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Dishwasher tablets….so expensive.

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Sago Thu 05-May-22 19:14:57

I only but the very expensive dishwasher tablets as the cheap ones never seem to work.
We buy for ourselves and our holiday let so it’s a big chunk of money every month.
However I googled “dishwasher tablet offers” in the hope of a BOGOF deal and I came across this site , I cannot believe how much I have saved!
Here’s the link.

Gossamerbeynon1945 Thu 05-May-22 19:19:36

I always buy Tesco's own dishwaser tablets and they work fine! £3 a box!

BigTed Thu 05-May-22 19:24:21

I always look at the price per tablet/unit and never pay more than 13p …., and I always buy premium products by checking and buying well before I need to restock.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 05-May-22 19:25:00

We use our dishwasher once every day and the cost of the Finish tablets (from Tesco) isn’t huge every few weeks. I certainly wouldn’t call it a huge chunk of money even if I was buying for two properties. I definitely wouldn’t bulk buy.

mumofmadboys Thu 05-May-22 19:34:51

I use Sainsburys own make and cut the tablets in two. We find half a tablet does the job well.

BigTed Thu 05-May-22 19:35:24

Ps genuine thanks for your recommended site. It is very helpful and I will have a look in future. ?
But at present it’s 16p per tablet which is more than the current price I’m paying.
I actually get quite cross at the full or even discounted prices these brands sell for - not everyone has the time or energy to compare the vastly different prices charged for what has become (not for everyone, I know ? ) a basic rather than a luxury.

NotSpaghetti Thu 05-May-22 19:44:44

I'm another who pays 13p a tablet for finish - though am happy with Powerball, it doesn't need to be the even more expensive ones.

I prefer tabs to those ones with liquid in (eg fairy) and don't like any of the "own brands" to be honest.
I'd like to try more eco brands but won't do that when they are sometimes nearly 50p each!
I have just bought 80 Powerball for £10 which is 12.5p each so I won't need any for a while.

I will check out your finish link though next time!
Thank you!

NotSpaghetti Thu 05-May-22 19:46:53

I think you are wrong though Bigted - the ones I looked on the web link were 10p each.

Washerwoman Thu 05-May-22 20:00:10

I buy powder in a box.Saindburys own.Then transfer it into a container.I'm trying to cut back on plastic waste.Plus it's much cheaper. I use a heaped teaspoon and it works fine.

AreWeThereYet Thu 05-May-22 20:08:45

Thank you for the link. We buy Finish Quantum lemon but only buy when there is a deal - normally 72 tabs for £8 from Wilko/Savers/Waitrose/Sainsbury. We look out for a deal once we open our last pack and normally buy one within a week or two.

kittylester Thu 05-May-22 20:14:41

I also only buy when there is a deal and then over buy!

rascal Thu 05-May-22 20:25:35

I use Finish Dishwasher Powder. I think it works out more economically than the tablets. You can put less in the dishwasher. I find it cleans well.

Oldbat1 Thu 05-May-22 21:41:39

I look to pay 12pence per wash - so if I see them I buy.

Rosina Thu 05-May-22 21:53:22

I buy Waitrose own brand - they are cheaper than the main brands, and as we have a water softener the machine works well with half a tablet.

midgey Thu 05-May-22 21:56:50

I think the powder is a better buy all round, no plastic for a start!

Jane43 Thu 05-May-22 22:09:24

We use Aldi own brand. Because we have a water softener we just get the basic ones.

Nonogran Thu 05-May-22 22:16:47

Aldi for me!
One tablet works well.
Cheap as chips!

SpringyChicken Thu 05-May-22 22:57:39

We are very happy with Lidl's All in One tablets, 7.9p each.

SueDonim Thu 05-May-22 22:59:17

Our local hardware shops sells boxes of 100 Finish tablets for £9.99. Less than 10p each!

Hetty58 Thu 05-May-22 23:20:20

Even cheaper and free of nasty chemicals:

I bulk buy bicarbonate of soda. Fill the dispenser two thirds with bicarb, one third with salt - then add just 4 drops of washing up liquid - it works!

(I just keep a jar of the dry mix and a scoop nearby.)

Kate1949 Thu 05-May-22 23:25:38

Not a problem for me. We haven't got a dishwasher. I do it myself!

MissAdventure Thu 05-May-22 23:33:55

I've found the Asda basics ones the best so far, better than the fancy ones.
I'm going to try Hetty's concoction though.

Marydoll Thu 05-May-22 23:35:07

I have switched to Lidl ones and they do the job. I remember a few years ago, the various brands were compared, Lidl and Asda own brand came out on top!

MissAdventure Thu 05-May-22 23:36:53

That's good to know.
I couldn't believe my luck when I tried the Asda ones.

merlotgran Fri 06-May-22 11:05:30

I use Aldi ‘Clean and Fresh Lemon’ tabs at a fraction under 5p. Why pay more? I live in a hard water area so I make sure the salt is regularly topped up.