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Which famous person would you love as your best friend?

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Kandinsky Tue 07-Sep-21 07:23:10

I’d love to have Miriam Margolyes 😄

Gwenisgreat1 Tue 07-Sep-21 07:27:16

Lorraine Kelly, she seems down to earth!

Zoejory Tue 07-Sep-21 07:31:39

Those two would be on my need to avoid!

We have no idea what these people are like in the real world. We think we know them but we don't. I actually know a TV name who is nothing like her TV persona so it's hard to say.

Bit if I had to say, I met Pete Burns many years ago and adored him. He would have been my choice. Had he still been alive/

YorkLady Tue 07-Sep-21 07:42:01

Sandi Toksvig. She seems caring, funny and intelligent.

Kandinsky Tue 07-Sep-21 07:51:47

I picked Miriam because she’s older than me, seems to have lived a rich varied life, no children, no male partner, so completely different to my life.
It’s nice to have someone different.
I don’t always agree with her and actually find her very irritating at times, but what you see is what you get with her ( I think? ) so she’d tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.
But yes, I’m sure a lot of famous people are very different in RL.

M0nica Tue 07-Sep-21 08:14:54

Since I do not know any celebrities, I have no idea whether I would like any of them if I knew them.

Miriam Margolyes always strikes me as one of those people who hide a bullying and unpleasant nature under a cloak of outrageous eccentricity.

She doesn't have a male partner because she is gay, but I think she does have a partner, but they live separately.

Neen Tue 07-Sep-21 09:11:32

Anthony Hopkins but only meet away from cameras and the world is to never know I'm his friend ( limelight avoider )

BigBertha1 Tue 07-Sep-21 09:34:56

Claudia Winkleman- would keep me laughing

Eviebeanz Tue 07-Sep-21 09:47:00

Rylan Clark

Shinamae Tue 07-Sep-21 09:49:20

Joanna Lumley as Patsy!….🍾

Eviebeanz Tue 07-Sep-21 09:49:28

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LauraNorder Tue 07-Sep-21 09:54:33

Paul O’Grady for me. He seems to have a very genuine love of children and animals and a lovely way with both. That’s good enough for me.
No, I don’t know him personally but am entering in to the spirit of the original post.

Kandinsky Tue 07-Sep-21 10:06:18

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Spinnaker Tue 07-Sep-21 10:07:54

What an hilarious description Eviebeanz - I've had to put my coffee down grin grin

maddyone Tue 07-Sep-21 10:20:23

None of them. I’d rather have th3 friends I’ve got.

BlueBelle Tue 07-Sep-21 10:29:03

Nah thanks I really aren’t very keen on showbizzy people they are usually up their own asses anyway and I d have absolutely nothing in common with any of them, preferring to be out the limelight
I think Miriam M hides a very good heart under all the bad manners and coarse talk but I think she could be quite intimidating if you hadn’t enough in common a highly intelligent woman

No one mentioned in this thread so far has made me change my mind
if he were alive I would have loved to talk to Nelson Mandela but he’s not showbiz

Caleo Tue 07-Sep-21 10:32:47

Lewis Carroll

Blossoming Tue 07-Sep-21 10:39:34

Eviebeanz your unpleasant description of Miriam Margolyes has made up my mind. I want her for my celebrity friend, thank god she’s a normal human being with normal bodily functions who isn’t constantly obsessed with her own appearance!

henetha Tue 07-Sep-21 10:42:52

Chris Packham. He loves nature and fights for it. And he seems as weird as I am.

Lucca Tue 07-Sep-21 10:44:49


Lorraine Kelly, she seems down to earth!

I know this is bad but the squeaky voice would do my head in

nanna8 Tue 07-Sep-21 10:45:25

I am not keen on Miriam, either. What you see isn’t quite the reality of what is underneath the surface. I was thinking Joanna Lumley , I like her .

Lucca Tue 07-Sep-21 10:46:01


Rylan Clark

Is he the teeth one ?

Kandinsky Tue 07-Sep-21 10:47:01

Joanna lumley is too good looking.
I like friends who aren’t particularly attractive - makes me look better. Haha.

Eviebeanz Tue 07-Sep-21 10:49:48

I think he probably is the teeth one

Zennomore Tue 07-Sep-21 10:52:04

@Eviebeanz Describing another woman as a “pig in a frock” is sickening 😡