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Slippers! Not just for Christmas

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MawBe Wed 09-Jun-21 08:09:04

Do you wear slippers around the house, just for getting out of bed - -at all? And how often do you replace them?
There is something very grannyish about slippers isn’t there- the image of “carpet slippers” or “pipe and slippers”
My mum never wore slippers, preferring light shoes which she designated “house shoes” and claimed she felt safer as well as better dressed in them. Likewise I don’t really like them except for bed-to-bathroom trips and usually wear a pair of Skechers throughout the day.
Anyway way, since Rosie moved in I have had to retrieve my slippers once too often from the garden and am obliged to sleep with them in bed beside me. And I have become uncomfortably aware of their presence 😱
So they need replacing. I am actually quite ashamed of the fact that it had not occurred to me until right under my nose as it were. No wonder she found them irresistible 😳🐶
Go on, so when did you last buy a new pair of slippers?

Tizliz Wed 09-Jun-21 15:39:48

I bought a pair last month but cannot get on with them, so am currently wearing a pair of flat leather shoes that I can’t get the right colour polish for so can’t wear them to go out.

kittylester Wed 09-Jun-21 15:51:24

I wore my slippers (Moshulu) all the time at the beginning of lockdown but decided that they were not good for my back and/or posture so bought some really light Moshulu shoes for indoors and some M&S mules with in step support just for bedroom use..

Buffybee Wed 09-Jun-21 15:51:26

I wear Slipper Boots in Winter, with outdoor soles, in Summer I wear toe post sandles.
I probably buy a new pair every year, or two.

Lexisgranny Wed 09-Jun-21 16:04:09

I have a pair of leather ballet-type flat shoes, which have comfortable padded sections on the sole. They were originally bought for everyday wear, but now take the place of slippers in the summer. I like the extra support they provide. As my mother was given to say “Slippers make my feet spread”.

Blossoming Wed 09-Jun-21 16:07:30

No, barefoot or fluffy socks. I cannot walk very well in any slippers I have ever tried and I don’t want to fall and injure myself.

FarNorth Wed 09-Jun-21 16:08:37

I wear light slip-on shoes rather than slippers.
A lot of the time, tho, I prefer chunky 'walking' sandals in the house.

Mattsmum2 Wed 09-Jun-21 16:10:22

I wear slippers all the time, my feet do tend to get cold, even in this warm weather. It was a tradition that my children bought me slippers every year at Christmas as they always needed to be replaced by then. Since I bought Mahabis ones a few years ago, not cheap, I’ve had these for outdoor and others for indoor. I find also if I go bare foot all the time my heels get really hard skin on them 😀

Grandmabatty Wed 09-Jun-21 16:12:25

I rarely wear slippers. I usually go barefoot in the house or wear a pair of leather pumps which have seen better days. I have fluffy unicorn slippers which were a Christmas present but only wear them if dd is around as she gifted them 🙂

Marydoll Wed 09-Jun-21 16:38:02

I wear slippers or Sketcher slips ons. I have got a few pairs from Pavers, which I can wear to hang out the washing. certainly not grannyish. I am not my mother!!!
I need some support and my feet are always cold!
Before Lockdown, I would stock up on Fly Flot ones at the market in Rome. They used to cost me about 5 Euros!

My current pairs:

eazybee Wed 09-Jun-21 16:56:57

The last pair of slippers I had were size 2, red leather with real fur trim and zip-fronted. I loved them dearly, but have never worn slippers since; I don't like them.

crazyH Wed 09-Jun-21 17:07:11

Bought just an hour ago ...Bit tacky, but it’s cheap, cheerful and comfy 😂

Harris27 Wed 09-Jun-21 17:11:02

M&S slippers for me love them the loafer type. Wouldn’t be without them two pairs a year.

Kim19 Wed 09-Jun-21 17:13:30

Cannot imagine life without slippers. They're the first thing I put on the minute I come in the front door and the last I discard on my way out. Favourites are Sherherd's sheepskin boots but sometimes resort to lighter ones when it is excessively hot (not often). Probably replace them every couple of years. Not sure. Just as and when required.

hollysteers Wed 09-Jun-21 17:24:23

I only wear slippers for bed. Mother in law and husband spoke very scornfully of people who wore bedroom slippers around the house, very non U. No, she wasn’t Hyacinth Bouquet 😁
Bedroom slippers for the bedroom and comfortable house shoes elsewhere.

dustyangel Wed 09-Jun-21 17:45:43

This thread reminded me to get mine in from the garden table. I risked putting my washable mules from M&S in with a load of washing this morning after they accidentally got soaked from an errant shower spray spray this morning. I knew they needed washing and I’ve done it loads of times before but they are so old that I was afraid they’d disintegrate if washed again.
They’ve come up fine again, good old Marks!

If they still made the same style I’d buy some more but until I can actually visit an M&S again I can’t be bothered with the backwards and forwardsing of postal ordering.
1 only use them for bedroom to bathroom, preferring “proper” shoes or sandals for round the house.

Shandy57 Wed 09-Jun-21 18:00:18

I've just bought some from Sainsbury's for £8, obviously couldn't try them on. Too flat but they'll do for the bathroom shuffle smile

inishowen Thu 10-Jun-21 11:15:58

I wear Fly Flot sandals around the house.

Lilyflower Thu 10-Jun-21 11:20:19

Can't bear slippers. They can make every outfit look grannyish. I wear indoor shoes, usually with soft soles.

I cannot abide being told, when invited somewhere, to remove my shoes. It's the height of bad manners to deprive people of their shoes without warning. If you issue an invitation, make it clear if you want people to bring indoor soft soles so they can take something stylish.

pen50 Thu 10-Jun-21 11:23:32

I prefer bare feet but plantar fasciitis means I have to wear something supportive at all times. I bought some fancy boiled wool Austrian slippers which have an orthopedic insole - unfortunately they're a tadge tight over the arch which is annoying.

NotANana Thu 10-Jun-21 11:30:52

I wear indoor shoes with proper soles during the day in the winter, and a pair of leather Fitflop slides in the summer. (Hard wooden floors f=downstairs and I worry that they could be slippery in slippers...)
I have slippers which I wear upstairs when I'm in my nightwear.

I have a pair of sheepskin slippers for cold nights in the winter, when I'm relaxing watching TV.
I work from home and find I don't feel in "work" mode if I am wearing slippers...

travelsafar Thu 10-Jun-21 11:32:48

I love slippers and wear the ballerina type with elastic all round to keep them on. I do hate the noise they make though when you put a brand new pair on they kind of squeak untill worn a couple of times. lol. I bought two new pairs from Sainsbury's only last week but without the elastic thinking they lookd more like slip on shoes, but they are useless, i just cant keep them on my feet and unfortunately i removed the tags from both pairs before trying so no taking them back. they will no doubt do someone in the family a turn though. My daughter bought me a pair of slipper bootees last Christmas a part of my gift and they were wonderful, they kept my feet so toasty, Hope i get some more this Slippers are defo part of my life.

CleoPanda Thu 10-Jun-21 11:38:33

I have six pairs! Love them all. Knitted boots, fluffy lined boots, mules, ballet type, cotton slip ons, sandal style ones. All washable and useful for all types of temperatures.
These are my latest - £5 from Matalan!

Jillybird Thu 10-Jun-21 11:42:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aepgirl Thu 10-Jun-21 11:43:06

My sister used to buy me a pair of slippers for my birthday every year - wedge-heeled mules with a fancy bow or fur. They were lovely and also comfortable. I wish I could buy them now but slippers are either really old-fashioned or those slip-on fabric things with sticky bits on the so,Ed.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 10-Jun-21 11:45:17

I go bare-footed in our house and wear light weight shoes in other peoples' homes.

As a child we had to wear slippers indoors, which I hated after I started school and found out that my school-friends changed into a pair of "indoor" shoes when they came home.

What is the connection of slippers and Christmas?