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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 01-Apr-21 06:09:44

Good Morning Everyone,
Its twilight out there but its dry here in Brackley this morning.
Today , another bus trip is planned to Buckingham , shop browse maybe buy items will see .
I went into my local Waitrose and asked about British New potatoes, and was told the jersey royals should be on the shelves in around 2 weeks .
Like new potatoes will steam with mint ,and eat cold as well.
Take Care,

Beechnut Thu 01-Apr-21 06:22:01

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where we have a dry start even though it is still dark.

In the last eighteen months or so I’ve found I really love a potato. Always loved roasters, mash and chips but I am now fond of a simple boiled one. I’m so sad 😂

I’m unsure of what to do today so as I could do with a pedicure I might do that as I will swap over my shoe cupboard soon. I’ve hardly worn a pair of shoes over the winter and have just been slipping on my daps to go out.

Yesterday I had a delivery of yellowish shoes and two cardigans.

I’m pleased to hear you’ve opened up to your family and friends Marydoll.

I hope you all have a good day and won’t mind if I give you a pinch punch 🌸

grandMattie Thu 01-Apr-21 06:25:29

White rabbits from EKent. Chillier and overcast today after yesterday’s sunshine ☀️ and warmth.
Jersey Royals in England don’t compare with those straight from the ground in Jersey, Mick. They were wonderful. We had 4 lovely seasons when DH worked there not long after we got married.
Had a rotten day yesterday. I don’t know why. I felt achy and everywhere hurt, I was so tired that I could have crawled into a hole and slept for a week. Had an adequate night (I don’t sleep well) and am feeling much more myself today. DH says it’s jet lag from the clocks. That’s a load of tosh.
Sewing, sewing, sewing today. Must prepare the hit + buns for rising in the fridge overnight to bake and eat for breakfast tomorrow. I usually put a lump of marzipan in the middle and make the cross from marzipan. DH loves that!
Did you hear that an April fool was released 3 days early? The story that VW was changing its name in the US to Folks Wagon? 🤣. Wonder what we’ll get today.
I hope today will be kind, the weather gentle and your lives serene. May you find a few random 🦩🦩🦩in a flock of pigeons! ❤️

Pantglas2 Thu 01-Apr-21 06:25:36

Morning Mick and all who follow from a dry and cooler north Wales- I’m expecting it to warm up later so that another day can be spent titivating in the garden, there’s a Jack and Jill seat that needs varnishing!

Belated birthday wishes to Gelisajams 🥂and anyone else I may have missed, there seem to be a lot of us getting our SP this year, gosh we’ll be loaded! 💷💷

I’m trotting off to Lidl later and will return to hear our leader tell us when he’s letting us off the leash later this month- I have high hopes as our numbers have plummeted and almost half the population have had 💉

Stay safe x

grandMattie Thu 01-Apr-21 06:27:22

Beech, I’m the opposite... i wouldn’t notice if I never eat another potato. I love rice, and would eat it hot with every meal but DH is indifferent.

Ashcombe Thu 01-Apr-21 06:37:40

Good morning to you all from a fine but still dark Torbay. Yesterday the sun was occluded for most of the day but my day was brightened by the generous and warm reactions from several of you regarding my holiday home, for which I thank you. 🙏 Yes, Urmstongran, I am lucky to have it, alongside my DH's home in France and would normally be with him for the Spring. Still no news of his vaccination appointment, Gwenisgreat1, and no clear idea of our reunion date so we just keep on Zooming!

Today is April Fools’ Day but it appears to have started early for me! Some weeks ago, an appointment was made for a smart meter to be fitted today. I even had a reminder by text on Tuesday. Then, late yesterday afternoon, a garbled message to say it’s not happening and suggesting a rearranged date. No apology or explanation was given, leaving me singularly unimpressed. Both my gas and electricity are supplied by Good Energy but this work was being undertaken by a contractor whose name I didn’t catch. Complaints will follow!

Yesterday morning, I had an overdue telephone consultation with my cardiologist as a follow up to tests that took place in early January. He was very understanding and spoke to me for about 15 minutes in which his concern about my BP not settling, breathlessness and angina pain led to his decision to adjust my medication and arrange an MRI scan. I can’t fault the care I receive from various departments in Torbay Hospital.

It sounds like folk are getting out to meet friends now which is lovely. Scentia sounds very busy with walks with friends and family. Great news that Mr.Gagagran is being cheered by the weather and a visit from DS. Not long until our Scottish friends can share in these freedoms, Kalu and brook2704, etc. I’m glad the vet has identified Bigdon’s problem sheepandcattle and I’ll bet you’ll have a great family time on Sunday.

Your illuminated garden sounds like fun, Marydoll and, now you’ve opened up about your medical issues, please enjoy the pampering from family and friends that you deserve! As for having fog🌫in the South of France, Grandmafrench...... you should ask for your money back!! I hope you have some helpful advice re your second vaccination, EllanVannin and that you’re feeling better today, grandMattie.

Enough rambling from me! Have a good day, everyone. 🥰

Elizabeth1 Thu 01-Apr-21 06:49:36

Good morning everyone from a dry east coast of Fife where I’m hoping today will be a good day. I’m happy to say my dh is now recovering from a bad fall he had a few days ago. Changing cars from an automatic to a gear stick didn’t help due to him forgetting to put the hand break on and getting the fright of his life when the car started rolling. Thankfully alls good now. I don’t think he’ll forget the hand break in the future. Hey ho it happens. confused I’m so looking forward to the 26th April when travel restrictions in Scotland will be lifted and hospitality will reopen. I’ve a surprise stayover for my dh where I’ve booked into a lovely hotel it’ll be fun and restful where we’ll be pampered for a day. Hurrah hurrah have a good day everyone enjoy your minted potatoes mick

Beauregard Thu 01-Apr-21 06:51:06

Good morning all from Derbyshire where a much cooler day is in store. I confess it got a bit too warm for me yesterday when I went a walk with my friend then sat at our picnic bench. It didn't help that I wore long sleeves as I am covering up from the sun due to an unsolved itching problem with my forearms which may be caused, or irritated, by sun exposure. Factor 50 (or whatever is highest) is on the shopping list today.

The rotovating was done successfully yesterday ready to make a start with planting over the next couple of weeks.

Shopping this morning, then collect DGS's from school later. Not sure yet what's happening in between.

Thinking of all with illness and worry to cope with flowers

Hope everyone has a good day.

Susan56 Thu 01-Apr-21 06:59:10

Good morning from Shropshire.

I had a pleasant day yesterday.Caught up with all outstanding chores and then had a restful afternoon reading.For the first time in ages didn’t feel exhausted at the end of the day💃🏻

Childcare today.As DGD is on school holidays it will be a more relaxed day as no rush for the school pick up and Henry can nap for as long as he likes.

Ashcombe, you are very stoical about being separated from your DH, I really hope things are sorted and you can be reunited soon.Sounds like you have a very caring cardiologist, hopefully the change in your medication will improve your symptoms.

I hope that opening up to your family and friends has helped Mary as it was hard for you them not knowing how unwell you are💐

Hoping Cherry has had a restful night🤞🏻

Have a good day all and thinking of all with illness,sadness and worries🦩🌞

glammagran Thu 01-Apr-21 06:59:14

Good morning all. I don’t post very often as my life feels sensationally dull at the moment so there’s not a lot to say. I’ve been awake since 4:30 which is very annoying. I did venture into Marks and Spencer this week for the first time since early November as it seemed reasonably safe to do so at the moment.

I believe that Scentia and Ginny as well as myself have new grandchildren due this month. Exciting times! DD2 is expecting hers on the 19th. She was signed off by her consultant last week and is having a home birth. She has IgA nephropathy, a kidney condition which made her very ill in her late teens but seems far better now. Immune systems become suppressed during pregnancy which is especially helpful as it’s her overactive immune system which attacked her kidneys. She also has multiple food and drug allergies. DGD shows absolutely no sign of having allergies to anything. DD2 had no issues with her first except she had to have a manual manipulation carried out at 38 weeks to turn her breech baby. And this baby has obliged by staying head down for several weeks. We are on standby to look after DGD when she goes into labour but I’m quite concerned as my first was a 13 hour labour and my second less than 2 hours. Also my DiL had an unplanned bathroom delivery much like Zara Phillips.

We will be having turkey and all the trimmings for Easter lunch as I bought a frozen “spare” in November in case the fresh turkey I’d ordered for Christmas did not turn up.

I was quite upset at the demise of Pinchy; she looked so sweet but can understand that her problems would have intensified she got older and heavier.

Wishing everyone a good Easter weekend and thinking of those who are unwell and with other difficulties as I do each day.

baubles Thu 01-Apr-21 07:00:36

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s very cold and dull, it doesn’t feel spring like at all.

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad day yesterday gM, hope today is better.

Absolutely love roast potatoes but I’m odd in that I cannot bear mashed potato, the very thought of it makes me grue.

Aren’t the NHS marvellous Ashcombe, hope you don’t have to wait too long for your MRI.

DH & I faffed about for ages yesterday trying to lay out stones to get started on laying out a rock garden. No matter what I did with them I just couldn’t make it look right. Gave up in the end, I think we don’t have enough so will have to wait for the garden centres to open.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Urmstongran Thu 01-Apr-21 07:04:20

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s dry but cloudy. I hope that wasn’t summer that we’ve just enjoyed. April 1st already?

Off to meet up with the grandchildren later. Himself will take the boy wonder on a bike ride they go a bit further every time. They plan to cycle to the bike shop so our boy can choose a better helmet - he’s very excited because they will be going on the cycle lane on the main road and might have to stop (he feels so grown up when they do) at the traffic lights! I shall take little miss to the park.

Hope Thursday is good to us all. Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Gagagran Thu 01-Apr-21 07:17:20

Morning all from a rather dull south coast.11.7c at 6am on my weather station. Disappointed not to see the sun or DGD yesterday. I am sure she will turn up at some point though.

I had a weary day yesterday after a poor night. Like grandMattie I had ached in assorted parts and felt out of sorts and in need of some proper sleep. Managed not to nap in the hope of a better sleep last night. It worked to some extent but the days of my head hitting the pillow and waking up 7 or 8 hours later are long gone. Feel a bit better this morning.

DH continues to improve and decided to dead head the daffodils in the front garden in the afternoon. A nice gentle job and he enjoyed it. His appetite is coming back as he does a bit more and as a result he has more energy. A virtuous circle.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Nannagarra Thu 01-Apr-21 07:18:22

Good morning from the Sefton coast where it is dry but three degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. The cuckoo has just called.
DH has promised to put up the solar lights in the garden. How I love them! I hope Marydoll enjoys hers and that she has a good day.
May EllanVannin feel less troubled about the vaccine. It would be great if Grandmafrench and Ashcombe’s DH found it easier to have theirs.
Today I’ll probably potter in the garden and go on a bike ride. Talk of buttered Jersey royals is making me salivate so I may cycle to the greengrocers!
Sending you a flamboyance of flamingoes, sunshine and smiles.

brook2704 Thu 01-Apr-21 07:27:33

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry and a cool sunny day is forecast. Much better than yesterday when it rained most of the day.
Nothing different planned today, just the usual pottering. Yesterday the garage hopefully sorted out the squeaky noise, something to do with the brake binding so I hope that’s that done. I’ve also started sorting out shoes and clothes beechnut trying to remember what I’ve got that’s ok to be seen out and about in. I’m living in comfy leggings and slouchy tops at the moment so will need to smarten up a bit especially after I’ve had my hair done in a couple of weeks.
Exciting times ahead with a new baby to look forward to glamma hope all goes well for your DD2
Sorry you had a weary day yesterday gaga it’s probably just all catching up with you as you’ve had such a busy worrying time looking after your DH. Try to take it easy today and look after yourself too
Pleased you’re feeling a bit better today GM, those hot x buns sound yummy, being a big marzipan fan!
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Sar53 Thu 01-Apr-21 07:30:35

Good morning from Essex by the sea where it is very misty, overcast and grey. Yesterday was warm and sunny in the morning but clouded over during the afternoon.
Shopping at Lidl this morning then some sewing this afternoon, DH will be sitting in his friend's garden putting the world to rights.
I hope things will be easier for you Mary now that you have opened up to to your family and close friends about your health. It can't have been easy but I'm sure your children would want to know.
I hope you feel better today GM and Ash it must be very frustrating not being able to be with your DH, hopefully very soon.
Have a pleasant Thursday and try and find a 😁 somewhere xx

NanKate Thu 01-Apr-21 07:31:10

Morning Mick and All.

Grey cool day in South Bucks.

Snap grandMattie and Gagagran. Yesterday I too ached all over and only had the energy to sit clutching a warmed up wheatie bag and feeling cross with myself for feeling like this. What a wimp. Quite a bit better today. Hope you two are as well. 💐💐

DH suddenly got a text to offer him his 2nd jab today, only 10 weeks since the last. Hope the same happens to me.

NannyJan53 Thu 01-Apr-21 07:43:18

Good morning from a dull and chilly Black Country. Such a contrast from yesterdays hot and sunny weather.

Rang Mum Doctors Surgery yesterday about her jab. They said she could go to Aldersley Stadium that day. So that is now all done and dusted! Then around 5pm they rang to offer her the jab, so I explained she had already had it. smile

Arrived home to a parcel on the doorstep. MrJan was in the garden so obviously didn't hear the door. It was a parcel of Easter treats and biscuits from his DD in Bristol. It is fortuitious that the door is well in the shade!

Arranged for a walk today with a friend who lives nearby, then I may make some Hot Cross Buns this afternoon. Never made any before.

It is going to be a wonderful reunion with your DH Ashcombe when the time comes!

Wishing you all a good day, with love to Marydoll

Scentia Thu 01-Apr-21 07:43:52

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is cool and breezy.
Off to work shortly and then after I have done everything there, the Easter holiday will start.
Yes glammagran. DD is due on the 30th of this month. She went 16 days over with the last one so I won’t expect anything until May!! Although she is mahoosive so how that little girl will fit in there much longer I do not know😂

I have purchased a giant connect 4 for the garden this summer, to see if it distracts DGS from picking up all my stones and putting them in any receptical he can find!! I wonder if it will work😁
Stay safe all, especially marydoll Keep smiling even though the sun has temporarily lost his hat folks😁❤️

Pittcity Thu 01-Apr-21 07:46:15

Good morning from an overcast Colchester. A little cooler than recent days but still dry.
More waiting for deliveries today.
Jay's online quiz with the family tonight.
Love to all x

Nannytopsy Thu 01-Apr-21 07:51:32

Good morning Mick and all his followers. There is a gleam of sunshine in Suffolk at the moment but it’s much cloudier.
Another fan of Jersey Royals and all things potato here.
While you wait car MOT this morning , then the pressure washer will be out.
I had an awful night’s sleep, so I may have a nap later 💤.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

cornergran Thu 01-Apr-21 08:02:22

Morning Mick, morning All. Our corner of Somerset has cloud cover this morning. Wind seems to have picked up too.

Mr C slept well wired for sound with a heart monitor, just 24 hours so it’s back to the hospital at lunch time to return it. I need to better understand a new bank account this morning, if the cloud clears we’ll go from the hospital further along the coast for a walk this afternoon. Not far today though, I’ve joined the achey club.

Hope you slept well marydoll, the courageous sharing of your reality to your family and friends must have been exhausting. I’m sure the right thing to do. Usually I insist on soft white lights in the garden. This year we also have a multitude of colour changing solar lights, love them.

Hope Thursday is gentle with everyone, take care.

Sheepandcattle Thu 01-Apr-21 08:02:55

Morning Mick and all from a clear and dry Wiltshire. I’m very pleased that gagaran’s husband is improving - I like snapping dead heads off daffs - a good way of getting rid of pent-up frustrations! All this talk of home made hot cross buns is make me hungry! My mother always made delicious hotcross buns but I’ve never attempted it so I’ve had to make do with a couple of packs of Aldi’s ones in the freezer. Talking of which, what’s with all the different flavours of HC buns nowadays? It all seems wrong to me!
Very busy day yesterday jabbing and drenching 250 lambs - my back ached last night! And my ears, as the racket the lambs and ewes made at being temporarily split up was deafening.
Wishing you all a happy Thursday (already - where has this week gone?)

ginny Thu 01-Apr-21 08:21:15

Good Morning all.
A visit to the garden centre today if it is not too busy and then to buy some treats for the long weekend.
Hope you all find a 😁today.

Taichinan Thu 01-Apr-21 08:24:32

Good morning Mick and all from the Angus coast where the day has dawned sunny and bright. It's Tai Chi on the Beach Day today and by the sound of things there will be a decent turnout - if the group is too big we'll split into two, with one group moving further along the beach. We have over three miles of sand to play with so it shouldn't get too crowded!
Marydoll I'm glad you have spoken to your family and friends now, for their sake as well as your own, and I'm sure you'll feel more relaxed now that you have done so. 💐
Fog in France?! Well for once and at last the east coast of Scotland was just like the south of France yesterday morning! Now just the temperature to work on ☀️😂
Did any one watch Matt Baker's programme about his parents and their farm last night. I found it fascinating on so many levels. I remember being told as a Rambler that sheep can be dangerous, particularly when they have their lambs to protect, but must admit I thought that was quite an amusing concept. I'm sure sheep is aware though!
There are so many people I want to respond to this morning, but for once I have to pay attention to the clock and must go and get ready to hit the beach!
Have the best day possible everyone 🌞🌷🦩🦋