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Perfumes you've worn down the years

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Beswitched Sun 26-Dec-21 09:32:58

With all the expensive perfume ads on telly at the moment I was just thinking of the various scents that have been popular across the years. As a very young adult I loved Anais Anais, then like so many people in the 1980s I adored White Linen. That smell would take me straight back to my early 20s. Then I wore Clarins Eau Dynamisante for years and now wear Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana.

Shelflife Sun 26-Dec-21 09:40:12

Blue Grass / Aqua Manda plus another in a cylindrical bottle waisted I think , bottle had gooves in and had a gold top !? Happy days.

TillyTrotter Sun 26-Dec-21 09:40:55

Kiku by Faberge, Youth Dew by Estée Lauder, Amarige by Givenchy and currently Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs.

M0nica Sun 26-Dec-21 09:52:36

At 16, going to a dance, a friend sprayed me with Diorissimo, from a bottle given to her mother. It smells of lily of the valley and it has been my favourite ever since. I, too, also love Blue Grass. I wear it mainly in winter because it is a warm winterscent. I am wearing it at the moment.

Apart from wearing other (much less expensive) perfumes that have a Lilt of the valley scent close to Diorissimo, the only other scent I have worn is eau de Cologne 4711.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Dec-21 09:53:09

I wore Blue Grass too years ago. Have loved for ages and still wear Anais Anais, Rive Gauche and Rose by L’Occitane. Not all at once! A new favourite is Clinique Aromatics Elixir.

Marydoll Sun 26-Dec-21 09:54:28

Helena Rubenstein Heaven Sent and Anais, Anais.
I used to have bath on a Saturday night, using a sachet of Acqua Manda bubble bath, bought with my wage, from my Saturday job in the Co-op department store.
I thought I was so sophisticated!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Dec-21 09:55:55

Another one I used to love was L’Aimant - the little black bottle with a stick inside the lid to dab it behind your ears. The spray bottles never smelled as good.

Beswitched Sun 26-Dec-21 10:01:03

Does anyone remember Cachet? I used to wear it to school in my teens. Thought it was very sophisticated. My older sister wore Charlie.

Marydoll Sun 26-Dec-21 10:02:12

GSM, I think we have similar tastes.
Nowadays it's Jo Malone, Red Roses and I have a l 'Occitane solid rose perfume in my handbag.

I couldn't stop laughing last night, when my tipsy, future DIL, kept wittering on about old ladies, wearing rose perfume.

Redhead56 Sun 26-Dec-21 10:03:23

When I had my first job I wore Aquamanda I loved the spicy fragrance. DKNY Be Delicious Dior Diorissimo two favourites of mine. Most recent purchases Viktor and Rolf Flower bomb Mugler Angel and Goddess. My very favourite Flower bomb it’s absolutely beautiful.

Georgesgran Sun 26-Dec-21 10:20:55

I’ve worn Obsession almost from the day it was launched. The range is down to only EDT now - no bath stuff, soaps or lotions - only hope it’s not going to be discontinued in future. I get through 4 bottles a year, as I genuinely use it every day.

Sarnia Sun 26-Dec-21 10:25:59

Cerruti 1881. I love it and even have a quick squirt before I go litter picking!

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 26-Dec-21 10:26:13


*GSM*, I think we have similar tastes.
Nowadays it's Jo Malone, Red Roses and I have a l 'Occitane solid rose perfume in my handbag.

I couldn't stop laughing last night, when my tipsy, future DIL, kept wittering on about old ladies, wearing rose perfume.

Obviously we are very fragrant old ladies Marydoll!

Soroptimum Sun 26-Dec-21 10:27:36

Diorella for me! But over the years- Ysatis, Chance, Youth Dew, Eternity.

J52 Sun 26-Dec-21 10:27:52

The original Miss Dior was my go to perfume, then Chanel No5, then Coco.
At the moment I’m a bit hooked on Cucci Memoire. In the summer I tend to wear Clarins Eau des Jardins.

mumofmadboys Sun 26-Dec-21 10:32:30

I have worn Anais anais for years and also like Cerruti 1881

sazz1 Sun 26-Dec-21 10:44:58

As a teenager Styx. I used to love it

Juliet27 Sun 26-Dec-21 10:49:00

I’ve tried so many briefly over the years…. Hartnell’s In Love, Aqua Manda, Kiku, Blue Grass, Youth Dew, Mystere by Rochas, White Linen, Beautiful, Aromatics Elixir and at present I’m staying with Valentino Donna body lotion.
However, when I see adverts for suffering families worldwide it does bring home what an unnecessary expensive ‘commodity’ perfume is.

Gin Sun 26-Dec-21 10:50:58

Somewhat older fragrances To remember : ‘Ma Griffe’ and ‘Gin Fizz’ were my favourites. Later I loved ‘Beauty’, was that Este Lauder? Now I am allergic to them all ! Sneeze my head off at the slightest whiff, I wonder why?

Shelflife Sun 26-Dec-21 10:54:55

Youth Dew is the one I couldn't recall!

JenniferEccles Sun 26-Dec-21 10:55:22

My all time favourite for years was Ghost Serenity, then, sadly it was discontinued.

Forsythia Sun 26-Dec-21 10:56:59

Anais Anais as a starting perfume, following on I’ve used many over the years but favourites are Chanel no.5, Youth Dew, Must de Cartier which is a bit heavy for nowadays, and in recent years flowery scents from Jo Malone, Loccitane, Yardley and M&S floral collection.

Lookout01 Sun 26-Dec-21 10:58:10

Oscar de La Renta in the 80s as well as Chanel No.19 and White Linen. Now I love Daisy original by Marc Jacobs

rosie1959 Sun 26-Dec-21 10:59:54

Takes me back 1980s Anais Anais and Cerutti 1981 they now don’t smell so good on me
Have swapped to Prada and Mon guerlain but for something light love M&S Florentyna

Grandmajean Sun 26-Dec-21 11:03:04

My Aunt emigrated to USA and when she came home to Scotland visiting in the 1950s and 60s she brought me samples of wonderful French perfumes. They smelt amazing and have remained my favourites.
Miss Dior ,Rive Gauche and Shalimar come to mind. I also love Ma Griffe.