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Soop`s cheerful recuperative kitchen

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Hellogirl1 Thu 17-Feb-22 22:00:28

Sorry about the title, me brain`s not at it`s best at this time of day!

dustyangel Thu 17-Feb-22 22:07:09

Hello Hellogirl just because I’m about to turn off iPad and it’s nice to know someone else is still out there. I think it’s a lovely title. It will be really cosy for soop by the time she’s home again.

Bellanonna Thu 17-Feb-22 22:07:18

Many thanks, Hellogirl, it’s a great title!

Charleygirl5 Thu 17-Feb-22 22:09:47

I can't believe we are in another new kitchen. Hopefully the roof will stay on. Look after yourselves.

I cannot fold my rotary dryer so if you find one in your garden, my apologies.

Jaxjacky Thu 17-Feb-22 22:16:15

Very appropriate title Hellogirl thank you for opening.

Blossoming Thu 17-Feb-22 22:17:50

Good evening lovely Kitcheners, I love the name Hellogirl and hope we will soon be welcoming Soop.

muse Thu 17-Feb-22 22:26:13

Hello Hellogirl and many thanks for opening.

Thank you to Baggs for passing on MrSoop's message to us all. At such an early hour too. That's is so kind. I can 't quote from previous kitchen but here is Baggs post.😊

brook2704 Thu 17-Feb-22 22:31:30

Thank you for opening up the new kitchen Hellogirl I hope soop can join us soon
Take care and stay safe everyone in the storm tomorrow 💐

Urmstongran Thu 17-Feb-22 22:34:22

Great opening title for soops new kitchen Hellogirl, well done you!

Doodle Thu 17-Feb-22 22:34:53

Thank you hellogirl a lovely new kitchen full of old friends to welcome soop on her return.

Grannmarie Thu 17-Feb-22 22:41:37

Good evening, lovely Kitchen people!
Hellogirl, thank you for opening up with the perfect title. smile
Thinking of all those in the path of the storm, hoping and praying for their safety.
Thinking of TheSoops, I hope they both sleep well. 😴💕 😴

maddyone Thu 17-Feb-22 23:37:07

Good evening everyone, glad to see we have a new kitchen.
Hope you all have a safe night. See you tomorrow.

Nannytopsy Fri 18-Feb-22 07:59:30

Good morning everyone! We were woken early by DGS with a nosebleed. Usual panic, handful of tissue and then we discover that it was just one drip. What a drama queen!
We are here in the east and have been added to the red area too. All hatches battened but next door’s very long high fence is a concern.
Keep safe everyone and onwards and upwards soop.

Marydoll Fri 18-Feb-22 08:10:36

Good morning all.
I sent your good wishes and asked Soop, if she was being treated like royalty, as she is The Queen of Gransnet
Her reply, "Bless all you lovely Kitcheners"

I hope Mr Soop is safe and well. It's snowing here in Glasgow.

dragonfly46 Fri 18-Feb-22 08:42:18

Just popped in to the new kitchen to let soop know I am thinking of her.

Pittcity Fri 18-Feb-22 08:50:58

Another kitchen where we are not threatened by Eunice, lovely.

cornergran Fri 18-Feb-22 09:04:32

Thank you hellogirl, that’s an excellent Kitchen title.

Hope soop and mr soop had a restful night

Stay safe today everyone, wind has picked up here. It was eerily calm at 6am, now we believe we’re in a red zone.

Gagagran Fri 18-Feb-22 09:14:29

Agree on the plaudits for the new title. Hellogirl it's perfect!

The wind isn't as fearsome as predicted here on the south coast - so far. Think it's set to peak this morning then diminish from gale to strong. The rain has stopped so it's really not too bad at present. No doubt there will be damage being done somewhere though but hopefully no loss of life.

Dogsmakemesmile Fri 18-Feb-22 09:18:39

Thank you Hellogirl for doing this. A great name. Hopefully in a few weeks/days soop herself will be able to post.
Just a scattering of snow in my part of the Scottish Borders. Two of my AC in red areas down south. One has Covid so unable to leave the house and the other has been directed along with colleagues to work from home. Stay in everyone. Stay safe.

Aldom Fri 18-Feb-22 09:19:26

Morning Hellogirl and all kitchen folk. Nice and warm in the kitchen. No howling gale either, which is good. It's certainly howling where I am in Oxfordshire.
Thank you to everyone who has sent good wishes for my friend's recovery. She has had the second brain surgery still sedated, but medics are gradually starting to reduce sedation. We will know in a few days how she has been affected by the brain bleed.
Thoughts are with Soop hoping she continues to heal in body and in spirit. flowers cupcake shamrock

BlueBalou Fri 18-Feb-22 09:19:49

It’s bright and sunny with clear blue skies near Bath, I suspect it’s the proverbial lull before the storm but at least DDog has been walked. It was eerily quiet, not even a slight breeze.
We’re in a red zone so let’s see what happens and keep our fingers crossed.
DGCs have enjoyed blueberry pancakes for breakfast and I’ve been told we’re making a Victoria sponge and pizzas for lunch so that’s my morning sorted!

Charleygirl5 Fri 18-Feb-22 09:21:41

Alexa informed me in my neck of the woods the worst would be from 10 am -3 pm. It is very dull snd quiet here with the wind picking up. Please look after yourselves and do not venture outside a door unless necessary.

I hope the soops slept well.

kittylester Fri 18-Feb-22 09:48:34

Just popping in to send hugs and love to both the soops.

Baggs Fri 18-Feb-22 10:00:58

It's a fine upstanding title, hellogirl.

Soop was tired yesterday evening (it'd be surprising if she weren't, all things considered!) - huge learning curve on coping with testing experiences but she declared herself "ready for new challenges" in true QueenSoop style. 💪

maddyone Fri 18-Feb-22 10:10:51

It’s very windy here on the south coast, a little rain, and a little sun. DH has gone to his volunteering job at the vaccination centre, hope he keeps safe, but I expect he will. I imagine not many will turn up for vaccinations today.
Little grandson is still isolating. I do feel for him, it’s his half term and he’s had to spend it isolating, but that of course is life.
Aldom thoughts are with you and your dear friend.
Thinking also of soop of course. So pleased she’s doing well.

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