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Daily walk - getting a bit fed up

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Riverwalk Sat 20-Mar-21 08:44:41

Oh, I can't face another flippin' walk as my only source of outside entertainment!

It's dull and overcast and my walking buddy is away so I'm sitting here trying to convince myself to get the joggers and trainers on and stride out.

I'm fed up! grin

Galaxy Sat 20-Mar-21 08:49:56

I am sorry you are fed up. I dont suppose it will help if I say you will feel better if you do go out. We have started calling in to our local cafe on our walks to pick up a takeaway cake or drink. It feels like a treat in these weird times.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 20-Mar-21 08:50:23

I’m the same. We have decided to go further afield once a week, and take a picnic, but honestly it has been so cold and unpleasant. Weve only done that once in 3 weeks.

DH is out at the moment, I’ve declined saying I have to finish making the marmalade😄

rafichagran Sat 20-Mar-21 08:51:23

Yes agreed, I have to go out, I looked outside its grey and dull. I cannot be bothered. I will make myself do it.

Liz46 Sat 20-Mar-21 08:54:23

We met up with another couple (separate cars) and I walked with the wife and my husband walked with the other man. It was lovely to talk to someone else. The walk was partly along the river and was only about 10 minutes from home so quite local.

Witzend Sat 20-Mar-21 08:57:30

Me too. It’s quite a pleasant round-the-block walk on mostly quiet and very leafy roads, but I still often have to force myself. Going earlier rather than later suits me - if I leave it until after say 3 pm I usually really don’t feel like it.
It’s nice to feel suitably virtuous afterwards, though.

Anniebach Sat 20-Mar-21 08:59:18

Wish I could go for a walk , I miss walking so much

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 20-Mar-21 08:59:59

I have to walk the dog so I have to go out, but if I have to see another muddy field and b****r all else I will scream.
So be prepared for me screaming as I can’t see us moving any time soon.
The upshot is that DH takes the dog out and I stay indoors day dreaming about going back ‘home’ to the coast.

Greyduster Sat 20-Mar-21 09:05:26

Me too. I have to be dragged kicking and screaming these days around our usual local walks. Especially the ones with views of open moorland which is a magnet for me and off limits until the lockdown lifts. I want to stand on a slab of gritstone, throw my arms wide and yell “I’m back!” That presuppose I can actually still climb into a slab of gritstone now.....

Ellianne Sat 20-Mar-21 09:06:50

Oopsadaisy why don't dogs ever get bored of the same old walk? It must be the sniffs.

Septimia Sat 20-Mar-21 09:11:47

We're fortunate to live in a village close to country walks, but there's a limited choice of them 'from the house'. To keep doing the same ones, even with the changing flora and fauna is certainly tedious.

But we haven't bothered going out much. In normal times, we walked when the fancy took us and we've continued to do that. We've found plenty to occupy - and exercise - us in the house and garden. The garden got far more attention than usual last summer.

However, the other other day we needed to go to the next village to the post office so we went for a walk along the river while we were there. Didn't see a soul, quiet and peaceful, and a nice change of scene.

FannyCornforth Sat 20-Mar-21 09:15:46


Wish I could go for a walk , I miss walking so much

Me too Annie thanks

Anniebach Sat 20-Mar-21 09:16:48

Aw Fanny , x

Susan56 Sat 20-Mar-21 09:17:14

I’m another fed up looking at muddy fields.We live in a beautiful area but am fed up with walking the same routes.I keep reminding myself how happy I was when we moved here and how lucky we are to live in such a peaceful area.
I long to see the sea though.Pre Covid we would drive up for a day at the coast every couple of weeks.

BlueSky Sat 20-Mar-21 09:22:47

We’ve done the same walk for weeks and weeks, regardless of the weather, as we live in a village we can go out into the countryside then finish in the village and have a take away coffee as a treat! DH is utterly fed up, while I’m grateful that we are able to at least go out.
Annie and Fanny flowers

BlueBelle Sat 20-Mar-21 09:23:15

Yes we shouldn’t moan fanny and annue I truly feel for you 💐
I find walking alone so boring and yes it’s such a push to do it unless there’s a purpose I m going to walk over to our nearest supermarket today it’s about a ten/ fifteen minute walk each way I don’t want much but it’s a reason to go out and smell the fresh air Hopefully with spring on the way it will get easier

Grannybags Sat 20-Mar-21 09:29:30

I'm starting to dread our walks as my husband is getting more and more grumpy with people who walk too close to us (especially joggers!)

I don't like confrontation and cringe when he says things loud enough for others to hear

crazyH Sat 20-Mar-21 09:30:57

I feel down today - my adult son and daughter are at each other’s throats all the time and I have just learned that they have stopped talking to each other - they are both to blame. I am fed up. I dont feel like getting out of bed.

NellG Sat 20-Mar-21 09:36:07

I see so many people trudging past my house - they used to look quite bouncy and enthusiastic, most now look like they are doing penance. I go out if I feel like it and stay in if I don't - there are ways to exercise at home. Sometimes the urge to get out and blow the cobwebs away dictates a walk. Basically my suggestion would be to listen to your mind and body and do what it's asking you to do - self imposed regimes are just that, regimes. The same word we use for dictatorships wink

PamelaJ1 Sat 20-Mar-21 09:38:53

I quite like our walks round the village and talk to everyone I meet on the way. Socially distanced of course.
But.... it’s not very nice today and we haven’t done litter picking for a while so I think it must be our turn. I get a holier than thou feeling when it’s done but am getting increasingly irritated by the dirty b**** out there.
I even wondered out loud this morning if we needed anything from B&Q. I really must be losing it. ⛓🪚

grannyrebel7 Sat 20-Mar-21 09:46:40

I'm exactly the same. We've exhausted all the walks around here. We've gone in every direction and I'm just about done with it all. Was so fed up yesterday and the day seemed to be so long.

Mollygo Sat 20-Mar-21 09:49:13

It’s another walk day here as well. I’m sorry you can’t do that Anniebach and Fanny.
I decided to join one of those virtual walk apps, with the promise of a medal at the end so when I’ve ‘walked’ across the English Channel, I’m off on the Inca Trail. It just gives us an extra impetus to get out and go that bit further even when the weather is 🤬🤬🤬

Lucca Sat 20-Mar-21 10:02:54

It is a beautiful day up here in gods own county I’ve had a short walk already.... !

I shall do longer walk in the afternoon and believe me I count myself spectacularly lucky to be able to walk and to live In such a beautiful place.

Annie and Fanny that’s really hard for you. I’m sorry.

PamelaJ1 Sat 20-Mar-21 10:27:19

Annie and Fanny
Could you do a push?
My mum has a push most days even if she isn’t keen. Not when the wind speed is 60mph or it’s raining although she does have a fabulous Casey thing.
My DS takes her. Mum can walk-just not distances or at any speed. She has to get out of the chair when DS finds the going difficult. They do get some funny looks. If you were here I’d push you round but the terrain is quite flat so it’s not difficult.

eazybee Sat 20-Mar-21 10:29:57

I walked down to the local church yesterday, a peaceful spot, and sat in the sunshine listening to the birdsong, admiring the daffodils and blossom, and reflecting on the small collection of war graves of far-too young men; not exactly cheerful but gave me cause for thanks.