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Doodle Wed 12-May-21 22:56:39

Bar, Tea Room, Spa, AB12 there no end to our talents.
All are welcome to join in our virtual enterprise. ?

Doodle Wed 12-May-21 22:59:39

Just off to practice for the can can on Friday.
Biccy McVitie our personal trainer is giving me one to one tuition.
Frilly French knickers on order.
What could go wrong? ?

brook2704 Wed 12-May-21 23:07:19

Oooh there we are .. for a moment I thought we’d been rumbled ..Anyhow phew thank goodness we’re safe again!

Yes Doodle it’s sorted .. I was as Madam PomPoms earlier today and I’ve got the order sorted, various sizes and we’re all sporting different colours ... hot pink, crimson red, sunshine yellow, racing green and sapphire blue.. All of course with lashings of lace, diamanté and frills galore!

Doodle Wed 12-May-21 23:14:27

Well done brook . We are well on our way to wowing Sir Tom on Friday.
Do you think we will need extra security?

brook2704 Wed 12-May-21 23:23:39

Gnasher’s on it Doodle - security all sorted ?

Doodle Wed 12-May-21 23:50:26

He looks so cool brook. Llama security. Our new venture so you think?

AGAA4 Thu 13-May-21 15:51:34

Biccy has unlocked my hip with the aid of lubrication and friction rub. I can do the high kicks now!

Gnasher is busy patrolling round the Argy with Tracker. I am a bit worried about that package in the freezer and will train Tracker to bark if the police come anywhere near.

Do you think we should bury it in the scrub land at the back? It can't be anything good.

ixion Thu 13-May-21 16:02:40

As soon as doodle mentioned freezer, my heart sank.
We need to get shot rid of it pronto.
I know the score -
Remove all incriminating evidence: serial numbers, dabs, pollen grains, the usual.
Thorough clean with Barry Scott's C.Bang.
Then we must get it down to the harbour and push it afloat on the out-going tide. The Admiral will tell us when. Let's get the llamas to ferry it down disguised as an advertising float, then back 'em up quayside.
Do they 'do' reverse, do you know??

AGAA4 Thu 13-May-21 16:10:13

Good idea to get rid of it in the sea. If we bury it Tracker might dig it up at an inopportune moment and we could end up trying to answer some difficult questions. We are doing so well we don't want to end up in clink.

Doodle Thu 13-May-21 16:17:10

I am training the llamas to do reverse as we speak.
The Admiral owns one of those rowing boats in the harbour
Do you think we should borrow it and take the freezer out into deep water before we sink it? Does anyone know how to row?
Better do it at night so no one spots us.
Black camouflage gear and balaclavas for the llamas so no one spots them

ixion Thu 13-May-21 16:21:58

Wasn't grandmajet in the SBS? Either that or the SAS.
Can't remember which.

She's got some initials embroidered on her PE kit she is wearing in training with Biccy.

grandmajet Thu 13-May-21 16:26:02

Phew! I thought I was homeless then!
I agree, in the sea is the place. Is it the whole freezer or just the suspicious contents?
Biccy McVitie can row - at least, he can on a machine! Can we trust him to help us out?

AGAA4 Thu 13-May-21 16:32:08

Fritz my fisherman friend has a motor boat so no rowing needed. He will load the freezer and we can take it a long way out and drop it. Fritz has been known to do dodgy deals favours for payment in kind.
The freezer is very heavy so we will need the llamas to hoist it over the side.

ixion Thu 13-May-21 16:34:49

No, the freezer has to go - as a 'job lot'.
Get rid of those Welsh amuse bouches (Great British Menu fan here) that doodle knocked out lovingly crafted.
As for putting our food in with poor Jackie, even Bargyers have standards.

Are you sure you didn't used to carry out night time manoeuvres on the ocean wave, jet?

grandmajet Thu 13-May-21 17:18:17

brook, can I have the sunshine yellow knickers please - just so everyone knows what the sun shines out of!

Shh! ixion . My past is a closed book.

I just love Gnasher’s cool dude look, the other llamas will be jealous.

AGAA4 Thu 13-May-21 17:20:26

Is the book 'fifty shades of grey' grandmajet?

grandmajet Thu 13-May-21 17:24:37

My secret is out, AGA.

grandmajet Thu 13-May-21 17:28:11

I haven’t seen doodle for a while. Is Biccy still giving her a one to one?

AGAA4 Thu 13-May-21 17:28:42

When you mentioned you were in the secret service I didn't realise what you meant!

Should we give all the llamas the cool dude look? They are sulking.

AGAA4 Thu 13-May-21 17:31:55

Doodle is having trouble getting her leg over the bar so Biccy is lowering it for her.

grandmajet Thu 13-May-21 17:33:23

Good try. But not quite.

grandmajet Thu 13-May-21 17:34:13

Her leg, or the bar?

brook2704 Thu 13-May-21 18:18:40

Oooh jet of course the sunshine yellow ones are yours ... they’ll co ordinate with those glasses perfectly

Doodle Thu 13-May-21 19:30:58

Phew sorry I’m a bit late gang. Biccy has been helping me to get my leg over. Didn’t realise I was so out of practice.
I think we’d better put jet in charge of nighttime manoeuvres as she is trained in underwear ops.
AGA thank goodness you’ve come up with Fritz. I wasn’t sure how we would be able to row out far enough even with Biccy.
Great idea. After the trip we can give him loads of poteen so he forgets all about it,
ixion who’s Jackie? ?
jet no flashing those yellow knickers until we’re back from our ocean voyage.
When are we going to do the deed? ?

AGAA4 Thu 13-May-21 19:41:08

Tomorrow after dark? The sooner the better.
Can I have the blue frillies please.

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