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Soop's welcoming and ever supportive kitchen,

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soop Wed 28-Apr-21 12:54:32

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good friends and jolly good company.

A warm welcome and I trust that you will all enjoy our new meeting place. Spic and span but homely with it. flowers cupcake wine smile

Hellogirl1 Sat 15-May-21 19:47:02

Lovely photos Brook, I`m very fond of Western Scotland

Doodle Sat 15-May-21 19:53:56

Oooh Duncan what a handsome chap you are. That’s a really lovely photo BladeAnnie
Happy birthday Flynn. Hope the pac man hunt goes well.
soop I will keep a careful watch over Maw don’t you worry. We’ve waited so long to get her back I won’t let her get into trouble on my watch. We have 4 llamas for her to pet (not quite the same as Rosie but I’m sure they will keep her company). I just need to watch out that Urms doesn’t get to frisky 😊
The Argy mob want you to pop in too soop. You are legendary to some of our new members. We keep them entertained with stories of you swinging from the chandeliers into the arms of the firemen. 😉
brook that cottage looks lovely. Have a good break.
Yiayia good your GS enjoyed his birthday. 😊
Urms best behaviour when you go to the Argy 😉😊

BladeAnnie Sat 15-May-21 21:09:19

Oh yes Duncan most definitely knows he's handsome and adorable - he'll show off and take the compliments while ever they are coming grin. Until a small person appears in his realm....

Bellanonna Sat 15-May-21 21:49:49

Brook, what lovely views. I’m sure you’re having a great break.

soop Sun 16-May-21 14:41:31

brook Your photograph speaks peace and tranquility. Beautiful.

Leicester City won the F.A. Cup. My sons who live in Leicester, are beside themselves with unbridled joy. I am thrilled for them. Not a football fan, myself, but chuffed to bits that they have so much celebrating to do.

Urmstongran I am sending you a slice of sunshine from bonnie Kintyre. It's glorious hereaboots.

Yia The diamond art will remain a treasured keepsake for always. You put all your love and skill into creating it.

soop Sun 16-May-21 14:48:16

Doodle You may have persuaded me to totter into the Argy. I shall be in disguise. You will only realise it's me when I go through the door slung over burly Bob the bouncer's shoulder.

Another wonderful sunset. Bluebells in the village. Bluebells and carpets of wild garlic across the burn.

Bellanonna Sun 16-May-21 14:53:21

soop, I agree about Leicester’s win! I was so pleased they beat Chelsea. I didn’t see the match and take no interest in football, but just got really excited when I heard of their victory on the news. It was time for a win.
The photos are lovely as usual. Bluebells and wild garlic together are one of the best sights in spring!

aggie Sun 16-May-21 14:58:03

Loving your photos Soop amazing skies in your area

BladeAnnie Sun 16-May-21 15:00:51

soop your photos are always so beautiful - thank you for sharing smile

dragonfly46 Sun 16-May-21 15:22:46

What beautiful photos are on here. Our country is really very lovely!
We have said good bye to Dexter. He was so thrilled to see his parents and they were thrilled at how quiet he is now. We really hope the op has changed his quality of life.

Hopefully we can get back to some sort of normality tomorrow. We have already booked to go and stay with DS and DD.

We too were thrilled that Leicester won the cup last night. I couldn't look at the end and kept wishing the referee would blow the whistle. The owners of the club have done so much for the city especially donating millions to the hospitals.

annodomini Sun 16-May-21 15:49:05

Good for Leicester, seen as the underdogs, but they came through brilliantly. It's the birthplace of my mother and Leicestershire was home to countless ancestors, Mum became Scottish at 6 months!

Nannytopsy Sun 16-May-21 16:01:30

I admit to a few tears at the end of the match yesterday. The owner is so clearly ‘one of the gang’, as was his father, and clearly much loved by them all. Not like many other football club managers.
What a lovely part of the world you have chosen to live in soop. I do want to visit the north west - last came about 50 years ago.
Bathrooms to muck out. See you soon!

cornergran Sun 16-May-21 16:04:53

Hello to the Kitchen from a changeable Cornwall. We escaped for a few days. Our (soon to be ex!) house minding friend sent a message saying she had nearly finished baling out the conservatory. Yes, a joke but goodness my blood pressure shot up.

Very peaceful here, we’re wandering and relaxing, enjoying being in the traditional old fishing ports and surprisingly quiet countryside. I’ll attach images of a damp harbour and the view from our sitting room window.

Another here who had no interest in football. Fortunately Mr C is the same.

Please, no leading maw astray in the Argy. Be good everyone. TOYA.

Jaxjacky Sun 16-May-21 16:05:58

Very pleased for Leicester, as a neutral it was a good game to watch and as a football devotee lovely to see fans back and behaving.

Nannytopsy Sun 16-May-21 17:01:26

We just had a brown long eared bat fluttering around the garden! I am thinking someone has disturbed a roost? It was very exciting to get such a clear view.

Grandmabatty Sun 16-May-21 17:09:03

That's early for a bat to be out is it not? I love bats and had a couple fly around my last house and garden. Sadly I've never seen any in my current home. Soop and Cornergran those are lovely photos. My mum would say, "Good enough for a jigsaw."
I've had a lovely day so far. I pottered about outside weeding etc, then was driven to my aunt's house to pick up my car ( wine consumed in vat quantities at last night's bbq) where I sat in their garden with a cuppa enjoying the sunshine. I've brought home radishes to grow in my brand spanking new greenhouse. Off now to fry pork steaks. Have a good evening all.

Nannytopsy Sun 16-May-21 17:17:54

Yes Grandmabatty far too early. Either disturbed or ill I fear. I hope it tucked itself in a hedge somewhere until dusk.

NanaandGrampy Sun 16-May-21 17:40:31

My god, I go awol for 5 minutes and look what happens.

Welcome back Maw, glad to see someone had a heart at HQ .

I cannot stay as its all systems go here. The little boys arrive with Mum and Dad tomorrow for a 3 night stay . We are planning on going Wild in the Woods for young Coopers 7th birthday as he has missed the last 2 due to lockdowns.

Who knows what will happen. So I will catch up at the end of the week with you all - play nicely Maw :-)


soop Sun 16-May-21 17:49:26

Lovely photographs. Special Granspal Kitcheners. Messages galore.

Happy days ahead. A good way to take my leave and wish you lovely lot a gentle evening.

smile moon

Galen Sun 16-May-21 17:57:42

My bats have been flitting around for about a week. Think they’re pipistrelles

Jaxjacky Sun 16-May-21 18:11:37

What a day, rain and rain, it’s getting boring now, the water butt is overflowing. So, I’ve done little, I need to move plants to the allotment from the greenhouse to sow more seeds, as there’s no space left. Did some of the crossword, prepped dinner and rued having toenails painted so early. I’d also like to know why one eyebrow has lots of grey hairs and the other doesn’t (you can tell I was bored!). Heard from my plant man there’s a four week delay on some perennials I’ve ordered, because April was so cool. Everything garden wise is slow, including me today.
Have a pleasant evening all.
PS Hope Grandmafrench is feeling better after her tumble.

Urmstongran Sun 16-May-21 19:08:42

‘Evening All’.

So many photos of beautiful views on here I have to join in! So no ‘Dixon’ tonight. Just a photo of gorgeous Plockton overlooking Loch Carron. My stepfather’s house is here on this row. The family have lived in it continuously for over a hundred years and he sold it last month to his second cousin. Long may it stay in the family.

Just rung my sister in Spain where she and her husband retired last August. It’s hot ++. I told her it’s raining heavily here! Then rang my cousin who has moved to a beautiful house in Poynton with stables for their 3 horses. So like us ... not! We have arranged to drive over soon, see their new place and go for a pub lunch locally. It’s been so nice to catch up on family news.

soop your sunset pictures are gorgeous. I’ve saved one (again). Thank you for sharing. If I lived where you do I’d sit and look out contentedly with peace in my soul.

Your garden cornergran is beyond amazing. Again, sitting at your window to look out there must be so uplifting. I envy your scenery. A coffee or a glass of wine whilst relaxing must be wonderful.

Wishing all here a peaceful night ahead. x

Yiayia4 Sun 16-May-21 19:17:37

Great photos today.
We were talking about wild garlic Soop it’s so good to cook with but can’t find any in deepest Surrey!
Enjoy your time with your family N&G you must be so excited!
Just had rack of Lamb for dinner it was 😋
Have a good evening all.

muse Sun 16-May-21 23:57:38

The midnight hour is approaching fast. It's seemes yonks since I last visited the kitchen. A long week of full days but I'm the proud owner of new raised beds. One left to do but that's just one layer of sleepers. Hoping for fine weather tomorrow as the beans will be going in.

Cornergran - yes the weather has been very changeable this last week. Next week is a little better but still lots of showers.

Tried to catch up with everyone's news but so much has happened since my last drop in. I'll do a little more reading before bed.

Welcome back to Maw and hello to all newcomers. There seem a few smile.

Sad news from son on Friday but a chat today. He's still without work and heard nothing about the interview from last week. A call was expected on Friday. He has to wait another two weeks before he receives unemployment benefit but it is back dated. His birthday today too.

Lots of lovely photos.

Need to wake a sleepy Mya up for a quick stroll.

Synonymous Mon 17-May-21 10:17:52

soop glad you had the giggles - we all need as many of those as we can get. grin

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