the garden yesterday.
What you said yesterday about bin licensing BlueSapphire as long as you are able and willing, paying for two is probably much cheaper than having a gardener.

Bed changing and washing on for me today with a lamb couscous meal for lunch.

Have a good day all 🌸

Susan56 Thu 18-Mar-21 06:44:36

Good morning Mick and all from chilly Shropshire.

Thank you Pantglas.Am feeling better than yesterday thank goodness but still not 100%.We have childcare duties today and school pick up so DH will be in charge.

Car passed the MOT yesterday.I am always relieved.When I was first driving many years ago and had cheap, old cars the MOT was always something to dread as it usually meant a big bill.

Hope Cherry and Mary both had a restful night and are feeling better today.

Thinking of Georgesgran and all with sadness,illness and worries.

Have a good day all🦩

Bellasnana Thu 18-Mar-21 06:46:28

Good morning all from Malta where the weather is pleasant. I just walked up to the corner shop and it’s already quite warm.

I’ve got the workmen in again today to continue plastering my backyard walls. It already looks a lot better but there’s a lot of mess out there so the dog was quite put out when he went for a pee and couldn’t find his usual spot.😄

I’ve got my grandpup coming today as DD3 is feeling extremely poorly after having the AstraZeneca jab yesterday. She’s been up since three with a migraine, nausea and aching bones, so asked me to keep the pup which I’m happy to do.

My tv is playing up this morning. So frustrating when I’m going to be stuck in all day.

Glad your bus trip went ok Mick and hope the results of your monitor will be favourable. Also happy to hear your procedure went well cornergran, I guess I was just unlucky as I’ve never had anything go wrong in previous ones.

Take care all, hope your day goes as well as it can.☀️

NanKate Thu 18-Mar-21 06:47:46

Morning Mick and All.

Grey cool day in South Bucks.

Still revelling in my memories of visiting Waitrose earlier in the week. I felt like a child in a sweet shop. I do so miss my shopping trips, seeing people I know for a chat, just ordinary life.

Hugs to all that need it. 💐

NanKate Thu 18-Mar-21 06:50:52

Morning Bella sorry to hear about your DD. We both had the Astra Zeneca and were fine. Lucky you can help with the pup.

Pittcity Thu 18-Mar-21 06:56:42

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester. Rain later. DH is using the weather as an excuse not to unpack the garage.
Telly man coming today to sort out ariel points etc. (I wrote TV man but it sounded wrong!)
Laundry and ironing to do to get me back into Thursday routine and online quiz with family tonight.
Much love x

Scentia Thu 18-Mar-21 06:58:42

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is cold but dry.
Had an amazing day yesterday with DGS and my DS and her DGS. It was the first time my GS had played with another child and after a few tears at first they got on like they had been friends for years. There is two years difference but to look at them you wouldn’t thinks so as my nephews DS is so tiny and my DGS is a little brut!!!
Today he is coming to the factory for his lunch as his mummy has a scan at the hospital, her new baby is another big one and they may want to get her out a bit earlier than May 1st.
I loved the photo of little pinchy yesterday in his red splints, but what a sad day for Sheep it was.
Take care everyone and stay safe❤️

Pittcity Thu 18-Mar-21 06:59:12

I have heard that younger people have more side effects from AZ jab as we oldies were exposed to more nasties at an early age. Could be something in it but I'm not a scientist!

Gagagran Thu 18-Mar-21 07:04:02

Morning all from a cloudy and not very warm south coast. 4.9c at 6am on my weather station.

Better day here in the convalescent home and DH actually managed to eat a bit more. My Mum used to say (amongst her many sayings) "strength goes in through the mouth" so I am hoping she was right.

I had one of your nuggets of joy yesterday grandMattie when a delivery of beautiful lilies arrived from my DS and DiL. Just to keep me going through this difficult time and such a lovely surprise. They are my favourite flowers along with roses.

Hope today is a good one for us all. sunshine

Nannagarra Thu 18-Mar-21 07:04:13

Good morning from the Sefton coast where it is misty.
Last night I had a long chat by text with a friend from school. Her wicked sense of humour and refusal to take life too seriously result in us having great fun when we catch up.
Have the best day you can everyone. Sending a flamboyance of flamingoes.

Dwmxwg Thu 18-Mar-21 07:04:36

Good morning all from a cold north Surrey.
Yesterday didn’t go to plan. DD messaged to say feeling unwell post vaccination so no boys overnight but we did do the school runs for her. Waiting to hear how she feels this morning.
Had planned to refelt the roof of GC’s little garden house but hadn’t rechecked weather forecast, just got started when the rain came so another attempt this morning.
I am going into work this afternoon for another training session and to be ‘fit tested’ for another type of mask.
Saw the messages forgeorgesgran yesterday, my thoughts were with her on a difficult day.
Sorry to read about loss of Noel Sheepandcattle and really hoping Pinchy benefits from wearing the splints.
Ashcombe glad to hear your foot improving, walking is so beneficial to our health and well-being.
DD has just messaged to say much better so will stand down from my offer to do the school run.
Wishing all a good day today

brook2704 Thu 18-Mar-21 07:05:35

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still bright, dry and not too windy. Yesterday afternoon was lovely and sunny and we enjoyed a walk by the shoreline not far from home.
Such a shame you’ve lost two valued members of your theatre Ashcombe
Happy times with the DGS scentia!
Sorry to hear your DD3 is feeling so poorly bellas hope she’s feeling much better soon
Nothing different today, probably another morning tidying in the garden and then maybe a walk again this afternoon.
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Dwmxwg Thu 18-Mar-21 07:09:42

Wow brook2704 what a beautiful part of the world you live

baubles Thu 18-Mar-21 07:13:34

Good morning Mick, morning all from foggy South Lanarkshire.

Glad your trip went smoothly Mick.

Sorry your DD had such a nasty reaction Belasnana, enjoy the puppy sitting.

That must have been heartwarming Scentia, we have tinies in the family who haven’t had much in the way of contact with other children yet

What a lovely spring day yesterday was. A couple of photos from my dog walk, one of the farms has an egg vending machine by the roadside, I think you’d have to be quick off the mark to get there before they’re snapped up though.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Ashcombe Thu 18-Mar-21 07:15:28

Yes, brook they are much missed as one was a retired professional musician and actor/director whilst the others was a skilled set builder and photographer and both throughly decent guys.

DH and I have an open invitation to visit them when we can travel and I would also like to visit the the Keukenhof Gardens as we missed out on that when my 70th birthday cruise was cancelled last year.

Here is a link for any who are interested to a charming video about their home town of Middelburg. They love very close to the Oostkerk, shown near the end.

Ashcombe Thu 18-Mar-21 07:16:39

love = live! Although perhaps either would apply!!

Greyduster Thu 18-Mar-21 07:17:41

Good morning, Michael and all GNs from a grey, rather dreary South Yorkshire. I am early today; woke up feeling full of cold. We are supposed to be going for a walk in local woods today, but I have other things I need to do really and in truth, I have a touch of the dog so am probably best left to my own devices! Have a good day folks.

grandMattie Thu 18-Mar-21 07:19:32

Forecast has just changed. We shall be going from 6 degrees to.... 6 degrees! 🤣

grandmajet Thu 18-Mar-21 07:21:57

Good morning from a somewhat grey Nottinghamshire.
DH is planning a long walk again with a friend, about 15 miles, so I’ll have the house and garden to myself. He and his fellow Lions are doing a virtual round Britain walk to raise money for Brain tumour research - they started in Skegness and are well round the Welsh coast now, having gone via Brighton!

I’m glad the meeting of small children went well, Scentia, there’s nothing like watching small children play together to cheer the soul.

I’m off for breakfast, and to plan my lazy day!

Sheepandcattle Thu 18-Mar-21 07:27:15

Good morning all from a mild, dry Wiltshire. Big day today..... DH and I get our vaccinations 😁. Thank you for all the kind messages regarding Pinchy. I’m going to change her splints today to check that nothing is rubbing. Wishing you all a happy Thursday and kind thoughts to all who are experiencing sadness.

Georgesgran Thu 18-Mar-21 07:39:13

Good morning from Durham.
I’d like to thank all the lovely GN’s who had me in their thoughts yesterday. We were only allowed 15 mourners, but the carpark was filled with those who had come to see DH make his final journey. X