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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 25-Mar-21 06:12:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny here in Brackley this morning .
Today for me a quiet day of housework , shredding etc , followed by cycling on TV this afternoon.
Mind you watching cycle races , seems in Europe as very touchy area, with maybe key races being postponed or channelled n France and Belgium etc , due to covid outbreaks this 3rd wave could easily enter UK .
Take Care,

Susan56 Thu 25-Mar-21 20:48:57

NanKate, would you add my support and love to gilly.I think of her often.

Oldbutstilluseful Thu 25-Mar-21 21:17:11

Sorry it’s so late Nankate, but please add me to the list of folk sending love and best wishes to Gillybob. I so hope her life has got just a little easier.

NanKate Fri 26-Mar-21 09:25:06

All will be included 👍