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Good Morning Good Friday 15th April 2022

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Michael12 Fri 15-Apr-22 05:58:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry and clear at the moment in brackley this morning , yesterday did the trip to Bicester and stayed on the bus, and then got a lunch box from Chippy consists of Chips, Cod, and Sausage plus curry sauce .
Today usual shop then stay in its a Sunday bus service so no link to Bicester .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Fri 15-Apr-22 06:10:29

Good morning, everyone, from a bright start in la Sarthe. We are being blessed with beautiful weather and had all three meals al fresco yesterday!

Whilst eating, we enjoyed watching the birds on the feeder, including blue tits, great tits, sparrows, green finches and the occasional robin whilst chaffinches and wagtails feed on the ground plus a couple of magpies at a distance. Yesterday, we heard a cuckoo several times, too.

Wishing you all a blessed Good Friday, especially those with illnesses of various kinds. 💐✝️💐

BlueBalou Fri 15-Apr-22 06:21:06

Good morning!
I hope to do a bit more gardening today, I’m quite pleased with how it’s looking.
Wishing everyone a peaceful Easter x

grandMattie Fri 15-Apr-22 06:23:28

Good morning from a bright E Kent.
Good Friday, not a happy day for my 74th birthday.
Unexpected visit from a couple we chat to while walking round the town. They are lending us their sun lounger for Mr. gM to sit outside when the weather is warmer. He gets cold very easily these days.
Quiet day relieved by a visit from the district nurse. Probably zooming DGD1 who shares a birthday. Nothing much else.
Hope today is gentle and full of contentment. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩☀️☀️🦩☀️

Gagagran Fri 15-Apr-22 06:31:12

Good Morning everyone from a clear and bright south coast. 5.8c but set to warm up.

The Easter Bonnet parade at WI was great fun with a large number of entries. My Easter Bunny hat did get a lot of smiles and was alone in its class amongst all the lovely flower trimmed entries. It didn't win the prize but I did win a box of chocs in the raffle! Such friendship and fun our WI offers and we had six new visitors yesterday, considering joining us.

I have a few pottering jobs to do today but nothing much else planned so we will see what the day brings.

Sending kindest regards and best wishes to everyone with worries or health issues of their own or their loved ones. sunshine

Gagagran Fri 15-Apr-22 06:32:31

Many Happy Returns Mattie. Hope you manage some sort of birthday treats. flowers

cornergran Fri 15-Apr-22 06:32:55

Morning Mick, morning All from a cloudy corner of Somerset

After a hectic, wonderful time with our grandson there’s absolutely nothing on our agenda today.

Sending good wishes for your birthday grandmattie. Not warm enough here to be eating outside ash, very chilly wind keeping the temperature down.

Hope marydoll is comfortable, thinking of all with illness or sadness to manage

Hope a gentle day for us all.

grandMattie Fri 15-Apr-22 06:44:03

Haven’t heard a cuckoo yet, Ash, but the house martins are back. I love their burbling call.

kittylester Fri 15-Apr-22 06:53:36

Good morning all from a very bright North Leicestershire.

Many happy returns GM.

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 15-Apr-22 06:54:44

Good morning everyone, from a bright and clear Oxfordshire although it’s a bit nippy.
Your trip sound good Mick it’s ages since we had fish and chips.
Happy Birthday Granmattie I hope you have a good day.
MissOops,dog and nephew will be bringing cake to go with our coffee this morning.
Apart from that it’s another free day.
Hope all have a good day and hugs for those who have unwell family members, cares and troubles.🌹🌷🌺🌼🌸

FannyCornforth Fri 15-Apr-22 06:56:06

Happy Birthday Mattie thanks
I have house martins too over my bedroom window.
It’s a little miracle every year when they return. They aren’t here yet; I shall think of you when they do arrive all the way from Africa.

Thinking of all with sadness and illness (Mary is being well looked after; I’m sure that she’ll be along soon).

Wishing everyone a very good Good Friday x 🕊

BlueSapphire Fri 15-Apr-22 07:10:38

Good morning everyone from a bright and sunny Northampton; forecast is good today, so I may get my weeding done after I have given the sitting room a good clean and tidy before hosting a coffee morning next week.

Had a nice walk out to the postbox yesterday, first time out for nearly a week, but felt quite tired afterwards. Then as it was sunny decided to sit in the garden and read. Of course as soon as I got out there the sun disappeared for the rest of the day! So sat in the summerhouse instead. I noticed the film of my book {The Remains of the Day) was on tv last night, so I recorded it ready to watch once I have finished the book.

My.friend phoned to say her birthday parcel had arrived, but will save it to open tomorrow. Hope.she likes.her Teatime Book Box. Hope it fits the bill for you too Grandmadinosaur.

Well, a spot of tidying up and cleaning to do this morning, then gardening this afternoon; a home-made curry from the freezer for.dinner tonight.

Wishing all a peaceful Good Friday - and a happy birthday to grandMattie.

Urmstongran Fri 15-Apr-22 07:11:42

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from our daughter’s house. We’ve all been up half an hour already! The Boy Wonder just told me “grandma, I’m allowed on my PS5 at 9am”. He’s on countdown ha! Goodness, the bin men are on the road - no-one will be getting much sleep now as their green bins are emptied!

ShazzaKanazza Fri 15-Apr-22 07:15:11

Good morning Mick and everyone from a fine dry Hull.
grandMattie happy birthday💐 hope you have a peaceful day and your DH is comfortable.
Thinking of everyone with illness and covid🌹🌷🌼
We enjoyed sitting out yesterday, have a lot of Goldfinches flitting everywhere it was lovely to watch them. Just the simplicities like watching and listening to the birds bring such peace.
I’m going to do a yoga recording this morning really feel like a stretch. The day will be a quiet one. DH started off the veg garden so the radish and spring onions went in the ground and others in seed trays to start off in the shed.
We are still novices.
Take care everyone and hope you all have a peaceful Good Friday with a moment of joy🌻🌻

brook2704 Fri 15-Apr-22 07:15:19

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s dry, cloudy and a bit warmer
Happy Birthday you you and your DGD grandmattie I hope you both have a good day 💐🎂
Today I’ll be carrying on pottering in the garden, I’m quite happy out there in the fresh air and the time passes quickly
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Urmstongran Fri 15-Apr-22 07:17:25

Many happy returns of the day grandMattie. I expect you’ve had happier ones but I hope you can find one of these somewhere today to cheer you. This picture was in the Telegraph earlier this week and it prompted me to think of you and of course, Iris. I hope she’s coming on a bundle these days. x

Bellasnana Fri 15-Apr-22 07:18:16

Good morning from Malta where the weather is more of the same; overcast and very windy.

Sending best wishes for your birthday grandMattie, and to all who are struggling with one thing and another.

I have no plans today other than to sit and enjoy the tennis from Monte Carlo. It’s good to have a tournament that is on the same time zone as we are. I had to watch at some crazy times when they were playing in Oz and the US!

As it is Good Friday, there are many villages here who put on impressive processions but with gale force winds predicted I wonder whether or not they will be able to go ahead.

Take care all and have the best day possible.☀️

Grandmadinosaur Fri 15-Apr-22 07:19:13

Good morning all from East Yorkshire and wishing you a Happy Easter. It is a bright, warm and still morning. Very peaceful as I lie here in my bed enjoying my cuppa and listening to birdsong outside.

Wishing you a Happy Birthday GM hope the day is kind to you and cake is involved 💐🎂

Our only plans today are to go out for a coffee somewhere where we can sit outside. I could do with a top up shop but with doing it online during our recent spell of illness I’m getting lazy about wanting to actually visit a shop in person. Might see if I can get a delivery tomorrow.
We are seeing the family for a meal. I’m not sure if it will be lunch time or this evening. As there is a football match today (DS) it will no doubt fit around that.

Take care everyone.

Gingster Fri 15-Apr-22 07:25:42

Good morning all and it’s a lovely start to the day here in Essex.

Yesterday eldest gd arrived and we chatted and baked in preparation for todays family get together. I was pleased of her help! Her mum and little sister came in at teatime and we all had fish and chips. A nice relaxed few hours. Gd stayed over and is still snoozing.

Today we have the rest of the family arriving for an Easter lunch and Egg Hunt. (15 in all). We always have it on Good Friday so the families have the rest of the weekend to themselves. It will be lovely to all be together.

Happy birthday GM 💐

Enjoy your peace Ash. We haven’t heard the cuckoo yet . My DS2 used to say ‘Rogers back’ . Have no idea why !

Scentia it seems like your little ‘tiger’ is here to stay 🙏

Wishing you all a peaceful, Good Friday. ✝️

baubles Fri 15-Apr-22 07:32:07

Good morning Mick, morning all from damp South Lanarkshire.

All good wishes for your birthday and that of your GD Mattie, may you have many more.

Our 90 minute journey to DS’s yesterday turned into three hours due to a lorry fire closing the road, it was only slightly better coming home in the evening due to the volume of traffic taking alternative routes. Six hour in the car! However it was warm enough for the children to have their ice cream sitting on the wall at the beach so that was lovely.

Off to work in a while. Go well everyone on this Good Friday.

Pittcity Fri 15-Apr-22 07:32:50

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Another warm day in the offing. DS came home last night and has left me an Easter present of a large bag of laundry. That'll keep me out of mischief this morning until DH is home with his later.

Happy Birthday GM[flowers and love to all 🦩 x

merlotgran Fri 15-Apr-22 07:35:23

Good morning everyone from a sunny south coast. Enjoying a cuppa in bed before getting ready to visit DD for Easter. It will be the last time as they are moving back here next week!!! Just between you , me and the gatepost, I’d have been happy to stay at home but they all insisted I join them! Only very keen gardeners will understand the reluctance to leave a greenhouse at this most crucial time of the year.

Happy Birthday, GrandMattie I hope it’s a calm and peaceful one for you.

Hoping everyone has a restful day. Best wishes to Marydoll

Urmstongran Fri 15-Apr-22 07:36:36

Weather is still strange for the time of year over there isn’t it Bellasnana? My sister lives near Estapona and said finally someone’s turned the thermostat up.

Grandmabatty Fri 15-Apr-22 07:38:43

Good morning all from Polmont where it's 7° and dull. Mick good for you getting out and about! Grandmattie have as happy a birthday as you are able. Ashcombe lovely words.
Yesterday I had lunch with a couple of friends I hadn't seen since before the pandemic. It was nice to catch up with all their doings. I was no sooner home when dd and the boys arrived for an unexpected short visit. That was nice too.
Today will be quiet. I'll have to do a bit of shopping and then I'll potter. I'm not sure it will be dry long enough to go into the garden as it doesn't look promising. Whatever you do,have a good day.

harrigran Fri 15-Apr-22 07:38:58

Good morning from a mild and dry NE.
DD and SIL came early afternoon yesterday and DD took me shopping.
SIL had a notification to say there was a house for sale on my estate so we had a walk to have a look at it. He is recovering well from his operation and drove the car yesterday.
I have an appointment for my booster vaccination tomorrow afternoon, my sister said she will take me.
Birthday greetings grandMattie, have the best day you can.