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Good Morning Sunday 22nd August 2021

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Michael12 Sun 22-Aug-21 06:09:40

Good Morning Everyone,
Its been raining here in brackley earlier , but dry at present .
Yesterdays day coach trip to London was a mixture , weather plus , the coach could not get to the Kingsway, so we ended up on the embankment across from the London Eye.
I did go to Chinatown and have my lunch otherwise a walk about , saw drama of demonstrations on Parliament Square, as per current crisis , otherwise a nice day put.
Today ,stay in watch cycling later as well .
Take Care,

Nortsat Sun 22-Aug-21 06:15:21

Good morning Mick and the GM team from east London where it is currently quite dark.
The mornings are increasingly autumnal.

Quiet day for me today, though I am progressively less wobbly on my legs, which is a relief. I will do some gentle exercise.

Roast pork today.

Wishing all the Good Morning-ers a pleasant Sunday.

grandMattie Sun 22-Aug-21 06:24:02

Good morning from a thundery, very, very wet E Kent. The gutters are overflowing. The harvest is in full swing, so the farmers won’t be happy, poor things.
I’m in the middle of making a LOT of piccalilli in readiness for the end of the year. People seem to love mine. Can’t stand it personally, too “English”. DH tells me I’m racist!
Thank you for all your kind thoughts and PMs regarding DS2. He seems to be progressing on the antibiotics, is seeing the GP early this week and should get a definite diagnosis - we have guessed it is diverticulitis.
Virtual church this morning- no DD, she’s camping in the West Country. Hope it’s not too wet for them.
Roast lamb tonight.
Have a good day, full of small pleasures and joys. ❤️🦩🌻🌻☀️🦩🦩🦩🌈

kittylester Sun 22-Aug-21 06:49:01

Morning all from a grey North Leicestershire where is is currently dry but where we have had rain overnight.

I expect it will rain around 3 pm when we go to watch Bertie in a football tournament. grin

Sar53 Sun 22-Aug-21 07:06:30

Good morning from a very wet Essex by the sea. It poured during the night plus I was woken by the Police helicopter overhead about 04.45.
We are meant to be going to a BBQ at the yacht club at lunchtime, I think it all depends on the weather.
Enjoy Sunday whatever you may be doing xxx

Beechnut Sun 22-Aug-21 07:11:48

Good morning from what was two minutes ago sunny Severnside.

I’m hoping for a rain free day as I’m going to a family occasion. I’ve asked a cousin of DH if he’d like to come with me. Its his family line, I’ve only married into it.

Enjoy your day and roasts all and thinking of those with worries 💐

harrigran Sun 22-Aug-21 07:19:13

Good morning from a grey NE.
Yesterday it was more like October than August.
Very cross, Amazon appear to have lost the item we bought for GD's birthday.
Had a message from DS, he is staying in a holiday let that doesn't allow animals, apparently there is a house cat that expects to be fed but no instructions or food was left by the owner. DS is allergic to cats so rang the owner who told him just to leave it outside as it is a farm cat. Perhaps it is there to keep the mice at bay 🤔
Quiet day with the newspapers.

Grammaretto Sun 22-Aug-21 07:33:33

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. 100% humidity. Damp and muggy. Visibility poor.
I feel for some of my family camping in Norfolk glad I'm not there

Your London outing sounds most interesting Mick
I have the usual Sunday things and later we are going to light the pizza oven at the community shop with a view to making and selling pizzas.
I am going to hand over the sweater I have knitted for my friend who doesn't know about it. I hope it fits.
Have as good a day as you can everyone.

Jaxjacky Sun 22-Aug-21 07:35:00

Good morning from a sunny S Hants, it rained heavily during the night. Glad you enjoyed your day out Mick, an adventure!
Family here for bbq later.

Enjoy your Sunday all.

Gingster Sun 22-Aug-21 07:36:41

Good morning all and it’s quiet here on GN. 🤔

Overcast here on the Suffolk coast and feeling decidedly autumnal.

We have a booked time at the tip for 10, so must make the most of it and gather all the rubbish we need to dispose of.

Tidying up day and back to our other life tomorrow.

Wishing you all a peaceful, FRIENDLY day 🤗

nanna8 Sun 22-Aug-21 07:40:12

Oh- I put my comments on the wrong thread. So hard with different timelines. Evening here and it has been sunny and warm which helps with the lockdown blues. At least I can get out into the garden and do some weeding. It is Spring, lots of lovely azaleas and daffodils out.

NotAGran55 Sun 22-Aug-21 07:40:19

Good morning from a bright West Berkshire.

We are going to help my sister move some furniture this morning ahead of the decorator tomorrow. She is then treating us to lunch as a thank-you for helping with assorted jobs this last 6 months .

Enjoy your day one and all .

Gelisajams Sun 22-Aug-21 07:45:13

Good morning from a misty Morecambe Bay. It certainly looks autumnal here. I’ve noticed some of the trees are starting to turn.
Sorry to hear about your daughter Laura hope all goes well with her treatment.
Not much planned for today was thinking of visiting DsD but it seems she’s in Corfu!
Take care everyone stay safe 🌺

brook2704 Sun 22-Aug-21 07:47:29

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s a bright sunny start to the day
After a busy few days I’ve no plans today so I’m going to enjoy pottering around in the garden and catch up with some household jobs
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

ginny Sun 22-Aug-21 07:49:30

Good morning. Another dull start after rain and thunder during the night.
Fairly quiet today. A visit to the exercise field with Lord Jasper. DH will then pop to his Mum to check that the ‘Sky’ man is doing his job properly.
Lamb for dinner, mint sauce for DH and red-current jelly accompaniment for me.
Kind thought for all who need them and hope you all find a smile along the way.

Susan56 Sun 22-Aug-21 07:49:42

Good morning from Shropshire where the sun has made an appearance.

Glad you enjoyed your day in London Mick.

We are going to walk into town later to the balloon festival.

Have a good Sunday all🌞🦩

Pittcity Sun 22-Aug-21 07:58:13

Good morning from rainy Colchester. I was woken by heavy rain earlier and had to get up as DH likes to sleep with wide open windows and would be oblivious to getting soaked.
To DD1 later for a roast and then bringing DGSs here for a few days.

Love to all x

Grandmajean Sun 22-Aug-21 07:58:25

Good morning from Cheshire.
DS and family returned safely from Skye yesterday. I texted during the day to invite them all here for a roast dinner on their return thinking that if I was in the middle of a twelve hour drive I would just want to get home. They accepted and we had a lovely meal. Won't do a 6 and 9 year old any harm to have a late bedtime with no school today !
My good wishes to all with worries and fears

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 22-Aug-21 08:18:44

Good morning all from dull Harrogate
Yea! Yesterday finally got my MacBook working - a few more tweaks today, and it will be back to normal - and I haven’t lost everything!!
All we need now is to get our TV transmitter back and all will be hunky dory!!
Might try to go to church today, hope I don’t get wet!!
Glad you got back safe mick and enjoyed your day.
Have a good and safe day everyone!

NanKate Sun 22-Aug-21 08:25:28

Morning Mick and All.

Cloudy in South Bucks.

On our way back from the brilliant outdoor performance of the Darling Buds of May, I switched my iPhone back on to find there was a phone message at 9.40. I found that the message was to say my lovely highly independent 95 year old friend had had a fall. We dumped all our picnic stuff at home and went round to her house to find 2 other neighbours with her. She was in a bad way and we suspected at least a broken hip and arm. The one neighbour had had to make 3 calls for an ambulance and we all waited about an hour and a half for it’s arrival. Her daughter in the mean time made an hour journey to her Mum. We all did what we could but she was in such pain. When the ambulance arrived they were lovely with her a pumped her full of pain killers. The problem was that there was a steep incline to get the stretcher up to the road and into the ambulance. At 11.30 DH said he would stay with the other male neighbour to help the paramedics get her safely into the ambulance. It is lucky she only weighed about 7 stone.

Sorry to have gone into so much detail but I am so sad that this lovely, independent, car driving 95 year old will have a dramatic change in lifestyle. She fortunately had her wrist alarm on but did not have the strength to press the button but had the presence of mind to bite it and summon help. For any of you who have this device and don’t always wear it please do so, it probably saved my friend’s life.

baubles Sun 22-Aug-21 08:27:55

Good morning Mick, morning all, it’s a very Misty start to the day here in South Lanarkshire.

Sounds like a good day out Mick.

Got absolutely drenched yesterday morning walking the little pooch in the park so I cheered myself up by consuming vast quantities of cake and chocolate. Of course I then had a huge sugar hangover by 8pm, back on the wagon today methinks.

Our town normally has a balloon festival in August Susan, cancelled for the second year unfortunately.

Nothing planned for today so if there’s no improvement in the weather I’ll crack on with my knitting.

As always I wish everyone a peaceful Sunday.

BlueSapphire Sun 22-Aug-21 08:29:35

Good morning from a bright and sunny 🌞 Northampton, although it rained heavily yesterday evening and overnight.

Had a lovely day yesterday with younger DGD; we played piano duets and she amused herself for ages making up tunes. We also made Mary Berry brownies, which were delicious, but turned out more like a chocolate traybake. I sent her home with a tin of them, and have frozen the rest to take to DD at the weekend.

I finished my book club read yesterday (The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig), and have downloaded the next one onto my Kindle. It is Tracey Chevalier 's 'At the Edge of the Orchard'. Never read any of hers before, but that is what book club is about, taking us to pastures new.

Nothing planned for today except the Sunday papers and puzzle pages, knitting and reading. May put a film on tv.

nanna8, your post about the daffodils out in Australia reminded me of when we went to Adelaide for a family wedding in September, and saw daffodils and little lambs in the fields! It seemed very odd!

Wishing all a pleasant Sunday.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 22-Aug-21 08:30:23

Morning Mick and all

I can echo Sar53’s description of our weather ☔️🌫 woken up by thunder and torrential rain early hours!!

Last day of a full house here at Gravy Grange, going out to a late Sunday Lunch at one of the local pubs

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Ashcombe Sun 22-Aug-21 08:39:04

Good morning, all from a sunny Torbay, following a wet night.

Late on here as I’ve had a poor night, following an early exit from the (excellent) show yesterday evening due to feeling unwell. I hated relinquishing my stewarding role but was worried about driving home if I left it later.

Thoughts with LauraNorder and her DIL.

Have a restful Sunday. 🥰

GrannySomerset Sun 22-Aug-21 08:39:53

Much better morning than yesterday’s grey skies with the sunshine getting the upper hand over some admittedly rather grey clouds. Looks more hopeful for all those with outside plans.

Proper church service with our new rector though apparently we have to put our masks on to sing. After twenty-five years as a member of the choir I shall be back in the congregation as DH needs so much support that it would be unfair to expect anyone else to do it. The things we do for love!