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Shinamae Thu 09-Sep-21 17:14:59

I have been on here I think for a couple of years now and I have noticed some very weird and wonderful user names
and wonder if anybody would like to share the origin of theirs?..

Charleygirl5 Thu 09-Sep-21 17:20:53

No problem- Charley was the name of my second last cat, I added girl to identify what sex I am and I then added a number. Originally it was 15 but for technical reasons, I had to change my name so instead of 15 which meant something to me, I am now 5! Simples.

Hellogirl1 Thu 09-Sep-21 17:20:56

I think we`ve done this before, but here goes.
I was a GPO telephonist many years ago, so my first username was numberplease. After difficulties getting into Gransnet a couple of years ago, I changed to callgirl1, still reminiscent of my long ago job.

Where did Shinamae come from?

Hellogirl1 Thu 09-Sep-21 17:22:40

Sorry, I neglected to mention that my present name is still related to my past job.

Aveline Thu 09-Sep-21 17:24:46

When I had to think up a new name Aveline came into my head from nowhere! Heaven sent?!

tanith Thu 09-Sep-21 17:34:38

My name was my very favourite of all of my cats, she lived to be 20 and I still miss her.

Ashcombe Thu 09-Sep-21 17:39:02

Ashcombe was the name of my house at school and is used affectionately by my husband of nearly six years, whom I first knew at school.

dragonfly46 Thu 09-Sep-21 17:39:42

I love dragonflies!

Silverbridge Thu 09-Sep-21 17:41:40

Mine is from a place and character in Anthony Trollope's Palliser novels.

MayBeMaw Thu 09-Sep-21 17:53:15

I have always admired how Maw Broon coped with her lively and irrepressible multigenerational household in ‘The Broons’ and ‘ Oor Wullie’- not unlike the Scouse mother played by Jean Boht in the TV series ‘Bread’.
Calm, unflappable, never burning her bannocks or the porridge - a sort of Gorbals Nigella she isn’t!
So I have been MawBroon, MawBe and now after a short break, MayBeMaw

fiorentina51 Thu 09-Sep-21 18:02:27

Visiting my grandparents in Italy, I was going out visiting family and had my long, dark hair wound into a coil on my head.
Grandmother remarked, "Sei una vera fiorentina."
(You are a proper Florentine.) It was a nickname that sort of stuck.

LauraNorder Thu 09-Sep-21 18:08:33

Early career in law, later admin in coroners office, married to policeman, mother to four very good boys 😂

3dognight Thu 09-Sep-21 18:11:20

A ‘3 Dog Night’ was when early humans had to have three dogs at night to all keep warm together to ensure they all survived the extreme cold temperatures.

At the time I had three pointers, now down to two, who aren’t allowed in the bedroom, let alone into the bed. I have my DH for cold nights smile

Caleo Thu 09-Sep-21 18:11:51

I invented my username . I wanted something brief and pronounceable so that if anyone wants to quote me it is easy to type.

Luckylegs Thu 09-Sep-21 18:17:47

Girls at school were a bit cruel and used to chant ‘Here comes luckylegs, lucky they don’t snap’! I did have pathetically thin legs but now at 73, they are the best they’ve ever been, although still thinnish and not shapely. At least they couldn’t and still can’t say I’m ‘logged of leg’ which I’ve heard said about people. Cruel lot round here!

Smileless2012 Thu 09-Sep-21 18:23:01

I joined GN after we were estranged by our youngest son which meant we lost our only GC. So, at the time I smiled less. That was more than 8 years ago and I'm happy to say now I smile more.

I thought of changing my user name but it reminds me of how far I've come.

MerylStreep Thu 09-Sep-21 18:30:53

Many of us remember ( with sadness) that truly awful time.
I remember when you said you were moving. I was so happy for you, if you know what I mean 🙏

Santana Thu 09-Sep-21 18:33:36

My favourite band. The music of my life.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 09-Sep-21 18:34:16

Leftfield are a trancy dance music band. I’m a lady and I love this band!

Rosycheeks Thu 09-Sep-21 18:35:28

I thought Rosycheeks sounded quite jolly and being a ginger I go red in the sun.

TillyTrotter Thu 09-Sep-21 18:42:17

Mine is a character in a Catherine Cookson novel.

Urmstongran Thu 09-Sep-21 18:43:45

I’m living in Urmston in the borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester. Hiding in plain sight amongst 41,000 others in the town! If I changed my name I think I’d still be recognisable owing to my lifestyle so no point really!

I do quite like #lazygran though. It suits me.

Shelflife Thu 09-Sep-21 18:44:31

Mine stems from the fact that although I am in good health it may not last forever!

Smileless2012 Thu 09-Sep-21 18:46:07

Thank you MeerylStreep you're very kind. Yes I do not what you mean and it was the best thing we could have donesmile.

Smileless2012 Thu 09-Sep-21 18:46:30

sorry, I spelt your name wrongblush.