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Good Morning from Mick and Maw

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Jaxjacky Thu 10-Jun-21 06:43:10

Thought I’d open up, hope that’s ok.

Marydoll Thu 10-Jun-21 06:48:21

Good morning Jaxjacky, my finger has been hovering too! Thanks for opening up. Oh Maw, 😴zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Maw, you have done your bit, give yourself a break and have a lie in! 🤗

Alizarin Thu 10-Jun-21 06:50:10

Fine by me!!! Very overcast here in south Cornwall. Waiting to hear if I can go home today but have to convince the physio I can manage, living on my own. Which I know I can as this is the third op! Can't wait for my son to drive me through Falmouth on the way home and witness the silliness of the G7 media, plus the cruise ship the police are staying on. Have the best day you can, everyone.

baubles Thu 10-Jun-21 06:50:27

Good morning all from South Lanarkshire where the sky is brightening.

Yesterday afternoon after I’d finished with the day’s chores I sat down to read that morning’s thread. What an emotional experience, I am humbled by it. There are so many brave, strong, capable women on here, coping with so much that I feel quite ashamed of my occasional grumping about nothing.

Harrigran, I do hope you managed to get someone to help you y esterday. I was horrified to hear of the dreadful way you and— your dear husband had been fobbed off by so many in the caring professions.

I’m so sorry about your friend Grandmafrench what an awful shock for everyone. His poor wife must be distraught to be so far away from him.

Lovely to hear from Ayntieflo and good news about the Blue Badge.

Welcome to the thread DR64. Beautiful flower photos yesterday ginny and Gingster

I hope today is less ‘ouchie’ Alizarin and Marydoll did you have a better night?

Glad you were feeling strong enough not to have to go back to bed yesterday Elizabeth1, you are always so cheerful in spite of your troubles.

Today is our childminding afternoon so we will collect the children from nursery at lunchtime. A stroll along the front then gymnastics with the four year old while DH pushes the little one who will hopefully have a long sleep in her buggy. Afterwards if it’s dry we’ll play on the beach for an hour before taking them home.

Hopefully Mick will get reconnected before much longer.

Have the best day possible my friends.

Susan56 Thu 10-Jun-21 06:52:00

Good morning Jax,Mick,Maw and all to follow from Shropshire.

We had a lovely lunch out yesterday courtesy of DD2 and enjoyed our stroll round town.We saw several people we know so spent a while catching up with promises made to meet up for coffee in a couple of weeks.

Henry day today with school pick up later.

Hope we hear from some of our missing good morningers soon.

Thinking of all unwell,worried,recuperating,anxious and sad💐

Hope that Cherry,Mary and Auntieflo have had restful nights and also that harri managed to get help for her husband💐

Have a good day all🌞🦩

Urmstongran Thu 10-Jun-21 06:52:23

It is by me! Thanks Jax.

Good morning everyone from south Manchester. We have white cloud cover but I can see the Pennine ridge quite clearly so we must be in for a good day. I do hope so as our daughter and son in law are taking the smalls to Lytham beach again to finish off half term. Back to school for them (and mummy) on Monday.

I’m tired after the trip to Birmingham and back yesterday. Sitting in a car for 4 hours (at least we had lunch before the journey back). It’ll be practice for next weekend when we go up to Plockton. That takes us 8 hours from here (with a couple of stops and a picnic lunch at Loch Lomond).

I have a manicure appointment today. My first in 15 months. My nails are in excellent condition but it will be nice to have them snipped very short, filed and polished professionally. I have gel polish and so they stay nice and shiny like ‘Smarties’ for 4 weeks. Pre-Covid, I used to book a monthly appointment. Look how much I’ve saved (to spend on gin haha!).

Hope everybody enjoys Thursday whether you have plans or none. x

MawBe Thu 10-Jun-21 06:52:55

still problems .
Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dry and sunny day here in Brackley this morning, today , Bicester as usual on the bus.
Expecting a delivery of some gravel for gardens , i am going to use it to tidy up parents graves area, hopefully prevent weeds taking over .
Take Care,

Nannagarra Thu 10-Jun-21 07:00:14

Thank you for opening up, Jaxjacky. I hope all is well with Mick and Maw.
Good morning from the Sefton coast where the sun is shining. This afternoon I’m meeting friends in a garden setting. One of them visited the impressive Peace Doves project in Liverpool Cathedral earlier in the week so no doubt will tell us more.
Thinking of those who might benefit from a hug or some flowers at the moment. I’d like to learn that jet is on the path to recovery.
Sending a smile and a glimpse of a flamingo.🦩🦩🦩

harrigran Thu 10-Jun-21 07:02:00

Good morning from a sunny NE.
Awake before 5.30, well I guess that's what happens when you go to bed at 10pm.
Better day yesterday, health care professionals ringing up to see if we had secured treatment, the cynic in me believed they were doing it because we had made such a fuss rather than because they cared.
DH now has antibiotics but has still not actually been examined by anyone.
I had an hour in the garden and enjoyed the fresh air, the plants BIL put in for me are thriving and are flowering already.
Yesterday was the first anniversary of my BIL's death in Germany. I still have not seen my sister, 20 months now and she is very lonely as she does not have any children.
Weather forecast is good so hope we can all enjoy being outdoors.

fiorentina51 Thu 10-Jun-21 07:03:19

Morning everyone.
Cloudy and grey here in Worcestershire. DH and I are planning a trip to Bury Ditches iron age hillfort today and maybe a spot of lunch in Bishop's Castle.
We have spent the week attempting to bring the garden under control and tackling household chores so felt the urge to get out.
I hope you all have a good day. 🌞

kittylester Thu 10-Jun-21 07:03:31

Good Morning all from a muggy and overcast North Leicestershire.

I did quite a bit of gardening yesterday and finished my Sainsbury's shop (remembering to save the changes!!) took in a neighbour's new radiator and talked to my lovely sister in law in SA. Her DH (my DH's younger brother) has recently been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and she is feeling a bit wobbly.

Not much on today so I will just pootle and faff.

Harri, sending you lots of love - wish it could be more.

Dwmxwg Thu 10-Jun-21 07:07:09

Thank you Jax. I do hope Mick gets his gremlins sorted soon, very frustrating for him.
Overcast but warm here in north Surrey.
Welcome to newbies from yesterday. Was good to read a post from Alazarin, hope you managed to get home yesterday and had a comfortable night.
harrigran what a dreadful experience for your poor DH and yourself. I do hope the situation improved drastically. A good GP or specialist nurse would/should have been there to advocate and get things sorted.
Auntuflo glad you felt up to posting yesterday, hope a sign of continuing improvement.
Grandmafrench tragic news for your friend, life can be so cruel sometimes.
I have slept very badly last night. Woke up with a coughing fit, you can imagine then my mind went into overdrive re Covid, then when I did eventually get back to sleep I was woken by a horrible dream. No cough this morning but feeling decidedly lethargic through lack of sleep.
Need to find some energy to get up as the boys are here and will need chivvying to get up for school run.
Will take all my cleaning bits to mum and dad’s later this morning and then come home for a snooze before boys need collecting (2 runs as one has after school football). I have also promised the paddling pool if the weather stays warm.
Wishing all a good Thursday and hope everyone manages to find an odd 🦩 or 2

Pittcity Thu 10-Jun-21 07:07:15

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another hot day.
Laundry and shopping. Another decorator to give an estimate this afternoon.
Online quiz with the family tonight.
Love to all x

Dwmxwg Thu 10-Jun-21 07:08:46

Wow all those posts whilst I was typing! No time to read, will check back later

Ashcombe Thu 10-Jun-21 07:11:25

Good morning, everyone, from an overcast Torbay.

Thank you for opening up, Jaxjacky to help Mick.

I hope you had a safe trip to your DD1, Sar53, and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. I have many happy memories of shopping trips in Brum, beginning when I was at college there 50 years ago! It was in Edgbaston, Urmstogran, near the Botanical Gardens. Trust you had a good day there yesterday.

That is an amazing cake, Jaxjacky! Well done to Elizabeth1 on your day without rest and I hope you slept well as a result. I hope your recovery will continue well, Alizarin, once you are home. I found having to sleep on my back after hip surgery was difficult, especially as my knees were grumpy! Some nights, I decamped to a recliner in the lounge which was more conducive to sleep.

I wish you luck with your preparations to move to the UK, amselerin. This link regarding pets should help:-

What beautiful flowers, Gingster and ginny and both in my favourite colours, too! Happy caravanning!

What a terribly sad story about your Swiss friend, Grandmafrench! My heart goes out to the poor lady after such a tragic loss and in circumstances brought about by this wretched pandemic. It will be a comfort to her to have such a caring friend as you to support her through this ghastly time. 💐I pray for strength for you both.

Thank you for the poem, muse which made me smile, with its humour in the fourth line! How lovely to hear from Auntieflo! Please keep in touch, including on bad days. A blue badge will be a help to you when going out is in your plans. I hope EllanVannin is back soon.

Yesterday our Wednesday Club Zoom organiser was admitted to hospital so it fell to me to rally the troops with the link. It was rather chaotic as the chap in hospital decided to join us and felt it necessary to regale each arriving participant with (too many) details of his condition. Suffice to say, that I expect the laxatives will have worked by now!

Thoughts with those in pain of any kind. 🥰

Jaxjacky Thu 10-Jun-21 07:12:30

Good morning all from a cloudy S Hants. Yesterday was a farm shop visit early and in the afternoon I took our friend out for a drive. He’s been diagnosed with vascular dementia, early days, but the same as my Mum had, I hope his doesn’t go the 10 years my Mum suffered. Anyway, off we went to Winchester, down little back roads, houses he’d lived in from a child to a married man, his old school and first pub, quite a tour.
Today is allotment this afternoon, the constant couch grass battle, then watering. I really hope the situation for the harrigrans has vastly improved, news from grandmajet and Cherry would be welcomed, where was EllanVannin yesterday too? Hope she’s ok.
Have the best day you can all, every one is precious.

Nannytopsy Thu 10-Jun-21 07:17:39

Good morning from Suffolk to Jax, Mick & Maw and all the followers.
I am up very early in order to get more gardening done before it gets warm, although so far it is breezy and a bit cloudy.
Glad you got some action Harrigran albeit less than ideal.
🤞 Alizarin. Policemen on a cruise ship? That could be interesting if they are needed in a hurry!
I got a new reusable mug yesterday, covered in flamingos. I hope you can find some too!

GrannyGravy13 Thu 10-Jun-21 07:23:21

Morning all

I went to bed exhausted last night but sleep
was not happening, dozed off about 5.30am only to be woken at 7.00am by phone call from DD. She had been invaded by ants overnight.

I have a thumping headache! Plan for day is paracetamol with cup of tea ASAP then go back to bed.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Marydoll Thu 10-Jun-21 07:26:13

Good morning all properly, from a cloudy Glasgow, where it’s supposed to rain later. Another restless night, full of the weirdest dreams! 🤯 I must stop watching those Chinese soaps, when I can't sleep! grin.
However, you will see by the length of today's novella that I am in a fairly good place!

I hope Maw is OK, just tired. I admire you for taking on the challenge and think you have done a great job, opening up every morning. This is genuine concern, not meant to be patronising in any way. I would find it difficult to do on a regular basis.
When I was involved in working on LA websites, forgotten passwords and people locked out of school accounts, we didn't waste time if it couldn't be resolved. GN, time to sort things out ASAP. Mick, we miss you!!!

In a bit of a rush this morning, I am off to the opticians to pick up my new glasses. I’ve arranged for security guards to accompany me, as they have cost an arm and a leg!! Who or what should I blame for the exorbitant cost? Brexit or Covid. DH was horrified 😱 at the cost, until he went for his test the following week. Is it worth starting a controversial thread about it? wink Everything seems to have gone up in price, recently!

After that, we are having lunch in the restaurant opposite the Paisley Abbey. DS2 is on holiday and has offered to treat us today. He invited us, not knowing we would be out anyway, so it has worked out well, as I have missed him so much during shielding. His fiancée is obviously a good influence on him! grin
I feel quite safe in there, as it’s not too large, very Covid safe (as much as it can be safe) and all the tables are set well apart. However, as numbers here are rising again, there won’t be any unnecessary shopping, I promise you!!!!

Yesterday’s sewing episode was a bit of a disaster. The dress I bought was too baggy for me, so I thought it would be a simple task to alter it. However, the pockets were making taking it in quite problematic. I do like pockets in a dress, but decided it would be easier to cut off the pockets. Not only did I cut off the pockets, I cut off a chunk of the dress! Oh dear I said! What’s to be done? I am so silly!!
Today’s task is how to rectify it. 😏🤔
However, I have to also pack for my weekend away in Pitlochry and go through the usual agonising process of deciding what to wear for the unpredictable Scottish weather.

As a woman, I am an expert at multi tasking, or should I say, was. Yesterday I decided to tint my very blond eyebrows, paint my nails for the first time since lockdown and pop in and out of GN at the same time. As you may have guessed, it didn’t turn out too well. sad. One eyebrow worked and one wouldn’t take. One blond and one brown eyebrow is not a good look for a sophisticate like me! wink.
Eventually, I just ignored the instructions and slapped on extra tint. It wasn’t until later, I noticed that parts of my strawberry blond fringe was were also brown and I had a huge brown stain down my cheek.🤣

I noticed EV didn't post yesterday, I hope all is well with her and Cherry and that Mr Harri has got the support, he so badly needs. Good to hear from Auntieflo and I promise to send you a picture of my new bling glasses!
Alizarin, fingers crossed for you today. Condolences to Grandmafrench, what sad news for you to receive.
I will surely have missed someone out, so my apologies and good wishes for all who are struggling.
Have a good day, folks.

monk08 Thu 10-Jun-21 07:27:36

Good morning from a cloudy Black country.
Welcome to all the newbies 👋.
Alizarin 🤞 for your release always think you recover better in your own home.
Lins hope Sam is improving. And where are you EllenV ? missed you yesterday.
Enjoy your day everybody and may you all find some 🌞.

Sar53 Thu 10-Jun-21 07:27:40

Good morning from an overcast Leamington Spa. The journey here yesterday was horrendous, the A127, Gg13 and Gingster will know it well was blocked and it took 1 1/2 hours to get to the M25. Anyway I'm here now and it was lovely to go and pick up the younger two granddaughters from school. They both ran into my arms for hugs, it was very special. The eldest of the three arrived home from school later and my has she shot up. A real young lady now.
My SIL opened a bottle of fizz to celebrate us seeing each other after so long 🥂.
Not sure what today will bring but just spending time with my daughter will be enough.
Have a lovely Thursday everyone xxx

ginny Thu 10-Jun-21 07:28:08

Good morning. Some cloud this morning but fairly warm here in N. Bucks.
Last evening we watched our eldest DGS perform at his college music showcase. It was loud but we were very proud of him. He taught get himself to play guitar and also plays drums.

Off later for long weekend with DD2 joining us tomorrow. Only about 1 1/2 hours from home but we have lots planned to do.

Hope things improve for all who have worries and troubles. Wishing you all a smile along the way.

Urmstongran Thu 10-Jun-21 07:29:49

I hope EV is alright. It’s not like her to miss a day.

Grandmabatty Thu 10-Jun-21 07:30:20

Good morning all. Polmont is grey and heavy. We've obviously had a heavy downpour and it feels thundery.
I'm glad you are feeling a bit better Harrigran. That's dreadful treatment for your dh. Dwm o hope you feel better soon. Alizarin it's good to hear from you. Fingers crossed that you get released today.
Yesterday was a drama queen day, probably the last of this session. It was a good one. I'm going to be training others in how to approach the role play scenarios as I had said I wasn't comfortable in continuing as I've been retired for three years and my practice wasn't as up to date. So that's a win win.
Today I have no plans. I won't do much as I have a bad headache, courtesy of the thundery atmosphere I think. I will nip to Aldi for cheese as pregnant daughter has expressed an interest in macaroni and cheese and I am happy to oblige. I hope you all have a good day.

brook2704 Thu 10-Jun-21 07:33:52

Thanks for opening up jax 😀
Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cloudy but a very warm day forecast, up to about 22 degrees - warm for here!
I had a good day yesterday back at the gym and shopping, today I’ve got the dentist 😕
DD2 has already been on the phone this morning, she’s really unhappy at work just now and finds it hard to cope. I try to be a good listening ear but don’t always know what to say .. hopefully things will improve for her soon, you just want them to be happy!
Thank goodness things improved slightly yesterday harri I hope your DH gets to see someone soon and whatever treatment he needs
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐