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Good Morning Wednesday 11th May 2022

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Michael12 Wed 11-May-22 05:57:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its grey and its raining here in brackley this morning .
Nothing planned today , will spend most of day watching cycling on TV.
And maybe some shredding .
Take Care,

Ali23 Wed 11-May-22 06:04:50

Good morning Mick. I’ve been listening to the rain here in Leicester and we’re expecting more today. Back to the waterproofs for our walk today.
I spent yesterday afternoon gardening in the sunshine so I can’t complain.
Mr A should have been going out with his cycling group today bur they’ve postponed till tomorrow so I bet he’ll be watching the cycling too.
Take care, all.

Ashcombe Wed 11-May-22 06:06:06

Good morning from a drizzly Torbay.

Yesterday, I almost completed my Winter to Summer clothes swap. I’m trying to cull what I have but, as an inveterate hoarder, it’s difficult! DH is due to arrive later today, travelling by train, including €*, so I must aim for a semblance of tidiness!

Wishing everyone a good day, especially where there is illness or sadness and a warm welcome to our newbies, including Bowlore. 🦩🥰🇺🇦💐🦩

Pantglas2 Wed 11-May-22 06:10:10

Buen dia Mick from a lightening 🇪🇸 where it’s my turn for sparrowfart duties and the chamberpot ☕️ is being filled...🤣

Lovely to see the newbies yesterday- keep posting your bizzinesses so that we get to know you all, it’s how this lovely thread works👋

Off for a Full Monty at one of our local bars before trotting down to the coast for 🏖 sweeping duties now that Urms is leaving me in the lurch going home!

We’ll stay for dinner at our favourite chiringuito as we’re picking up friends at the airport this evening- a tootle around IKEA will be necessary to fill the time 😉 (Mr PG is ecstatic at the thought 🤬🤯😤...)

Hope things go well today for all with worries and health problems 💐

Sar53 Wed 11-May-22 06:17:45

Good morning from Bram where the sun has already got his hat on 🌞.
We are going to Castelnaudry today for a wander along the canal and to have lunch.
DH's twin grandchildren are 5 today, I'm sure there will be much merriment before school.
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone xx

grandMattie Wed 11-May-22 06:19:52

Good morning from a bright E Kent. All you lucky things with rain - the only thing we are expecting today are strong winds, drying the garden even more. I shall have to star using my “dribbly” hose again.
My left ankle has been swollen for a while, so I contacted the surgery. A telephone appointment which a rather ineffective nurse person, who confirmed my self diagnosis of gout. Bummer, really don’t need that.
I did go to my tai chi class and really enjoyed it although my ankle didn’t. I’m supposed to rest it, but…
The pharmacy did have any of the drugs prescribed by the hospice. Waiting until today for them. Poor DH, at least they are postponing admission as he prefers to stay home. I’ll do whatever makes him happier.
Laundry and supermarket today. I’m going in the day not at sparrow fart; see how that works out.
Welcome all newbies, better day for those with sorrow or need. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

mumofmadboys Wed 11-May-22 06:21:09

Good morning all! A family from UA are arriving today to stay with us . There are 2 young children so life will change considerably! We are excited and a bit nervous! Last bits of getting the house ready, making a meal ready for tonight and then picking them up from the airport. Hope everyone has a good day and thinking of GMattie especially

BlueBalou Wed 11-May-22 06:30:27

Good morning everyone from a wet Wiltshire, at last we have rain!
Hairdressers first thing then a dog training session this afternoon- I hope DDog isn’t going to show me up! Her recall is selective to say the least 🥴.
I had a decidedly non-productive day yesterday, hopefully today will be better.
I hope DH’s medication gets sorted today grandMattie, and that he’s more comfortable. Your ankle sounds very painful, can you use ice packs or is it too painful to touch? I use instant ice packs on mine, they’re very effective (mine’s an old injury, not gout)
I hope you all have a good day 🤗 for those who need one x

Ashcombe Wed 11-May-22 06:37:37

How very noble of you, mumofmadboys! A wonderfully generous gesture! Good luck! 💐🇺🇦💐

monk08 Wed 11-May-22 06:38:59

Good morning all from the Black country where its trying to rain.
Back to mums and toddlers this morning so early start.
Have to try ringing the surgery at 8 for DH he spoke to them yesterday about his blood test told to ring this morning for appointment to speak to a doctor.
Safe travels Urms and anybody else travelling, best wishes to anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed.
Enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

mumofmadboys Wed 11-May-22 06:41:58

It really isn't noble Ash. We live in a big house, are mid 60's, have had 5 children of our own so used to a degree of chaos and live in a wonderful part of the country ( Cumbria) where there are jobs available for our guests. We are just doing our bit for this grim situation.

Urmstongran Wed 11-May-22 06:47:00

Here’s Matt.

Good morning everyone from Malaga. Sun’s up. 🌞 We’re homeward bound this afternoon. A quick mop of the tiles, a wipe round with a damp cloth and clean the bathroom after our showers and that’ll be it. It’s too hot now for duvets and I’m going to ditch these now rather than squirrel them away in the top cupboard. They need replacing so will buy new ones in the autumn.

I’ve enjoyed our holiday very much. We have no calls on our time here so it’s lovely to do just as we please and recharge our batteries.

I only have a handbag for the airport. It is nice to travel light. Himself has a small grip bag for the iPads and Kindles. I’ve bought L’il Miss a dressing up flamenco dress in ‘hot pink’ (her favourite colour) with a mini matching fan so it can squish in that bag. Seems strange sitting here to think I’ll be be home in Urmston by 9pm!
✈️ 💃

Have a good day those who can. x

Urmstongran Wed 11-May-22 06:55:42

Sar53 knowing your husband has a boat & where you are right now, I wonder if he’s read this book? I enjoyed it many years ago and wonder if he would? It’s a great holiday read with lots of humour in it. Right up his canal I’d think.

cornergran Wed 11-May-22 06:55:55

Morning Mick, morning All from a damp corner of Somerset. The garden will be delighted, suspect the gardeners due this morning to deal with the grass and front landscaping will be less so.

A bit of catching up yesterday and a trip to return a skirt that is definitely a different shape to me. Our former daughter in law came to bring me some birthday goodies and stayed for a long chat in the evening so a good day.

Today means a call, I hope not a battle, to the techies at Apple to sort an oddity with my phone. Grocery delivery first. This afternoon it’s back to the dentist for more investigations into my jaw issues. Hmm, can’t say I’m looking forward to any of it but of course it will pass.

Hello to all folk I’ve not met before. Good to see you here. Wishing you well mumofmadboys, hope it all works out. I do understand your husbands wish to be at home grandmattie, the medication may support that. Your ankle is a concern, please rest when you can.

Safe trip wishes to your husband ash, as always sending good wishes to everyone. Hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

cornergran Wed 11-May-22 06:58:12

Safe trip urms, sorry forgot you are homeward bound today.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 11-May-22 06:59:47

Morning Mick and all

It’s blue sky here in S E Essex, the 7 yr old had his weekly sleepover last night so he will be requesting a cooked breakfast any time now.

The cleaning fairies are in today, I am off to the gym, I might walk there?

(((hugs))) for all in need, especially grandMattie , safe journey home Urmstongran

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Urmstongran Wed 11-May-22 07:06:09

Thanks corner! 😊. And muse oh and Pantglas enjoy the paseo we’ve left it tidy. La Carihuela is certainly busier than when you were down last time - buzzy but not rammed, just how I like it at this time of year - no queues for tables in the chiringuitas but just bustling with happy, cheerful, whistling waiters. Everyone is so glad to see the return of visitors after Covid. Tills are busy with euros being stuffed into them. Many French and Scandis folk are out on their holidays. Lots of smiley faces in the hot sunshine!

baubles Wed 11-May-22 07:08:55

Good morning all from grey and drizzly South Lanarkshire.

Everyone seems very busy this morning, there’s a definite feeling that life, for the most part, has returned to pre pandemic ways.

I hope the pharmacy get the meds for your DH Mattie and that you’re able to rest your ankle.

Good luck mumofmadboys, what a lovely thing you are doing.

Welcome to the new posters.

I’m working in another of our shops today, covering annual leave, hopefully it won’t feel too strange. The charity is trying to keep all the shops trading five days a week but as each has only two paid staff members it can be tricky.

Have the best day possible everyone, safe travels to Urms and OD.

Jaxjacky Wed 11-May-22 07:18:06

Morning all from grey S Hants hoping for rain later.
Welcome to Bowlore and Keepingsane.
Safe journeys Urms and Oldd.
What an adventure momb interesting times.
You certainly don’t need that gMattie, hope it passes quickly and the hospice meds arrive swiftly.
Two drives today and some phone calls to make.
Enjoy your day if possible 🦩🦩

Grandmadinosaur Wed 11-May-22 07:19:10

Good morning all from sunny Ibiza.

Yesterday didn’t go to plan. We’d misread the info on the land train as it didn’t stop near to our hotel but from the Town hall and we had left it too late to get there on time. So a browse around the shops and coffee it was. DH bought me some perfume a Marc Jacob one. We bought a gift for GS. It’s a car ferry with some vehicles. As they now have a bath in the new bathroom he will love it. Funnily enough we bought DS the same thing about 30 years ago on a visit to Ostend.
In the afternoon we lazed by the pool in the shade and in the evening returned to what has become our favourite restaurant here.

No plans today just relaxing I think DH may have a walk to a nearby large supermarket to buy cheap gin to take home tomorrow.

Safe journey Urms

Take care everyone.

brook2704 Wed 11-May-22 07:25:06

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve blue skies and light clouds, the forecast is for sunshine and showers again today
I’ll be off to the gym later and then a routine annual health check at the doctors
Good on you momb hope all goes well and your guests settle in quickly. Cumbria is certainly a lovely area for them to get to know
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Mapleleaf Wed 11-May-22 07:28:16

Good morning all,

It’s a grey and drizzly start to the day here this morning, but looks less breezy than yesterday. Just having a quiet cuppa. I’d hoped to have a bit of a lie in, but it’s been one of those nights when I’ve kept waking up, so I decided to come downstairs and make a cup of tea.

I was away last week so haven’t posted for a while. We had a lovely break, but it’s back to normal now, with the washing and ironing to do and the garden to sort - everything, especially the weeds, have put on a growth spurt.

Welcome to the new posters.

I hope your journey back home goes without a hitch, Urmstongran.

GM 💐 for you and I hope the meds will give your DH some relief.

Good luck with the shredding, Mick. I’m always full of good intentions to do a little as and when, but invariably end up with a much bigger pile which becomes a chore. Must try harder 😅.

Well, I hope today is the best it can be for everyone. Take care.

kittylester Wed 11-May-22 07:30:12

Morning all from a soggy North Leicestershire.

Today is the mid point in our Carer's course today and people are opening up and sharing emotions and tips.

Our gardener is coming today to move stuff about in the front shady bit! And I hope she takes one of the ferns out. We have far too many. She will probably find a place for it with another of her customers.

Have the best day possible everyone.

BlueSapphire Wed 11-May-22 07:30:33

Good morning everyone from a wet Northampton, thank goodness for some rain; glad I got all the grass cut in the last few days.

A bit of a tidy up this morning, then being picked up by friends at lunchtime and going out to lunch at a local pub restaurant. Will be nice to have a catch up. I'll ask them back here afterwards for coffee, and have made a cake in anticipation.

Can make my tea now, it's half an hour since I took my alendronic tablet.

Hope a good day is in store for all.

Bowlore Wed 11-May-22 07:30:52

Good morning and thanks for the warm welcome yesterday.
I'm back at work today, infact sat next to laptop as I write, early start on a Wednesday.
Hope your day goes well.