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Just discovered I'm a Mif! (lighthearted thread)

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giulia Thu 12-May-22 08:34:34

While enjoying a novel which evidenced British class distinction (mentioned under Books thread today), I was amazed and amused to find I'm a Mif "which is absolutely not done!".

This means Milk in first.

I'd never realized there was any snobbery attached. In fact, had read that the choice of when to put the milk into tea depended on whether or not delicate porcelain cups are being used. If so, it is sensible to start with the milk to prevent the risk of boiling tea cracking the cup.

I don't use porcelain cups and have always started with the milk and do not intend changing.

How about you? I DID say this is a lighthearted thread!

nanna8 Thu 12-May-22 08:36:00

Do you mean milf? My grandchildren enlightened me as to the meaning of that. Not nice.

GrannyLaine Thu 12-May-22 08:38:13

Nanna8 I think you need to read the OP again. Not the same thing at all.....🙈

B9exchange Thu 12-May-22 08:38:40

Always brought up to put milk in first, and when I was growing up living with my grandmother, we had a 'Drawing Room' not a 'Living Room' or 'Lounge' and our bread was delivered daily from Harrods! grin

kittylester Thu 12-May-22 08:39:48

I'm a MiF too, giulia. No hope really. grin

Jaxjacky Thu 12-May-22 08:43:15

guilia I use tea bags and it has to sit, water only, for the strength, then I add milk, so mil here.
Not milf in either case nanna8 which has not even a tenuous link to tea making 🙂

Urmstongran Thu 12-May-22 08:43:50

We used to put milk in first when using a teapot (you can take the girl out of Old Trafford but you can’t take Old Trafford out of the girl) but now we’re even more common and make tea in our (admittedly china) mugs by pouring boiling water directly onto the tea bags. Mind you it does mean I pour milk in after the bag is removed. I can’t work out whether that’s posher or not. Probably not.

Riverwalk Thu 12-May-22 08:47:53


Nanna8 I think you need to read the OP again. Not the same thing at all.....🙈


M0nica Thu 12-May-22 08:54:32

i am always fascinated about all the things that are meant to be class dinstinctions that I have never thought about.

the fascinating thing is that they are fairly evenly divided between habits that are considered 'posh' and ones that show how far down the social ladder I am.

I proudly declare that I am a mif. Always have been, always will be.

I discovered this week, listening to a radio programme about how renting clothes is becoming more and more popular, not just big events bot for interviews and the like. The presenter said that it used to be considered a very low socil status thing to do.

News to me. It is something I have considered doing a number of times in my life, although I have yet to do it, but never because I considered it a low class activity.

ShazzaKanazza Thu 12-May-22 08:59:57

Guilia I like a big mug. I put the milk in first. Can’t be doing with tiny cups either. Everyone says my tea looks like knats pee lol whatever that is. 😂

Septimia Thu 12-May-22 09:04:52

I'm a MiF, too., except when other people give me a mug with tea already in. We've recently gone back to using loose tea most of the time, but usually use a teapot anyway.

As for renting clothes, I think it may have been poorer folk who did it at one time, though perhaps not always. On which subject I recommend "The Dress Lodger" by Sheri Holman as an interesting read. Sorry for digressing!

tanith Thu 12-May-22 09:18:17

I’m both, if I use the teapot it’s mif if as usual it’s just me I use tea bags so mil 😂

JackyB Thu 12-May-22 09:23:58

I think tea where the milk has been added as an afterthought tastes horrible - watery and insipid. It's about the only thing my parents (who, especially my father, always tried to emulate the upper classes) would not do as a concession to their aspirations.

Lucca Thu 12-May-22 09:24:13

The worst thing is when people put tea bag and milk in mug before adding water……. How can the tea infuse if the hot water is diluted by milk already ? Yuck.
Milk in first if pouring from a teapot.
Otherwise tea bag then just boiled water then milk.

paddyann54 Thu 12-May-22 09:30:59

20 0dd yearsago my daughter brought a new boyfriend home ,he put 6 spoonsful of sugar in his mug then a teabag and milk before the boiling water.....he left the bag in until the tea had all been drunk.It turned my stomach.Thankfully he didn't last long

lixy Thu 12-May-22 09:33:58

At five o'clock - tea made in teapot, (china) mugs warmed with hot water, tea into mugs and then milk so I can adjust the amount depending on strength of tea.

During the day, teabag in mug, then water, leave it for a bit - jiggle it around if I'm in a hurry - then milk.

Totally agree Lucca The worst thing is when people put tea bag and milk in mug before adding water……

So mil on all occasions for me! But then I mostly drink coffee...

Parsley3 Thu 12-May-22 09:39:02

Common as muck me, but I do take the teabag out of my half pint mug of builders’ brew before adding the milk.

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 12-May-22 09:39:36

Lucca, you're right. paddyannn - 🤮. Your story reminded me of a lovely ( posh, privately educated) friend of DD2, who had a penchant for toffs. They were, in the most part, horrid to her, and many of them had mummies from hell. One told her that there were two types of folk- PLU (people like us) and the rest.....
She found a much nicer man to marry, thank goodness.

Witzend Thu 12-May-22 09:39:44

I never have milk in tea anyway - it tastes utterly vile to me, which just goes to show how people’s taste buds can differ.
I do have a little in coffee though.

Porcelain teacups look very nice, but they’re just not big enough!

Kate1949 Thu 12-May-22 09:44:17

I'm a tif.

Blossoming Thu 12-May-22 09:44:44

Neither. Mr. B brings me tea.

henetha Thu 12-May-22 09:54:23

I'm a MIL, for both coffee and tea,
Milk in last is best for me.

Baggs Thu 12-May-22 09:56:38

If tea comes out of a teapot (as it does first thing in the morning for me), I'm a mif too. If I make a mug of tea with a teabag, I'm not.

My dad, if he was serving tea (which would have been made in a pot cos my mum liked hers stewed and boot-polishy), would ask people if they were pre-lactivators or post-lactivators.

Baggs Thu 12-May-22 09:57:30

He was lovably daft, my dad.

annodomini Thu 12-May-22 10:06:52

As far as I'm concerned, milk pollutes a decent cup of tea!