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Elderly WHAT!!!! fxck off!

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Hink2 Mon 02-May-22 12:52:47

I am 70. chronically but not mentally. If anyone calls me elderly I will spit, shout and swear (boy can I swear) I weigh 8 stone 12lbs. Wear jeans, crocs, and trainers. I trim my own hedge, paint my own house, drink wine by the bucketful. I drive long distances and listen to rock music. Love horror films, the gorier the better. Laughed my way through Friday 13th. I thought elderly people wore twin sets and pearls (I would rather die!) or have blue rinses. My hair is brown, totally natural and never been died. I want to travel the world, write a book and have abundant sex. So as said fxck off anyone who dares call my elderly!!!!

Chestnut Mon 02-May-22 12:54:10

Okay, we get it.

Hink2 Mon 02-May-22 12:56:07

I am however a grandmother. My children always called me mumbells G Fish at my request because I was sick of hearing mum, mum, mum. I am now a Grandbells G fish and squabble with my grandson and play pranks on him. He is 8 and in many ways older than me. I worked as a professional until aged 67 and only left as I could not stand the PC (ness) of it all and the endless paperwork. Now walk mountains, read and read and play with my like minded friends.

kittylester Mon 02-May-22 12:58:32

And, are you different from the rest of us?

Oooh, actually, I bought some pearls last week! Ooh no!

MawtheMerrier Mon 02-May-22 13:03:37

I fear the Crocs are a giveaway. hmm

FannyCornforth Mon 02-May-22 13:05:03


I fear the Crocs are a giveaway. hmm

I’ve got Snoopy and Charlie Brown on my Crocs

PollyDolly Mon 02-May-22 13:06:08

I wouldn't be seen dead in a pair of crocs!

Galaxy Mon 02-May-22 13:06:17

I have never liked Crocs or pearls.

hazel93 Mon 02-May-22 13:06:26


I fear the Crocs are a giveaway. hmm

Have to agree !

tickingbird Mon 02-May-22 13:06:27

Good for you. Enjoy your non elderly life smile

Allsorts Mon 02-May-22 13:07:03

Get the picture!

FannyCornforth Mon 02-May-22 13:07:12


I wouldn't be seen dead in a pair of crocs!

They are great to slip on and go in the garden

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 02-May-22 13:07:31

I think you mean chronologically, not chronically. Anyway you sound distinctly unpleasant.

volver Mon 02-May-22 13:07:51

My hair never died either.

welbeck Mon 02-May-22 13:08:58

Hink2, why don't you say what you really think ?
don't be shy now. it's good to share.

Blossoming Mon 02-May-22 13:09:13

Wear crocs [grin)]


Baggs Mon 02-May-22 13:11:22

Another silly post based on the mistaken assumption that a word means something it doesn't. Given the average age of death is a little over 80, 70 is on the old side, therefore anyone who is seventy is elderly.

Why do people assume themselves insulted if someone else thinks they're old? Comparatively speaking they are and no amount of swearing and boasting makes an iota of difference.

In my view the OP is an active (and apparently stroppy – long may it last 😀) elderly person. What's the problem?

Baggs Mon 02-May-22 13:11:42

Swear away, Hink2!

FannyCornforth Mon 02-May-22 13:12:34

We are we fixating on Crocs, and not ‘Grandbells G Fish’ (nee Mumbells G Fish)?

Blossoming Mon 02-May-22 13:13:49

I fear Hink2 is not making the impression they were aiming for. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m just going to put my second best pearls on and go for a walk and I won’t be wearing hideous sweaty crocs.

activerelaxer Mon 02-May-22 13:14:31

I live in a street occupied mainly by retired people from 60 to 90 and have a couple dozen friends across that age range. Plenty of decorating, TV watching and gardening goes on and jeans, crocs and trainers are commonplace.

Sex and travel, likewise. Don’t you meet anyone your own age? I wore twinsets and pearls 40 years ago, mostly in the office, and it never held me back.

catladyuk Mon 02-May-22 13:14:35

crocs? no way but at 81 i own and still wear my 3 pairs of dms! i thought all of us so called 'elderly' people wore jeans, without feeling the need to shout (or swear) about it

Kalu Mon 02-May-22 13:19:00

A distinct whiff of plimsolls!

FannyCornforth Mon 02-May-22 13:19:08

Why is everyone focussing on the Crocs?!
The OP is a veritable smorgasbord of interesting titbits

avitorl Mon 02-May-22 13:19:10

I doubt anyone really cares about what you think or do.We have one life and should make it the best it can be for ourselves.