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Doodle Wed 12-May-21 22:56:39

Bar, Tea Room, Spa, AB12 there no end to our talents.
All are welcome to join in our virtual enterprise. ?

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 22:04:07

Ooh lemon you know what I like. Give it here ?

lemongrove Fri 02-Jul-21 22:02:33

Back again and a bit breathless! Here we are... cod and chips all round for supper including scraps, and a large saveloy for Doodle?

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 22:01:07

I'm not renowned for my imagination doodle.
Let's throw it open.
What's the chance of getting John Dory with my chips?
It looked a bit of a dive down there, tbh, so not holding out much hope☹️

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:56:29

ixion I remember that. Beautiful cushion. Yes we'll keep jet’s special chair by the bar.

Have you had any thoughts about the name for the cider?

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 21:54:39

Jet said that she would need to bag the comfy chair by the bar, please.
I have done a little cushion I thought we could keep there as a memento.

Now, when are these fish and chips coming?

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:54:31

AGA I’ll get Gnasher to escort you home. Thanks for everything tonight the poteen was great.
ixion join me at the bar for a pastie and pint?

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 21:51:29

"You don't know what you've got til it's gone".

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 21:50:21

I don't think I should have any more poteen. Nine pints is usually my limit and I have had a few more than that....hic.....
I will stagger walk home now as I have to start brewing again tomorrow at 5am.

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:45:50

Grandmabatty brilliant. I’ll put it on the jukebox now.
Is lemon still out in the Alley doing the conga? Set the drinks up Thor they’ll be thirsty when they get back. Hope lemon’s bringing some fish and chips back from the docks.

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:41:37

Jaxjacky thank you for coming in too. Jet will indeed be missed.
Ooh AGA you’ve gone all emotional. We do have a laugh though, don’t we.

Grandmabatty Fri 02-Jul-21 21:41:19

To Grandmajet. ?
I am wearing a very fetching pair of French bloomers Doodle, in honour of Jet who had a special song created for her by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Jaxjacky Fri 02-Jul-21 21:33:08

Brief visit raising a glass to the brave grandmajet, she'll be missed ?
As muse is ‘knocking up’ again, I’ll be orf…….

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 21:27:25

Hello Blossoming
The sausage rolls are particularly tasty, and Muse knocks up the pasties herself. Multi- purpose. We're always glad of them!

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 21:26:07

Getting maudlin now but want to say to all fellow Argyers "thanks for all the laughs and fun. You're a great bunch." What is that green stuff I've been drinking?
I feel like hugging the Admiral. Help!

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:24:36

Don’t tell me muse has forgotten to put anything on…..again?
blossoming you are most welcome. Pint of our best poteen coming up.

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 21:20:59

muse you'll cause a stir down Pigstrotter Alley in that hat .....and nothing else

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:20:12

Brilliant idea ixion as usual. Those apple trees will be put to good use and no better brewer than our AGA .

Blossoming Fri 02-Jul-21 21:19:09

Just popping in to raise a glass to the incomparable Grandmajet

ixion Fri 02-Jul-21 21:18:46

To dear Jet.
To be ever remembered in her own brand Cider. - when AGA brews it.
Any suggestions for the label??‍♀️

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:15:58

Er grnadmabatty before you join the conga you might want to pull your bloomers up. If you try and conga with them round your ankles you’ll trip over……..and considering the size of them well all be wearing them as a tent ⛺️

AGAA4 Fri 02-Jul-21 21:15:02

To grandmajet. The old Argy won't be the same without you.

Doodle Fri 02-Jul-21 21:14:21

Dear jet we loved your company and have happy memories of the fun we shared together. We won’t forget you. x
Toast everyone.
ixion you’ve done jet proud, that is an …….amazing outfit you’ve almost squeezed yourself in to ?

lemongrove Fri 02-Jul-21 21:13:52

Right! Time for a knees up to ‘Come On Eileen’ and then we’ll Conga all the way down Pigstrotters Alley to the docks....who’s up fer it?

lemongrove Fri 02-Jul-21 21:10:41

Let’s lift a tankard of best poteen and toast our friend grandmajet ...gone but not forgotten, Cheers!?
We will all miss you and so will the llamas, the Admiral, George Clooney, Sir Tom, Fronc, Thor, Rich Reggie, Dodgy Den, Steamy Stan, Jason the alsation, the ferrets, and all the crew, past and present of the good ship HMS Barnacle.⚓️??

muse Fri 02-Jul-21 21:08:19

Not sure if my hat will do for the Full Monty grandmabatty. Have you found one big enough?

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