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We said we wouldn’t do it again but we did…and got the same result

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bytheway Thu 16-Mar-23 18:01:46

So we are downsizing and before the house goes up for sale we are having a huge clear out.

Lots of stuff of no use to us so we decided to put them on freegle, which if you didn’t know is a site where you can post things you’re willing to give away. People interested can then email you and hopefully someone will come and get item at time convenient to both parties. (Similar to another site called Freecycle)

First item, lady wants us to deliver to her. Bit of a cheek considering it’s free but prepared to do so locally. She’s a good 25 min drive so we say no but she’s welcome to collect if still interested. Apparently she no longer wants item.

Second and third items: chap emails wants them - will pick up between 7 and 8pm last night. We move items to front door ready for collection. He doesn’t turn up.

No word til this morning, he emails again, apologising and says can he collect tonight by 8pm. Hopefully he will

We then remembered that we had used this site a few years ago to get rid of unwanted items and had similar experiences of people saying they would come and not turning up. And we said, at the time, next time it all goes straight to the dump!

Clearly we forgot.

Has anyone else had experience of using these sites. Any similar stories?

absent Thu 16-Mar-23 18:08:07

I haven't used free sites but I have offered large items of furniture to charity shops who will collect them for free and who turn up on time. I donated an unwanted wardrobe and was surprised to see it in the shop – with a sold sign – for almost as much as I paid for it when I bought it. A win all round, I think.

welbeck Thu 16-Mar-23 18:09:54

yes, that frequently happens.
i suggest you just put unwanted items out on drive, with a sign to say please take, free.
if anything is left over maybe put your address on freegle site, with items left outside.
take no calls, do not discuss, do not open door.
giving address shouldn't be a problem as you are moving.
eg in advert on freegle put, this weekend only, specify dates, unwanted items o/s 12 acacia ave.
no calls, no parlying. thanks.
do it a couple of weeks before actually moving, to minimise inconvenience to new owners.

crazyH Thu 16-Mar-23 18:13:30

I haven’t used any of those sites, but I used our local Gumtree, to give away, a child’s table and 2 chairs. Someone texted to say he was coming to collect, but didn’t turn up😡- I’ll take it to the local charity shop and if they don’t want it, I’ll just take them to the dump.

pascal30 Thu 16-Mar-23 18:14:17

Do you have an Emmaus Centre or somewhere similar who could collect all your unwanted stuff and sell it on to support their charity?

timetogo2016 Thu 16-Mar-23 18:21:10

Shpock, 90% of then are time wasters.
Say they are coming to pick whatever we are selling at a certain time,we stay in and they don `t show up.
Drives me bluddy mad.

ParlorGames Thu 16-Mar-23 18:21:12

I have put things on the free sites and also on Marketplace, and people regularly want stuff delivering........not a chance, if they want it they can collect it, if they have no transport then I don't think it is unreasonable to expect them to hire a 'man with a van'. There's some really cheeky people out there.

Charleygirl5 Thu 16-Mar-23 18:32:00

A few years ago I advertised a very large rug on Freecycle. A girl wanted it and came to pick it up and would take it on the bus!! No chance. I had recently had a knee replaced, and was using crutches so she knew I could not help her. In the end she found a small van and the driver, although not happy, heaved it into the van.

This week on Freecycle a fellow wanted a cat carrier. Mine is nearly new but he did not bother to reply so I will take it to a charity and they can sell it.

Joseanne Thu 16-Mar-23 18:39:18

The delivery issue is problematic when trying to offer large items for free. I currently have a big John Lewis larder fridge only 3 years old that I no longer need in our new kitchen, but I can't be expected to deliver it however close the people who want it might be.

ixion Thu 16-Mar-23 19:17:35

BHF charity willingly took away our nearly new fridge/freezer last year - no questions asked, no photos required first. Everything planned and confirmed by emails, had only to wait a week until our address was covered by their 'rounds'. They took it from the kitchen, negotiated steps and drive - all with great positivity.
'Highly recommended'!

Jackaranda Thu 16-Mar-23 19:22:03

We're downsizing and decluttering too. We're lucky enough to have a wonderful and very worthwhile local charity with two large warehouse charity shops. They collected surplus furniture from us twice, by appointment, and we've dropped off a few car loads of smaller items to them. It's all displayed beautifully and there is a fast turnover. They are very appreciative of all the donations. We're very happy for them to benefit - and minimum inconvenience to us.

mumofmadboys Thu 16-Mar-23 22:36:43

I used Freecycle very effectively last time we moved. Most people kept to appointments

Callistemon21 Thu 16-Mar-23 22:43:54

Some charity shops and upcycling centres will collect large items.

When DH offered some equipment on Freecycle the couple came some distance to collect and brought me a houseplant too.
Others have been a bit more suspect as it was found they had a secondhand shop in a town a distance away.

I'd rather give items to charity.

NotSpaghetti Thu 16-Mar-23 22:45:20

I have used freecycle successfully. I try to give plenty of info. I think that helps.
Good luck.

IrishDancing Thu 16-Mar-23 22:48:43

BHF are brilliant, haven’t let us down yet! Other buyers/recipients not so good, have regularly been let down by people who “will get back” to us but never do. So rude! angry

Maria59 Thu 16-Mar-23 22:58:30

We used freecycle after finding local council would charge to take away a large fridge freezer. Couple came and took it thanking us profusely even sent photos of it on its new home.

grannyactivist Thu 16-Mar-23 23:03:04

I use a fairly local charity who collect items for free and then sell them for minor sums to people in need who have a referral from either the council or an authorised charity.

Catterygirl Thu 16-Mar-23 23:20:28

Anyone use Shpock to send your unwanted items to a new home and make a bit of money?

Luckygirl3 Thu 16-Mar-23 23:26:27

I used freecycle a lot when my OH died. There were no "no shows" at all and it was lovely to see the pleasure the items gave to the recipients.

Eloethan Thu 16-Mar-23 23:34:52

If they are items good enough to sell but, understandably from what you say, you don't want all the hassle, surely it would be better to take them to a charity shop than take them to the dump?

nanna8 Thu 16-Mar-23 23:38:21

We put things out on the kerb and they go within 24 hours. What is left we book a hard waste collection to remove. Amazing considering we live in a small cul de sac. No mucking around, though and we don’t have to deal with anyone. My daughter puts stuff on Facebook market for free pick up.

dotpocka Fri 17-Mar-23 00:09:36

we do curb alerts most things are gone by morning

Doodledog Fri 17-Mar-23 01:26:10

I think that some people who really want/need a large item don't have transport, so it's impossible to pick it up. I've offered to deliver things that are car-sized but heavy, particularly if they are going to a care home or similar. I get really cross when people 'bag' things knowing that they have no means of getting them home, and just don't turn up or cancel at the last minute. I recently got rid of a sideboard (too big for a car) and two people did just that. One of them is a serial 'grabber', whose name seems to be first to crop up to take so many different kinds of things it's hard not to suspect she's selling them on. IME the free sites are worse for no-shows than ones where things are for sale.

vegansrock Fri 17-Mar-23 06:49:55

I give away loads of things on Trash Nothing, which is an app which includes free cycle, freegle and other sites so reaches a wider audience. I always write on my post - “please let me know when you can collect. No time wasters please” I offer the item to the first person who lets me know when they can collect. I’ve just given away a Billy bookcase - lady came the same day , an high chair and a dvd player - loads of interest. Another good site is Olio where you can give away food and non food items. I don’t mind if they are dealers who are going to sell them on, good for them, if I wanted to sell them I would. I use Facebook marketplace if I want to sell an item and I’ve discovered Vinted where you can sell clothes and that’s quite easy to use.

Retread Fri 17-Mar-23 07:02:20

I've had experience of time wasters on Freecycle too, one chap discarded the wall hook that we gave away with a hose pipe, on our front lawn! I reported it to Freecycle and he was banned.

I've also had some really lovely, genuinely grateful, people come for stuff. (Dare I say it, mostly Eastern Europeans).