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Good Morning Thursday 6th January 2022

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Michael12 Thu 06-Jan-22 06:05:48

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, and cold outside here in brackley this morning.
Routine being the 12th day of xmas remove all decorations /cards , I will then later get the bus to Bicester and have my usual coffee and small shop there.
Yesterday , paid off remainder of trip to York /Harrogate for next month .
I was also informed of a date change again for andrew Lloyd Webbers Cinderella, a performance in September now, but also booked for Tina the musical as well.
Take Care,

Pantglas2 Thu 06-Jan-22 06:14:22

Buen dia todos from lovely 🇪🇸 where it’s still dark and dry and I’m enjoying my chamberpot ☕️ whilst waiting for the washing machine to finish its bizziness!

Belated happy birthday greetings 🥂🍾to kitty and j52 and any one else with celebrations I missed during my gallivant to the coast.

It wasn’t a jolly, you understand, I had to get the beach 🏖ready for urms who will take over caretaking duties when I return to lovely Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 next week - time she put a shift in #lazygran ....🤪

Will pop back later to read about your mischiefs and hope those unwell 🤒 feeling better in the sick bay x

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 06-Jan-22 06:24:43

Good Morning Mick and everyone who follows, I think 12th day was yesterday Mick, but if the Queen leaves hers up until February does it matter? My decs come down when the tinsel gets dusty!
Pantglass are you sure about coming home? You might need several vests, all on at once.
It’s dark but looks dry in Oxfordshire, hopefully another fine day if we’re lucky.
Hope all have a good day, thoughts are with those going through tough times.

kittylester Thu 06-Jan-22 06:26:07

Good morning all from a freezing North Leicestershire.

Up early as DH and I are both back to volunteering today and the decorators are coming before we go. Shock to the system.

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. DD3 and the children called in as did DS2 and we bought new bedding. grin

Have the best day possible everyone.

Alizarin Thu 06-Jan-22 06:31:39

Good morning from my cold, dry brightening patio in south Cornwall where I can hear the street sweeping lorry, gulls and crows. The stars are shining fiercely again. Gosh, how kind you were en masse regarding my daughter's railway misfortune. It seems she can get a full refund of her initial ticket because the machine didn't work and a refund of the £100 because she wasn't met at the station. Yippee. That'll buy a few tins of Quality Street. Today I'm waiting around for a delivery of shelves and brackets, which I'll drill into the wall this evening, after the beauty salon beneath me is closed. A DIY book called Mrs Fixit will tell me what to do. wink

Ashcombe Thu 06-Jan-22 06:41:29

Good morning from a dark, dry Torbay.

Your trips sound good, Mick! I’m glad you’ve had an enjoyable trip to the beach, Pantglas2 and wish you a safe journey to your homeland when the time comes. Good news regarding the refund and compensation, Alizarin!

Wednesday Club was not well attended. Some older, vulnerable members seem to be reluctant to join us which is understandable. A lively discussion about the last play performed, The Ladykillers, took place.

DH is having an overdue haircut today at my hairdresser's where the Covid protection procedures for clients are reassuring. Other than that, I’ll be taking down the tree and the decorations.

A blessed Epiphany to you all. ✝️

grandMattie Thu 06-Jan-22 06:43:13

Good morning from a dark, cold E Kent.
The final day of Christmas. Doesn’t seem that many have celebrated for long this year. Pant, do you have all the Epiphany rejoicing, the cabalgata and so on, where you are? My Spanish class is restarting today, and that is what we shall be talking about…
Did little yesterday, ditto today. Back to the humdrum routine.
May your day be free of troubles and pain, full of sunshine ☀️ and flamingos 🦩. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

grandMattie Thu 06-Jan-22 06:44:46

Thank you, Ash and what a terrific outcome Alizarin!

Beechnut Thu 06-Jan-22 06:46:31

Good Morning everyone from a frosty and chilly Severnside.

Good job Alizarin that you wait until salon is closed for the day. The sound of your drill would probably make those in the waiting room wonder what on earth another client was having done beauty wise 🧐😂

Bed changing and kitchen cleaning today and hopeful that I will rearrange my appliances on worktop to my liking now I’ve moved the (large taking up a lot of space) microwave.

My thoughts to all, it’s a hats and gloves day ❄️🦩

Scentia Thu 06-Jan-22 06:47:59

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it feels cold.
I am still fairly symptom free with this damn Covid. I am just on a heat pad for my poorly leg as I have been able to sit the last few days, snd I am just off for a gentle walk around the park before anyone is about as there is no way I can stay indoors for the next week, I need to get this leg moving!! Great news about the refund Al and to think I was chuffed I got my £ 5.20 back as I couldn’t go swimming yesterday due to testing +tive!! Well done you ❤️
Take care everyone and stay warm and safe 😀

Sar53 Thu 06-Jan-22 07:02:37

Good morning from another very cold morning in Essex by the sea. I can see thick frost on the cars in the carpark below.
DGD5 starts at her new school today, as they have to leave by 07.40 I hope my daughter manages to get her up and dressed without too much drama.
No plans here apart from washing and some admin.
I'm very pleased for your daughter Alizarin, Scentia I'm glad you are feeling OK, take care.
Whatever you are up to today enjoy, stay safe and find a smile xx

GrannyGravy13 Thu 06-Jan-22 07:02:41

Morning Mick and all

It’s cold here in S E Essex, not sure what the forecast is?

I intend to attack the Mt. Everest^ ironing pile today it may involve plenty of caffeine to keep me gong.

The 6yr old is back to school he is excited to see his friends.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Feelingmyage55 Thu 06-Jan-22 07:08:31

Good morning from a freezing north of Scotland. I’ve come back to bed with my coffee and a new hot water bottle for 20 minutes. I’ve reset the alarm in case I nod off! I fall asleep when I shouldn’t and toss and turn when I’m sleepy.
A hectic day ahead after the holiday lull but doing all my meetings on zoom as I am reluctant to mix. The virus has exploded here as there was a lot of partying over the festive season. I know we’ve been labelled antisocial but we decided to have a quiet time.
Alizarin result.
Ashcombe We have a special meal today for Epiphany.
Thinking about GrannySomerset .
I can hear my neighbours putting our their bin. I put ours out last night under the most beautiful starry sky.
Right, off to get on with the day. Take care everyone.

Jaxjacky Thu 06-Jan-22 07:10:27

Good morning all from a very frosty S Hants, the first morning I’ve felt cold getting dressed, heating only comes on at 6:40 and our bedroom window stays open.
Excellent result Alizarin I hope there was an apology too. I’d stay put Pant our friends flew off to Malta for a month yesterday and have sent an annoying t shirt and shorts photo. They should be careful, we’re looking after their house whilst they’re away!
A busy voluntary day yesterday, finishing it off today along with washing and a pharmacy trip.
Enjoy your day, I’ve been thing of GrandmaSomerset.

Pittcity Thu 06-Jan-22 07:18:43

Good morning from freezing Colchester. I am staying under the duvet until the house warms up. Think I might set the heating to come on a bit earlier.
Bits and bobs day today. Housework and shopping mainly. I'm testing new varifocal contact lenses so need to get used to not popping reading glasses on and off all day.
Jay's online quiz with the family tonight. I think we are all Covid free again but this is a good way to keep in touch virtually.

Love to all 🦩 x

monk08 Thu 06-Jan-22 07:26:56

Good morning all from the Black country where Jack Frost has paid a visit.
Good result Alizarin although it shouldn't have happened in the first place.
Mick your trips sound good we have a couple of theatre trips booked in March, Fatal Attraction and Dreamboats & Petticoats it's good to have something to look forward to in these strange times.
Eye test this morning shall look for new glasses it's been a while since I had these, didn't change them at the last test and I fancy a change.
Enjoy your Thursday and may you all find some 🌞.

AGAA4 Thu 06-Jan-22 07:33:13

Good morning from North Wales. Freezing here this morning. I will try and warm Wales up for the return of pant.

You have some good treats in store Mick. The trip to York sounds good. I love York.
Keep warm everyone in chilly parts of the world. Have a good Thursday.

Gagagran Thu 06-Jan-22 07:34:13

Good Morning everyone from a chilly south coast. Think we are due a brief spell of milder then rain later today.

I'm late this morning because I have been doing a LFT ready for my WI outing this afternoon. We are going to see The Nutcracker by the Moscow City Ballet at Chichester Festival Theatre. I did um and ha about going but decided that as I am triple jabbed, had the original virus in April 2020 and need some social interaction before I mummify, then I would go. We have to wear masks throughout and the air is changed in the theatre regularly I am told.

One of my Christmas gifts was a very large outdoor thermometer which is destined to be fitted to the garden fence so I can read it from the house. I like keeping records and check the temperature every morning when I get up so I am very pleased with this gift and hopefully we will get it fixed tomorrow.

Hope everyone has the best day possible. I too keep thinking of GrannySomerset and her DH. Such hard days for them. sunshine

Grandmadinosaur Thu 06-Jan-22 07:38:00

Good morning from a frosty East Yorkshire. It is -2 degrees.

Today I’m waiting in for a delivery that’s due before 11.30. Then I have a couple of hours free before a hair appt this afternoon.
Tomorrow we are going on a short break staying near Lancaster. Can’t get into the accommodation till 4 so DH asked if I’d like to stop en route at the Trafford centre for a browse and lunch. Why not! Will be passing your hood Urms but lucky you will be if you sunnier climes!

Gingster Thu 06-Jan-22 07:38:25

Good morning all, and it’s cold and frosty here in Essex. I will be taking little Gd to school ( hate hanging around in the playground, especially when it’s so cold , so will time it just right for door opening) . 🤞.

I’ll see how DD is and maybe go to my bowls group this morning. I’ll give my Art club a miss and go back to DD’s this afternoon to do the necessaries.

Well done Alizirin - a good result 👍

Nice to get a few bookings made Mick. I was wondering if you had managed to see Cinderella yet! I was lucky and saw it in September in between the theatre re-opening and then closing AGAIN!,. It will be worth the wait.

Wishing you all well, those who are poorly and hoping those with troubles have a carefree day. 😉

Grandmadinosaur Thu 06-Jan-22 07:40:06

Posted too soon.
Happy belated birthday to Kittylester

Forgot to say I had a lot of messing about yesterday after my fb had been hacked 😬

Take care everyone

brook2704 Thu 06-Jan-22 07:44:50

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s cold with snow flurries forecast. We’ve still got snow on the garden but most of it gas gone from the roads now. Your trips sound good mick and something to look forward to
Thats a good result Alizarin so pleased for your DD
Our Inverness DGC are back to school today, we should have been doing the school pick up but DD2s work trip to Glasgow was cancelled at the last minute. So I’m going into town today for a browse around the shops and maybe a walk near the river. DH is working this morning so we’ll meet up later
Enjoy the ballet gagagran sounds good
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Urmstongran Thu 06-Jan-22 07:51:15

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s cold out as I can see frosty roofs, but the sun is coming up behind those Pennines. A beautiful gold and apricot streak. Snow is forecast as an amber warning for the Gtr. Manchester area and we are off to a family funeral mid morning, picking my stepfather up en route. Afterwards we’ve been invited back to their local pub. We will go but be aware of numbers and mingling. Himself has reminded me ‘no hugs and kisses’ which seems sad when meeting up with grieving relatives but necessary in these times.

At least we get to gather to pay our respects and comfort one another at this funeral at all. This time last year, a friend in her 70’s who has MS and is immunosuppressed held her dear husband’s hand (58y married) to say her last goodbye before he was put in the ambulance with cancer for end of life care. She never got to see him again. And the funeral in February was only attended by less than 10 people with no wake allowed afterwards. She says she looks back at that awful time with great sadness and regret.

Anyway .... to brighter days eh? Here’s Matt. x

Alygran Thu 06-Jan-22 07:52:56

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s still dark but with a red strip on the horizon. I’m hoping for a dry day as I’m off to the Sculpture Park to meet the DDs and DGS.
Will read all your posts later.
Have a good day everyone.

Marydoll Thu 06-Jan-22 07:56:35

Good morning all, from a very chilly Glasgow, our heating kicked in at 3am, due to the cold.

Belated birthday greetings to Kitty and J52. Alizarin, that was a good result for your daughter, to say the least. However, it should never have happened in the first place.
Baubles, I hope you managed to get through your training yesterday, difficult to do when you are feeling under par.

Another quiet day here. On the feast of the Epiphany last year, I had my second heart attack in the middle of a global pandemic. I was more afraid of catching Covid in hospital than anything else, consequently I have no trouble remembering the date of the attack, when asked! wink
I certainly had an epiphany, when I realised I was not immortal after all!
I have nothing but admiration and gratitude for all those working in the NHS. Unless you have witnessed it first hand, you can have no conception of the pressure staff are under, yet they never faltered in their dedication, professionalism and kindness towards me.

My only plan for today is clean out my fridge, which I have been putting off for days! It's a job I detest doing!
Due to my incarceration, I have been running amok, doing Internet shopping and securing many bargains for upcoming birthdays. I'm feeling quite smug about it, as I have saved a fortune, without putting myself at risk in the shops. I did manage some totally unnecessary personal purchases, including an acqua coloured, Teddy coat, I certainly didnt need, which was a steal, compared to the quality one 💚 Urms bought! It will probably be summer, before I get a chance to wear it!! 😁

Today, I need to find somewhere to put my many purchases grin
However, after four different deliveries yesterday, DH will need to visit the tip. There was so much paper packing crammed into a number of unsuitably large boxes, that our paper recycling bin is overflowing.
He said my motives are rather suspicious, suspecting that I do it just to have someone to chat to!!

My thoughts are with GrannySomerset, her family and those daughters and daughter in laws, who are poorly. 💐

Have the best day you can, whatever your plans.