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Good Morning Sunday

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12Michael Sun 09-May-21 06:09:08

Good Morning Everyone,
Its looking grey sky wise this morning , but the ground is dry after yesterdays wet weather .
I decided to stay at home yesterday ,and only later going out to get a Chinese Take Away ,although then it was a fine monsoon type of drizzle rain wise with a warm air .
Today, maybe small shop , do lunch and watch the Giro n TV which cover programmes up to around 6 tonight .
Take Care,

grandMattie Sun 09-May-21 06:23:24

Good morning from E Kent. Sunshine today after yesterday’s rain and wind.
Made an asparagus quiche for dinner last night, DH loves anything eggy, I don’t especially like eggs in any form except in cakes and baking.
Got on well with my patchworking.
Virtual church this morning. We met some very old neighbours the other day, really great church supporters, wardens, etc. They said that they had not had a squeak from the vicar since March 2020 lockdown; no note, phone call or email. They are NOT impressed... so we’re not alone in our disappointment of our indolent vicar! Sad really.
Hope today is a good day for everyone, and the only problems are small. 🦩☀️🦩🦩💐

Ashcombe Sun 09-May-21 06:47:28

Good morning, all, from a damp Torbay. I think we’ve had enough of the rain now, thank you!

How very disappointing that your church hasn’t reached out to its flock, grandMattie. I’d feel inclined to contact the Vicar and ask how he is, with a view to spurring him into action!

The video session went well yesterday at Brixham Museum. It was my first experience of being in a film and very different from stage work. A new challenge but good fun, thanks to the Toads friend who directed and the cameraman, both of whom were supportive and encouraging.

I travelled there by bus and found them remarkably quiet compared with normal times when they are popular with locals and visitors. We are fortunate in having a frequent, reliable service to most parts of the bay, so I rarely wait more than 10 minutes.

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!

grannytilly2511 Sun 09-May-21 06:48:04

Morning from a dull .cloudy , damp Somerset, .it’s not raining at the moment.but doesn’t look too promising.. Not a lot going on here .today .
May have a ride out to the garden centre later, could do to clean the inside of the car . also need to catch up on a couple of phone calls to friends ,
Duck and plum sauce for dinner ,with a nice glass of red wine .
Take care everyone and have a good day

Beechnut Sun 09-May-21 06:48:45

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A damp start after yesterday’s miserable day.

More cardmaking today and make the effort to clean the inside of the windows.

Take care all 🌺

Urmstongran Sun 09-May-21 06:58:32

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s damp but not raining and where the sun is trying to shine. I can see the Pennine Ridge quite clearly which is a good sign. I like that it is known as ‘the backbone of England’.

I’m happy to report I’ve no side effects from my second vaxx yesterday morning and thanks to Himself making a chilli yesterday afternoon for today’s Sunday lunch with my stepfather I find I’m redundant. Yay!

Hopefully Sunday will be kind to us all. Keep safe. x

Susan56 Sun 09-May-21 07:02:54

Good morning from Shropshire.A dry day is forecast 🤞🏻

I enjoyed yesterday’s outing with DD1 and DGD.

I am spending the next couple of days at Urmstongrans training school for lazy grans.Not a lot on the agenda here!

Sounds like a good day for you yesterday Ash🎭

Thinking of all with illness, anxieties and worries about loved ones💐

Have a good Sunday all🌞🦩

kittylester Sun 09-May-21 07:03:12

Good morning all from a sodden North Leicestershire. It is currently quite bright but there are showers in the forecast and we already have a flood warning in operation.

Not much going on here today but I need to sort out the children's toys as Wolfie, who will be our last, has outgrown (without ever playing with) all the baby stuff!

Roast chicken for lunch and the papers this afternoon.

grandMattie Sun 09-May-21 07:03:26

Glad that you didn’t get a reaction to your jab, Urm. And thank you for recommending *Where the crawdads sing”. Just finished it - amazing book...

Gagagran Sun 09-May-21 07:03:43

Morning all from a much milder south coast. The sun is trying to get through the clouds and it's 11.8c so I am hoping for a pleasant day after the recent wet, windy and chilly conditions.

DS is having another training ride on the South Downs today and ending up with us late afternoon for a shower and food before returning home. He is doing the South Downs Way, both ways, on his bike in June. That's Winchester to Eastbourne and back, within 24 hours and it's 200 miles round trip, with a lot of climbing involved. He has done it one way and also the North Downs Way, one way, but this will be much harder. He is so like his Dad, who once rode 244 miles in a 12 hour event. Both like to challenge themselves physically.

Sorry to hear about the lack of support from your Vicar, grandMattie. I feel the same about our WI and think I have decided not to re-join if and when it gets going again. There has been no communication from the committee at all. My choir, on the other hand has sent out regular e-mails and even a Desert Island Discs initiative for us to take part in.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

maydonoz Sun 09-May-21 07:08:05

Good morning all from a cloudy but dry Welwyn in Herts. It looks like we will have a sunny, dry day so hopefully will get the washing out in the breeze.
I had an extra day of childcare this week so have plenty to catch up on, mainly laundry.
Will do a pasta bake with roast veg, aubergine and mushrooms for lunch. DS3 will come as usual, for Sunday lunch (he's in our bubble).
Wishing all a happy, peaceful Sunday

grandMattie Sun 09-May-21 07:11:14

Re. Vicar. He’s old school, manages to make a 60 minute service last 90+, has a 15 minute sermon, everything takes place at a glacial speed, etc. He’s two years off retirement, so it’s worth waiting. Honestly, I can no longer be bothered. I go to virtual church, I do the usual stuff...
But I have been saddened that no one in the PCC has had contact - not even a regular prayer list.
Such a contrast to DD’s parish, where they have streamed services, virtual coffee, newsletters from their vicars...

Urmstongran Sun 09-May-21 07:11:22

grandMattie 😊😊
Now try ‘A Little Life’? One of my top 10 books. x

Grammaretto Sun 09-May-21 07:12:13

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. The sun has been streaming in for hours. I ought to have blinds.
I watched the election coverage until our region was announced - last.
Hope to plant out some more seedlings today to make space in the greenhouse for sitting in.
Enjoy the cycling Mick

Urmstongran Sun 09-May-21 07:16:46

Gaga I feel exhausted just reading about your son’s exploits!

Kudos to him though. Is he raising money for a charity? If you’d like to p.m. me a link I’d be happy to be a sponsor.

Pittcity Sun 09-May-21 07:21:18

Good morning from a bright, dry and warm Colchester. Forecast is for 20 degrees today. We are going to DD1 for lunch and it'll be warm in the garden for a change.

I loved "Where the Crawdads Sing" too Urmston

Love to all x

grandMattie Sun 09-May-21 07:25:58

Urms, I shall, thank you.
Have you read “Burnt Shadows”? Excellent story.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 09-May-21 07:29:23

Morning Mick and all,

I have my eye on the weather this morning as we are going out for Brunch, yippee. A meal that I will not have to clear away afterwards!

I can get used to this #lazygran life, what have you started Urmstongran?

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

brook2704 Sun 09-May-21 07:29:52

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s sunny with blue sky also some clouds around. I think there’s a few showers in the forecast too.
The South Downs Way cycle training sounds good gaga I bet it’s lovely scenery and I hope your DS enjoys it. Good going that to aim for 24hours and both ways 👍 But for me it’d be much slower walking rather than cycling. We enjoy walking the long distance footpaths and need to get cracking again!
Just gardening planned for me today, yesterday we enjoyed a longish walk near Loch Morlich in the Cairngorms, it was grey and wet most of the time but it didn’t stop us - a picnic outside too .. crazy people we are!
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today, just a random flamingo would do and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

grandmajet Sun 09-May-21 07:33:43

It’s still wet here in Notts today. We’ve had plenty of rain now, please bring back the sunshine.
Where the Crawdads Sing is a wonderful book, I agree. I will look out for the others.
Not much doing here today, apart from hoping to go for a wet walk. Looking forward to the new drama on bbc1 tonight, I hope it’s a good one.
Have a good Sunday, all.

NanKate Sun 09-May-21 07:34:20

Morning Mick and All.

Cloud an sun breaking through in South Bucks today.

Gaga well done to your son for his marathon cycle ride he could pass my son who runs on the South Downs every day before he starts work.

I’m lucky my WI has kept in touch with us all by email, phone calls and Zoom meetings twice a month. We are planning a picnic for us all returning in July.

I bet your Wolfie is quite a big boy now Kitty.

Thank you Ashcombe for your picture and words which always raise my spirits. So pleased your venture into films was successful.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 09-May-21 07:39:42

Good Morning * Mick* and everyone, Dull but not raining here in The Vale of The White Horse, but it’s been a wet night.
Still another day of doing nothing, no Steroid High this time which is a shame.
Anyway DD2 has gone home as we can’t walk the dog and her house sharer can do it for her, she’ll be back Monday hopefully.
Have the best day you can and hugs for those who aren’t so chipper today.

Gingster Sun 09-May-21 07:44:29

Good morning all from a cloudy Essex.
Yesterday the neighbours large fir tree was brought down by a lovely couple of men. Father and son. Very quick with all the debris removed and tidy. I asked them to give us a quote for a large fir at the front of our house. It had been hacked at various times and was ugly. They came round and said if I wanted it done now at a reduced cost they could do it. DH was out at footie, so the decision was mine alone 🤔😢😳. It was done in half an hour ! Very pleased with the outcome and DH was too.TG !. It was rainy and windy and I could see the younger chap swaying around at the top of the tree, chainsaw dangling!
😬. Expertly done and all finished without mishap. 👍. It makes the house so much lighter and the garden so much bigger.

We’re off to no.1 sons for Sunday roast. He’s a great cook and asked us what meat we would like. We’ve plumped for pork, which we rarely have , and his is the best with crispy cracking!

We saw GD1 briefly yesterday - home from Uni for the weekend. She’s enjoying her course but seemed a bit down. I expect it’s just my ESP going into overdrive . (Nannas esp) . She’s going back today and of course I will worry 🙄.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.


dragonfly46 Sun 09-May-21 07:50:33

Good morning I am hoping there are dry patches today when I take the dog out.
Have to pop to M&S today to pick up some exercise gear for a class I have been roped into.
I am not very good at #lazygran!

Have a good day everyone.

Sar53 Sun 09-May-21 07:58:28

Good morning from Essex by the sea. It's a little grey outside but I believe it will be warm later, yesterday was very wet and miserable.
I had my 2nd jab yesterday and had exactly the same reaction as for the first. Aching body, shivering and a headache which I still have this morning, my arm is very sore too. Hopefully by this afternoon I will feel better as one of DH's granddaughters is 10 today and we have been invited to a BBQ.
He is off to rugby this morning, I think I will sit and read my book 'The Sanatorium'. I'm finding it a bit dark and disturbing but will finish it.
Have a lovely Sunday everyone xx