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on line shopping for the over 60's trendy but suitable

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DianaLouise Sat 24-Jul-21 11:34:34

we have no shops left locally now Debenhams has gone, are there any recommendations for the best online sites something in the M&S price range.

Dinahmo Sat 24-Jul-21 23:25:24

With on line shopping you can order and then, if you don;t like the garment you can send it back. There are usually prepaid post stickers.

BBbevan Why not try a tunic or blouse. I tend to wear plain coloured trousers or skirts and a Gudrun top brightens my look. I also tend to stick to blues, I don't know why because I used to wear brightly coloured clothes in the past, even to work.

A favourite brand was Mondi and in the days of neat suits and blouses with pussy cat bows, I'd turn up to work in a brightly checked skirt with tights in one of the colours and coloured shoes as well. If I still had those garments I'd still wear them but I out grew several years ago.

Marydoll Sat 24-Jul-21 23:33:24

Dinahmo, my shoes, tights and clothes always had to co-ordinate.
One of my colleagues once told me that our pupils loved it when I took in the lines from the playground.
The children used to guess what my choice of colour would be that day. In hindsight, clothes, jewellery, tights and shoes of the same colour, was a bit of overkill. Purple was a particular favourite.
My colleagues were even known to check the colour of my bra strap to see if it matched my clothes. wink

Megs36 Sun 25-Jul-21 10:26:21

I have had some things this year from BonMarche online, no shops these days, not as up market as many of you choose but definitely reasonably priced still.

BlueSapphire Sun 25-Jul-21 10:27:46

I love Fatface - never come out empty-handed! Cotton Traders for walking shoes and sandals; Pavers for slippers. Sainsbury's Tu online is good.

Megs36 Sun 25-Jul-21 10:33:03

PS another one for my age group is Damart, good service and easy returns if necessary, compared again to some mentioned , reasonable prices although seems to have crept up lately, then how about JD Williams, and Cotton Traders.

Flexagon Sun 25-Jul-21 10:34:44

The Autumn Gudrun Sjõdén catalogue has some utterly gorgeous mix and match prints and colours.

Marydoll Sun 25-Jul-21 10:49:56

Megs, I'm so pleased to see you posting. I haven't seen you about and was going to message to see if all was well!

Casdon Sun 25-Jul-21 10:52:01

The White Company do beautiful quality clothes which are suitable for me, but a bit on the expensive side. I also like Baukjen.

Megs36 Sun 25-Jul-21 11:10:34

Thankyou Marydoll, I do try to read some posts these days. Neither of us is good and my husband getting anxious and a bit confused, Glad to see people having fun . After our lovely wedding,( whichI worried we wouldn’t make right up to the actual day) things not too encouraging. However you have enough worries of your own.Wish we could get out more really. Got a bit off piste here about shopping ??My wedding outfit was M. n. !!!

Maggiemaybe Sun 25-Jul-21 11:41:58

I've ordered a Gudrun Sjõdén dress from the current sale, the first time I've ordered from them. For other newbies, please bear in mind that they ship from Sweden so you've to pay £3 for delivery, unless you pick up from a UPS collection point, and it's an extra £5 for orders under £40. Apparently if you use the Freepost label to return goods, £10 is taken from your refund (otherwise you can send it back by Royal Mail at their standard rates). It's been so long since I've had to pay for delivery and returns that I didn't realise this (my fault, I know) when I ordered the same dress in two sizes.

Unless I'm impressed beyond measure by my new frock, I'll be sticking to my favourites in future. This year it's been White Stuff, Joules, Weird Fish. I've gone off Boden a bit, but I think M & S have had some good Summer stuff, particularly their Ghost dresses.

Dinahmo Sun 25-Jul-21 13:05:37

How about this for a look?

If I was rich I'd buy a party frock from her. She used to make evening frocks for Bubbles Rothermere, rather a large lady, who was always in the gossip columns.

eazybee Sun 25-Jul-21 14:23:38

Crew Clothing for casual wear, and I like their shoes too.
Phase Eight, but their online service is poor.

Rosalyn69 Sun 25-Jul-21 15:19:29

Seasalt is so dowdy.
I like Fat Face and Hush and John Lewis. H & M is my current favourite. Lots of older ladies like me shop in the local store too.

Yammy Sun 25-Jul-21 15:36:02

I like Seasal, Joules and Whitestuff and the odd Whistles. I used to buy Jaeger in the sales but find the quality has gone off now it is on M&S as has Ghost. My staples were CC Country Casuals, Precis petite and Alexon, unfortunately, all gone now. Oh and Wallis trouser suits for work you could put them in the washing machine.

Lucca Sun 25-Jul-21 15:42:04


I have discovered the Otrium outlet, where you can find more expensive ranges at much reduced prices.
I have become hooked on Sandwich clothing from that site.

Ooh I shall look, I like Sandwich clothes

JaneJudge Sun 25-Jul-21 15:45:08

I like Sainsbury's TU tbh

Beckybooboo Sun 25-Jul-21 15:47:56

I’ve just discovered Otrium online. Already bought some white stuff clothes from them and saved a fortune.

JaneJudge Sun 25-Jul-21 15:52:54

oh otrium look great!

Aldom Sun 25-Jul-21 16:04:20

Just off to investigate Otrium

Aldom Sun 25-Jul-21 16:14:47

Just had a quick look at Otrium. Expensive delivery charge and even more expensive returns charge. Some positive reviews, also numerous negative reviews.
I'll be avoiding the company.

Babs758 Sun 25-Jul-21 16:38:52

I love Sahara’s linen tunics. The tops are too short in the body but the size 4 and 5 tunics are great. Over the years I have bought some in great colours…

Babs758 Sun 25-Jul-21 16:39:17

Phase 8 for linen trousers.

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 25-Jul-21 16:46:49

Try Roman Originals, or Klass

Sara1954 Sun 25-Jul-21 16:53:37

I like Gudrun Sjoden, not all of it, but there are several things in their new catalogue I’m tempted by.
I also like Sahara, and Hush

sandelf Sun 25-Jul-21 17:38:12

I know I can't expect any sympathy with this! I have pretty average clothes tastes (don't want to look like a 14 year old) but I am a size 8 in most makes - I find it hard to get dresses and tops small enough in styles that look like grown ups clothes. Ideas?? I suspect I just have to learn to order VERY early in each season as by the time I have cottoned on that it's summer all the nice 8's have gone.